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A 5-year Review of Malaria Surveillance in Kuching, Sarawak

Author(s): Haironi, Y and Kamaliah MD | Kamaliah, MD
A framework for assessing the feasibility of malaria elimination

Author(s): Moonen Bruno | Cohen Justin | Tatem Andy | Cohen Jessica | Hay Simon | Sabot Oliver | Smith David
The effects of zooprophylaxis and other mosquito control measures against malaria in Nouna, Burkina Faso

Author(s): Yamamoto Shelby | Louis Valérie | Sié Ali | Sauerborn Rainer
The Linkage of Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty In Hotel Industry in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Author(s): Rahman Bin Abdullah | Noraida Bte Abdul Karim | Mohd Onn Rashidi Bin Abdul Patah | Harnizam Zahari | Gopala Krishnan Sekharan Nair | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
How do employers cope with an ageing workforce?: Views from employers and employees

Author(s): Hendrik P. Van Dalen | Kène Henkens | Joop Schippers
Life Lost Due to Premature Deaths in New South Wales, Australia

Author(s): Daminda P. Weerasinghe | Farhat Yusuf | Nicholas J. Parr
AIDS knowledge of hotel workers in Cappadocia Region

Author(s): Ahmet ÖZTÜRK | Rahşan KOLUTEK
Oral cholera vaccine use in Zanzibar: socioeconomic and behavioural features affecting demand and acceptance

Author(s): Schaetti Christian | Hutubessy Raymond | Ali Said | Pach Al | Weiss Mitchell | Chaignat Claire-Lise | Khatib Ahmed
Implications of varied patterns of cervical cancer screening for introduction of human papillomavirus vaccines in Europe

Author(s): Achim Schneider | Olivier Gleizes | Pekka Nieminen | Evrim Erdemoğlu | Fausto Boselli | David Jenkins
A qualitative study on the acceptability and preference of three types of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets in Solomon Islands: implications for malaria elimination

Author(s): Atkinson Jo-An | Bobogare Albino | Fitzgerald Lisa | Boaz Leonard | Appleyard Bridget | Toaliu Hilson | Vallely Andrew
Global Youth Tobacco Use Prevalence and Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Republic of Macedonia in 2008

Author(s): Elena Kosevska | Aziz Polozani | Mome Spasovski | Marija Kishman Hristovska | Sandra Petlichkovska
The Irish DAFNE Study Protocol: A cluster randomised trial of group versus individual follow-up after structured education for Type 1 diabetes

Author(s): Dinneen Seán | O' Hara Mary | Byrne Molly | Newell John | Daly Lisa | O' Shea Donal | Smith Diarmuid
Analysing physical fitness and biomechanical factors that determine tennis serve performance

Author(s): Ertuğrul Gelen | Sami Mengütay | Mustafa Karahan
Conceptual framework and rationale

Author(s): Robinson Alan | Knols Bart | Voigt Gabriella | Hendrichs Jorge
Transmission dynamics of pulmonary tuberculosis between autochthonous and immigrant sub-populations

Author(s): Barniol Judit | Niemann Stefan | Louis Valérie | Brodhun Bonita | Dreweck Caroline | Richter Elvira | Becher Heiko | Haas Walter | Junghanss Thomas
Development of a validation algorithm for 'present on admission' flagging

Author(s): Jackson Terri | Michel Jude | Roberts Rosemary | Shepheard Jennie | Cheng Diana | Rust Julie | Perry Catherine
Sampling feed for mycotoxins: acquiring knowledge from food

Author(s): Federica Cheli | Anna Campagnoli | Luciano Pinotti | Eleonora Fusi | Vittorio Dell'Orto
Rationale and design of the ADDITION-Leicester study, a systematic screening programme and Randomised Controlled Trial of multi-factorial cardiovascular risk intervention in people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus detected by screening

Author(s): Webb DR | Khunti K | Srinivasan B | Gray LJ | Taub N | Campbell S | Barnett J | Henson J | Hiles S | Farooqi A | Griffin SJ | Wareham NJ | Davies MJ
Factors influencing implementation of the Ministry of Health-led private medicine retailer programmes on malaria in Kenya

