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Nursing department: criteria of creation of an achieved model

Author(s): Fotoula Babatsikou | Georgia Gerogianni
Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation – rehabilitation models and shortcomings in outpatient aftercare

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
Over-, under- and misuse of pain treatment in Germany

Author(s): Dietl, Markus | Korczak, Dieter
Individual health services

Author(s): Schnell-Inderst, Petra | Hunger, Theresa | Hintringer, Katharina | Schwarzer, Ruth | Seifert-Klauss, Vanadin Regina | Gothe, Holger | Wasem, Jürgen | Siebert, Uwe
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Socioeconomic Factors and Access to Health Services for Malaria Control in Mamuju District, West Sulawesi Indonesia

Author(s): Ridwan Amiruddin | Dian Sidik | Akbar Alwi | Nurul Islam | Jumriani | Puji Astuti | Syafruddin
Uniform documentation of measures in cases of MRSA – an important step towards improving the quality of treatment

Author(s): Strübing, Vicki | Dittberner, Thomas | Metelmann, Claudia | Hübner, Nils-Olaf

Author(s): Gupta S.K. | Khandelwal Mayuri | Pancholi S.S. | Gupta M.K. | Khinchi M.P.
The Effect of Human Recombinant Erythropoietin on Prevention of Anemia of Prematurity

Author(s): M Ahmadpour Kacho; Y Zahedpasha; K Hajian; Sh Moradi
Nationwide Report on the Findings of Integrated School Health Screening Program in Iran

Author(s): MA Amirkhani | SM Alavian | M Dashti | T Aminaie | G Ardalan | H Ziaoddini | P Mirmoghtadaee | P Poursafa | R Kelishadi
Child Health and Nutrition: Getting better and facing new challenges in China

Author(s): Shougang Wei | Lirong Ju | Man Li | Wei Wang
Medical Rehabilitation of Leprosy Patients Discharged Home in Abia and Ebonyi State of Nigeria

Author(s): Ezinne Ezinna Enwereji | Eke Reginald Ahuizi | Okereke Chukwunenye Iheanocho | Kelechi Okechukwu Enwereji
Correlates of Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Jane B. Palmier | Rogers Kasirye | Huang Yao

Author(s): Biljana Kocić | Branislav Petrović
An exploratory study on medications in Qatar homes

Author(s): Kheir N | El Hajj MS | Wilbur K | Kaissi RML | Yousif A
Screening and prevention in Swiss primary care: a systematic review

Author(s): Eisner D | Zoller M | Rosemann T | Huber CA | Badertscher N | Tandjung R
Prevalence of retinopathy of prematurity in Latin America

Author(s): Carrion JZ | Fortes Filho JB | Tartarella MB | Zin A | Jornada Jr ID
Health Care Discrimination in HIV Care

Author(s): Jayakumar Palanisamy | Senthilkumar Subramanian
Addressing the fear and consequences of stigmatization - a necessary step towards making HAART accessible to women in Tanzania: a qualitative study

Author(s): Theilgaard Zahra | Katzenstein Terese | Chiduo Mercy | Pahl Christiane | Bygbjerg Ib | Gerstoft Jan | Lemnge Martha | Tersbøl Britt
A randomised controlled trial to prevent hospital readmissions and loss of functional ability in high risk older adults: a study protocol

Author(s): Courtney Mary | Edwards Helen | Chang Anne | Parker Anthony | Finlayson Kathleen | Hamilton Kyra
The time burden of overweight and obesity in primary care

Author(s): Tsai Adam | Abbo Elmer | Ogden Lorraine
A descriptive survey of types, spread and characteristics of substance abuse treatment centers in Nigeria

Author(s): Onifade Peter | Somoye Edward | Ogunwobi Olorunfemi | Ogunwale Adegboyega | Akinhanmi Akinwande | Adamson Taiwo
Health care for immigrants in Europe: Is there still consensus among country experts about principles of good practice? A Delphi study

Author(s): Devillé Walter | Greacen Tim | Bogic Marija | Dauvrin Marie | Dias Sónia | Gaddini Andrea | Jensen Natasja | Karamanidou Christina | Kluge Ulrike | Mertaniemi Ritva | i Riera Rosa | Sárváry Attila | Soares Joaquim | Stankunas Mindaugas | Straßmayr Christa | Welbel Marta | Priebe Stefan
Making a success of providing NHS Health Checks in community pharmacies across the Tees Valley: a qualitative study

