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Chemical Composition of Essential Oil and Leaf Anatomy of Salvia bertolonii Vis. and Salvia pratensis L. (Sect. Plethiosphace, Lamiaceae)

Author(s): Goran Anačkov | Biljana Božin | Lana Zorić | Dragana Vukov | Neda Mimica-Dukić | Ljiljana Merkulov | Ružica Igić | Marina Jovanović | Pal Boža
Etude des groupements d'adventices dans le Maroc occidental

Author(s): Zidane, L. | Salhi, S. | Fadli, M. | El Antri, M. | Taleb, A. | Douira, A.
Pedigree verification with multiple candidate parents using Pedverif software

Author(s): J.B.C.H.M. van Kaam | R. Finocchiaro | M. Vitale | S. Caracappa
In vitro Efficacy Comparisons of Disinfectants Used in the Commercial Poultry Farms

Author(s): Z. Moustafa Gehan | W. Anwer | H.M. Amer | I.M. EL-Sabagh | A. Rezk | E.M. Badawy
Pathogenesis and treatment of oral candidosis

Author(s): David Williams | Michael Lewis
Learning from positive examples when the negative class is undetermined- microRNA gene identification

Author(s): Yousef Malik | Jung Segun | Showe Louise | Showe Michael
Assessing what is needed to resolve a molecular phylogeny: simulations and empirical data from emydid turtles

Author(s): Spinks Phillip | Thomson Robert | Lovely Geoff | Shaffer H Bradley
The effects of spatial and temporal heterogeneity on the population dynamics of four animal species in a Danish landscape

Author(s): Sibly Richard | Nabe-Nielsen Jacob | Forchhammer Mads | Forbes Valery | Topping Christopher
Molecular phylogeny of ocelloid-bearing dinoflagellates (Warnowiaceae) as inferred from SSU and LSU rDNA sequences

Author(s): Hoppenrath Mona | Bachvaroff Tsvetan | Handy Sara | Delwiche Charles | Leander Brian
Comparison of eukaryotic phylogenetic profiling approaches using species tree aware methods

Author(s): Ruano-Rubio Valentín | Poch Olivier | Thompson Julie
Analysis of recent segmental duplications in the bovine genome

Author(s): Liu George | Ventura Mario | Cellamare Angelo | Chen Lin | Cheng Ze | Zhu Bin | Li Congjun | Song Jiuzhou | Eichler Evan
Malaria vectors of Timor-Leste

Author(s): Cooper Robert | Edstein Michael | Frances Stephen | Beebe Nigel
A female signal reflects MHC genotype in a social primate

Author(s): Huchard Elise | Raymond Michel | Benavides Julio | Marshall Harry | Knapp Leslie | Cowlishaw Guy
Alien plant species list and distribution for Camdeboo National Park, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Author(s): Mmoto L. Masubelele | Llewellyn C. Foxcroft | Suzanne J. Milton
Statistical analysis of exon lengths in various eukaryotes

Author(s): Alexander Kaplunovsky | Anatoliy Ivashchenko | Alexander Bolshoy
Animal and Human Bites: Prophlaxis and Approach to the Treatment

Author(s): Ahmet KARAKAŞ | Handan İLHAN | Vedat TURHAN
Potential efficacy of mitochondrial genes for animal DNA barcoding: a case study using eutherian mammals

Author(s): Luo Arong | Zhang Aibing | Ho Simon | Xu Weijun | Zhang Yanzhou | Shi Weifeng | Cameron Stephen | Zhu Chaodong
Genomic fluidity: an integrative view of gene diversity within microbial populations

Author(s): Kislyuk Andrey | Haegeman Bart | Bergman Nicholas | Weitz Joshua
Evolutionary relationships and divergence times among the native rats of Australia

Author(s): Robins Judith | McLenachan Patricia | Phillips Matthew | McComish Bennet | Matisoo-Smith Elizabeth | Ross Howard
Essential oils of Toona and Cedrela Species (Meliaceae): taxonomic and ecological implications

Author(s): Maia Beatriz H. L. N. S. | Paula José R. de | Sant'Ana Josué | Silva M. Fátima das G. F. da | Fernandes João B. | Vieira Paulo C. | Costa Merilene do S. S. | Ohashi Orlando S. | Silva José Natalino M.
Survey of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) biotypes in Brazil using RAPD markers

Author(s): Lima L.H.C. | Návia D. | Inglis P.W. | Oliveira M.R.V. de
Golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) distribution in the main hydrographical basins of Uruguay: update and predictions

Author(s): Brugnoli Ernesto | Clemente Juan | Boccardi Lucía | Borthagaray Ana | Scarabino Fabrizio
Conservation and co-option in developmental programmes: the importance of homology relationships

Author(s): Sanetra Matthias | Begemann Gerrit | Becker May-Britt | Meyer Axel
Taxonomic colouring of phylogenetic trees of protein sequences

Author(s): Palidwor Gareth | Reynaud Emmanuel | Andrade-Navarro Miguel
Cryptosporidium parvum, a potential cause of colic adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Certad Gabriela | Ngouanesavanh Tramy | Guyot Karine | Gantois Nausicaa | Chassat Thierry | Mouray Anthony | Fleurisse Laurence | Pinon Anthony | Cailliez Jean-Charles | Dei-Cas Eduardo | Creusy Colette
Diagnostic tools to identify black aspergilli

Author(s): R.A. Samson | P. Noonim | M. Meijer | J. Houbraken | J.C. Frisvad | J. Varga
AFLP analysis reveals a lack of phylogenetic structure within Solanum section Petota

Author(s): Jacobs Mirjam | van den Berg Ronald | Vleeshouwers Vivianne | Visser Marcel | Mank Rolf | Sengers Mariëlle | Hoekstra Roel | Vosman Ben
Molecular characterization of freshwater snails in the genus Bulinus: a role for barcodes?

