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Prevention of Sepsis in Children: A New Paradigm for Public Policy

Author(s): Carley Riley | Derek S. Wheeler
Essential Questions on Suicide Bereavement and Postvention

Author(s): Karl Andriessen | Karolina Krysinska
Governing for a Healthy Population: Towards an Understanding of How Decision-Making Will Determine Our Global Health in a Changing Climate

Author(s): Kathryn J. Bowen | Sharon Friel | Kristie Ebi | Colin D. Butler | Fiona Miller | Anthony J. McMichael
Features of nursing care provision for dependent people

Author(s): Begoña López López | Rosa Casado Mejía | Mayte Brea Ruíz | Esperanza Ruíz Arias
Cross-country Evaluation of Health Care Systems Performance on Mortality Indices

Author(s): Awat Feizi | Anoshirvan Kazemnejad | Gholamreza Babaee
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Tobacco Use, Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, and Cessation Counseling Among Health Professions Students: Greek Data from the Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS)

Author(s): Anastasia Barbouni | Christos Hadjichristodoulou | Kyriakoula Merakou | Eleni Antoniadou | Kallirrhoe Kourea | Evangelia Miloni | Charles W. Warren | George Rahiotis | Jenny Kremastinou
Designing a Model for Trauma System Management Using Public Health Approach: The Case of Iran

Author(s): Payam Tarighi | Seyed Jamaledin Tabibi | Seyed Abbas Motevalian | Shahram Tofighi | Mohammad Reza Maleki | Bahram Elgoshaei | Farzad Panahi | Gholam Reza Masoomi
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC
Towards an evidence based alcohol policy

Author(s): Ranil Abeyasinghe
Incidence of Childhood Cancers in Golestan Province of Iran

Author(s): Abdolvahab Moradi | Shahryar Semnani | Gholamreza Roshandel | Narges Mirbehbehani | Abbasali Keshtkar | Mohsen Aarabi | Abbas Moghaddami | Fatemeh Cheraghali
Nationwide Report on the Findings of Integrated School Health Screening Program in Iran

Author(s): MA Amirkhani | SM Alavian | M Dashti | T Aminaie | G Ardalan | H Ziaoddini | P Mirmoghtadaee | P Poursafa | R Kelishadi
Impact of Care and Social Support on Wellbeing among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Author(s): Adebola A Adedimeji | Olayemi O Alawode | Oluwole Odutolu
Epidemiological Features of Obesity and Overweight in Grampian, Scotland

Author(s): M Mobasheri | E van Teijlingen | W Cairns | S Smith
Health Care Challenges in Iran

Author(s): M Davari | A Haycox | T Walley
Knowledge of Health Effects and Intentions to Quit Among Smokers in India: Findings From the Tobacco Control Policy (TCP) India Pilot Survey

Author(s): Genevieve C. Sansone | Lalit J. Raute | Geoffrey T. Fong | Mangesh S. Pednekar | Anne C. K. Quah | Maansi Bansal-Travers | Prakash C. Gupta | Dhirendra N. Sinha
Women’s experiences of unwanted pregnancy

Author(s): Foroughossadat Mortazavi | Maryam Damghanian | Zahra Mottaghi | Mohammad Shariati
Health Research Evaluation and Its Role on Knowledge Production

Author(s): Sh Djalalinia | P Owlia | A Setareh Forouzan | E Habibi | M Dejman | M Baradaran Eftekhari | M Ghanei | H Malekafzali | N Peykari
Factors affecting adherence to the use of hip protectors in nursing homes

Author(s): Jonathan Mamo | Chantal Fenech | Nicholas Mamo
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
Infant male circumcision: An evidence-based policy statement

Author(s): David A. Cooper | Michael Lowy | Robin J. Willcourt | Stephen R. Leeder | C. Terry Russell | Eugenie R. Lumbers | Adrian Mindel | Alex D. Wodak | Brian J. Morris | Anthony Dilley | Karen A. Duggan | Leslie Schrieber
Infant male circumcision: An evidence-based policy statement

