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Nitrification by Fusarium Species Grown under Oligotrophic Conditions

Author(s): Abdullah M. Al-Falih | Mohammed Z. Al-Julaifi
Effects of swimming on erythrocyte rheological properties

Author(s): BM Kayatekin | B Ozcaldiran | I Aksu | A Topcu | AE Ustuntas | O Acikgoz | CS Bediz
Mechanisms of atherothrombosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Filippo Luca Fimognari | Simone Scarlata | Maria Elisabetta Conte | Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi
Resting energy expenditure and glucose, protein and fat oxidation in severe chronic virus hepatitis B patients

Author(s): Chun-Lei Fan, Yan-Jing Wu, Zhong-Ping Duan, Bin Zhang, Pei-Ling Dong, Hui-Guo Ding
Protein Adsorption to Surface Chemistry and Crystal Structure Modification of Titanium Surfaces

Author(s): Ryo Jimbo | Mikael Ivarsson | Anita Koskela | Young-Taeg Sul | Carina B. Johansson
Novel O-palmitolylated beta-E1 subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase is phosphorylated during ischemia/reperfusion injury

Author(s): Folmes Clifford | Sawicki Grzegorz | Cadete Virgilio | Masson Grant | Barr Amy | Lopaschuk Gary
A novel mutation of the ACADM gene (c.145C>G) associated with the common c.985A>G mutation on the other ACADM allele causes mild MCAD deficiency: a case report

Author(s): Dessein Anne-Frédérique | Fontaine Monique | Andresen Brage | Gregersen Niels | Brivet Michèle | Rabier Daniel | Napuri-Gouel Silvia | Dobbelaere Dries | Mention-Mulliez Karine | Martin-Ponthieu Annie | Briand Gilbert | Millington David | Vianey-Saban Christine | Wanders Ronald | Vamecq Joseph
The role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of pulmonary emphysema

Author(s): Vučević Danijela | Radosavljević Tatjana | Žunić Snežana | Đorđević-Denić Gordana | Pešić Branislav Č. | Radak Đorđe
The role of oxidative stress in alcoholic liver injury

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Vučević Danijela
Physiological antioxidative/oxidative status in bovine colostrum and mature milk

Author(s): Kankofer Marta | Lipko-Przybylska Justyna
The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism

Author(s): Anna Dziewulska | Paweł Dobrzyń | Agnieszka Dobrzyń
Palmitate and insulin synergistically induce IL-6 expression in human monocytes

Author(s): Bunn Robert | Cockrell Gael | Ou Yang | Thrailkill Kathryn | Lumpkin Charles | Fowlkes John
Oxidative stress and serum levels of vitamin E in women with hyperthyroidism

Author(s): Eda Çelik Güzel | Savaş Güzel | Banu İlk | Erhan Sayalı | İsmail Ekizoğlu
Photo-oxidative damage to isolated rat liver mitochondria induced by phenothiazines

Author(s): T. Rodrigues | P. A.F. Faria | F. S. Pessoto | C. G. Santos | I. L. Nantes
A molecular mechanism for diacylglycerol-mediated promotion of negative caloric balance

Author(s): Hidekatsu Yanai | Yoshiharu Tomono | Kumie Ito | et al
Effect of Fermentation on the Composition of Centella asiatica Teas

Author(s): Chew Shio Heong | Kaur | Bhupinder | Nurul Huda | Alias A. Karim | Ariffin Fazilah

Author(s): Sara Gregory | Richard Wood | Tracey Matthews | Deborah VanLangen | Jason Sawyer | Samuel Headley
Establishing a relationship between prolactin and altered fatty acid β-Oxidation via carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1 in breast cancer cells

Author(s): Linher-Melville Katja | Zantinge Stephanie | Sanli Toran | Gerstein Hertzel | Tsakiridis Theodoros | Singh Gurmit
High-fat diet and glucocorticoid treatment cause hyperglycemia associated with adiponectin receptor alterations

Author(s): de Oliveira Cristiane | de Mattos Ana | Biz Carolina | Oyama Lila | Ribeiro Eliane | Oller do Nascimento Cláudia
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is largely unresponsive to low regulatory levels of hydrogen peroxide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Cyrne Luísa | Antunes Fernando | Sousa-Lopes Ana | Diaz-Bérrio João | Marinho H Susana
Identification and evaluation of the role of the manganese efflux protein in Deinococcus radiodurans

Author(s): Sun Hongxing | Xu Guangzhi | Zhan Hongdan | Chen Huan | Sun Zongtao | Tian Bing | Hua Yuejin
NO signaling and S-nitrosylation regulate PTEN inhibition in neurodegeneration

