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Impact of Stand, Site and Structural Characteristics on Stand Regeneration Planning in Pedunculate Oak Forests

Author(s): Juro Čavlović | Krunoslav Teslak | Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš
Dynamics of Establishing the Selection Structure in Beech-Fir Stands on Papuk

Author(s): Mario Božić | Juro Čavlović | Ernest Goršić | Krunoslav Teslak
Features of Spatial Snag Distribution in a Beech-Fir Forest

Author(s): Renata Pernar | Ante Seletković | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
Possibilities of Application of Relative Openness in Secondary Forest Opening of Slope Forests in Croatia

Author(s): Dragutin Pičman | Tibor Pentek | Hrvoje Nevečerel | Ivica Papa | Kruno Lepoglavec
Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Camellia oleifera Fruit Hull

Author(s): Liangliang Zhang | Yongmei Wang | Dongmei Wu | Man Xu | Jiahong Chen
Mid-Term Energy Demand Forecasting by Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Models

Author(s): Hossein Iranmanesh | Majid Abdollahzade | Arash Miranian
Intelligent Predictive Osteoporosis System

Author(s): Walid MOUDANI | Ahmad SHAHIN | Fadi CHAKIK | Dima RAJAB
Recent Trends in Text Classification Techniques

Author(s): Nidhi | Vishal Gupta
How to Finding a Path to Zoning a Traffic Network Efficiently?

Author(s): Bing Su | Lin Fang | Qian Yang
Foreign bodies in respiratory tract

Author(s): Hossein Nia AH
Protected Data Objects Replication in Data Grid

Author(s): G. Aruna Kranthi | D. Shashi Rekha
Recovery of Forest Canopy Parameters by Inversion of Multispectral LiDAR Data

Author(s): Andrew Wallace | Caroline Nichol | Iain Woodhouse
Seed banks in slash and burn agriculture production systems in Marapanim, Pará

Author(s): Eliane Constantinov Leal | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Maria do Socorro Andrade Kato†
Determinants of airway hyperresponsiveness—balance of tonic and phasic contractility of airway smooth muscles of lobular bronchioles

Author(s): Hiroyuki Degami | Tetsuo Takada | Takahiko Nakamura | Satoshi Hara | Kyongyob Min | Keita Hosoi | Yoshinori Kinoshita
Determinants of airway hyperresponsiveness—balance of tonic and phasic contractility of airway smooth muscles of lobular bronchioles

Author(s): Hiroyuki Degami | Tetsuo Takada | Takahiko Nakamura | Satoshi Hara | Kyongyob Min | Keita Hosoi | Yoshinori Kinoshita
Technical Study on Low Power VLSI methods

Author(s): T.Kapilachander | I.Hameem Shanavas | V.Venkataraman
Two-Level Evaluation on Sensor Interoperability of Features in Fingerprint Image Segmentation

Author(s): Gongping Yang | Ying Li | Yilong Yin | Ya-Shuo Li
Tree Based Wavelet Transform and DAG SVM for Seizure Detection

Author(s): A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel | S.Ramakrishnan
Controlling The Problem Of Bloating Using Stepwise Crossover And Double Mutation Technique

Author(s): Arpit Bhardwaj | Aditi Sakalle | Harshita Chouhan | Harshit Bhardwaj
Vertex-Neighbor-Scattering Number Of Trees

Author(s): Zongtian Wei | Yong Liu | Anchan Mai
Churn Forecast Based on Two-step Classification in Security Industry

Author(s): Ying Li | Ziyang Deng | Qiang Qian | Rui Xu
Automatic Hierarchical Color Image Classification

Author(s): Huang Jing | Kumar S Ravi | Zabih Ramin
An Energy-Efficient Framework for Multirate Query in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Chen Yingwen | Xu Ming | Wang Huai-min | Leong HongVa | Cao Jiannong | Chan KeithCC | Chan AlvinTS
Efficient Certification Path Discovery for MANET