Author(s): Rowa Yvonne | Abuya Timothy | Mutemi Wilfred | Ochola Sam | Molyneux Sassy | Marsh Vicki
Primary Prevention from the Epidemiology Perspective: Three Examples from the Practice

Author(s): Pigeot Iris | De Henauw Stefaan | Foraita Ronja | Jahn Ingeborg | Ahrens Wolfgang
Improving the management of non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes: systematic evaluation of a quality improvement programme European QUality Improvement Programme for Acute Coronary Syndrome: The EQUIP-ACS project protocol and design

Author(s): Flather Marcus | Booth Jean | Babalis Daphne | Bueno Hector | Steg Philippe | Opolski Grzegorz | Ottani Filippo | Machecourt Jacques | Bardaji Alfredo | Bojestig Mats | Brady Anthony | Lindahl Bertil
Pre-elimination of malaria on the island of Príncipe

Author(s): Lee Pei-Wen | Liu Chia-Tai | Rampao Herodes | do Rosario Virgilio | Shaio Men-Fang
A system of networks and continuing education for physical therapists in rheumatology: a feasibility study

Author(s): J. Verhoef | F.G.J. Oosterveld | R. Hoekman | M. Munneke | D.C.G. Boonman | M. Bakker | W. Otten | J.J. Rasker | H.M. de Vries-vander Zwan | T.P.M. Vliet Vlieland
A framework for evaluating the impact of the United Nations fellowship programmes

Author(s): Rotem Arie | Zinovieff Michael | Goubarev Alexandre
Exploring Tai Chi in rheumatoid arthritis: a quantitative and qualitative study

Author(s): Uhlig Till | Fongen Camilla | Steen Eldri | Christie Anne | Ødegård Sigrid
Assessing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of adaptive e-Learning to improve dietary behaviour: protocol for a systematic review

Author(s): Edwards Phil | Felix Lambert | Harris Jody | Ferguson Elaine | Free Caroline | Landon Jane | Lock Karen | Michie Susan | Miners Alec | Murray Elizabeth
Tuberculosis: a re-emerging disease in animals and humans

Author(s): Charles O. Thoen, DVM, PhD | Philip A. LoBue, MD | Donald A. Enarson, MD | John B. Kaneene, DVM, MPH, PhD | Isabel N. de Kantor, PhD
Frequency of β-thalassemia trait and other hemoglobinopathies in northern and western India

Author(s): Madan Nishi | Sharma Satendra | Sood S | Colah Roshan | Bhatia H
Measuring the impact and costs of a universal group based parenting programme: protocol and implementation of a trial

Author(s): Simkiss Douglas | Snooks Helen | Stallard Nigel | Davies Shan | Thomas Marie | Anthony Becky | Winstanley Sarah | Wilson Lynsey | Stewart-Brown Sarah
Using serological measures to monitor changes in malaria transmission in Vanuatu

Author(s): Cook Jackie | Reid Heidi | Iavro Jennifer | Kuwahata Melissa | Taleo George | Clements Archie | McCarthy James | Vallely Andrew | Drakeley Chris
Targeted exercise against osteoporosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis for optimising bone strength throughout life

Author(s): Nikander Riku | Sievänen Harri | Heinonen Ari | Daly Robin | Uusi-Rasi Kirsti | Kannus Pekka
The Back 2 Activity Trial: education and advice versus education and advice plus a structured walking programme for chronic low back pain

Author(s): McDonough Suzanne | Tully Mark | O'Connor Seán | Boyd Adele | Kerr Daniel | O'Neill Siobhán | Delitto Antony | Bradbury Ian | Tudor-Locke Catrine | Baxter David | Hurley Deirdre
Health Promotion and Prevention of Human Brucellosis in the Republic of Macedonia

Author(s): Elena Kosevska | Doncho Donev | Gordana Kuzmanovska | Violeta Karamandi-Lazarovska | Sandra Petlichkovska
Health and quality of life among older rural people in Purworejo District, Indonesia

Author(s): Nawi Ng | Mohammad Hakimi | Peter Byass | Siswanto Wilopo | Stig Wall
Health inequalities among older men and women in Africa and Asia: evidence from eight Health and Demographic Surveillance System sites in the INDEPTH WHO-SAGE Study

