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Expression of microRNA during bovine adipogenesis

Author(s): Scott L. Pratt | T. Ashley Burns | Erin Curry | Susan K. Duckett
In vitro calcified matrix deposition by human osteoblasts onto a zinc-containing bioactive glass

Author(s): E Saino | S Grandi | E Quartarone | V Maliardi | D Galli | N Bloise | L Fassina | MGC De Angelis | P Mustarelli | M Imbriani | L Visai
Human papillomavirus-16 presence and physical status in lung carcinomas from Asia

Author(s): Aguayo Francisco | Anwar Muhammad | Koriyama Chihaya | Castillo Andres | Sun Quanfu | Morewaya Jacob | Eizuru Yoshito | Akiba Suminori
Proteomic analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis following propionate adaptation

Author(s): Calhoun Leona | Liyanage Rohana | Lay Jackson | Kwon Young
Effects of gene therapy on muscle 18S rRNA expression in mouse model of ALS

Author(s): Moreno-Igoa María | Manzano Raquel | Oliván Sara | Calvo Ana | Toivonen Janne | Osta Rosario
Cannabidiol reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced vascular changes and inflammation in the mouse brain: an intravital microscopy study

Author(s): Ruiz-Valdepeñas Lourdes | Martínez-Orgado José | Benito Cristina | Millán África | Tolón Rosa | Romero Julián
Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the AP2/ERF superfamily in Vitis vinifera

Author(s): Licausi Francesco | Giorgi Federico | Zenoni Sara | Osti Fabio | Pezzotti Mario | Perata Pierdomenico
Development and validation of a flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) gene expression oligo microarray

Author(s): Fenart Stéphane | Ndong Yves-Placide | Duarte Jorge | Rivière Nathalie | Wilmer Jeroen | van Wuytswinkel Olivier | Lucau Anca | Cariou Emmanuelle | Neutelings Godfrey | Gutierrez Laurent | Chabbert Brigitte | Guillot Xavier | Tavernier Reynald | Hawkins Simon | Thomasset Brigitte
Increased matrix metalloproteinase activation in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Mukherjee Sumana | Roth Mark | Dawsey Sanford | Yan Wusheng | Rodriguez-Canales Jaime | Erickson Heidi | Hu Nan | Goldstein Alisa | Taylor Philip | Richardson Annely | Tangrea Michael | Chuaqui Rodrigo | Emmert-Buck Michael
Expression profiling in canine osteosarcoma: identification of biomarkers and pathways associated with outcome

Author(s): O'Donoghue Liza | Ptitsyn Andrey | Kamstock Debra | Siebert Janet | Thomas Russell | Duval Dawn
Analysis and characterization of the genes encoding the Dicer and Argonaute proteins of Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Luo Rong | Xue Xiangyang | Wang Zhangxun | Sun Jun | Zou Ying | Pan Weiqing
Expression of microRNA during bovine adipogenesis

Author(s): Scott L. Pratt | T. Ashley Burns | Erin Curry | Susan K. Duckett
Effect of heavy metal treatments on metallothionein expression profiles in white poplar (Populus alba L.) cell suspension cultures

Author(s): Anca MACOVEI | Lorenzo VENTURA | Mattia DONÀ | Matteo FAÈ | Alma BALESTRAZZI | Daniela CARBONERA
Application of PCR techniques in toxicology

Author(s): Maja Kazubek | Anna Długosz | Krzysztof Pawlik
Whole genome co-expression analysis of soybean cytochrome P450 genes identifies nodulation-specific P450 monooxygenases

Author(s): Guttikonda Satish | Trupti Joshi | Bisht Naveen | Chen Hui | An Yong-Qiang | Pandey Sona | Xu Dong | Yu Oliver
Regulation of sonic hedgehog-GLI1 downstream target genes PTCH1, Cyclin D2, Plakoglobin, PAX6 and NKX2.2 and their epigenetic status in medulloblastoma and astrocytoma