Author(s): Kambourakis Georgios | Konstantinou Elisavet | Douma Anastasia | Anagnostopoulos Marios | Fotiadis Georgios
Tree Based Protocol for Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Messai M-L | Aliouat M | Seba H
An Efficient Multibit Aggregation Scheme for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jagyasi BhushanG | Dey BikashK | Merchant SN | Desai UB
Classification of Artificial Intelligence IDS

Author(s): N.Ugtakhbayar | Sh.Sodbileg
Trees over Infinite Structures and Path Logics with Synchronization

Author(s): Alex Spelten | Wolfgang Thomas | Sarah Winter
Informative Motif Detection Using Data Mining

Author(s): F.A. Hoque | M. Mohebujjaman | N. Noman
A Comparative Performance Study on Hybrid Swarm Model for Micro array Data

Author(s): Aruchamy Rajini | Dr.Vasantha Kalyani David
Solar variability and width of tree ring

Author(s): Y. Muraki | K. Masuda | K. Nagaya | K. Wada | H. Miyahara
An evaluation on antinociceptive effects of eugenol by formalin test in rats

Author(s): Zarifkar A. Assistant Professor | Skandaryan HMS | Mokhtary M. Assistant Professor | Ay J. Assistant Professor

Author(s): Peter Beaconsfield | Ezzatollah Mahboubi | Badri Khademi | Rebecca Rainsbury | Esther Aghai | Chamseddine Mofidi
A Novel Combined SLAM Based on RBPF-SLAM and EIF-SLAM for Mobile System Sensing in a Large Scale Environment

Author(s): Bo He | Shujing Zhang | Tianhong Yan | Tao Zhang | Yan Liang | Hongjin Zhang
New Trending Events Detection based on the Multi-Representation Index Tree Clustering

Author(s): Hui Song | Lifeng Wang | Baiyan Li | Xiaoqiang Liu
Design and Implementation of GPU-Based Prim's Algorithm

Author(s): Wei Wang | Yongzhong Huang | Shaozhong Guo
Data Mining based Software Development Communication Pattern Discovery

Author(s): Gang Zhang | Caixian Ye | Chunru Wang | Xiaomin He
A Horn type spectral problem

Author(s): Stanislav Popovych
Studies on ‘Kinnow’ (Citrus reticulata Blanco.) Decline in Relation to Soil-Plant Nutritional Status

Author(s): Parveen KUMAR | Suneel SHARMA | Surender S. DHANKHAR | Singh PARTAP
Queries Routing In Super-Peer-Based System: Simulation and Evaluation

Author(s): Anis Ismal | Mohamed Quafafou | Gilles Nachouki | Mohammad Hajjar
Application of Linear Classifier on Chinese Spam Filtering

Author(s): Yongqin Qiu | Yan Xu | Dan Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Provable Data Possession of Resource-constrained Mobile Devices in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Jian Yang | Haihang Wang | Jian Wang | Chengxiang Tan | Dingguo Yu
Trust Based Secure In-network Data Processing Schema in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Hailin Feng | Guanghui Li | Wenwei Lu | Leijun Huang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mei-Ling Shyu | Yu Cao | Ming Li | Jun Kong | Jie Bao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
An Architecture for Performance Optimization in a Collaborative Knowledge-Based Approach for  Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Manuel Angel Gadeo-Martos | Jose Angel Fernandez-Prieto | Joaquin Canada-Bago | Juan Ramon Velasco
Efficient Implementation of Data Aggregation in WSNs by Mobile Agent Paradigm

Author(s): N.Sandhya rani | O. Srinivasa Rao | Dr MHM Krishna Prasad
P2P Simulator for Queries Routing Using Data Mining

Author(s): Anis ISMAIL | Aziz BARBAR | Ziad ISMAIL

Author(s): Jelena Radonić | Dubravko Ćulibrk | Mirjana Vojinović Miloradov | Maja Turk Sekulić | Branislav Kukić
The prevalence of canine Leishmania infantum infection in western China detected by PCR and serological tests

Author(s): Wang Jun-Yun | Ha Yu | Gao Chun-Hua | Wang Yong | Yang Yue-Tao | Chen Hai-Tang
Swiftly Computing Center Strings

Author(s): Hufsky Franziska | Kuchenbecker Léon | Jahn Katharina | Stoye Jens | Böcker Sebastian
Frequent Pattern Mining and Current State of the Art

Author(s): Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad | S. Ramakrishna
Investigation on anatomical and histological structure of graft union in plum

Author(s): Gică Grădinariu | Cristina Zlati | Mihai Istrate | Marius Dascălu
Artificial Bee Colony based Data Mining Algorithms for Classification Tasks

Author(s): Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran | Yuk Ying Chung | Wei-Chang Yeh | Noorhaniza Wahid | Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi

Diversity of shifting cultivation cycles among small-scale farmers in Peruvian Amazon

Author(s): Bohdan Lojka | Jan Banout | Lucie Banoutova | Vladimir Verner | Patrick Van Damme
An Early Detection Method of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus in Public Hospital

Author(s): Bayu Adhi Tama | Rodiyatul F. S. | Hermansyah
Leaf Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Gas Exchange Response to Different Light Levels in Platycerium bifurcatum

Author(s): Ruzana-Adibah M. Sanusi | Ainuddin A.  Nuruddin | Hazandy A.  Hamid
Growth Performance and Biomass Accumulation of a Khaya ivorensis Plantation in three Soil Series of Ultisols

Author(s): Yetti Heryati | Debora Belawan | Arifin Abdu | Mohd N. Mahat | Hazandy Abdul-Hamid | Nik M. Majid | Affendy Hassan | Ika Heriansyah
Reliable Web Services Selection Based on Finite State Machine Model

Author(s): Hongjie Shen | Zhijun Ding | Hongzhong Chen
A Novel System on Efficient Matching, Decision Making and Distributing

Author(s): Si-Yuan Liu | Yu Liu | Chao Liu | Chun-Zhe Zhao | Yi-Ming Luo | Gao-Jin Wen
Content Based Image Retrieval Approaches for Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood Images

Author(s): Mohammad Imroze Khan | Bhibhudendra Acharya | Bikesh Kumar Singh | Jigyasa Soni
Concept of Privacy protection in Data Mining

Author(s): Vikram Singh | Dr. P.K. Yadav
The Estimation of Radial Exponential Random Vectors in Additive White Gaussian Noise

Author(s): Pichid KITTISUWAN | Sanparith MARUKATAT | Widhyakorn ASDORNWISED
Complex tree: the basic framework of protein-protein interaction networks

Author(s): DaiChuan Ma | YuanBo Diao | YiZhou Li | YanZi Guo | Jiang Wu | MengLong Li
A Projection Clustering Technique Based on Projection

Author(s): Xiyu LIU | Xinjiang XIE | Wenping WANG
An Optimal Algorithm for Prufer Codes

Author(s): Xiaodong Wang | Lei Wang | Yingjie Wu
Service Networks Topological Design

Author(s): Boris S. Verkhovsky
Using the Power Control and Cooperative Communication for Energy Saving in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Chunjie Chen | Chao Jin | Demin Li | Jiacun Wang | Jianan Fang
The Design of the Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms

Author(s): Zhicheng LIU | Bo JIANG
A Survey of Bioinformatics Applications on Parallel Architectures

Author(s): Binay Kumar Pandey | Sanjay Kumar Pandey | Digvijay Pandey
Synchronous Aggregation Scheduling with Minimal Latency in Multihop SensorNet

Author(s): Liqun Shan | Jinkuan Wang | Yanchao Zhao | Yanchang Liu
Analysis of the Model Checkers' Input Languages for Modeling Traffic Light Systems

Author(s): Pathiah A. Samat | Abdullah M. Zin | Zarina Shukur

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