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Peer substance use overestimation among French university students: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Riou Franca Lionel | Dautzenberg Bertrand | Falissard Bruno | Reynaud Michel
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Intervention for Malaria Control in Rural Areas in China

Author(s): Gorgui Diouf | Yihua Xu | Patrick N. Kpanyen | Li Cai | Xiumin Gan | Shaofa Nie
Proximate predictors of early antenatal registration among Nigerian pregnant women

Author(s): Oladokun Adesina | Oladokun Regina | Morhason-Bello Imran | Bello Adenike | Adedokun Babatunde
Evaluation of dog population in an urban area of Southeastern Brazil

Author(s): Nunes Cáris M. | Martines Dejanira de A. | Fikaris Stélios | Queiróz Luzia H.
Software for pattern recognition of the larvae of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

Author(s): São Thiago André Iwersen de | Kupek Emil | Ferreira Neto Joaquim Alves | São Thiago Paulo de Tarso
Skin and Colon Cancer Media Campaigns in Utah

Author(s): Camille Broadwater | Janet Heins | Catherine Hoelscher | Adam Mangone | Cami Rozanas
Extending Our Reach

Author(s): Lynne S. Wilcox, MD, MPH
Parental Smoking and Education as Determinants of Overweight in Israeli Children

Author(s): Michael Huerta, MD, MPH | Haim Bibi, MD | Jacob Haviv, MD, MPH | Shimon Scharf, MD, MPH | Michael Gdalevich, MD, MPH
Household possession, use and non-use of treated or untreated mosquito nets in two ecologically diverse regions of Nigeria – Niger Delta and Sahel Savannah

Author(s): Afolabi Bamgboye | Sofola Olayemi | Fatunmbi Bayo | Komakech William | Okoh Festus | Saliu Oladele | Otsemobor Peju | Oresanya Olusola | Amajoh Chioma | Fasiku David | Jalingo Inuwa
Una pedagogía de concientización para la prevención del VIH/SIDA

Author(s): Alberto Mata JR. | J. Raúl Magaña | Joao Batista Ferreira Pinto | Monteith Blair
Oral cholera vaccine use in Zanzibar: socioeconomic and behavioural features affecting demand and acceptance

Author(s): Schaetti Christian | Hutubessy Raymond | Ali Said | Pach Al | Weiss Mitchell | Chaignat Claire-Lise | Khatib Ahmed
Determinants of household demand for bed nets in a rural area of southern Mozambique

Author(s): Chase Claire | Sicuri Elisa | Sacoor Charfudin | Nhalungo Delino | Nhacolo Ariel | Alonso Pedro | Menéndez Clara
Oral Cancer situation in the state of Bahia: estimates and action perspectives

Author(s): Suélem Maria Santana Pinheiro | Fábio Ornellas Prado
Public involvement in suicide prevention: understanding and strengthening lay responses to distress

Author(s): Owens Christabel | Owen Gareth | Lambert Helen | Donovan Jenny | Belam Judith | Rapport Frances | Lloyd Keith
Optimizing Suicide Prevention Programs and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI Europe): an evidence-based multi-level approach

Author(s): Hegerl Ulrich | Wittenburg Lisa | Arensman Ella | Van Audenhove Chantal | Coyne James | McDaid David | Feltz-Cornelis Christina | Gusmão Ricardo | Kopp Mária | Maxwell Margaret | Meise Ullrich | Roskar Saska | Sarchiapone Marco | Schmidtke Armin | Värnik Airi | Bramesfeld Anke
Mapping Environmental Dimensions of Dengue Fever Transmission Risk in the Aburrá Valley, Colombia

Author(s): Sair Arboleda | Nicolas Jaramillo-O. | A. Townsend Peterson
Dietary habits in three Central and Eastern European countries: the HAPIEE study

