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Image-Seeking Preferences Among Undergraduate Novice Researchers

Author(s): Laurie M. Bridges | Tiah Edmunson-Morton
Rcpp: Seamless R and C++ Integration

Author(s): Dirk Eddelbuettel | Romain Francois
Designing algorithms using CAD technologies

Author(s): Catalin Ionut SILVESTRU | Alin IORDACHE
Domain Specific Languages

Author(s): Aruna Raja | Devika Lakshmanan
Manual and Fast C Code Optimization

Author(s): Mohammed Fadle Abdulla
Using a Hybrid platform for Cluster, NoW and GRID computing

Author(s): Dimitris Kehagias | Michael Grivas | Grammati Pantziou
A suite of web applications to streamline the interdisciplinary collaboration in secondary data analyses

Author(s): Pietrobon Ricardo | Guller Ulrich | Martins Henrique | Menezes Andreia | Higgins Laurence | Jacobs Danny
ProbCD: enrichment analysis accounting for categorization uncertainty

Author(s): Vêncio Ricardo ZN | Shmulevich Ilya
Pybel: a Python wrapper for the OpenBabel cheminformatics toolkit

Author(s): O'Boyle Noel | Morley Chris | Hutchison Geoffrey
A Model for Voice-activated Expression Editing

Author(s): David D. Langan | Thomas F. Hain | W. Christopher Camery
The Semantics of Graph Programs

Author(s): Detlef Plump | Sandra Steinert
Scheduling the Work of Students in Teaching Web Site Design

Author(s): BUJDOSÓ Gyöngyi | CSERNOCH Mária
Nutrition Education Programmes In Himachal Pradesh

Author(s): Sharma Monica | Sobti Renu | Saxena Rita
Web Service Based Software Implemented Fault Injection

Author(s): Mohammod Shamim Hossain
Visual Programming of Subsumption - Based Reactive Behaviour

Author(s): Omid Banyasad | Philip T. Cox
Towards IDEs for Physically Challenged Programmers

Author(s): Amir Zeid | Hani Ghalayini | Mohammad Al-Sulaiman | Ghanim Al-Ghanim | Abdulla Al-Jassim | Abdulrahman Al-Failakawi
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
geneCBR: a translational tool for multiple-microarray analysis and integrative information retrieval for aiding diagnosis in cancer research

Author(s): Glez-Peña Daniel | Díaz Fernando | Hernández Jesús | Corchado Juan | Fdez-Riverola Florentino
Irritable bowel syndrome in a Bangladeshi urban community: Prevalence and health care seeking pattern

Author(s): Perveen Irin | Hasan Mahmud | Masud Mohammed | Bhuiyan Mohammed | Rahman Mohammed
multiplierz: an extensible API based desktop environment for proteomics data analysis

Author(s): Parikh Jignesh | Askenazi Manor | Ficarro Scott | Cashorali Tanya | Webber James | Blank Nathaniel | Zhang Yi | Marto Jarrod
Application Domain Name-Based Analysis

Author(s): Peter Václavík
A Real-time Monitoring System for Programming Education using a Generator of Program Animation Systems

Author(s): Youzou Miyadera | Kunimi Kurasawa | Shoichi Nakamura | Nobuyoshi Yonezawa | Setsuo Yokoyama
Intelligent Trace and Evaluation for Parallel Programming Based on Architectural Details

Author(s): Jiaxin Li | Feng Shi | Ning Deng | Qi Zuo | Zuo Wang | Mengxiao Liu
Pre-Parallelization Exercises in Budget-Constrained HPC Projects: A Case Study in CFD

Author(s): Shamsheer Ahmed | Suma Bhat | Mohammed Isham | Waseem Ahmed | Ramis M. K.
Accessing the SEED Genome Databases via Web Services API: Tools for Programmers

Author(s): Disz Terry | Akhter Sajia | Cuevas Daniel | Olson Robert | Overbeek Ross | Vonstein Veronika | Stevens Rick | Edwards Robert
Java Simulations of Embedded Control Systems

Author(s): Gonzalo Farias | Anton Cervin | Karl-Erik Årzén | Sebastián Dormido | Francisco Esquembre
SeqWare Query Engine: storing and searching sequence data in the cloud

Author(s): O’Connor Brian | Merriman Barry | Nelson Stanley
Analyzing Throughput of TCP in IEEE 802.11 Based Ad-hoc Networks


Author(s): Daniel Ionita
Enhancing Security Of Agent-Oriented Techniques Programs Code Using Jar Files

Author(s): Vivek Jaglan, | Surjeet Dalal, | Dr. S. Srinivasan
A study on Visual Programming Extension of JavaScript

Author(s): Wajid Ali | Kanwal Sultana | Sophia Pervez
Streaming Media Portability with the Emerging Support OpenMAX

Author(s): Ramírez-Acosta Alejandro | García-Vázquez Mireya | Kumar Sunil
Livsstil som tv-underholdning

Author(s): Christa Lykke Christensen
Dynamic Slicing of Aspect Oriented Programs using AODG

Author(s): Sk Riazur Raheman | Abhishek Ray | Sasmita Pradhan

Author(s): Reviewed by Dr. Abdullah KUZU
NeuroTerrain – a client-server system for browsing 3D biomedical image data sets

Author(s): Gustafson Carl | Bug William | Nissanov Jonathan
Fostering disability-inclusive HIV/AIDS programs in northeast India: a participatory study

Author(s): Morrow Martha | Arunkumar MC | Pearce Emma | Dawson Heather
Learning to program: going pair-shaped

Author(s): Donna Teague | Paul Roe
Developing understanding of programming principles using Flash Actionscript