Author(s): Shahi Mehdi | Afzal Mohammad | Sinha Subrata | Eberhart Charles | Rey Juan | Fan Xing | Castresana Javier
Cell-free miRNAs may indicate diagnosis and docetaxel sensitivity of tumor cells in malignant effusions

Author(s): Xie Li | Chen Xi | Wang Lifeng | Qian Xiaoping | Wang Tingting | Wei Jia | Yu Lixia | Ding Yitao | Zhang Chenyu | Liu Baorui
Phosphodiesterase 6 subunits are expressed and altered in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Author(s): Nikolova Sevdalina | Guenther Andreas | Savai Rajkumar | Weissmann Norbert | Ghofrani Hossein | Konigshoff Melanie | Eickelberg Oliver | Klepetko Walter | Voswinckel Robert | Seeger Werner | Grimminger Friedrich | Schermuly Ralph | Pullamsetti Soni
Gene expression analysis of cell death induction by Taurolidine in different malignant cell lines

Author(s): Chromik Ansgar | Hahn Stephan | Daigeler Adrien | Flier Annegret | Bulut Daniel | May Christina | Harati Kamran | Roschinsky Jan | Sülberg Dominique | Weyhe Dirk | Mittelkötter Ulrich | Uhl Waldemar
Palmitate and insulin synergistically induce IL-6 expression in human monocytes

Author(s): Bunn Robert | Cockrell Gael | Ou Yang | Thrailkill Kathryn | Lumpkin Charles | Fowlkes John
Statistical techniques to construct assays for identifying likely responders to a treatment under evaluation from cell line genomic data

Author(s): Huang Erich | Fridlyand Jane | Lewin-Koh Nicholas | Yue Peng | Shi Xiaoyan | Dornan David | Burington Bart
Telomerase in pulmonary fibrosis. A link to alveolar cell apoptosis and differentiation

Author(s): Argyris Tzouvelekis | Andreas Karameris | Evangelos Tsiambas | Anastasios Koutsopoulos | Rodoula Tringidou | Marios Froudarakis | Dimitrios Mikroulis | George Zacharis | Paschalis Steiropoulos | Ioanna Bazdiara | Constantinos Tsatalas | Ioannis Kotsianidis | Demosthenes Bouros
Results of a phase I pilot clinical trial examining the effect of plant-derived resveratrol and grape powder on Wnt pathway target gene expression in colonic mucosa and colon cancer

Author(s): Anthony V Nguyen | Micaela Martinez | Michael J Stamos | Mary P Moyer | Kestutis Planutis | Christopher Hope | Randall F Holcombe
Molecular Endoscopic Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Barbara Bournet | Adeline Pointreau | Yannick Delpu | Janick Selves | Jerome Torrisani | Louis Buscail | Pierre Cordelier
Regeneration and DNA demethylation do not trigger PDX-1 expression in rat hepatocytes

Author(s): Rudolf T Pillich | Gianfranco Scarsella | Gianfranco Risuleo
Squamocin modulates histone H3 phosphorylation levels and induces G1 phase arrest and apoptosis in cancer cells

Author(s): Lee Chien-Chih | Lin Yi-Hsiung | Chang Wen-Hsin | Lin Pei-Chin | Wu Yang-Chang | Chang Jan-Gowth
Identification of alternatively spliced Dab1 and Fyn isoforms in pig

Author(s): Long Huan | Bock Hans | Lei Ting | Chai Xuejun | Yuan Jihong | Herz Joachim | Frotscher Michael | Yang Zaiqing
Gepoclu: a software tool for identifying and analyzing gene positional clusters in large-scale gene expression analysis

Author(s): Dottorini Tania | Senin Nicola | Mazzoleni Giorgio | Magnusson Kalle | Crisanti Andrea
Comparison of Dietary Control and Atorvastatin on High Fat Diet Induced Hepatic Steatosis and Hyperlipidemia in Rats

Author(s): Ji Guiyuan | Zhao Xihong | Leng Liang | Liu Peiyi | Jiang Zhuoqin
Identification of genes differentially expressed in a resistant reaction to Mycosphaerella pinodes in pea using microarray technology