Author(s): McNaughton Rebekah | Oswald Nigel | Shucksmith Janet | Heywood Peter | Watson Pat
Trends in poisoning hospitalization and mortality in Taiwan, 1999-2008: a retrospective analysis

Author(s): Chien Wu-Chien | Lin Jin-Ding | Lai Ching-Huang | Chung Chi-Hsiang | Hung Yu-Chen
Reducing depression in older home care clients: design of a prospective study of a nurse-led interprofessional mental health promotion intervention

Author(s): Markle-Reid Maureen | McAiney Carrie | Forbes Dorothy | Thabane Lehana | Gibson Maggie | Hoch Jeffrey | Browne Gina | Peirce Thomas | Busing Barbara
Stillbirth differences according to regions of origin: an analysis of the German perinatal database, 2004-2007

Author(s): Reeske Anna | Kutschmann Marcus | Razum Oliver | Spallek Jacob
Peer-based behavioral health program for drug users in China: a pilot study

Author(s): Shen Song-Ying | Zhang Zhou-Bin | Tucker Joseph | Chang Helena | Zhang Guan-Rong | Lin Ai-Hua
Health services performance for TB treatment in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Villa Tereza | Ruffino-Netto Antônio | Scatena Lucia | Andrade Rubia | Brunello Maria | Nogueira Jordana | Palha Pedro | Sá Lenilde | Assis Marluce | Vendramini Silvia | Monroe Aline | Arcêncio Ricardo | Arakawa Tiemi
Protocol for Northern Ireland Caries Prevention in Practice Trial (NIC-PIP) trial: a randomised controlled trial to measure the effects and costs of a dental caries prevention regime for young children attending primary care dental services

Author(s): Tickle Martin | Milsom Keith | Donaldson Michael | Killough Seamus | O'Neill Ciaran | Crealey Grainne | Sutton Matthew | Noble Solveig | Greer Margaret | Worthington Helen
An integrated structural intervention to reduce vulnerability to HIV and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India

Author(s): Gurnani Vandana | Beattie Tara | Bhattacharjee Parinita | Mohan HL | Maddur Srinath | Washington Reynold | Isac Shajy | Ramesh BM | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James
Prioritising public health: a qualitative study of decision making to reduce health inequalities

Author(s): Orton Lois | Lloyd-Williams Ffion | Taylor-Robinson David | Moonan May | O'Flaherty Martin | Capewell Simon
Costs and longer-term savings of parenting programmes for the prevention of persistent conduct disorder: a modelling study

Author(s): Bonin Eva-Maria | Stevens Madeleine | Beecham Jennifer | Byford Sarah | Parsonage Michael
HIV-free survival and morbidity among formula-fed infants in a prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program in rural Haiti

Author(s): Ivers Louise | Appleton Sasha | Wang Bingxia | Jerome J Gregory | Cullen Kimberly | Smith Fawzi Mary
Planning diabetic retinopathy services – lessons from Latin America

Author(s): Fernando Barría von-Bischhoffshausen | Francisco Martinez Castro | Pedro Gomez-Bastar
Willingness to participate in a lifestyle intervention program of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a conjoint analysis

Author(s): van Gils PF | Lambooij MS | Flanderijn MHW | van den Berg M | de Wit GA | Schuit AJ | Struijs JN
Utilization of the Health Ministry recommended services by Iranian HIV/AIDS patients

Author(s): Kashi AH | Yadyad MJ | Hajiabdolbaghi M | Jafari S
National Integrated School Health Screening Program in Iran

Author(s): A Amirkhani | SM Alavian | M Dashti | T Aminaie | G Ardalan | H Ziaoddini | R Kelishadi
Views of Tehrani couples and experts on domestic violence against women in Iran: A qualitative research

Author(s): B Ahmadi | S Nasseri | M Alimohamadian | M Shams | Z Ranjbar | A Ebrahimpour | A Pourreza | M Mahmoodi | M Younesian
Analysis of Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia

Author(s): Thankam Sunil | Marguerite Sagna
Graphic analysis of labor progression

Author(s): Rahimikian F | Moddares M
Depression in Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Its Relation to Severity and Type of Cerebral Palsy

