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Reuniões Mediúnicas Espíritas: Explorando Significados e Efeitos para seus Participantes

Author(s): Silvia Regina Vergilio | Adriano Furtado Holanda
Impact of work place stresses on work ability index in patients with depressive disorders

Author(s): Brekalo-Lazarević Sanja | Pranjić Nurka | Selmanović Senada | Grbović Mensur
Evaluation of effects of program for improving skills and motivation for employment

Author(s): Marić Zorica | Džamonja-Ignjatović Tamara
Daily hassles in a population of Romanian adolescents

Author(s): Bogdan Nemeş | Doina Cosman
Quality of life and psychological outcome of donors after living donor liver transplantation

Author(s): Shu-Guang Jin | Bo Xiang | Lu-Nan Yan | Zhe-Yu Chen | Jia-Ying Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Wen-Tao Wang
Assessment of anhedonia in psychological trauma: psychometric and neuroimaging perspectives

Author(s): Paul A. Frewen | David J. A. Dozois | Ruth A. Lanius
Effects of Dao De Xin Xi Exercise on Balance and Quality of Life in Thai Elderly Women

Author(s): Patrawut Intarakamhang | Pantipa Chintanaprawasee
Stress-induced visceral analgesia assessed non-invasively in rats is enhanced by prebiotic diet

Author(s): Muriel Larauche | Agata Mulak | Pu-Qing Yuan | Osamu Kanauchi | Yvette Taché
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Quality of life of older Chilean subjects living in metropolitan Santiago, Chile. Influence of socioeconomic status

Author(s): Daniel Bunout | Paulina Osorio | Gladys Barrera | María José Torrejón | Cynthia Meersohn | María Sol Anigstein | Juan Pablo Miranda | Iris Espinoza | Sandra Hirsch | María Pía de la Maza
Atopic dermatitis in adolescence

Author(s): Giampaolo Ricci | Federica Bellini | Arianna Dondi | Annalisa Patrizi | Andrea Pession
Development of a positive psychology intervention for patients with acute cardiovascular disease

Author(s): Jeff C. Huffman | Carol A. Mastromauro | Julia K. Boehm | Rita Seabrook | Gregory L. Fricchione | John W. Denninger | Sonja Lyubomirsky
Quality of life in patients on peritoneal dialysis: clinical and psychological changes with age and duration of treatment

Author(s): Gioacchino Li Cavoli | Angelo Tralongo | Onofrio Schillaci | Carmela Zagarrigo | Antonio Carollo | Ugo Rotolo
The Role of Personality and Demographic Traits in Spouse Abuse

Author(s): Leili Panaghi | Dara Pirouzi | Minoo Shirinbayan | Zohre Ahmadabadi
The abortion culture issue in Serbia

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana | Sedlecki Katarina
Association of the 5-HTT gene-linked promoter region (5-HTTLPR) polymorphism with psychiatric disorders: review of psychopathology and pharmacotherapy

Author(s): Kenna GA | Roder-Hanna N | Leggio L | Zywiak WH | Clifford J | Edwards S | Kenna JA | Shoaff J | Swift RM
Patients’ Perspectives on Factors That Influence Diabetes Self-Care

Author(s): E Shakibazadeh | B Larijani | D Shojaeezadeh | A Rashidian | MH Forouzanfar | LK Bartholomew
Long Absence from Work Due to Sickness Among Psychiatric Outpatients in Japan, with Reference to a Recent Trend for Perfectionism

Author(s): K Nakamura | H Seto | S Okino | K Ono | M Ogasawara | Y Shibamoto | T Agata | K Nakayama

Author(s): Anthi Peppa | Katerina Asonitou | Dimitra Koutsouki
Evaluation of the psychological factors and symptoms of pain in patients with temporomandibular disorder

Author(s): Wilkens Aurélio Buarque e Silva | Frederico Andrade e Silva | Milene de Oliveira | Silvia Maria Anselmo
Money Beliefs and Financial Behaviors: Development of the Klontz Money Script Inventory

Author(s): Brad Klontz | Sonya L Britt | Jennifer Mentzer | Ted Klontz
Children passing through public foster care: a way to social development? Crianças em passagem: um caminho para a cidadania?