Author(s): David A. Cooper | Michael Lowy | Robin J. Willcourt | Stephen R. Leeder | C. Terry Russell | Eugenie R. Lumbers | Adrian Mindel | Alex D. Wodak | Brian J. Morris | Anthony Dilley | Karen A. Duggan | Leslie Schrieber
Healthy cities strategy as public policy, Antioquia, Colombia, 2007

Author(s): Blanca M. Chávez | María P. Arbeláez
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
Perceptions of Heat-Susceptibility in Older Persons: Barriers to Adaptation

Author(s): Alana Hansen | Peng Bi | Monika Nitschke | Dino Pisaniello | Jonathan Newbury | Alison Kitson

Author(s): Cătălin BABA | Alexandra BRÎNZANIUC | Emanuela ŞIRLINCAN | Răzvan CHERECHEŞ

Author(s): Cătălin BABA | Răzvan M. CHERECHEŞ | Olimpia MOŞTEANU
Stakeholders' perspectives on the regulation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine products in Lebanon: a qualitative study

Author(s): Alameddine Mohamad | Naja Farah | Abdel-Salam Sarah | Maalouf Salwa | Matta Claudia
South Yorkshire Cohort: a 'cohort trials facility' study of health and weight - Protocol for the recruitment phase

Author(s): Relton Clare | Bissell Paul | Smith Christine | Blackburn Joanna | Cooper Cindy | Nicholl Jon | Tod Angela | Copeland Rob | Loban Amanda | Chater Tim | Thomas Kate | Young Tracy | Weir Carol | Harrison Gill | Millbourn Alison | Manners Rachel
A school-based intervention to promote physical activity among adolescent girls: Rationale, design, and baseline data from the Girls in Sport group randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Okely Anthony | Cotton Wayne | Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Puglisi Lauren | Miller Judy | Wright Jan | Batterham Marijka | Peralta Louisa | Perry Janine
The stigma of obesity in the general public and its implications for public health - a systematic review

Author(s): Sikorski Claudia | Luppa Melanie | Kaiser Marie | Glaesmer Heide | Schomerus Georg | König Hans-Helmut | Riedel-Heller Steffi
Government use licenses in Thailand: an assessment of the health and economic impacts

Author(s): Yamabhai Inthira | Mohara Adun | Tantivess Sripen | Chaisiri Kakanang | Teerawattananon Yot
De-identifying a public use microdata file from the Canadian national discharge abstract database

Author(s): Emam Khaled El | Paton David | Dankar Fida | Koru Gunes
Trends of increase in western medical services in traditional medicine hospitals in china

Author(s): Shen Jay | Wang Ying | Lin Fang | Lu Jun | Moseley Charles | Sun Mei | Hao Mo
The Big Drink Debate: perceptions of the impact of price on alcohol consumption from a large scale cross-sectional convenience survey in north west England

Author(s): Cook Penny | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Morleo Michela | Harkins Corinne | Briant Linford | Bellis Mark
Government use licenses in Thailand: The power of evidence, civil movement and political leadership

Author(s): Wibulpolprasert Suwit | Chokevivat Vichai | Oh Cecilia | Yamabhai Inthira
Municipal bylaw to reduce cosmetic/non-essential pesticide use on household lawns - a policy implementation evaluation

Author(s): Cole Donald | Vanderlinden Loren | Leah Jessica | Whate Rich | Mee Carol | Bienefeld Monica | Wanigaratne Susitha | Campbell Monica
Health care for immigrants in Europe: Is there still consensus among country experts about principles of good practice? A Delphi study

Author(s): Devillé Walter | Greacen Tim | Bogic Marija | Dauvrin Marie | Dias Sónia | Gaddini Andrea | Jensen Natasja | Karamanidou Christina | Kluge Ulrike | Mertaniemi Ritva | i Riera Rosa | Sárváry Attila | Soares Joaquim | Stankunas Mindaugas | Straßmayr Christa | Welbel Marta | Priebe Stefan
The MacGyver effect: alive and well in health services research?

