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Catalyst in Basic Oleochemicals

Author(s): Eva Suyenty | Herlina Sentosa | Mariani Agustine | Sandy Anwar | Abun Lie | Erwin Sutanto
Identifying Challenges in Implementing Sustainable Practices in a Developing Nation

Author(s): Omidreza Saadatian | Osman Mohd Tahir | Kamariah binti Dola
Experimental investigation on the changes in bed properties of a downdraft biomass gasifier

Author(s): L. Kumararaja | P. Gopinath Reddy | M. Venkata Ramanan | R. Sethumadhavan
Heat treatment of cold formed steel forgings for the automotive industry

Author(s): B. Kosec | M. Brezigar | G. Kosec | J. Bernetic | M. Bizjak
Performance and Characteristics of a Cyclone Gasifier for Gasification of Sawdust

Author(s): Muhamad Azman Miskam | Z.A. Zainal | M.Y. Idroas
Application of HPLC and GC/MS to quantification of phenylalanine in chosen kinds of food for particular nutritional uses

Author(s): Małgorzata Piecyk | Agnieszka Śrama | Anna Bzducha | Mieczysław Obiedziński
Investigation of hydrogenase molecular marker to optimize hydrogen production from organic wastes and effluents of agro-food industries [abstract]

Author(s): Hamilton, C. | Hiligsmann, S. | Calusinska, M. | Beckers, L. | Masset, J. | Wilmotte, A. | Thonart, P.
Investigations in gasification of biomass mixtures using thermodynamic equilibrium and semi–equilibrium models

Author(s): Buljit Buragohain, Pinakeswar Mahanta and Vijayanand S. Moholkar
Enhancement of gamma-linolenic acid production by the fungus Mucor sp LB-54 by growth temperature

Author(s): Carvalho Patrícia de Oliveira | Oliveira Joaquim Gilberto de | Pastore Gláucia Maria
Ecological aspects of coal combustion - utilization of CO2 from flue gas

Author(s): Markoš Jozef | Jelemenský ¼udovít
Least cost energy planning in Thailand:A case of biogas upgrading in palm oil industry

Author(s): Artite Pattanapongchai | Bundit Limmeechokchai*
Combining Steel and Chemical Production to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Author(s): Jouko Arvola | Janne Harkonen | Matti Mottonen | Harri Haapasalo | Pekka Tervonen
Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of Oil Shale

Author(s): Cutler J. Cleveland | Peter A. O’Connor

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