Author(s): Cristhiane de Araújo Torres | José de Santana Neto | Mayara Mytzi de Aquino Silva | Thiago Roberto Maciel Grossi | Leonardo Moura Ferreira de Souza | Nadja S. P.D. Rocha
Psychological Morbidity in Students of Medical College and Science and Art College Students - A Comparative Study

Author(s): Priyanka Mahawar | Sameer Phadnis | Gargi Ghosh | OP Kataria | Sanjay Dixit
Factors Contributing to Psycho-Social Ill-Health in Male Adolescents

Author(s): Gurpreet Singh Chhabra | Manmeet Kaur Sodhi
Clinical Quality of Life and Manometric Findings in Newly Diagnosed Achalasia Patients

Author(s): Srđan Kostić | Magnus Ruth | Ann Kjellin | Lars Lundell | Erik Svartholm | Mats Andersson | Hans Lönroth

Author(s): Uddhav T Kumbhar, Armaity Dehmubed
A study of intimate partner violence among females attending a Teaching Hospital out-patient department

Author(s): KALA Kuruppuarachchi | LT Wijeratne | GDSSK Weerasinghe | MUPK Peris | SS Williams
Testing for hearing in newborns

Author(s): Hossein Nia AH
Psychosocial group interventions on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): MM Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | Y Fakour | M Momtazbakhsh
Exercise in type 1 diabetic patients

Author(s): M Hassabi | A Rabbani | A Sotoodeh
Behavioral group therapy effect on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in children: A randomized clinical trial

Author(s): "J Mahmoudi-Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | M Bina | MT Yasami | Y Fakour | F Naderi "
Attempt to suicide in children in Loghman hospital

Author(s): "M Mehdizadeh | Gh Zamani | M Kabiri "
Ellis van Creveld Syndrome: Report of a Case and Brief Literature Review

Author(s): Hedyeh Saneifard |  Gholamhossein Amirhakimi
Penile Agenesis: Report on 8 Cases and Review of Literature

Author(s): Alireza Mirshemirani | Ahmad Khaleghnejad | Hoshang Pourang | Naser Sadeghian | Mohsen Rouzrokh | Shadab Salehpour
The Prevalence of Bruxism and Correlated Factors in Children Referred to Dental Schools of Tehran, Based on Parents' Report

Author(s): Bahman Seraj | Mehdi Shahrabi | Sara Ghadimi | Rahil Ahmadi | Jaleh Nikfarjam | Farid Zayeri | Fatemeh Pour-Taghi | Hadi Zare
Nationwide Report on the Findings of Integrated School Health Screening Program in Iran

Author(s): MA Amirkhani | SM Alavian | M Dashti | T Aminaie | G Ardalan | H Ziaoddini | P Mirmoghtadaee | P Poursafa | R Kelishadi
Impact of Care and Social Support on Wellbeing among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Author(s): Adebola A Adedimeji | Olayemi O Alawode | Oluwole Odutolu
A new method for closure of total laryngectomy wound

Author(s): Bazyari Delavar H | Fatahi Bafghi A | Fathol Olomi M R | Peyvandi A A
Quantitative analysis of the effect of the demographic factors on presbyacusis

Author(s): Dayasiri MBKC | Dayasena RP | Jayasuriya C | Perera DSC | Kuruppu K AMP | Peris MNP
Where Neuroscience and Art Embrace; The Neuroaesthetics

Author(s): Mohammad Torabi Nami | Hasan Ashayeri

Author(s): Veronica Dan | D. Luiuz2 | B.A. Hagiu
Effect of psychosocial stress on maternal complications during pregnancy: A cohort study

Author(s): Chrishantha Abeysena | Pushpa Jayawardana | Rohini de A Seneviratne
Psychosocial determinants of irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Teodora Surdea-Blaga | Adriana Băban | Dan L Dumitrascu
Women’s experiences of unwanted pregnancy

