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Global CO2 Recycling Through Methanation Reaction Using Neodymium Doped Nickel Oxide Catalyst

The Catalytic Properties of HTAB-Alkanol-Hydrocarbon-Water Microemulsion System for Esterification

Author(s): Siti Zarina bt Ahmad Puat , Mariam Taib ,Hamdan Suhaimi

Author(s): Abderazak BAKHOUCHE | Ludovic P.J. THEBAULT
Immunomodulatory Effect of Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus and Picrorhiza kurroa Roots

Author(s): Nasir Ali Siddiqui | Shobhna Singh | M. Mairaj Siddiquei | Tajdar Husain Khan
Towards an Ontology to Describe the Taxonomy of Common Modules in Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Carlos E. Montenegro Marin | Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle | Oscar Sanjuan Martinez | Edward Rolando Nuñez Valdez
Regional and cell-type-specific effects of DAMGO on striatal D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-expressing medium-sized spiny neurons

Author(s): Yao‑Ying Ma | Carlos Cepeda | Payush Chatta | Lana Franklin | Christopher J Evans | Michael S Levine
Hare and Others on the Proposition

Author(s): John Corcoran
Tannins, Peptic Ulcers and Related Mechanisms

Author(s): Neyres Zinia Taveira de Jesus | Heloina de Souza Falcão | Isis Fernandes Gomes | Thiago Jose de Almeida Leite | Gedson Rodrigues de Morais Lima | Jose Maria Barbosa-Filho | Josean Fechine Tavares | Marcelo Sobral da Silva | Petrônio Filgueiras de Athayde-Filho | Leonia Maria Batista
The Coronavirus E Protein: Assembly and Beyond

Author(s): Travis R. Ruch | Carolyn E. Machamer
Initial Processes of Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 on InGaAs: Interface Formation Mechanisms and Impact on Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Device Performance

Author(s): Wipakorn Jevasuwan | Yuji Urabe | Tatsuro Maeda | Noriyuki Miyata | Tetsuji Yasuda | Hisashi Yamada | Masahiko Hata | Noriyuki Taoka | Mitsuru Takenaka | Shinichi Takagi
In vivo tumor targeting of gold nanoparticles: effect of particle type and dosing strategy

Author(s): Puvanakrishnan P | Park J | Chatterjee D | Krishnan S | Tunnell JW
Cell responses to two kinds of nanohydroxyapatite with different sizes and crystallinities

Author(s): Liu XC | Zhao MZ | Lu JX | Ma J | Wei J | Wei SC
Photoinduced superhydrophilicity of TiO2 thin film with hierarchical Cu doping

Author(s): Zhifeng Liu, Yun Wang, Xinli Peng, Yabin Li, Zhichao Liu, Chengcheng Liu, Jing Ya and Yizhong Huang
Effect of Working Fluid on Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: A Review

Author(s): Pramod R. Pachghare | Ashish M. Mahalle | Shekhar Khedkar
An Approach towards Elementary Investigation on HCCI Technology

Author(s): S.Chakradhar goud | B.Anjaneya Prasad | D.Maheswar
Botnet-A Network Threat

Author(s): Sonal P.Patil | Swatantra Kumar
Investigation of the photoluminescence properties of thermochemically synthesized CdS nanocrystals

Author(s): M. Molaei | E. Saievar Iranizad | M. Marandi | N. Taghavinia
Equivalent dynamical complexity in a many-body quantum and collective human system

Author(s): Neil F. Johnson | Josef Ashkenazi | Zhenyuan Zhao | Luis Quiroga
An Effective CBIR using Texture

Author(s): Asmita Deshmukh | Leena Ragha | Gargi Phadke
An Approach to Web Services Configuration based on QoS

Author(s): Yogini Marathe | Pravin Game
Binary Mixtures of PDLC Doped with Nanoparticles and MWCNT

Author(s): Sureshchandra J.Gupta | Balakrishna R.Sreeramulu
Novel Design of Photonic Crystal Devices for Optical Networks

Author(s): Jyothi Digge | Santosh .K.Narayankhedkar
Structural and magnetic properties of bulk nanocrystalline Erbium metal

Author(s): Ming Yue | Jun Huang | Weiqiang Liu | Dongtao Zhang | Jiuxing Zhang
Change in carbon nanofiber resistance from ambient to vacuum

Author(s): Shusaku Maeda | Patrick Wilhite | Nobuhiko Kanzaki | Toshishige Yamada | Cary Y. Yang
Optimized photolithographic fabrication process for carbon nanotube devices