Author(s): Fondevilla Sara | Küster Helge | Krajinski Franziska | Cubero José | Rubiales Diego
Deep sequencing of New World screw-worm transcripts to discover genes involved in insecticide resistance

Author(s): Carvalho Renato | Azeredo-Espin Ana Maria | Torres Tatiana
Antiproliferative factor decreases Akt phosphorylation and alters gene expression via CKAP4 in T24 bladder carcinoma cells

Author(s): Shahjee Hanief | Koch Kristopher | Guo Li | Zhang Chen-Ou | Keay Susan
Birt-Hogg-Dubé renal tumors are genetically distinct from other renal neoplasias and are associated with up-regulation of mitochondrial gene expression

Author(s): Klomp Jeff | Petillo David | Niemi Natalie | Dykema Karl | Chen Jindong | Yang Ximing | Sääf Annika | Zickert Peter | Aly Markus | Bergerheim Ulf | Nordenskjöld Magnus | Gad Sophie | Giraud Sophie | Denoux Yves | Yonneau Laurent | Méjean Arnaud | Vasiliu Viorel | Richard Stéphane | MacKeigan Jeffrey | Teh Bin | Furge Kyle
Deducing corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor type 1 signaling networks from gene expression data by usage of genetic algorithms and graphical Gaussian models

Author(s): Trümbach Dietrich | Graf Cornelia | Pütz Benno | Kühne Claudia | Panhuysen Marcus | Weber Peter | Holsboer Florian | Wurst Wolfgang | Welzl Gerhard | Deussing Jan
In Lysinuric Protein Intolerance system y+L activity is defective in monocytes and in GM-CSF-differentiated macrophages

Author(s): Barilli Amelia | Rotoli Bianca | Visigalli Rossana | Bussolati Ovidio | Gazzola Gian | Kadija Zamir | Rodi Giuseppe | Mariani Francesca | Ruzza Maria | Luisetti Maurizio | Dall'Asta Valeria
Use of a bovine genome array to identify new biological pathways for beef marbling in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)

Author(s): Lee Seung-Hwan | Gondro Cedric | van der Werf Julius | Kim Nam-Kuk | Lim Da-jeong | Park Eung-Woo | Oh Sung-Jong | Gibson John | Thompson John
The two most common histological subtypes of malignant germ cell tumour are distinguished by global microRNA profiles, associated with differential transcription factor expression

Author(s): Murray Matthew | Saini Harpreet | van Dongen Stijn | Palmer Roger | Muralidhar Balaji | Pett Mark | Piipari Matias | Thornton Claire | Nicholson James | Enright Anton | Coleman Nicholas
Transient and etiology-related transcription regulation in cirrhosis prior to hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence

Author(s): Frédérique Caillot, Céline Derambure, Paulette Bioulac-Sage, Arnaud François, Michel Scotte, Odile Goria, Martine Hiron, Maryvonne Daveau, Jean-Philippe Salier
CD74 is a survival receptor on colon epithelial cells

Author(s): Nitsan Maharshak, Sivan Cohen, Frida Lantner, Gili Hart, Lin Leng, Richard Bucala, Idit Shachar
The novel curcumin analog FLLL32 decreases STAT3 DNA binding activity and expression, and induces apoptosis in osteosarcoma cell lines

Author(s): Fossey Stacey | Bear Misty | Lin Jiayuh | Li Chenglong | Schwartz Eric | Li Pui-Kai | Fuchs James | Fenger Joelle | Kisseberth William | London Cheryl
Protocol: A simple phenol-based method for 96-well extraction of high quality RNA from Arabidopsis

Author(s): Box Mathew | Coustham Vincent | Dean Caroline | Mylne Joshua
Deep sequencing of the Camellia sinensis transcriptome revealed candidate genes for major metabolic pathways of tea-specific compounds