Author(s): Foroughossadat Mortazavi | Maryam Damghanian | Zahra Mottaghi | Mohammad Shariati
Perceived Social Support among Hospital Personnel and its Influential factors: A case study

Author(s): M. Mardani Hamuleh | P. Raeissi | H. Heidari | M. Mahbobi
The Impact of Low Frequency Noise on Mental Performance during Math Calculations

Author(s): M. Kazempour | MJ. Jafari | Y. Mehrabi | I. Alimohammadi | J. Hatami
Assessment of sick building syndrome among office workers in Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences in 2008

Author(s): G. Kholasezadeh | SJ Mirmohammadi Meybodi | AH Mehrparvar | Fallah Tafti | M. Abedinzadeh | F. Nourani Yazdi
Comparison of Shift Work-related Health Problems in 12-hour Shift Schedules of Petrochemical Industries

Author(s): AR. Choobineh | A. Soltanzadeh | SHR. Tabatabai | M. Jahangiri | S. Khavvaji
Effects of magnetic field on mental health staff employed in gas power plant, Shiraz, 2008

Author(s): Z. Zamanian | F. khajenasirie | S. Gharepoor | M. Dehghany
 Replantation of an Amputated Hand: A Rare Case Report and Acknowledgement of a Multidisciplinary Team Input

Author(s): Vipul Nanda | Joe Jacob | Taif Alsafy | Thomas Punnoose | VR Sudhakar | G Iyasere
Stress coping among nurses in Latvia

Author(s): Liana Deklava | Inga Millere, | Kristaps Circenis
TelogenEffluvium : Causes and Treatment Modalities

Author(s): Ramandeep Singh Kahlon | M.K. Manchanda
Quality Of Life in Thalassemia Patients

Author(s): Ruba Ishtiaq | Sarah Hasan Siddiqui, | Raihan Sajid
Effect of Posttraumatic Serum Thyroid Hormone Levels on Severity and Mortality of Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Author(s): Babak Malekpour | Ali Mehrafshan | Forough Saki | Zahed Malekmohammadi | Nasrin Saki
Improving patient–physician dialog: commentary on the results of the MS Choices survey

Author(s): Lugaresi A | Ziemssen T | Oreja-Guevara C | Thomas D | Verdun E
Physical and mental health at third age - risk factors

Author(s): Manolescu Suzana | Rada Cornelia
Stress-related Psychological Disorders Among Surgical Care Nurses in Latvia

Author(s): Kristaps Circenis | Kristaps Circenis | Liana Deklava
Evaluation of Quality of Life in Patients With Psoriasis

Author(s): Soodabeh Zandi | Simin Shamsi Meymandi | Sadegh Hasheminasab Gorji | Fatemeh Sabouri Shahrebabak
Infertility Stress: The Role of Coping Strategies, Personality Trait, and Social Support

Author(s): Batool Rashidi | Soheila Hosseini | Pooya Beigi | Mahya Ghazizadeh | Mohammad Naghi Farahani
Correlation Between Migraine Headaches and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Two Year Study

Author(s): Ghaleiha A | Seyedian A | Mazdeh M | Seife Rabiee MA | Zarabian MK
Physical Stress May Result in Growth Suppression and Pubertal Delay in Working Boys

Author(s): Muhammad Irfan | Ghazala Kaukab Raja | Shahnaz Murtaza | Rubina Mansoor | Mazhar Qayyum | Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi
Mind-Body Practices in Integrative Medicine

Author(s): Harald Walach | Marie-Louise Gander Ferrari | Sebastian Sauer | Niko Kohls
A 16-year longitudinal study of hearing in very old Australians

Author(s): L. Sanchez | J. Scott | N. Esterman | M. Luszcz
Adult hearing screening: the Cyprus Pilot Program

Author(s): C. Thodi | M. Parazzini | S.E. Kramer | A.C. Davis | S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | D. Stephens | P.A. Smith | M. Pronk | L.J.C. Anteunis | F. Grandori
Psychological and sexual disorders in long-term breast cancer survivors