Author(s): Perera Roshan | Moriarty Helen
Regulatory barriers to equity in a health system in transition: a qualitative study in Bulgaria

Author(s): Rechel Boika | Blackburn Clare | Spencer Nick | Rechel Bernd
Student public commitment in a school-based diabetes prevention project: impact on physical health and health behavior

Author(s): DeBar Lynn | Schneider Margaret | Drews Kimberly | Ford Eileen | Stadler Diane | Moe Esther | White Mamie | Hernandez Arthur | Solomon Sara | Jessup Ann | Venditti Elizabeth
Barriers to effective discharge planning: a qualitative study investigating the perspectives of frontline healthcare professionals

Author(s): Wong Eliza | Yam Carrie | Cheung Annie | Leung Michael | Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Yeoh Eng-Kiong
A study of the user's perception of economic value in nursing visits to primary care by the method of contingent valuation

Author(s): Martín-Fernández Jesús | Pérez-Rivas Francisco | Gómez-Gascón Tomás | del Cura-González Isabel | Tello Bernabé Eugenia | Rodríguez-Martínez Gemma | Polentinos-Castro Elena | Domínguez-Bidagor Julia | Ariza-Cardiel Gloria | Conde-López Juan | Beamud-Lagos Milagros | Aguado-Arroyo Óscar | Sanz-Bayona Teresa | Gil-Lacruz Ana
Protocol for Northern Ireland Caries Prevention in Practice Trial (NIC-PIP) trial: a randomised controlled trial to measure the effects and costs of a dental caries prevention regime for young children attending primary care dental services

Author(s): Tickle Martin | Milsom Keith | Donaldson Michael | Killough Seamus | O'Neill Ciaran | Crealey Grainne | Sutton Matthew | Noble Solveig | Greer Margaret | Worthington Helen
Anthropometrically determined nutritional status of urban primary schoolchildren in Makurdi, Nigeria

Author(s): Goon Daniel | Toriola Abel | Shaw Brandon | Amusa Lateef | Monyeki Makama | Akinyemi Oluwadare | Alabi Olubola
Pain as a global public health priority

Author(s): Goldberg Daniel | McGee Summer
Research for food and health in Europe: themes, needs and proposals

Author(s): McCarthy Mark | Aitsi-Selmi Amina | Bánáti Diána | Frewer Lynn | Hirani Vasant | Lobstein Tim | McKenna Brian | Mulla Zenab | Rabozzi Giulia | Sfetcu Raluca | Newton Rachel
A pilot study of Aboriginal health promotion from an ecological perspective

Author(s): Reilly Rachel | Cincotta Marion | Doyle Joyce | Firebrace Bradley | Cargo Margaret | van den Tol Gemma | Morgan-Bulled Denise | Rowley Kevin
Alert but less alarmed: a pooled analysis of terrorism threat perception in Australia

Author(s): Stevens Garry | Agho Kingsley | Taylor Melanie | Jones Alison | Jacobs Jennifer | Barr Margo | Raphael Beverley
An integrated structural intervention to reduce vulnerability to HIV and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India

Author(s): Gurnani Vandana | Beattie Tara | Bhattacharjee Parinita | Mohan HL | Maddur Srinath | Washington Reynold | Isac Shajy | Ramesh BM | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James
Prioritising public health: a qualitative study of decision making to reduce health inequalities

Author(s): Orton Lois | Lloyd-Williams Ffion | Taylor-Robinson David | Moonan May | O'Flaherty Martin | Capewell Simon
Improving interMediAte Risk management. MARK study

Author(s): Martí Ruth | Parramon Dídac | García-Ortiz Luís | Rigo Fernando | Gómez-Marcos Manuel | Sempere Irene | García-Regalado Natividad | Recio-Rodriguez Jose | Agudo-Conde Cristina | Feuerbach Natalia | Garcia-Gil Maria | Ponjoan Anna | Quesada Miquel | Ramos Rafel
Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of stunting and thinness among Pakistani primary school children