Author(s): Shi Cheng-Ying | Yang Hua | Wei Chao-Ling | Yu Oliver | Zhang Zheng-Zhu | Jiang Chang-Jun | Sun Jun | Li Ye-Yun | Chen Qi | Xia Tao | Wan Xiao-Chun
Varied Pathways of Stage IA Lung Adenocarcinomas Discovered by Integrated Gene Expression Analysis

Author(s): Chengwen Chen, Xuping Fu, Deqiang Zhang, Yuan Li, Yi Xie, Yao Li, Yan Huang
Localization, Expression Change in PRRSV Infection and Association Analysis of the Porcine TAP1 Gene

Author(s): Nunu Sun, Dewu Liu, Hongbo Chen, Xiangdong Liu, Fanming Meng, Xianwei Zhang, Huiyong Chen, Shengsong Xie, Xinyun Li, Zhenfang Wu
Molecular Analysis of Malassezia Load in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis

Author(s): Meltem | Ayşe | Canan | Mehmet Ali | Takashi
Cloning and Expression Analysis of a PISTILLATA Homologous Gene from Pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr)

Author(s): Ling-Ling Lv | Jun Duan | Jiang-Hui Xie | Yu-Ge Liu | Chang-Bin Wei | Sheng-Hui Liu | Jian-Xia Zhang | Guang-Ming Sun
microRNA Response to Listeria monocytogenes Infection in Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Benjamin Izar | Gopala Krishna Mannala | Mobarak Abu Mraheil | Trinad Chakraborty | Torsten Hain
Identification of differential gene expressions in colorectal cancer and polyp by cDNA microarray

Author(s): Yi-Chen Dai | Xiao-San Zhu | Qing-Zhen Nan | Zhang-Xin Chen | Jun-Pei Xie | Yu-Ka Fu | Yuan-Yuan Lin | Qing-Na Lian | Qiao-Fang Sang | Xiao-Juan Zhan
Flavonoid Biosynthesis Genes Putatively Identified in the Aromatic Plant Polygonum minus via Expressed Sequences Tag (EST) Analysis

Author(s): Nur Diyana Roslan | Jastina Mat Yusop | Syarul Nataqain Baharum | Roohaida Othman | Zeti-Azura Mohamed-Hussein | Ismanizan Ismail | Normah Mohd Noor | Zamri Zainal
Identification and Characterization of MicroRNAs from Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by High-Throughput Sequencing

Author(s): Shuzuo Lv | Xiaojun Nie | Le Wang | Xianghong Du | Siddanagouda S. Biradar | Xiaoou Jia | Weining Song
HPV positivity varies with technique and primer set, in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded benign and malignant breast tissue from Malta

Author(s): Roderick Mallia | Jean-Paul Mangion | Christian Camenzuli | Annalisse Cassar | Paul Cacciottolo | John Cauchi | Joseph Borg | Sarfraz Ali | Pierre Schembri-Wismayer
Alcohol promotes breast cancer cell invasion by regulating the Nm23-ITGA5 pathway

Author(s): Wong Amy | Paulson Qiwei | Hong Jina | Stubbins Renee | Poh Karen | Schrader Emily | Nunez Nomeli
Therapeutic effects of neuregulin-1 in diabetic cardiomyopathy rats

Author(s): Li Bingong | Zheng Zeqi | Wei Yunfeng | Wang Menghong | Peng Jingtian | Kang Ting | Huang Xin | Xiao Jian | Li Yong | Li Zhe
Identification of imprinted genes subject to parent-of-origin specific expression in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds

Author(s): McKeown Peter | Laouielle-Duprat Sylvia | Prins Pjotr | Wolff Philip | Schmid Marc | Donoghue Mark | Fort Antoine | Duszynska Dorota | Comte Aurélie | Lao Nga | Wennblom Trevor | Smant Geert | Köhler Claudia | Grossniklaus Ueli | Spillane Charles
Differential transcriptomic profiles effected by oil palm phenolics indicate novel health outcomes

Author(s): Leow Soon-Sen | Sekaran Shamala | Sundram Kalyana | Tan YewAi | Sambanthamurthi Ravigadevi
Analysis of MEFV exon methylation and expression patterns in familial Mediterranean fever