Author(s): Kwak Young-Don | Ma Tao | Diao Shiyong | Zhang Xue | Chen Yaomin | Hsu Janet | Lipton Stuart | Masliah Eliezer | Xu Huaxi | Liao Francesca-Fang
Nitric oxide and cancer

Author(s): Jordi Muntané, Manuel De la Mata
Endogenous leptin fluctuates in hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury and represents a potential therapeutic target

Author(s): Ji Lin, Xiao-Ning Gao, Guang-Tao Yan, Hui Xue, Xiu-Hua Hao, Lu-Huan Wang
Iron: An emerging factor in colorectal carcinogenesis

Author(s): Anita CG Chua, Borut Klopcic, Ian C Lawrance, John K Olynyk, Debbie Trinder
Alcohol metabolites and lipopolysaccharide: Roles in the development and/or progression of alcoholic liver disease

Author(s): Courtney S Schaffert, Michael J Duryee, Carlos D Hunter, Bartlett C Hamilton 3rd, Amy L DeVeney, Mary M Huerter, Lynell W Klassen, Geoffrey M Thiele
The role of oxidative/nitrosative stress in pathogenesis of paracetamol-induced toxic hepatitis

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Vučević Danijela | Ješić-Vukićević Rada
Nutritional, Medicinal and Industrial Uses of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Seeds - An Overview

Author(s): Kandangath Raghavan Anilakumar | Ajay Pal | Farhath Khanum | Amarinder Singh Bawa
Modulation of gene expression in heart and liver of hibernating black bears (Ursus americanus)

Author(s): Fedorov Vadim | Goropashnaya Anna | Tøien Øivind | Stewart Nathan | Chang Celia | Wang Haifang | Yan Jun | Showe Louise | Showe Michael | Barnes Brian
Differential regulation of BACE1 expression by oxidative and nitrosative signals

Author(s): Kwak Young-Don | Wang Ruishan | Li Jing | Zhang Yun-Wu | Xu Huaxi | Liao Francesca-Fang
p53 antibodies, metallothioneins, and oxidative stress markers in chronic ulcerative colitis with dysplasia

Author(s): Hala E Hamouda | Soha S Zakaria | Saber A Ismail | Mahmoud A Khedr | Wael W Mayah
Differential protein expression during colonic adaptation in ultra-short bowel rats

Author(s): Hai-Ping Jiang | Tao Chen | Guang-Rong Yan | Dan Chen
Folding and Unfolding in the Blue Copper Protein Rusticyanin: Role of the Oxidation State

Author(s): Luis A. Alcaraz | Javier Gómez | Pablo Ramírez | Juan J. Calvente | Rafael Andreu | Antonio Donaire
Lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation in patients affected by Hodgkin's lymphoma

Author(s): F. Morabito | M. Cristani | A. Saija | C. Stelitano | V. Callea | A. Tomaino | P. L. Minciullo | S. Gangemi
Laminin Coating Promotes Calcium Phosphate Precipitation on Titanium Discs in vitro

Author(s): Kostas Bougas | Victoria Franke Stenport | Pentti Tengvall | Fredrik Currie

Author(s): Akash Jain et al.

Author(s): Pandey Govind | Sahni Y.P.
Cinnamic Acid and Its Derivatives Inhibit Fructose-Mediated Protein Glycation

Author(s): Sirichai Adisakwattana | Weerachat Sompong | Aramsri Meeprom | Sathaporn Ngamukote | Sirintorn Yibchok-anun
Metabolic pathway analysis and molecular docking analysis for identification of putative drug targets in Toxoplasma gondii: novel approach

Author(s): Budhayash Gautam1 | Gurmit Singh | Gulshan Wadhwa | Rohit Farmer | Satendra Singh | Atul Kumar Singh | Prashant Ankur Jain | Pramod Kumar Yadav
Regulation of melanogenesis: the role of cAMP and MITF

Author(s): Michał Otręba | Jakub Rok | Ewa Buszman | Dorota Wrześniok
Laccases stabilization with phosphatidylcholine liposomes

Author(s): José Luís Parra | Luisa Coderch | Artur Cavaco-Paulo | Meritxell Martí | Andrea Zille
Laccases stabilization with phosphatidylcholine liposomes

Author(s): Meritxell Martí | Andrea Zille | Artur Cavaco-Paulo | José Luís Parra | Luisa Coderch
Fucoxantin: A Treasure from the Sea

Author(s): Nicolantonio D’Orazio | Eugenio Gemello | Maria Alessandra Gammone | Massimo de Girolamo | Cristiana Ficoneri | Graziano Riccioni
Oxidative Stress Induction by Lead in Leaves of Radish (Raphanus sativus) Seedlings

