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Incidence of genital warts among the Hong Kong general adult population

Author(s): Lin Chunqing | Lau Joseph | Ho King-Man | Lau Man-Chun | Tsui Hi-Yi | Lo Kuen-Kong
Creencias sobre caries e higiene oral en adolescentes del Valle

Author(s): Jorge Eduardo Tascón | Gustavo Alonso Cabrera
Motivation to oral hygiene with the donation of toothbrushes to schoolars of Curitiba

Author(s): Flávia Cristina da Cruz SILVA | Karyn Roberta LOPES | João César ZIELAK
Food Safety Attitude of Culinary Arts Based Students in Public and Private Higher Learning Institutions (IPT)

Author(s): Mohd Onn Rashdi Abd Patah | Zuraini Mat Issa | Khamis Mohammad Nor
Social and cultural dimensions of hygiene in Cambodian health care facilities

Author(s): Hancart-Petitet Pascale | Dumas Céline | Faurand-Tournaire Anne-Laure | Desclaux Alice | Vong Sirenda
Electrophoretic protein patterns and numerical analysis of Candida albicans from the oral cavities of healthy children

Author(s): Boriollo Marcelo Fabiano Gomes | Rosa Edvaldo Antonio Ribeiro | Bernardo Wagner Luis de Carvalho | Gonçalves Reginaldo Bruno | Höfling José Francisco
The Volume and Capacity of Colonoscopy Procedures Performed at New York City Hospitals in 2002

Author(s): Jennifer C.F. Leng, MD, MPH | Lorna E. Thorpe, PhD | Gabe E. Feldman, MD, MPH, MBA, MHA | Pauline A. Thomas, MD | Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH
Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions for pandemic influenza: an evaluation of the evidence base

Author(s): Aledort Julia | Lurie Nicole | Wasserman Jeffrey | Bozzette Samuel
Prevalence and risk factors of helminths and intestinal protozoa infections among children from primary schools in western Tajikistan

Author(s): Matthys Barbara | Bobieva Mohion | Karimova Gulzira | Mengliboeva Zulfira | Jean-Richard Vreni | Hoimnazarova Malika | Kurbonova Matluba | Lohourignon Laurent | Utzinger Jürg | Wyss Kaspar
Hand Washing Practices among School Children in Ghana

Author(s): M. Steiner-Asiedu | S.E. Van-Ess | M. Papoe | J. Setorglo | D.K. Asiedu | A.K. Anderson
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