Author(s): Kirectepe Asli | Kasapcopur Ozgur | Arisoy Nil | Celikyapi Erdem Gokce | Hatemi Gulen | Ozdogan Huri | Tahir Turanli Eda
Evaluation of two commercial global miRNA expression profiling platforms for detection of less abundant miRNAs

Author(s): Jensen Steffen | Lamy Philippe | Rasmussen Mads | Ostenfeld Marie | Dyrskjøt Lars | Ørntoft Torben | Andersen Claus
IsoformEx: isoform level gene expression estimation using weighted non-negative least squares from mRNA-Seq data

Author(s): Kim Hyunsoo | Bi Yingtao | Pal Sharmistha | Gupta Ravi | Davuluri Ramana
Reference genes for quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction expression studies in wild and cultivated peanut

Author(s): Morgante Carolina | Guimarães Patricia | Martins Andressa | Araújo Ana | Leal-Bertioli Soraya | Bertioli David | Brasileiro Ana
Lentviral-mediated RNAi to inhibit target gene expression of the porcine integrin αv subunit, the FMDV receptor, and against FMDV infection in PK-15 cells

Author(s): Luo Jihuai | Du Junzheng | Gao Shandian | Zhang Guofeng | Sun Jingjing | Cong Guozheng | Shao Junjun | Lin Tong | Chang Huiyun
Elevated levels of circulating IL-7 and IL-15 in patients with early stage prostate cancer

Author(s): Mengus Chantal | Le Magnen Clémentine | Trella Emanuele | Yousef Kawa | Bubendorf Lukas | Provenzano Maurizio | Bachmann Alexander | Heberer Michael | Spagnoli Giulio | Wyler Stephen
Association of C1QB gene polymorphism with schizophrenia in Armenian population

Author(s): Zakharyan Roksana | Khoyetsyan Aren | Arakelyan Arsen | Boyajyan Anna | Gevorgyan Anaida | Stahelova Anna | Mrazek Frantisek | Petrek Martin
Curcumin is a potent modulator of microglial gene expression and migration

Author(s): Karlstetter Marcus | Lippe Elena | Walczak Yana | Moehle Christoph | Aslanidis Alexander | Mirza Myriam | Langmann Thomas
Prevention of siderophore- mediated gut-derived sepsis due to P. aeruginosa can be achieved without iron provision by maintaining local phosphate abundance: role of pH

Author(s): Romanowski Kathleen | Zaborin Alexander | Fernandez Hoylan | Poroyko Valeriy | Valuckaite Vesta | Gerdes Svetlana | Liu Donald | Zaborina Olga | Alverdy John
miRNA regulation of cytotoxic effects in mouse Sertoli cells exposed to nonylphenol

Author(s): Choi Jin-Sung | Oh Jung-Hwa | Park Han-Jin | Choi Mi-Sun | Park Se-Myo | Kang Seung-Jun | Oh Moon-Ju | Kim Seung Jun | Hwang Seung Yong | Yoon Seokjoo
Comprehensive analysis of clinical significance of stem-cell related factors in renal cell cancer

Author(s): Liu Yongchao | Zhang Changcun | Fan Jie | Xiao Lei | Yin Bingde | Zhou Libin | Xia Shujie
HNF1α inhibition triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human liver cancer cell lines

Author(s): Pelletier Laura | Rebouissou Sandra | Vignjevic Danijela | Bioulac-Sage Paulette | Zucman-Rossi Jessica
EFEMP1 suppresses malignant glioma growth and exerts its action within the tumor extracellular compartment

Author(s): Hu Yuanjie | Pioli Peter | Siegel Eric | Zhang Qinghua | Nelson Jodi | Chaturbedi Abhishek | Mathews Marlon | Ro Daniel | Alkafeef Selma | Hsu Nelson | Hamamura Mark | Yu Liping | Hess Kenneth | Tromberg Bruce | Linskey Mark | Zhou Yi-Hong
Screening and identification of seed-specific genes using digital differential display tools combined with microarray data from common wheat