Author(s): Boylan Sinéad | Welch Ailsa | Pikhart Hynek | Malyutina Sofia | Pajak Andrzej | Kubinova Ruzena | Bragina Oksana | Simonova Galina | Stepaniak Urszula | Gilis-Januszewska Aleksandra | Milla Lubomíra | Peasey Anne | Marmot Michael | Bobak Martin
What Defines an Effective Anti-Tobacco TV Advertisement? A Pilot Study among Greek Adolescents

Author(s): Constantine I. Vardavas | Emmanouil K. Symvoulakis | Gregory N. Connolly | Evridiki Patelarou | Christos Lionis
The requirements and challenges in preventing of road traffic injury in Iran. A qualitative study

Author(s): Khorasani-Zavareh Davoud | Mohammadi Reza | Khankeh Hamid Reza | Laflamme Lucie | Bikmoradi Ali | Haglund Bo
Squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth in a young patient: case report and evaluation of risk factors

Author(s): Laurindo Moacir SASSI | Benedito Valdecir de OLIVEIRA | Paola A. G. PEDRUZZI | Gyl H. A. RAMO | Roberta Targa STRAMANDINOLI | Giovana GUGELMIN | Flávia Soares SALOMÃO
Male circumcision for HIV prevention - a cross-sectional study on awareness among young people and adults in rural Uganda

Author(s): Wilcken Andrea | Miiro-Nakayima Flavia | Hizaamu Ramadhan | Keil Thomas | Balaba-Byansi Dorothy
Early incidence of occupational asthma among young bakers, pastry-makers and hairdressers: design of a retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Rémen Thomas | Coevoet Vincent | Acouetey Dovi-Stéphanie | Guéant Jean-Louis | Guéant-Rodriguez Rosa-Maria | Paris Christophe | Zmirou-Navier Denis
Community participation for malaria elimination in Tafea Province, Vanuatu: Part I. Maintaining motivation for prevention practices in the context of disappearing disease

Author(s): Atkinson Jo-An | Fitzgerald Lisa | Toaliu Hilson | Taleo George | Tynan Anna | Whittaker Maxine | Riley Ian | Vallely Andrew
Chronic Disease Prevention and the New Public Health

Author(s): Halpin Helen A | Morales-Suárez-Varela Maria M | Martin-Moreno José M
Public awareness of sickle cell disease in Bahrain

Author(s): Al Arrayed Shaikha | Al Hajeri Amani
"I know I have arthritis but I don't know what type". Understanding and knowledge of this chronic condition

Author(s): Gill Tiffany | Hill Catherine | Adams Robert | Broderick Danny | Black Julie | Taylor Anne
System effectiveness of a targeted free mass distribution of long lasting insecticidal nets in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Author(s): Beer Netta | Ali Abdullah | de Savigny Don | Al-mafazy Abdul-wahiyd | Ramsan Mahdi | Abass Ali | Omari Rahila | Björkman Anders | Källander Karin
Childhood Obesity in the Region of Valencia, Spain: Evolution and Prevention Strategies

Author(s): A. Morales | L. Jodar | G. Gonzalez | F.J. Santonja | R.J. Villanueva | C. Rubio
Protecting children: a survey of caregivers’ knowledge of Georgia’s child restraint laws

Author(s): Sheryl Strasser | Laurie Whorton | Amanda J Walpole | et al
Conocimiento de los estudiantes y docentes de la Escuela de Microbiología de la Universidad de Antioquia sobre la infección por el virus del papiloma humano

Author(s): Zenedy Murillo | Yuli Suárez | Liliana Hinestroza | Astrid M. Bedoya | Gloria I. Sánchez | Armando Baena
Prevalence of influenza vaccination among physicians and related enhancing and preventing factors in Italy

Author(s): Alice Mannocci | Paolo Ursillo | Claudio Bontempi | Antonella Sferrazza | Giuseppe La Torre
The impact of Chagas disease control in Latin America: a review

Author(s): Dias JCP | Silveira AC | Schofield CJ
Circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses: current state of knowledge