Author(s): Pumo V | Milone G | Iacono M | Rametta Giuliano S | Di Mari A | Lopiano C | Bordonaro S, Tralongo P
Psychological contents and social effects associated to peripheral facial paralysis: a speech-language approach

Author(s): Silva, Mabile Francine Ferreira | Cunha, Maria Claudia | Lazarini, Paulo Roberto | Fouquet, Marina Lang
Tourette syndrome: Review of literature

Author(s): Teixeira, Larissa Lane Cardoso | Pantoja Júnior, José Mariano Soriano | Palheta Neto, Francisco Xavier | Targino, Mauricio Neres | Palheta, Angélica Cristina Pezzin | Felipe Araújo da Silva4
Differential approach to treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis in children

Author(s): Nesterenko O.V. | Goremykin V.I. | Koroleva I.V. | Elizarova S.U. | Sidorovich O.V.

Author(s): Manjunatha T. Sasanoor | Geetha L | Baldev Kumar
Chronic fatigue syndrome: An update for psychiatrists

Author(s): Emmanuelle Corruble | Florence Gressier | Camila Prochalska
Liaison conference for adolescent psychosomatic disease in pediatric ward

Author(s): Kazuko Kishi | Rei Wake | Takuji Inagaki
Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy in a male patient after administration of isoproterenol and implantation of a pacemaker

Author(s): Nidhal Ben Moussa | Mohamed Sami Mourali | Rachid Mechmeche | Ghassen Cherif | Fathia Mghaieth Zghal | Ramy Trabelsi | Sihem Mbarki
Collective and Personal Annihilation Anxiety: Measuring Annihilation Anxiety AA

Author(s): Bulent Ozkan | Jamal Mohanesh | Abdulkhaleq Hussam | Vidya Ramaswamy | Ibrahim A. Kira | Thomas Templin | Linda Lewandowski
Pogo Stick Programs Provide Physical and Psychological Benefits to Children

Author(s): Angela J. Stewart | Nichelle B. Hubley | Jo M. Welch
Personnel Security outside the Box

Author(s): Sergey Yesin | Semyon Ioffe
Psychological and physical wellness in older adults from the patient perspective

Author(s): Emmanuel Gonzalez | Jonathan Woodin | Sharon Song | Frank J. Prerost
Pogo Stick Programs Provide Physical and Psychological Benefits to Children

Author(s): Angela J. Stewart | Nichelle B. Hubley | Jo M. Welch
Psychological and physical wellness in older adults from the patient perspective

Author(s): Emmanuel Gonzalez | Jonathan Woodin | Sharon Song | Frank J. Prerost
Quality of life of older Chilean subjects living in metropolitan Santiago, Chile. Influence of socioeconomic status

Author(s): Daniel Bunout | Paulina Osorio | Gladys Barrera | María José Torrejón | Cynthia Meersohn | María Sol Anigstein | Juan Pablo Miranda | Iris Espinoza | Sandra Hirsch | María Pía de la Maza

Author(s): Mastura Johar | Mohd Sofian Omar Fauzee | Bahaman Abu Samah | Muhammad Nazrul Somchit
Psychological interventions and coronary heart disease

Author(s): Christopher Peterson | Eric S. Kim
Psychiatric morbidity among Egyptian breast cancer patients and their partners and its impact on surgical decision-making

Author(s): El-Hadidy MA | Elnahas W | Hegazy MAF | Hafez MT | Refky B | Abdel Wahab KM
Determination of facilitators and barriers in post stroke life, in Kerman city

Author(s): Mahdieh Jafari | Asghar Makarem | Asghar Dalvandi | Mojtaba Azimian | Mohammad Ali Hosseini
Evaluation of Depression and Mental Health Status in Women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome

Author(s): Zinab Shakerardekani | Abbas Ali Nasehi | Tahereh Eftekhar | Azizeh Ghaseminezhad | Mohammad Ali Shaker Ardekani | Firoozeh Raisi
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