Author(s): Yang Xinglu | Xu Hongliang | Li Wenhui | Li Le | Sun Jinyue | Li Yaxuan | Yan Yueming | Hu Yingkao
Effect of the down-regulation of the high Grain Protein Content (GPC) genes on the wheat transcriptome during monocarpic senescence

Author(s): Cantu Dario | Pearce Stephen | Distelfeld Assaf | Christiansen Michael | Uauy Cristobal | Akhunov Eduard | Fahima Tzion | Dubcovsky Jorge
Comparative study on saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng inhibiting inflammation-induced endothelial adhesion molecule expression and monocyte adhesion

Author(s): Wang Nan | Wan Jian-Bo | Chan Shun-Wan | Deng Yan-Hui | Yu Nan | Zhang Qing-Wen | Wang Yi-Tao | Lee Simon
Cis-regulatory functions of overlapping HIF-1alpha/E-box/AP-1-like sequences of CD164

Author(s): Tang Jingqun | Luo Zhaohui | Zhou Guangqian | Song Chao | Yu Fenglei | Xiang Juanjuan | Li Gang
Age-related changes in relative expression stability of commonly used housekeeping genes in selected porcine tissues

Author(s): Uddin Muhammad | Cinar Mehmet | Tesfaye Dawit | Looft Christian | Tholen Ernst | Schellander Karl
Evaluation of Internal Reference Genes for Quantitative Expression Analysis by Real-Time PCR in Ovine Whole Blood

Author(s): Simone Peletto | Simone Bertuzzi | Chiara Campanella | Paola Modesto | Maria Grazia Maniaci | Claudio Bellino | Dario Ariello | Antonio Quasso | Maria Caramelli | Pier Luigi Acutis
Viral kinetics of Enterovirus 71 in human abdomyosarcoma cells

Author(s): Jing Lu | Ya-Qing He | Li-Na Yi | Hong Zan | Hsiang-Fu Kung | Ming-Liang He
Mir-155 Downregulation by miRCURY LNA™ microRNA Inhibitor Can Increase alpha Chain Hemoglobins Expression in Erythroleukemic K562 Cell Line

Author(s): Shaban Alizadeh | Saeid Kaviani | Masoud Soleimani | Fatemeh Kouhkan | Ali Akbar Pourfathollah | Naser Amirizadeh | Saeid Abroun | Mehrdad Noruzinia
MicroRNAs as a potential prognostic factor in gastric cancer

Author(s): Baruch Brenner | Moshe B Hoshen | Ofer Purim | Miriam Ben David | Karin Ashkenazi | Gideon Marshak | Yulia Kundel | Ronen Brenner | Sara Morgenstern | Marisa Halpern | Nitzan Rosenfeld | Ayelet Chajut | Yaron Niv | Michal Kushnir
Effect On Alpha Hemoglobin Chain Expression In K562 Cell Line

Author(s): Sh Alizadeh | S Kaviani | M Soleimani | AA Pourfathollah | N Amirizadeh | F Kouhkan | S Abroun | M Noruzinia
High-Density Real-Time PCR-Based in Vivo Toxicogenomic Screen to Predict Organ-Specific Toxicity

Author(s): Gabriella Fabian | Nora Farago | Liliana Z. Feher | Lajos I. Nagy | Sandor Kulin | Klara Kitajka | Tamas Bito | Vilmos Tubak | Robert L. Katona | Laszlo Tiszlavicz | Laszlo G. Puskas
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses against melanocytes and melanoma

Author(s): Chang Gwendolen | Kohrt Holbrook | Stuge Tor | Schwartz Erich | Weber Jeffrey | Lee Peter
Characterization of chronic HCV infection-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Bahnassy Abeer | Hafez Mohamed | Hassan Zeinab | Kamel Mahmoud | Loutfy Samah | Sherif Ghada | El-Zayadi Abdel-Rahman | Daoud Sayed
Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) polyubiquitin gene (PvUbi1 and PvUbi2) promoters for use in plant transformation