Author(s): Nadjet BITEUR | Abdelkader AOUES | Omar KHAROUBI | Miloud SLIMANI
Oxidative stress and antioxidant status in primary bone and soft tissue sarcoma

Author(s): Nathan Fatima | Singh Vivek | Dhanoa Amreeta | Palanisamy Uma
Protective effect of quercetin against oxidative stress caused by dimethoate in human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Author(s): Gargouri Bochra | Mansour Riadh | Abdallah Fatma | Elfekih Abdelfetteh | Lassoued Saloua | Khaled Hamden
Brain region specific mitophagy capacity could contribute to selective neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Diedrich Madeleine | Kitada Tohru | Nebrich Grit | Koppelstaetter Andrea | Shen Jie | Zabel Claus | Klose Joachim | Mao Lei
Adsorption and Release Behavior of BSA and FN on Nanostructural Ti Surface

Author(s): SHI Jie, FENG Bo, LU Xiong, WANG Jian-Xin, DUAN Ke, WENG Jie
Immobilization of enzymes onto carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Prlainović Nevena Ž. | Bezbradica Dejan I. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D. | Marinković Aleksandar D. | Mijin Dušan Ž.
Oxidative Stress Markers and Antioxidant Status in Human Hypertension

Author(s): Rajarshi Sarkar | Kaushik Bhowmick | Angshuman Dey | Rabin Bhattacharya | Indranil Chakraborty
Effect of Peptide Size on Antioxidant Properties of African Yam Bean Seed (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Protein Hydrolysate Fractions

Author(s): Comfort F. Ajibola | Joseph B. Fashakin | Tayo N. Fagbemi | Rotimi E. Aluko
Effect of dietary supplementation of Melissa officinalis and combination of Achillea millefolium and Crataegus oxyacantha on broiler growth performance, fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation of chicken meat

Author(s): Dana Marcinčáková | Milan Čertík | Slavomír Marcinčák | Peter Popelka | Jana Šimková | Tatiana Klempová | Vladimír Petrovič | Marta Tučková | Martin Bača

Author(s): Patil CD | Ahire YS | Pathade PA | Pathade VV | Mali PR
Grouping of Actinomycetes Isolated from Termites using Biochemical Character

Author(s): K. Khucharoenphaisan | U. Puangpetch | K. Puttaraksa | K. Sinma
In vitro Evaluation of Calcium Phosphate Precipitation on Possibly Bioactive Titanium Surfaces in the Presence of Laminin

Author(s): Kostas Bougas | Victoria Franke Stenport | Fredrik Currie | Ann Wennerberg
Molecular mechanisms of cardiac aging

Author(s): Tian-Jun Zhou | Yan Gao
Photo-oxidative damage to isolated rat liver mitochondria induced by phenothiazines

The Diagnostic Value of Oxidative Stress Products in Pulmonary Embolism

Author(s): Emrah Batmaz | Ebru Çakır Edis | Sevgi Eskiocak | Osman Nuri Hatipoğlu | Sabriye Kaya
Regulation of the arachidonic acid mobilization in macrophages by combustion-derived particles

Author(s): Fritsch-Decker Susanne | Both Tanja | Mülhopt Sonja | Paur Hanns-Rudolf | Weiss Carsten | Diabaté Silvia
Brazilian Bidens pilosa Linné yields fraction containing quercetin-derived flavonoid with free radical scavenger activity and hepatoprotective effects

Author(s): Maicon Roberto Kviecinski | Karina Bettega Felipe | João Francisco Gomes Correia | Eduardo Antonio Ferreira | Maria Helena Rossi | Fernando de Moura Gatti | Danilo Wilhelm Filho | Rozangela Curi Pedrosa
Reindeer meat – is it always tender, tasty and healthy?

Author(s): Eva Wiklund | Gunnar Malmfors | Greg Finstad
Serum Biochemical Change Induced by In vitro Sub Chronic Mercury Chloride in Yellowfin Sea Bream (Acanthopagrus latus)

Author(s): Aliakbar Hedayati | Alireza Safahieh | Ahmad Savari | Abdolali Movahedinia | Parviz Zare | Tahere Bagheri
Electrochemical Study of Complex Formation of Cerium (IV) Ion with Glycyl-Glycine and Glycyl-Valine

Author(s): Farhoush Kiani | Meysam Sharifirad | Nasrin Yazdizadeh | Fardad Koohyar
Methionine sulfoxide reductase A: Structure, function and role in ocular pathology

Author(s): Parameswaran G Sreekumar | David R Hinton | Ram Kannan
In Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Properties of the Plant-Based Supplement Greens+

