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Drug monitoring in child and adolescent psychiatry for improved efficacy and safety of psychopharmacotherapy

Author(s): Mehler-Wex Claudia | Kölch Michael | Kirchheiner Julia | Antony Gisela | Fegert Jörg | Gerlach Manfred
Principios generales sobre la psicofarmacoterapia en niños y adolescentes. Una revisión

Author(s): García Maldonado, Gerardo | Joffre Velásquez, Víctor Manuel
Role of Donepezil in Autism: Its Conduciveness in Psychopharmacotherapy

Author(s): Rohit Kant Srivastava | Medhavi Agarwal | Ashish Pundhir
Pharmacogenetics from ethno-cultural perspectives

Author(s): Chee Ng | David Castle
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