Author(s): Mann David | King Zachary | Liu Wusheng | Joyce Blake | Percifield Ryan | Hawkins Jennifer | LaFayette Peter | Artelt Barbara | Burris Jason | Mazarei Mitra | Bennetzen Jeffrey | Parrott Wayne | Stewart Charles
Heteroarylketones inhibit astroglial interleukin-6 expression via a STAT3/NF-κB signaling pathway

Author(s): Schulz Ingo | Engel Claudia | Niestroj André | Zeitschel Ulrike | Menge Katja | Kehlen Astrid | Meyer Antje | Roßner Steffen | Demuth Hans-Ulrich
Regulation of the stem cell marker CD133 is independent of promoter hypermethylation in human epithelial differentiation and cancer

Author(s): Pellacani Davide | Packer Richard | Frame Fiona | Oldridge Emma | Berry Paul | Labarthe Marie-Christine | Stower Michael | Simms Matthew | Collins Anne | Maitland Norman
Genetic analysis and morphological identification of pilus-like structures in members of the genus Bifidobacterium

Author(s): Foroni Elena | Serafini Fausta | Amidani Davide | Turroni Francesca | He Fei | Bottacini Francesca | O’Connell Motherway Mary | Viappiani Alice | Zhang Ziding | Rivetti Claudio | van Sinderen Douwe | Ventura Marco
Postconditioning inhibits myocardial apoptosis during prolonged reperfusion via a JAK2-STAT3-Bcl-2 pathway

Author(s): Tian Yikui | Zhang Wenjuan | Xia Dachuan | Modi Paul | Liang Degang | Wei Minxin
Development of an optimized method for the detection of airborne viruses with real-time PCR analysis

Author(s): Ziros Panos | Kokkinos Petros | Legaki Euaggelia | Vantarakis Apostolos
Identification of Candidate Genes related to Bovine Marbling using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Author(s): Dajeong Lim, Nam-Kuk Kim, Hye-Sun Park, Seung-Hwan Lee, Yong-Min Cho, Sung Jong Oh, Tae-Hun Kim, Heebal Kim
Loss of aquaporin-4 expression and putative function in non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Warth Arne | Muley Thomas | Meister Michael | Herpel Esther | Pathil Anita | Hoffmann Hans | Schnabel Philipp | Bender Christian | Buness Andreas | Schirmacher Peter | Kuner Ruprecht
A quantitative real-time RT-PCR assay for mature C. albicans biofilms

Author(s): Xie Zhihong | Thompson Angela | Kashleva Helena | Dongari-Bagtzoglou Anna
Isomalto oligosaccharide sulfate inhibits tumor growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma in nude mice

Author(s): Xiao Chun-Li | Tao Zhong-Hua | Guo Lin | Li Wei-Wei | Wan Jin-Liang | Sun Hui-Chuan | Wang Lu | Tang Zhao-You | Fan Jia | Wu Wei-Zhong
SNPs and real-time quantitative PCR method for constitutional allelic copy number determination, the VPREB1 marker case

Author(s): Frigerio Marcello | Passeri Elena | de Filippis Tiziana | Rusconi Daniela | Valaperta Rea | Carminati Mario | Donnangelo Anita | Costa Elena | Persani Luca | Finelli Palma | Corbetta Sabrina
Understanding Streptococcus suis serotype 2 infection in pigs through a transcriptional approach

Author(s): Liu Manli | Fang Liurong | Tan Chen | Long Tiansi | Chen Huanchun | Xiao Shaobo
Structural and histological characterization of oviductal magnum and lectin-binding patterns in Gallus domesticus

Author(s): Jung Jin | Lim Whasun | Park Tae | Kim Jin | Han Beom | Song Gwonhwa | Han Jae
MMP28 (epilysin) as a novel promoter of invasion and metastasis in gastric cancer

Author(s): Jian Pan | Yanfang Tao | Zhuan Zhou | Jian Wang | Xueming Zhu | Jian Ni
Selection of reference genes for normalization of quantitative real-time PCR in organ culture of the rat and rabbit intervertebral disc