Author(s): Mushtaq Muhammad Umair | Gull Sibgha | Khurshid Usman | Shahid Ubeera | Shad Mushtaq Ahmad | Siddiqui Arif Mahmood
Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

Author(s): Sodhi Sumeet | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Burciul Barry | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Bateman Eric | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Cornick Ruth | Faris Gill | Draper Beverley | Mondiwa Martha | Katengeza Egnat | Sanudi Lifah | Zwarenstein Merrick | Schull Michael
A qualitative exploration of the human resource policy implications of voluntary counselling and testing scale-up in Kenya: applying a model for policy analysis

Author(s): Taegtmeyer Miriam | Martineau Tim | Namwebya Jane | Ikahu Annrita | Ngare Carol | Sakwa James | Lalloo David | Theobald Sally
Evaluating the effectiveness of a schools-based programme to promote exercise self-efficacy in children and young people with risk factors for obesity: Steps to active kids (STAK)

Author(s): Glazebrook Cris | Batty Martin | Mullan Nivette | MacDonald Ian | Nathan Dilip | Sayal Kapil | Smyth Alan | Yang Min | Guo Boliang | Hollis Chris
An intervention to improve care and reduce costs for high-risk patients with frequent hospital admissions: a pilot study

Author(s): Raven Maria | Doran Kelly | Kostrowski Shannon | Gillespie Colleen | Elbel Brian
Differences in pandemic influenza vaccination policies for pregnant women in Europe

Author(s): Luteijn Johannes | Dolk Helen | Marnoch Gordon
Public health research systems in the European union

Author(s): Conceição Cláudia | McCarthy Mark
The ACTwatch project: methods to describe anti-malarial markets in seven countries

Author(s): Shewchuk Tanya | O'Connell Kathryn | Goodman Catherine | Hanson Kara | Chapman Steven | Chavasse Desmond
Incidences of obesity and extreme obesity among US adults: findings from the 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Author(s): Pan Liping | Freedman David | Gillespie Cathleen | Park Sohyun | Sherry Bettylou
Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Davis Elise | Williamson Lara | Mackinnon Andrew | Cook Kay | Waters Elizabeth | Herrman Helen | Sims Margaret | Mihalopoulos Cathrine | Harrison Linda | Marshall Bernard
Injury in China: a systematic review of injury surveillance studies conducted in Chinese hospital emergency departments

Author(s): Fitzharris Michael | Yu James | Hammond Naomi | Taylor Colman | Wu Yangfeng | Finfer Simon | Myburgh John
Healthy and sustainable spaces, biosafety and wastes

Author(s): Simone Cynamon Cohen | Débora Cynamon Kligerman | Mara Rejane Barroso Barcelos
Discourse analysis of the National Policy for Health Promotion

Author(s): Aline Raddatz | Alessandro da Silva Scholze | Carlos Francisco Duarte Júnior | Plínio Augusto Freitas Silveira
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior in Avoiding Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Non-Smoking Employed Women with Higher Education in Jordan

Author(s): Huda Gharaibeh | Linda Haddad | Sukaina Alzyoud | Omar El-Shahawy | Nesrin Abu Baker | Mary Umlauf
Development of Public Health Education in Bulgaria

Author(s): Stoyanka Popova | Lora Georgieva | Yordanka Koleva
Public Health Education in Europe: Old and New Challenges

Author(s): Fred Paccaud | Alison Weihofen | Sandra Nocera
Public Health Education in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Author(s): Róza Ádany | Anita Villerusa | Jovanka Bislimovska | Maksut Kulzhanov
The Impacts of Climate Change on Public Health: Exploring the Link to Pharmacological Knowledge and Education

Author(s): Abul Quasem Al-Amin | Gazi Mahabubul Alam | Abdul Jalil Othman
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