Author(s): Kew Olen M. | Wright Peter F. | Agol Vadim I. | Delpeyroux Francis | Shimizu Hiroyuki | Nathanson Neal | Pallansch Mark A.
Rural Community Knowledge of Stroke Warning Signs and Risk Factors

Author(s): Todd S. Harwell, MPH | Lynda L. Blades, MPH, CHES | Carrie S. Oser, MPH | Crystelle C. Fogle, MBA, MS, RD | Steven D. Helgerson, MD, MPH | Dorothy Gohdes, MD | Dennis W. Dietrich, MD | Anne M. Burnett, RN, MN | Nicholas J. Okon, DO | Martha J. Allen, RN, BSN | Daniel V. Rodriguez, MD | Joseph A. Russell, NREMT-P
The Cost-Effectiveness of 1% Or Less Media Campaigns Promoting Low-Fat Milk Consumption

Author(s): Margo G. Wootan, DSc, | Bill Reger-Nash, EdD | Steve Booth-Butterfield, EdD | Linda Cooper, MSW, LCSW
Using Focus Groups in the Consumer Research Phase of a Social Marketing Program to Promote Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity and Walking Trail Use in Sumter County, South Carolina

Author(s): Ericka L. Burroughs, MA, MPH | Lara E. Peck, MPH, CHES | Patricia A. Sharpe, PhD, MPH | Michelle L. Granner, PhD | Carol A. Bryant, PhD | Regina Fields, MS, CHES
UN millennium development goals: Can we halt the stroke epidemic in India?

Author(s): Dalal Praful | Bhattacharjee Madhumita | Vairale Jaee | Bhat Priya
Cost-effectiveness analysis of insecticide-treated net distribution as part of the Togo Integrated Child Health Campaign

Author(s): Mueller Dirk | Wiseman Virginia | Bakusa Dankom | Morgah Kodjo | Daré Aboudou | Tchamdja Potougnima
Factors Effective On Smoking Cessation: A Study On Family Practice Patients

Author(s): Kursat Ozsahin | Aydan Unsal | Ferit Erdogan | Cigdem Gereklioglu | Coskun Bakar | Ibrahim Tokalak
Re-evaluation of blood mercury, lead and cadmium concentrations in the Inuit population of Nunavik (Québec): a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Fontaine Julie | Dewailly Éric | Benedetti Jean-Louis | Pereg Daria | Ayotte Pierre | Déry Serge
Survey of public knowledge about Echinococcus multilocularis in four European countries: Need for proactive information

Author(s): Hegglin Daniel | Bontadina Fabio | Gloor Sandra | Romig Thomas | Deplazes Peter | Kern Peter
Federal structures and associated behavioural interventions in prevention of cigarette smoking

Author(s): Rasch, Andrej | Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk | Vauth, Christoph | Willich, Stefan N. | Greiner, Wolfgang
Preventing malaria in pregnancy through community-directed interventions: evidence from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Author(s): Okeibunor Joseph | Orji Bright | Brieger William | Ishola Gbenga | Otolorin Emmanuel | Rawlins Barbara | Ndekhedehe Enobong | Onyeneho Nkechi | Fink Günther
Coverage of intermittent prevention treatment with sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine among pregnant women and congenital malaria in Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s): Vanga-Bosson Henriette | Coffie Patrick | Kanhon Serge | Sloan Caroline | Kouakou Firmin | Eholie Serge | Kone Moussa | Dabis François | Menan Hervé | Ekouevi Didier
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) related to the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 among Chinese General Population: a Telephone Survey

Author(s): Lin Yilan | Huang Lijuan | Nie Shaofa | Liu Zengyan | Yu Hongjie | Yan Weirong | Xu Yihua
Health and human rights of women imprisoned in Zambia

Author(s): Todrys Katherine | Amon Joseph
Television and the promotion of mental health

Author(s): Milošević Ljiljana
Vaccination campaigns against poliomyelitis in Spain in 1963

Author(s): Rodríguez Sánchez, Juan Antonio | Seco Calvo, Jesús
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