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The Impact of Nutritional Status and Longitudinal Recovery of Motor and Cognitive Milestones in Internationally Adopted Children

Author(s): Hyun Park | Denise Bothe | Eva Holsinger | H. Lester Kirchner | Karen Olness | Anna Mandalakas
Nutritional Status in Elderly People Living in Retirement Homes in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Jolana Rambousková | Eva Křížová | Pavel Dlouhý | Jana Potočková | Michal Anděl
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Burden of disease in Thailand: changes in health gap between 1999 and 2004

Author(s): Bundhamcharoen Kanitta | Odton Patarapan | Phulkerd Sirinya | Tangcharoensathien Viroj
A comparative evaluation of the process of developing and implementing an emergency department HIV testing program

Author(s): Christopoulos Katerina | Koester Kim | Weiser Sheri | Lane Tim | Myers Janet | Morin Stephen
Attitudes of developing world physicians to where medical research is performed and reported

Author(s): Page John | Heller Richard | Kinlay Scott | Lim Lynette | Qian Wang | Suping Zheng | Kongpatanakul Supornchai | Akhtar Murtaza | Khedr Salah | Macharia William
The Volume and Capacity of Colonoscopy Procedures Performed at New York City Hospitals in 2002

Author(s): Jennifer C.F. Leng, MD, MPH | Lorna E. Thorpe, PhD | Gabe E. Feldman, MD, MPH, MBA, MHA | Pauline A. Thomas, MD | Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH
Age specific incidence rate and pathological spectrum of oral cancer in Allahabad.

Author(s): Mehrotra Ravi | Singh Mamta | Kumar D | Pandey A | Gupta R | Sinha U
Antiretroviral treatment in resource-poor settings: A view from India

Author(s): Vajpayee Madhu | Kaushik Shweta | Mojumdar Kamalika | Sreenivas V
Association between violent behavior and psychotic relapse in schizophrenia: once more through the revolving door?

Author(s): Apiquian , Rogelio | Fresan , Ana | García Anaya, María | Nicolini , Humberto
Exploring health systems research and its influence on policy processes in low income countries

Author(s): Hyder Adnan | Bloom Gerald | Leach Melissa | Syed Shamsuzzoha | Peters David
Psychiatric disorders and urbanization in Germany

Author(s): Dekker Jack | Peen Jaap | Koelen Jurrijn | Smit Filip | Schoevers Robert
Factors associated with self-rated health in older people living in institutions

Author(s): Damián Javier | Pastor-Barriuso Roberto | Valderrama-Gama Emiliana
Building Climate Resilience in the Blue Nile/Abay Highlands: A Framework for Action

Author(s): Belay Simane | Benjamin F. Zaitchik | Desalegn Mesfin
Stages of change: A qualitative study on the implementation of a perinatal audit programme in South Africa

Author(s): Belizán María | Bergh Anne-Marie | Cilliers Carolé | Pattinson Robert | Voce Anna
Innovations in Sub-National Government in Europe Innovations in Sub-National Government in Europe

Author(s): Linze Schaap | Casper Geurtz | Laurens De Graaf | Niels Karsten

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