Author(s): Kane Richard | Stothard J Russell | Emery Aidan | Rollinson David
Identification of immune genes and proteins involved in the response of bovine mammary tissue to Staphylococcus aureus infection

Author(s): Lutzow Ylva | Donaldson Laurelea | Gray Christian | Vuocolo Tony | Pearson Roger | Reverter Antonio | Byrne Keren | Sheehy Paul | Windon Ross | Tellam Ross
Phylogeny and biogeography of African Murinae based on mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences, with a new tribal classification of the subfamily

Author(s): Lecompte Emilie | Aplin Ken | Denys Christiane | Catzeflis François | Chades Marion | Chevret Pascale
Bacteria of the Burkholderia cepacia complex are cyanogenic under biofilm and colonial growth conditions

Author(s): Ryall Ben | Lee Xiaoyun | Zlosnik James | Hoshino Saiko | Williams Huw
Effects of Mechanical Site Preparation on Growth of Oaks Planted on Former Agricultural Fields

Author(s): Andrew Self | Andrew W. Ezell | Dennis Rowe | Emily B. Schultz | John D. Hodges
Sequence analysis of the ribosomal DNA ITS2 region in two Trichogramma species (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Author(s): Ercan Sumer Fahriye | Oztemiz Sevcan | Tuncbilek Suzu Aydin | Stouthamer Richard
Erotylidae (Insecta, Coleoptera) of Poland – problematic taxa, updated keys and new records

Author(s): Rafal Ruta | Pawel Jałoszynski | Paweł Sienkiewicz | Szymon Konwerski
Bacteria transported by horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the northeast of Pará State, Brazil

Author(s): Willy Cristiano Luz-Alves | Inocêncio de Sousa Gorayeb | José Caetano Lima Silva | Edvaldo Carlos Brito Loureiro
Cranial osteology and systematic considerations in Coccyzinae (Cuculidae)

Author(s): Sérgio Roberto Posso | Reginaldo José Donatelli
Isolation of plant nuclei suitable for flow cytometry from species with extremely mucilaginous compounds: an example in the genus Viola L. (Violaceae)

Author(s): Cires, Eduardo | Cuesta, Candela | Fernández Casado, María Ángeles | Nava, Herminio S. | Vázquez, Víctor M. | Fernández Prieto, José Antonio
BioCreative III interactive task: an overview

Author(s): Arighi Cecilia | Roberts Phoebe | Agarwal Shashank | Bhattacharya Sanmitra | Cesareni Gianni | Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Clematide Simon | Gaudet Pascale | Giglio Michelle | Harrow Ian | Huala Eva | Krallinger Martin | Leser Ulf | Li Donghui | Liu Feifan | Lu Zhiyong | Maltais Lois | Okazaki Naoaki | Perfetto Livia | Rinaldi Fabio | Sætre Rune | Salgado David | Srinivasan Padmini | Thomas Philippe | Toldo Luca | Hirschman Lynette | Wu Cathy
Ten new complete mitochondrial genomes of pulmonates (Mollusca: Gastropoda) and their impact on phylogenetic relationships

Author(s): White Tracy | Conrad Michele | Tseng Roger | Balayan Shaina | Golding Rosemary | de Frias Martins António | Dayrat Benoît
Array CGH Phylogeny: How accurate are Comparative Genomic Hybridization-based trees?

Author(s): Gilbert Luz | Kasuga Takao | Glass N Louise | Taylor John
Inhibitory effect of farnesol on biofilm formation by Candida tropicalis

Author(s): E Zibafar | SJ Hashemi | F Zaini | H Zeraati | S Rezaie | P Kordbacheh
Haematophagus Mites in Poultry Farms of Iran

Author(s): S Rahbari | S Nabian | H Ronaghi
Control of an invasive alien species, Ambrosia trifida with restoration by introducing willows as a typical riparian vegetation

Author(s): Chang Seok Lee | Yong Chan Cho | Hyun Cheol Shin | Gyung Soon Kim | Jeong Hoon Pi

Author(s): Karina González-Bocanegra | Emilio I. Romero-Berny | María Consuelo Escobar-Ocampo | Yasminda García-Del Valle
Screening synteny blocks in pairwise genome comparisons through integer programming

Author(s): Tang Haibao | Lyons Eric | Pedersen Brent | Schnable James | Paterson Andrew | Freeling Michael
Does thermoregulatory behavior maximize reproductive fitness of natural isolates of Caenorhabditis elegans?

Author(s): Anderson Jennifer | Albergotti Lori | Ellebracht Barbara | Huey Raymond | Phillips Patrick
Reconstructing genetic mating systems in the absence of parental information in colonially breeding waterbirds

Author(s): Miño Carolina | Russello Michael | Mussi Gonçalves Priscila | Del Lama Silvia
From Antarctica or Asia? New colonization scenario for Australian-New Guinean narrow mouth toads suggested from the findings on a mysterious genus Gastrophrynoides

Author(s): Kurabayashi Atsushi | Matsui Masafumi | Belabut Daicus | Yong Hoi-Sen | Ahmad Norhayati | Sudin Ahmad | Kuramoto Mitsuru | Hamidy Amir | Sumida Masayuki
Arqueozoología del caballo en la antigua Iberia

Author(s): Von Lettow-Vorbeck, Corina Liesau
Chrysopid Predators and their Role in Biological Control

Author(s): M.L. Pappas | G.D. Broufas | D.S. Koveos
Revisions of conodont biostratigraphy across the Silurian-Devonian boundary

Author(s): Carls P | Slavík L | Valenzuela-Ríos J I
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