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Nanosuspension technology and its applications in drug delivery

Author(s): Arunkumar N | Deecaraman M | Rani C
Dry Powder Inhalation Formulations for Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Author(s): Pandey Shivanand*, R. Mahalaxmi2, Devmurari Viral, N. P. Jivani 1
Fluticasone propionate liposomes for pulmonary delivery

Author(s): Nirale N | Vidhate R | Nagarsenker M
Stability and antimicrobial effect of amikacin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles

Author(s): Solmaz Ghaffari | Jaleh Varshosaz | Afrooz Saadat | et al
Immunotargeting of collagenase on thrombus

Author(s): Yi-ling Lu | Ben-xia Yang | Zong-ning Yin
Clinical perspective on aztreonam lysine for inhalation in patients with cystic fibrosis

Author(s): Martha K Daddario | Jennifer K Hagerman | Michael E Klepser
Liquid Ventilation

Author(s): Qutaiba A. Tawfic
Nanomedicine in pulmonary delivery

Author(s): Heidi M Mansour | Yun-Seok Rhee | Xiao Wu
Emerging Trends In Insulin Delivery System

Author(s): Mr.Anil M. Pethe | Mr.Chintan K. Sachde | Mr. Pratik A. Gandhi | Mr. Pratik A. Pandya
Advances in insulin drug delivery systems

Author(s): Anil Pethe*1 , Bharath Konda 1 , Trinath Mustyala 1 , Viral Shah 1
Microfine Dry Powder: Pulmonary Drug Delivery System

Author(s): Pandey Shivanand*, Shukla Paridhi2, Bhatt Sweta, Choudhary Vasanti, Viral D, V.Subhash, K.K Shailesh, Manish Goyani, N. P. Jivani 1
Large, Porous Inhaled Particles: A Potential Approach to Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Author(s): Pandey Shivanand* Patel Binal, D, Viral, Jivani. N. P
Local and Systemic Pulmonary Drug Delivery of Small Molecules

Author(s): Pandey Shivanand*, Bhatt Sweta, Patel Binal, R. Mahalaxmi2, Devmurari Viral, N. P. Jivani 1
Pulmonary Route As An Important Means of Drug Delivery: Inhalers Provided To Meet Our Needs

Author(s): Pandey Shivanand*, Choudhary Vasanti, R. Mahalaxmi2, Devmurari Viral, N. P. Jivani 1
Nanosuspension:A novel drug delivery system

Author(s): Suryakanta Nayak*, Dibyasundar Panda1, Jagannath Sahoo2.
Potent anti-tumor effects of a dual specific oncolytic adenovirus expressing apoptin in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Xiao Li | Yan Liu | Zhongmei Wen | Chang Li | Huijun Lu | Mingyao Tian | Kuoshi Jin | Lili Sun | Pegn Gao | Encheng Yang | Xiaohong Xu | Shifu Kan | Zhuoyue Wang | Yuhang Wang | Ningyi Jin
Spray drying as a method of producing silk sericin powders

Author(s): G. Genç | G. Narin | O. Bayraktar
Tracheal Responsiveness to Histamine and Histamine (H1) Receptor Blockade by Chlorpheniramine in an Animal Model of COPD

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Boskabady | Sahar Kiani | Ali Reza Khoei | Mohammad Reza Aslani
Preparation of 5-fluorouracil nanoparticles by supercritical antisolvents for pulmonary delivery

Author(s): Pardis Kalantarian | Abdolhosein Rouholamini Najafabadi | Ismaeil Haririan | et al
Higher lung deposition with Respimat® Soft Mist™ Inhaler than HFA-MDI in COPD patients with poor technique

Author(s): Peter Brand | Bettina Hederer | George Austen | Helen Dewberry | Thomas Meyer
Rosette nanotubes show low acute pulmonary toxicity in vivo

Author(s): W Shane Journeay | Sarabjeet S Suri | Jesus G Moralez | Hicham Fenniri | Baljit Singh
Development and evaluation of inhalational liposomal system of budesonide for better management of asthma

Author(s): Parmar J | Singh D | Hegde Darshana | Lohade A | Soni P | Samad A | Menon Mala
Development and Evaluation of Dry Powder Inhalation System of Terbutaline Sulphate for Better Management of Asthma

Author(s): Deepak J Singh | Jayesh J Parmar | Darshana D Hegde | Atul A Lohade | Pritam Singh Soni | Abdul Samad | Mala D Menon
Disseminated tuberculosis in a pregnant woman presenting with numerous brain tuberculomas: case report

Author(s): Gasparetto Emerson L. | Tazoniero Priscilla | Carvalho Neto Arnolfo de
Interventions to reduce tuberculosis mortality and transmission in low- and middle-income countries

Author(s): Borgdorff Martien W. | Floyd Katherine | Broekmans Jaap F.
The research agenda for improving health policy, systems performance, and service delivery for tuberculosis control: a WHO perspective

Author(s): Nunn Paul | Harries Anthony | Godfrey-Faussett Peter | Gupta Raj | Maher Dermot | Raviglione Mario
Monitoring the initial pulmonary absorption of two different beclomethasone dipropionate aerosols employing a human lung reperfusion model

Author(s): Freiwald Matthias | Valotis Anagnostis | Kirschbaum Andreas | McClellan Monika | Mürdter Thomas | Fritz Peter | Friedel Godehard | Thomas Michael | Högger Petra
Chitosan-Grafted Copolymers and Chitosan-Ligand Conjugates as Matrices for Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Author(s): Fernanda Andrade | Francisco Goycoolea | Diego A. Chiappetta | José das Neves | Alejandro Sosnik | Bruno Sarmento
Trojan Microparticles for Drug Delivery

Author(s): Nicolas Anton | Anshuman Jakhmola | Thierry F. Vandamme

Author(s): Garg Tarun | Bilandi Ajay | Kapoor Bhawna | Kumar Sunil | Chanana Arsh

Author(s): Sarkar Biresh K | Jain Devananda | Banerjee Angshu
Managing diabetes with inhaled insulin

Author(s): Lucy D Mastrandrea
Liposomes prolong the therapeutic effect of anti-asthmatic medication via pulmonary delivery

Author(s): Chen X | Huang W | Kwan Wong BC | Yin L | Wong YF | Xu M | Yang Z
Preparation and characterization of solid lipid nanoparticles loaded with imadapril

Author(s): D.Joseprakash1, I.Somasundaram2, V.Ravichandiran3, J.Kausalya4 ,Anusha Rupenagunta5, B.Senthilnathan6*
Nanostructured Aerosol Particles: Fabrication, Pulmonary Drug Delivery, and Controlled Release

Author(s): Xingmao Jiang | Yung-Sung Cheng | Hugh D. C. Smyth
Investigation into Alternative Sugars as Potential Carriers for Dry Powder Formulation of Budesonide

Author(s): Mohammed-Nurul Momin | Atoosa Hedayati | Ali Nokhodchi
Evaluation of Aerosol Delivery of Nanosuspension for Pre-clinical Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Author(s): Chiang Po-Chang | Alsup Jason | Lai Yurong | Hu Yiding | Heyde Bruce | Tung David
Comparison of In vitro Nanoparticles Uptake in Various Cell Lines and In vivo Pulmonary Cellular Transport in Intratracheally Dosed Rat Model

Author(s): Lai Yurong | Chiang Po-Chang | Blom Jason | Li Na | Shevlin Kimberly | Brayman Timothy | Hu Yiding | Selbo Jon | Hu LiangbiaoGeorge
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