Author(s): S. M. Khamis | R. A. Jones | A. T. Charlie Johnson
Effect of DC bias on electrical conductivity of nanocrystalline α-CuSCN

Author(s): T. Prakash | S. Ramasamy | B. S. Murty
A new route to graphene layers by selective laser ablation

Author(s): S. Dhar | A. Roy Barman | G. X. Ni | X. Wang | X. F. Xu | Y. Zheng | S. Tripathy | Ariando | A. Rusydi | K. P. Loh | M. Rubhausen | A. H. Castro Neto | B. Őzyilmaz | T. Venkatesan
Adiabatic quantum simulators

Author(s): J. D. Biamonte | V. Bergholm | J. D. Whitfield | J. Fitzsimons | A. Aspuru-Guzik
Comparative characterization of rhombohedral and tetragonal PZN-PT single crystals

Author(s): D. Kobor | M. Tine | A. Hajjaji | L. Lebrun | S. Pruvost | D. Guyomar
Properties of a plasma-based laser-triggered micro-lens

Author(s): T. Toncian | M. Amin | M. Borghesi | C. A. Cecchetti | R. J. Clarke | J. Fuchs | R. Jung | T. Kudyakov | M. Notley | A. C. Pipahl | P. A. Wilson | O. Willi
Absorption of surface acoustic waves by graphene

Author(s): S. H. Zhang | W. Xu
Characterization of Fe-doped In-Sb-Te (Fe: 10 at.%) material with individual electrical-phase-change and magnetic properties

Author(s): Young Mi Lee | Dang Duc Dung | Sunglae Cho | Min Sang Jung | Duck Kyun Choi | Docheon Ahn | Min Kyu Kim | Jae-Young Kim | Min-Cherl Jung
Carbon-assisted nucleation and vertical growth of high-quality ZnO nanowire arrays

Author(s): Chun Cheng | Tai Lun Wong | Wei Li | Chao Zhu | Shuigang Xu | Lin Wang | Kwok Kwong Fung | Ning Wang
Surface reconstruction precursor to melting in Au309 clusters

Author(s): Fuyi Chen | Z. Y. Li | Roy L. Johnston
Zigzag GaN/Ga2O3 heterogeneous nanowires: Synthesis, optical and gas sensing properties

Author(s): Li-Wei Chang | Jan-Hau Chang | Jien-Wei Yeh | Heh-Nan Lin | Han C. Shih
Resonant exciton-phonon coupling in ZnO nanorods at room temperature

Author(s): Soumee Chakraborty | S. Dhara | T. R. Ravindran | S. Sarkar Pal | M. Kamruddin | A. K. Tyagi
Microwave absorption properties of MWCNT-SiC composites synthesized via a low temperature induced reaction

Author(s): Hui-Ling Zhu | Yu-Jun Bai | Rui Liu | Ning Lun | Yong-Xin Qi | Fu-Dong Han | Xiang-Lin Meng | Jian-Qiang Bi | Run-Hua Fan
Plasmonic band edge effects on the transmission properties of metal gratings

Author(s): D. de Ceglia | M. A. Vincenti | M. Scalora | N. Akozbek | M. J. Bloemer
Microwave absorption properties of NiCoFe2O4-graphite embedded poly(o-phenetidine) nanocomposites

Author(s): Anil Ohlan | Kuldeep Singh | Namita Gandhi | Amita Chandra | S. K. Dhawan
Effects of stress on the optical properties of epitaxial Nd-doped Sr0.5Ba0.5Nb2O6 films

Author(s): Y. B. Yao | W. C. Liu | C. L. Mak | K. H. Wong
Structural transformation and charge transfer induced ferroelectricity and magnetism in annealed YMnO3

Author(s): Sheng-Hsu Liu | Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang | Xiaoding Qi | Wei-Jui Lin | Yu-Jhan Siao | Chun-Rong Lin | Jin-Ming Chen | Mau-Tsu Tang | Yu-Hua Lee | Jung-Chuan Lee
Surface morphology and physical properties of partially melt textured Mn doped Bi-2223

Author(s): Indu Verma | R. Kumar | R. Rawat | V. Ganesan | B. Das
Band gaps in phononic crystals: Generation mechanisms and interaction effects