Author(s): Seol Dongrim | Choe Hyeonghun | Zheng Hongjun | Jang Keewoong | Ramakrishnan Prem | Lim Tae-Hong | Martin James
Establishment of real-time quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay for transcriptional analysis of duck enteritis virus UL55 gene

Author(s): Wu Ying | Cheng Anchun | Wang Mingshu | Zhang Shunchuan | Zhu Dekang | Jia Renyong | Luo Qihui | Chen Zhengli | Chen Xiaoyue
WRKY Transcription Factors Involved in Activation of SA Biosynthesis Genes

Author(s): van Verk Marcel | Bol John | Linthorst Huub
Transcription factors Sp1 and Sp4 regulate TRPV1 gene expression in rat sensory neurons

Author(s): Chu Catherine | Zavala Kathryn | Fahimi Atefeh | Lee Jessica | Xue Qing | Eilers Helge | Schumacher Mark
High quality RNA isolation from Aedes aegypti midguts using laser microdissection microscopy

Author(s): Hong Young | Kang Seokyoung | Han Manjong | Gobert Geoffrey | Jones Malcolm
A combination of transcriptome and methylation analyses reveals embryologically-relevant candidate genes in MRKH patients

Author(s): Rall Katharina | Barresi Gianmaria | Walter Michael | Poths Sven | Haebig Karina | Schaeferhoff Karin | Schoenfisch Birgitt | Riess Olaf | Wallwiener Diethelm | Bonin Michael | Brucker Sara
Minichromosome Maintenance Protein 7 is a potential therapeutic target in human cancer and a novel prognostic marker of non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Toyokawa Gouji | Masuda Ken | Daigo Yataro | Cho Hyun-Soo | Yoshimatsu Masanori | Takawa Masashi | Hayami Shinya | Maejima Kazuhiro | Chino Makoto | Field Helen | Neal David | Tsuchiya Eiju | Ponder Bruce | Maehara Yoshihiko | Nakamura Yusuke | Hamamoto Ryuji
Low expression of aldehyde deyhdrogenase 1A1 (ALDH1A1) is a prognostic marker for poor survival in pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Kahlert Christoph | Bergmann Frank | Beck Janine | Welsch Thilo | Mogler Carolin | Herpel Esther | Dutta Shamik | Niemietz Thomas | Koch Moritz | Weitz Jürgen
Regulation of gene expression in ovarian cancer cells by luteinizing hormone receptor expression and activation

Author(s): Cui Juan | Miner Brooke | Eldredge Joanna | Warrenfeltz Susanne | Dam Phuongan | Xu Ying | Puett David
A microarray approach to identify genes involved in seed-pericarp cross-talk and development in peach

Author(s): Bonghi Claudio | Trainotti Livio | Botton Alessandro | Tadiello Alice | Rasori Angela | Ziliotto Fiorenza | Zaffalon Valerio | Casadoro Giorgio | Ramina Angelo
The Arabidopsis translocator protein (AtTSPO) is regulated at multiple levels in response to salt stress and perturbations in tetrapyrrole metabolism

Author(s): Balsemão-Pires Emilia | Jaillais Yvon | Olson Bradley | Andrade Leonardo | Umen James | Chory Joanne | Sachetto-Martins Gilberto
Expression of Tissue factor in Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix: Implications for immunotherapy with hI-con1, a factor VII-IgGFc chimeric protein targeting tissue factor

Author(s): Cocco Emiliano | Varughese Joyce | Buza Natalia | Bellone Stefania | Glasgow Michelle | Bellone Marta | Todeschini Paola | Carrara Luisa | Silasi Dan-Arin | Azodi Masoud | Schwartz Peter | Rutherford Thomas | Pecorelli Sergio | Lockwood Charles | Santin Alessandro
The asthma candidate gene NPSR1 mediates isoform specific downstream signalling

Author(s): Pietras Christina | Vendelin Johanna | Anedda Francesca | Bruce Sara | