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Development of a multi-layered psychosocial care system for children in areas of political violence

Author(s): Jordans Mark | Tol Wietse | Komproe Ivan | Susanty Dessy | Vallipuram Anavarathan | Ntamatumba Prudence | Lasuba Amin | de Jong Joop
An epidemiological study of dementia under the aegis of mental health program, Maharashtra, Pune chapter

Author(s): Saldanha D | Mani Maj | Srivastava Kalpana | Goyal Sunil | Bhattacharya D
Algorithms for the assessment and management of insomnia in primary care

Author(s): Donald Hilty | Julie S Young | James A Bourgeois | Sally Klein | et al
The mental health of graduate students at the Federal University of São Paulo: a preliminary report

Author(s): Nogueira-Martins L.A. | Fagnani Neto R. | Macedo P.C.M. | Cítero V.A. | Mari J.J.
General Practitioners' opinions on their practice in mental health and their collaboration with mental health professionals

Author(s): Younes Nadia | Gasquet Isabelle | Gaudebout Pierre | Chaillet Marie-Pierre | Kovess Viviane | Falissard Bruno | Hardy Bayle Marie-Christine
Schizophrenia in Malaysian families: A study on factors associated with quality of life of primary family caregivers

Author(s): ZamZam Ruzanna | Midin Marhani | Hooi Lim | Yi Eng | Ahmad Siti | Azman Siti | Borhanudin Muhammad | Radzi Rozhan
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