Author(s): C. Croënne | E. J. S. Lee | Hefei Hu | J. H. Page
Thermal conductivity prediction of nanoscale phononic crystal slabs using a hybrid lattice dynamics-continuum mechanics technique

Author(s): Charles M. Reinke | Mehmet F. Su | Bruce L. Davis | Bongsang Kim | Mahmoud I. Hussein | Zayd C. Leseman | Roy H. Olsson-III | Ihab El-Kady
Negative refraction of elastic waves in 2D phononic crystals: Contribution of resonant transmissions to the construction of the image of a point source

Author(s): Anne-Christine Hladky-Hennion | Charles Croënne | Bertrand Dubus | Jérôme Vasseur | Lionel Haumesser | Dimitri Manga | Bruno Morvan
Evanescent waves and deaf bands in sonic crystals

Author(s): V. Romero-García | L. M. Garcia-Raffi | J. V. Sánchez-Pérez
Asymmetric energy transport in defected boron nitride nanoribbons: Implications for thermal rectification

Author(s): Krishna Muralidharan | R. G. Erdmann | K. Runge | P. A. Deymier
Realization of a 33 GHz phononic crystal fabricated in a freestanding membrane

Author(s): Drew F. Goettler | Mehmet F. Su | Charles M. Reinke | Seyedhamidreza Alaie | Patrick E. Hopkins | Roy H. Olsson III | Ihab El-Kady | Zayd C. Leseman
Carbon nanotube plane fastener

Author(s): Kaori Hirahara | Shoichi Ajioka | Yoshikazu Nakayama
Microstructure evolution and the modification of the electron field emission properties of diamond films by gigaelectron volt Au-ion irradiation

Author(s): Kuang-Yau Teng | Huang-Chin Chen | Chen-Yau Tang | Balakrishnan Sundaravel | Sankarakumar Amirthapandian | I-Nan Lin
Experimental and theoretical investigations on effects of hydrostatic pressure on the electrical properties of rhombohedral Sb2Te3

Author(s): R. Li | Y. H. Guo | B. Xu | Y. Su | J. Yin | C. H. Zhang | Y. D. Xia | Z. G. Liu | Z. Xu | L. C. Wu | Z. T. Song
The elastic properties of Mn3(Cu1−xGex)N compounds

Author(s): B. Y. Qu | H. Y. He | B. C. Pan
Interface-dependent rectifying TbMnO3-based heterojunctions

Author(s): Yimin Cui | Yufeng Tian | Wei Liu | Yongfeng Li | Rongming Wang | Tom Wu
Ambipolar organic field effect transistors and inverters with the natural material Tyrian Purple

Author(s): Eric Daniel Głowacki | Lucia Leonat | Gundula Voss | Marius-Aurel Bodea | Zeynep Bozkurt | Alberto Montaigne Ramil | Mihai Irimia-Vladu | Siegfried Bauer | Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
Enhanced mechanical properties of single walled carbon nanotube-borosilicate glass composite due to cushioning effect and localized plastic flow

Author(s): Sujan Ghosh | Arnab Ghosh | Sukhen Das | Tanusree Kar | Probal K. Das | Rajat Banerjee
Multiple magnetic transitions in SmCoAsO

Author(s): Yongliang Chen | Yajing Cui | Cuihua Cheng | Yong Zhao
Fabrication and magnetic properties of Fe and Co co-doped ZrO2

Author(s): J. Okabayashi | S. Kono | Y. Yamada | K. Nomura
Optical and electrical properties of spray pyrolysis deposited nano-crystalline BiFeO3 films

Author(s): Annapu Reddy Venkateswarlu | G. D. Varma | R. Nath
Vapor-liquid-solid and vapor-solid growth of self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires

Author(s): S. Ambrosini | M. Fanetti | V. Grillo | A. Franciosi | S. Rubini
Thermal, spectroscopic, and laser characterization of Nd:LuxY1-xVO4 series crystals

Author(s): Lei Guo | Zhengping Wang | Haohai Yu | Dawei Hu | Shidong Zhuang | Lijuan Chen | Yongguang Zhao | Xun Sun | Xinguang Xu
Near-field dynamics of broad area diode laser at very high pump levels

Author(s): Martin Hempel | Jens W. Tomm | Martina Baeumler | Helmer Konstanzer | Jayanta Mukherjee | Thomas Elsaesser
Modeling of multilayer electrode performance in transverse electro-optic modulators