Author(s): Firoozeh Sajedi | Vida Alizad | Ghafar Malekkhosravi | Masoud Karimlou | Roshanak Vameghi
Conditions for Developing the National Program for Parent Education in Romania

Author(s): Daniela COJOCARU | Stefan COJOCARU | Oana Mariana CIUCHI
Detecting pre-diabetes and the role of the pharmacist

Author(s): Simoens S | De Coster S | Lenie J | Hayen V | Laekeman G
Monitoring the level of government trust, risk perception and intention of the general public to adopt protective measures during the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in the Netherlands

Author(s): van der Weerd Willemien | Timmermans Daniëlle | Beaujean Desirée | Oudhoff Jurriaan | van Steenbergen Jim
Core indicators evaluation of effectiveness of HIV-AIDS preventive-control programmes carried out by nongovernmental organizations. A mixed method study

Author(s): Berenguera Anna | Pujol-Ribera Enriqueta | Violan Concepció | Romaguera Amparo | Mansilla Rosa | Giménez Albert | Ascaso Carlos | Almeda Jesús
Preventing malaria in pregnancy through community-directed interventions: evidence from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Author(s): Okeibunor Joseph | Orji Bright | Brieger William | Ishola Gbenga | Otolorin Emmanuel | Rawlins Barbara | Ndekhedehe Enobong | Onyeneho Nkechi | Fink Günther
Impacts of flood on health: epidemiologic evidence from Hanoi, Vietnam

Author(s): Tran Huu Bich | La Ngoc Quang | Le Thi Thanh Ha | Tran Thi Duc Hanh | Debarati Guha-Sapir
"CAN Stop" - Implementation and evaluation of a secondary group prevention for adolescent and young adult cannabis users in various contexts - study protocol

Author(s): Baldus Christiane | Miranda Alejandra | Weymann Nina | Reis Olaf | Moré Kerstin | Thomasius Rainer
An assessment of mental health policy in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Author(s): Faydi Edwige | Funk Michelle | Kleintjes Sharon | Ofori-Atta Angela | Ssbunnya Joshua | Mwanza Jason | Kim Caroline | Flisher Alan
Practicing provider-initiated HIV testing in high prevalence settings: consent concerns and missed preventive opportunities

Author(s): Njeru Mercy | Blystad Astrid | Shayo Elizabeth | Nyamongo Isaac | Fylkesnes Knut
Risk factors for non-cure among new sputum smear positive tuberculosis patients treated in tuberculosis dispensaries in Yunnan, China

Author(s): Jianzhao Hua | van den Hof Susan | Lin Xu | Yubang Qiu | Jinglong Hou | van der Werf Marieke
Variation in quality of preventive care for well adults in Indigenous community health centres in Australia

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Connors Christine | Kwedza Ru | O'Donoghue Lynette | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | Liddle Helen | Hains Jenny | Dowden Michelle | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Thompson Sandra
Insecticide susceptibility of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Central Africa

Author(s): Kamgang Basile | Marcombe Sébastien | Chandre Fabrice | Nchoutpouen Elysée | Nwane Philippe | Etang Josiane | Corbel Vincent | Paupy Christophe
A hepatitis A, B, C and HIV prevalence and risk factor study in ever injecting and non-injecting drug users in Luxembourg associated with HAV and HBV immunisations

Author(s): Removille Nathalie | Origer Alain | Couffignal Sophie | Vaillant Michel | Schmit Jean-Claude | Lair Marie-Lise
Uptake and outcomes of a prevention-of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) program in Zomba district, Malawi

Author(s): van Lettow Monique | Bedell Richard | Landes Megan | Gawa Lucy | Gatto Stephanie | Mayuni Isabell | Chan Adrienne | Tenthani Lyson | Schouten Erik
Formative evaluation of the telecare fall prevention project for older veterans

Author(s): Miake-Lye Isomi | Amulis Angel | Saliba Debra | Shekelle Paul | Volkman Linda | Ganz David
Reporting of complex interventions in clinical trials: development of a taxonomy to classify and describe fall-prevention interventions

Author(s): Lamb Sarah | Becker Clemens | Gillespie Lesley | Smith Jessica | Finnegan Susanne | Potter Rachel | Pfeiffer Klaus
Feasibility and acceptability of point of care HIV testing in community outreach and GUM drop-in services in the North West of England: A programmatic evaluation