Author(s): Graham Routledge | Amin Aminaei | Phillip Benachour
Vouchers for scaling up insecticide-treated nets in Tanzania: Methods for monitoring and evaluation of a national health system intervention

Author(s): Hanson Kara | Nathan Rose | Marchant Tanya | Mponda Hadji | Jones Caroline | Bruce Jane | Stephen Godlove | Mulligan Jo | Mshinda Hassan | Schellenberg Joanna
An Irish Cross-Institutional User Needs Analysis of Undergraduate Programming

Author(s): Nora Brophy | Frances Murphy | Patricia Magee | Elizabeth Anne Sherry | Eileen Mary Costelloe
Report on the final BRACElet workshop

Author(s): Tony Clear | Jacqueline Whalley | Phil Robbins | Anne Philpott | Anna Eckerdal | Mikko-Jussi Laakso | Raymond Lister
Parallel Computing System for Image Intelligent Processing

Author(s): Zongtao Duan | Tao Lei | Haiwei Fan

Author(s): Goparaju Purna Sudhakar | Ayesha Farooq | Sanghamitra Patnaik

Predictors of Errors of Novice Java Programmers

Author(s): Rex Bringula | Geecee Maybelline Manabat | Miguel Angelo Tolentino | Edmon Torres
Finding Vulnerabilities in Rich Internet Applications (Flex/AS3) Using Static Techniques

Author(s): Sreenivasa Rao Basavala | Narendra Kumar | Alok Agarrwal
The Influence of Marine Pollution on Distribution and Abundance of Polychaetes

Author(s): A. El-Gendy | S. Al-Farraj | S. Al-Kahtani | M. El-Hedeny
Rough Set Techniques for 24 Hour Knowledge Factory

Author(s): Niti Verma | Neha Verma | A. B. Patki
Impact of Active Labor Market Programs on Employment: Albania’s Case

Author(s): Eleni VANGJELI | Sonela STILLO | Marinela TENEQEXHI
Sustainable Development and Socio- Economic Duality Using Fuzzy System-A Case Study of Iran

Author(s): Jalil Khodaparast Shirazi | Mehrzad Ebrahimi | Mazda Moatari
Dynamics of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors in Benin: first evidence of the presence of L1014S kdr mutation in Anopheles gambiae from West Africa

Author(s): Djègbè Innocent | Boussari Olayidé | Sidick Aboubakar | Martin Thibaud | Ranson Hilary | Chandre Fabrice | Akogbéto Martin | Corbel Vincent
Determinants of Smoking Behavior among High School students in Jahrom

Author(s): K Rahmanian | A Jafarzadeh | A Khalooei
Proyecto: educación en línea

Author(s): Ligia María Angulo Hernández
Operating System Design in Future Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Mohamed K. Watfa | Mohamed Moubarak | Ali Kashani
Accurate Programming: Thinking about programs in terms of properties

Author(s): Walid Taha | Veronica Gaspes | Rex Page
SAGA: A DSL for Story Management

Author(s): Lucas Beyak | Jacques Carette
Building-Blocks for Performance Oriented DSLs

Author(s): Tiark Rompf | Arvind K. Sujeeth | HyoukJoong Lee | Kevin J. Brown | Hassan Chafi | Martin Odersky | Kunle Olukotun
Optimization of ObjectOriented Design using Coupling Metrics

Author(s): Parul Gandhi | Pradeep Kumar Bhatia
The Scythe Statistical Library: An Open Source C++ Library for Statistical Computation

Author(s): Daniel Pemstein | Kevin M. Quinn | Andrew D. Martin
Screening synteny blocks in pairwise genome comparisons through integer programming

Author(s): Tang Haibao | Lyons Eric | Pedersen Brent | Schnable James | Paterson Andrew | Freeling Michael
Adolescent fertility and family planning in East Asia and the Pacific: a review of DHS reports

Author(s): Kennedy Elissa | Gray Natalie | Azzopardi Peter | Creati Mick

Author(s): Hamid Reza Azmoon Zavieh | Aidin Vali zadeh | Lotfali Bolboli
The Tyranny of the Vital Few: The Pareto Principle in Language Design

Author(s): Victor Winter | James Perry | Harvey Siy | Satish Srinivasan | Ben Farkas | James McCoy
A Massively Parallel Re-Configurable Mesh Computer Emulator: Design, Modeling and Realization

Author(s): Mohamed YOUSSFI | Omar BOUATTANE | Mohamed O. BENSALAH
Cyclomatic Complexity and Lines of Code: Empirical Evidence of a Stable Linear Relationship

Author(s): Graylin JAY | Joanne E. HALE | Randy K. SMITH | David HALE | Nicholas A. KRAFT | Charles WARD
Analysis and Design of Distributed Pair Programming System

Author(s): Wanfeng Dou | Yifeng Wang | Sen Luo
Livsstil som tv-underholdning

Author(s): Christa Lykke Christensen
Open Source Programmers' Information Seeking During Software Maintenance

Author(s): Khaironi Y. Sharif | Mohd R. Mokhtar | Jim Buckley
Implementation of CONCEIVER++: An Object-Oriented Program Understanding System

Author(s): Nor F.Z. Sani | Abdullah M. Zin | Sufian Idris
Memory Tracing

Author(s): Eva Cogan | Chaya Gurwitz
Waste Generation and Recycling: Comparison of Conventional and Industrialized Building Systems

Author(s): Rawshan A. Begum | Siti K. Satari | Joy J. Pereira
Challenges of Hidden Data in the Unused Area Two within Executable Files

Author(s): A. W. Naji | A. A. Zaidan | B. B. Zaidan
Approaches for Categorization of Reusable Software Components

Author(s): Parvinder S. Sandhu | Janpreet Singh | Hardeep Singh
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