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The Control of Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A Policy Review

Author(s): Aonghus McNabola | Laurence William Gill
Second Hand Smoke Exposure and Excess Heart Disease and Lung Cancer Mortality among Hospital Staff in Crete, Greece: A Case Study

Author(s): Constantine I. Vardavas | Izolde Mpouloukaki | Manolis Linardakis | Penelope Ntzilepi | Nikos Tzanakis | Anthony Kafatos
Smoke-Free Medical Facility Campus Legislation: Support, Resistance, Difficulties and Cost

Author(s): Christine Sheffer | Maxine Stitzer | J. Gary Wheeler
Analysis of primary risk factors for oral cancer from select US states with increasing rates

Author(s): Bunnell Anthony | Pettit Nathan | Reddout Nicole | Sharma Kanika | O'Malley Susan | Chino Michelle | Kingsley Karl
Total smoking bans in psychiatric inpatient services: a survey of perceived benefits, barriers and support among staff

Author(s): Wye Paula | Bowman Jenny | Wiggers John | Baker Amanda | Knight Jenny | Carr Vaughan | Terry Margarett | Clancy Richard
The Effectiveness of Tobacco Marketing Regulations on Reducing Smokers’ Exposure to Advertising and Promotion: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey

Author(s): Karin A. Kasza | Andrew J. Hyland | Abraham Brown | Mohammad Siahpush | Hua-Hie Yong | Ann D. McNeill | Lin Li | K. Michael Cummings
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of India’s 2008 Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places in Gujarat

Author(s): Elisabeth A. Donaldson | Hugh R. Waters | Monika Arora | Beena Varghese | Paresh Dave | Bhavesh Modi
Restaurant and Bar Owners’ Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Attitudes Regarding Smoking Bans in Five Chinese Cities

Author(s): Ruiling Liu | S. Katharine Hammond | Andrew Hyland | Mark J. Travers | Yan Yang | Yi Nan | Guoze Feng | Qiang Li | Yuan Jiang
Correlates of smoking initiation among young adults in Ukraine: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Andreeva Tatiana | Krasovsky Konstantin | Semenova Daria
Population tobacco control interventions and their effects on social inequalities in smoking: placing an equity lens on existing systematic reviews

Author(s): Main Caroline | Thomas Sian | Ogilvie David | Stirk Lisa | Petticrew Mark | Whitehead Margaret | Sowden Amanda
Self-Reported Exposure to Policy and Environmental Influences on Smoking Cessation and Relapse: A 2-Year Longitudinal Population-based Study

Author(s): James Nonnemaker | James Hersey | Ghada Homsi | Andrew Busey | Andrew Hyland | Harlan Juster | Matthew Farrelly
No Borders for Tobacco Smoke in Hospitality Venues in Vienna

Author(s): Herbert Pletz | Manfred Neuberger
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