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Antioxidant activity and the effect of different parts of areca catechu extracts on Glutathione-S-Transferase activity in vitro

Author(s): Hamsar, M. N. | Ismail, S. | Mordi, M. N | Ramanathan, S. | Mansor, S. M
Spice – „dopalacze” zawierające syntetyczne kannabinoidy

Author(s): Jakub Wojcieszak | Katarzyna Młódzik | Jolanta B. Zawilska
A Review: Microbiological, Physicochemical and Health Impact of High Level of Biogenic Amines in Fish Sauce

Author(s): Muhammad Z. Zaman | A. S. Abdulamir | Fatimah A. Bakar | Jinap Selamat | Jamilah Bakar

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