Author(s): MacPherson Peter | Chawla Anu | Jones Kathy | Coffey Emer | Spaine Vida | Harrison Ian | Jelliman Pauline | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Beynon Caryl | Taegtmeyer Miriam
Early infant HIV-1 diagnosis programs in resource-limited settings: opportunities for improved outcomes and more cost-effective interventions

Author(s): Ciaranello Andrea | Park Ji-Eun | Ramirez-Avila Lynn | Freedberg Kenneth | Walensky Rochelle | Leroy Valeriane
Prevention of: self harm in British South Asian women: study protocol of an exploratory RCT of culturally adapted manual assisted Problem Solving Training (C- MAP)

Author(s): Husain Nusrat | Chaudhry Nasim | Durairaj Steevart | Chaudhry Imran | Khan Sarah | Husain Meher | Nagaraj Diwaker | Naeem Farooq | Waheed Waquas
Are there any changes in burden and management of communicable diseases in areas affected by Cyclone Nargis?

Author(s): Myint Nyan | Kaewkungwal Jaranit | Singhasivanon Pratap | Chaisiri Kamron | Panjapiyakul Pornpet | Siriwan Pichit | Mallik Arun | Nyein Soe | Mu Thet
Policy environment and male circumcision for HIV prevention: Findings from a situation analysis study in Tanzania

Author(s): Mwanga Joseph | Wambura Mwita | Mosha Jacklin | Mshana Gerry | Mosha Frank | Changalucha John
Health and human rights of women imprisoned in Zambia

Author(s): Todrys Katherine | Amon Joseph
The risk factor profile of women with secondary infertility: an unmatched case-control study in Kigali, Rwanda

Author(s): Dhont Nathalie | Luchters Stanley | Muvunyi Claude | Vyankandondera Joseph | De Naeyer Ludwig | Temmerman Marleen | van de Wijgert Janneke
Self-reported health status and access to health services in a sample of prisoners in Italy

Author(s): Nobile Carmelo | Flotta Domenico | Nicotera Gaetano | Pileggi Claudia | Angelillo Italo
Characteristics of diabetes care in an institutional network of health services Medellin. 2005-2008

Author(s): Diego A. Gómez C | Maribel Mahecha V | Rubén D. Gómez A | Sandra M. Agudelo
Prevalence of Depression among High School Students and its Relation to Family Structure

Author(s): Ali Daryanavard | Abdoulhossain Madani | Mohammad S. Mahmoodi | Shafei Rahimi | Fatemeh Nourooziyan | Mahmood Hosseinpoor
A review of the use of bromelain in cardiovascular diseases

Author(s): Chit Moy Ley | Nicola Robinson
Using triangulation in targeting social interventions for at-risk-children

Author(s): Manuela Sofia STANCULESCU | Monica MARIN
Ship waste quantities prediction model for the port of Belgrade

Adoption of the 2006 Field Triage Decision Scheme for Injured Patients

Author(s): Sasser, Scott | Ossmann, Eric | Wald, Marlena | Lerner, E. Brooke | Hunt, Richard
Rape Victimization and High Risk Sexual Behaviors: A Longitudinal Study of African-American Adolescent Females

Author(s): Lang, Delia | Sales, Jessica | Salazar, Laura | Hardin, James | DiClemente, Ralph | Wingood, Gina
A Survey of Georgia Adult Protective Service Staff: Implications for Older Adult Injury Prevention and Policy

Author(s): Strasser, Sheryl | Kerr, Judith | King, Patricia | Payne, Brian | Beddington, Sarah | Pendrick, Danielle
Adverse events dangerous but preventable

Author(s): Carmen ANGHELUŢĂ
Considering racial and ethnic preferences in communication and interactions among the patient, family member, and physician following diagnosis of localized prostate cancer: study of a US population

Author(s): Rim SH | Hall IJ | Fairweather ME | Fedorenko CR | Ekwueme DU | Smith JL | Thompson IM | Keane TE | Penson DF | Moinpour CM | Zeliadt SB | Ramsey SD
Security For Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Saurabh Singh, | Dr. Harsh Kumar Verma
Lifestyle and cancer prevention in female employees at a health institution

Author(s): Gladys Eugenia Canaval | María Neila Sánchez
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