Author(s): Nawi Ng | Paul Kowal | Kathleen Kahn | Nirmala Naidoo | Salim Abdullah | Ayaga Bawah | Fred Binka | Nguyen T.K. Chuc | Cornelius Debpuur | Thaddeus Egondi | F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé | Mohammad Hakimi | Siddhivinayak Hirve | Abraham Hodgson | Sanjay Juvekar | Catherine Kyobutungi | Hoang Van Minh | Mathew A. Mwanyangala | Rose Nathan | Abdur Razzaque | Osman Sankoh | P. Kim Streatfield | Margaret Thorogood | Stig Wall | Siswanto Wilopo | Peter Byass | Stephen M. Tollman | Somnath Chatterji
The effectiveness of the Austrian disease management programme for type 2 diabetes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Sönnichsen Andreas | Winkler Henrike | Flamm Maria | Panisch Sigrid | Kowatsch Peter | Klima Gert | Fürthauer Bernhard | Weitgasser Raimund
Control of neglected tropical diseases needs a long-term commitment

Author(s): Zhang Yaobi | MacArthur Chad | Mubila Likezo | Baker Shawn
Difficulties in the Nitrates Directive Implementation in Romania

Author(s): MIHĂIESCU Tania | R. MIHĂIESCU | Antonia ODAGIU
Mortality Pattern in Children: A Hospital Based Study in Nigeria

Author(s): I. O. George | B. A. Alex-Hart | A. I. Frank-Briggs
Physical Growth and Nutritional Status of a Cohort of Semi-Urban Nigerian Adolescents

Author(s): E.C.C. Chukwunonso Ejike | E. Chidi Ugwu | U.S. Lawrence Ezeanyika
Costs and effects of a 'healthy living' approach to community development in two deprived communities: findings from a mixed methods study

Author(s): Snooks Helen | Evans Bridie | Cohen David | Nugent Michael | Rapport Frances | Skone Jon | Meredith Angie | Davies Tricia | O'Sullivan Diana
Evaluation of a large scale implementation of disease management programmes in various Dutch regions: a study protocol

Author(s): Lemmens Karin | Rutten-Van Mölken Maureen | Cramm Jane | Huijsman Robbert | Bal Roland | Nieboer Anna
Body image, body dissatisfaction and weight status in south asian children: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Pallan Miranda | Hiam Lucinda | Duda Joan | Adab Peymane
The provision of non-needle/syringe drug injecting paraphernalia in the primary prevention of HCV among IDU: a systematic review

Author(s): Gillies Michelle | Palmateer Norah | Hutchinson Sharon | Ahmed Syed | Taylor Avril | Goldberg David
Wellbeing, alcohol use and sexual activity in young teenagers: findings from a cross-sectional survey in school children in North West England

Author(s): Phillips-Howard Penelope | Bellis Mark | Briant Linford | Jones Hayley | Downing Jennifer | Kelly Imogen | Bird Timothy | Cook Penny
Definition of settlement agglomerations in Slovenia according to water management aspects

Author(s): Leon Gosar | Franc Steinman | Boris Kompare | Primož Banovec

Author(s): Mrs. Vidula Arun Swami, | Dr.Mrs.Sushma Shekhar Kulkarni
Phishing: A Growing Challenge for Internet Banking Providers in Malaysia

Author(s): Gerald Goh Guan Gan | Tan Nya Ling | Goh Choon Yih | Uchenna Cyril Eze
Tourism management in rural innovation programs of Castilla-La Mancha

Author(s): Águeda Esteban Talaya | Juan Antonio Mondéjar Jiménez | José Mondéjar Jiménez | M.ª Leticia Meseguer Santamaría
Cost-effectiveness of a hypertension management programme in an elderly population: a Markov model

Author(s): Perman Gastón | Rossi Emiliano | Waisman Gabriel | Agüero Cristina | González Claudio | Pallordet Carlos | Figar Silvana | Gonz&#225lez Bernaldo de Quirós Fernán | Canning JoAnn | Soriano Enrique
Nutritional status of iodine in pregnant women in Catalonia (Spain): study on hygiene-dietetic habits and iodine in urine

Author(s): Prieto Gemma | Torres Maria | Francés Lidia | Falguera Gemma | Vila Lluis | Manresa Josep | Casamitjana Roser | Barrada Juan | Acera Amèlia | Guix Dolors | Torrent Anna | Grau Josep | Torán Pere
Prescribing restrictions – a necessary strategy among some European countries to enhance future prescribing efficiency?