Author(s): Venket Rao | Bashyam Balachandran | Honglei Shen | Alan Logan | Leticia Rao
In-vivo Oxidative DNA damage, Protein Oxidation and Lipid Peroxidation as a Biomarker of Oxidative stress in Preterm Low Birth Weight Infants

Author(s): Reena Negi | Deepti Pande | Ashok Kumar | Sriparna Basu | Ranjana S. Khanna | Hari D. Khanna
Effect of vacuum and polybag packing on simple and microwave heat treated Parboiled rice bran

Author(s): Priyankara, S.K.A | Weerathilake W.A.D.V. | Perera, A.N.F. | Ranawana, S.S.E.
Pro-inflammatory endothelial cell dysfunction is associated with intersectin-1s down-regulation

Author(s): Singla Sunit | Predescu Dan | Bardita Cristina | Wang Minhua | Zhang Jian | Balk Robert | Predescu Sanda
A mutation in the dynein heavy chain gene compensates for energy deficit of mutant SOD1 mice and increases potentially neuroprotective IGF-1

Author(s): Fergani Anissa | Eschbach Judith | Oudart Hugues | Larmet Yves | Schwalenstocker Birgit | Ludolph Albert | Loeffler Jean-Philippe | Dupuis Luc
Role of redox environment on the oligomerization of higher molecular weight adiponectin

Author(s): Briggs David | Giron Rebecca | Malinowski Pamela | Nuñez Martha | Tsao Tsu-Shuen
Oxidation of the cysteine-rich regions of parkin perturbs its E3 ligase activity and contributes to protein aggregation

Author(s): Meng Fanjun | Yao Dongdong | Shi Yang | Kabakoff Jonathan | Wu Wei | Reicher Joshua | Ma Yuliang | Moosmann Bernd | Masliah Eliezer | Lipton Stuart | Gu Zezong
Evolution in an oncogenic bacterial species with extreme genome plasticity: Helicobacter pylori East Asian genomes

Author(s): Kawai Mikihiko | Furuta Yoshikazu | Yahara Koji | Tsuru Takeshi | Oshima Kenshiro | Handa Naofumi | Takahashi Noriko | Yoshida Masaru | Azuma Takeshi | Hattori Masahira | Uchiyama Ikuo | Kobayashi Ichizo
Polyomic profiling reveals significant hepatic metabolic alterations in glucagon-receptor (GCGR) knockout mice: implications on anti-glucagon therapies for diabetes

Author(s): Yang Jianxin | MacDougall Margit | McDowell Michael | Xi Li | Wei Ru | Zavadoski William | Molloy Mark | Baker John | Kuhn Max | Cabrera Over | Treadway Judith
Crystal structure of alkyl hydroperoxidase D like protein PA0269 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Homology of the AhpD-like structural family

Author(s): Clarke Teresa | Romanov Vladimir | Chirgadze Yuri | Klomsiri Chananat | Kisselman Gera | Wu-Brown Jean | Poole Leslie | Pai Emil | Chirgadze Nickolay
High-density lipoprotein proteome dynamics in human endotoxemia

Author(s): Levels Johannes | Geurts Pierre | Karlsson Helen | Marée Raphaël | Ljunggren Stefan | Fornander Louise | Wehenkel Louis | Lindahl Mats | Stroes Erik | Kuivenhoven Jan | Meijers Joost
Effect of a low fat versus a low carbohydrate weight loss dietary intervention on biomarkers of long term survival in breast cancer patients ('CHOICE'): study protocol

Author(s): Sedlacek Scot | Playdon Mary | Wolfe Pamela | McGinley John | Wisthoff Mark | Daeninck Elizabeth | Jiang Weiqin | Zhu Zongjian | Thompson Henry
In Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Properties of the Plant-Based Supplement Greens+TM

Author(s): Venket Rao | Bashyam Balachandran | Honglei Shen | Alan Logan | Leticia Rao
Soluble Structure of CLIC and S100 Proteins Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy

Author(s): Stella M. Valenzuela | Mark Berkahn | Alexander Porkovich | Thuan Huynh | Jesse Goyette | Donald K. Martin | Carolyn L. Geczy
The anti-tumor effects of calorie restriction are correlated with reduced oxidative stress in ENU-induced gliomas

Author(s): Megan A. Mahlke | Lisa A. Cortez | Melanie A. Ortiz | Marisela Rodriguez | Koji Uchida | Mark K. Shigenaga | Shuko Lee | Yiquang Zhang | Kaoru Tominaga | Gene B. Hubbard | Yuji Ikeno
Cell Death Pathways in Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Author(s): Pawel Mroz | Anastasia Yaroslavsky | Gitika B Kharkwal | Michael R. Hamblin

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