Author(s): Minmin Zhu | Xiliang Chen | Zehui Du | Jan Ma
Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-temperature magnetoelectrics: Lead iron tantalate – lead zirconate titanate (PFT/PZT)

Author(s): Dilsom A. Sanchez | N. Ortega | Ashok Kumar | R. Roque-Malherbe | R. Polanco | J. F. Scott | Ram S. Katiyar
Strong visible and near infrared luminescence in undoped YAG single crystals

Author(s): C. R. Varney | S. M. Reda | D. T. Mackay | M. C. Rowe | F. A. Selim
Robust Algorithm for Face Detection in Color Images

Author(s): Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin
Reconstruction of Shape and Position for Scattering Objects by Linear Sampling Method

Author(s): A.R. Eskandari | M. Naser-Moghaddasi | M. Eskandari
Qualitative Phytochemical analysis of Bauhinia tomentosa Linn flower by HPTLC

Author(s): V. Kishor Kumar*, P. Satheesh Kumar, M. Rajan, A. Vinod Kumar, Rajesh Boppana,
Development of quality standard parameters of Ichnocarpus frutescens

Author(s): *Deepak Sharma1,Mohd. Mujeeb1,Aftab ahmad1,Abul Kalam1,Rati Tripathi Kailash Prasad2,Manisha Gupta3,Ram Chand Dhakar4
Oxazole: The molecule of diverse biological and medicinal significance

Author(s): Isha Tomer*, Raghav Mishra, Priyanka, Neeraj Kant Sharma, Keshari Kishor Jha
Portulaca oleracea L. A Review

Author(s): Mubashir H. Masoodi1*, Bahar Ahmad2, Showkat R. Mir3, Bilal A. Zargar1, Nahida Tabasum1.
Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Film of Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Using Different Grades of Methocel

Author(s): Dhagla Ram Choudhary*1, Vishnu A Patel2, Usmangani K Chhalotiya1, Harsha V Patel1, Aliasgar J Kundawala1
Design and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Carbamazepine

Author(s): K. Ramanjaneyulu1*, Pamula Reddy B, V.Ravikiran, K R Mohan babu, L Srinivas, K. Yamini saraswathi, S.srujana, Prathima patil
Phytochemical analysis and Antimicrobial activities of different plant parts of Vitex negundo L.

Author(s): Sujogya Kumar Panda1*, Laxmipriya Padhi2, Gargee Mohanty1, Gunanidhi Sahoo2, Sushil Kumar Dutta2
Synthesis and Psychopharmacological activities of some Succinimide Mannich bases

Author(s): Vijaya Selvakumar1*, Selvakumar Duraipandi 2, Santani Devdas3
A Paraconsistentist Approach to Chisholm's Paradox

Author(s): Marcelo Esteban Coniglio | Newton Marques Peron
Homology modeling of dihydroorotase in Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Rajesh Sharma*, Anupama Parate and Abhishek Tiwari
Biochemical Characterization of Microbial keratinases from Actinomycetes for Chick Feather Wastes Degradation

Author(s): T. Jayalakshmi 1, P. Krishnamoorthy 1, G. Ramesh kumar 2, P. Sivamani 3
Involvement of stem cell in cancers

Author(s): Arabinda Nayak
Dualising Intuitionistic Negation

Author(s): Graham Priest
Drug Delivery by Dendrimers: Possibilities and Future

Author(s): Pranshu Tangri*, 1, Shaffi Khurana1
Nicotine therapy: whether a good or bad move in Parkinsonism in concert with HSPs?

Author(s): Pravir Kumar1, 3, *, Shalini Pal1, R. Karunya1 and Rashmi Ambasta2
Streptokinase :A novel clot buster

Author(s): Vaishnavi. B, Mohanasrinivasan.V and Subathra Devi.C*
Influence of Spray-Dryer Operating Variables on the Quality of Vernonanthura ferruginea (Less.) H. Rob. Extracts With Antiulcer Potential

Author(s): Ezequiane Machado Silva Oliveira1, Renê Oliveira Couto1, Mariana Viana Pinto1, José Luís Rodrigues Martins2,
In-vitro Dissolution Rate Enhancement of Indomethacin with PEG 4000, Sodium benzoate, Niacinamide by solid Dispersion technique.

Author(s): Jitendra Jain*a, Mital Patani b, Khemchand Mathuriaa, Vikas guptaa , Navneet Upadhyay a
Phytochemical screening of traditional medicinal plants

Author(s): N. Savithramma, M. Linga Rao* and S. Ankanna

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