Author(s): Brian Godman | Rickard Malmström | Marion Bennie | Solveig Sakshaug | Thomas Burkhardt | Stephen Campbell | Kristina Garuoliene | Ulrich Schwabe | Luka Vončina | Lars L Gustafsson
Inpatients Hospital Care for Older People

Author(s): R Fadayevatan | SG Parker | T Warnes
The remaining challenges of pneumococcal disease in adults

Author(s): E. Ludwig | P. Bonanni | G. Rohde | A. Sayiner | A. Torres
Il degrado della risorsa suolo, quale futuro per l’agricoltura e per l’ambiente?

Author(s): Claudio Colombo | Giuseppe Palumbo | Angelo Belliggiano
The “LEADER Approach” - New Development Opportunity for Rural Areas in Slovenia

Author(s): Tomaž Cunder, B.Sc. Geography | Matej Bedrač, B.Sc. Agriculture
Effect of lifestyle intervention for people with diabetes or prediabetes in real-world primary care: propensity score analysis

Author(s): Linmans Joris | Spigt Mark | Deneer Linda | Lucas Annelies | de Bakker Marlies | Gidding Luc | Linssen Rik | Knottnerus J André
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of 'BeweegKuur', a combined lifestyle intervention in the Netherlands: Rationale, design and methods of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Berendsen Brenda | Hendriks Marike | Verhagen Evert | Schaper Nicolaas | Kremers Stef | Savelberg Hans
Economic evaluation of three populational screening strategies for cervical cancer in the county of Valles Occidental: CRICERVA clinical trial

Author(s): Acera Amelia | Rodriguez Ana | Trapero-Bertran Marta | Soteras Pilar | Sanchez Norman | Bonet Josep | Manresa Josep | Hidalgo Pablo | Toran Pere | Prieto Gemma
Watershed Management through Social Mapping - a means of Community Participation

Author(s): Dr.Mrs.S.S.kulkarni | Mrs.V.A.Swami | Mrs.S.S.Borchate | Mr. A.B.Sawant
Effectiveness of a MF-59™-adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine to prevent 2009 A/H1N1 influenza-related hospitalisation; a matched case-control study

Author(s): Steens Anneke | Wijnans Eleonora | Dieleman Jeanne | Sturkenboom Miriam | van der Sande Marianne | van der Hoek Wim
Rationale and design of the PREDICE project: cost-effectiveness of type 2 diabetes prevention among high-risk Spanish individuals following lifestyle intervention in real-life primary care setting

Author(s): Costa Bernardo | Cabré Joan | Sagarra Ramon | Solà-Morales Oriol | Barrio Francisco | Piñol Josep | Cos Xavier | Bolíbar Bonaventura | Castell Conxa | Kissimova-Skarbek Katarzyna | Tuomilehto Jaakko
Carcass records of autumn-slaughtered reindeer as indicator of long-term changes in animal condition

Author(s): Anna Olofsson | Öje Danell | Birgitta Åhman | Pär Forslund

Author(s): George Petrikkos | Miranda Drogari-Apiranthitou
Uhreviye Karşi Seküler; Din ve Televizyon

Author(s): Aşina GÜLERARSLAN
Practicing provider-initiated HIV testing in high prevalence settings: consent concerns and missed preventive opportunities

Author(s): Njeru Mercy | Blystad Astrid | Shayo Elizabeth | Nyamongo Isaac | Fylkesnes Knut
Factors associated with female genital mutilation in Burkina Faso and its policy implications

Author(s): Karmaker Bue | Kandala Ngianga-Bakwin | Chung Donna | Clarke Aileen
Management and control program for suppression and eradication of classical swine fever in Serbia

Author(s): Nedić D. | Tešić M. | Baltić M. | Plavšić B. | Tajdić Nada | Mirilović M. | Rajković M.

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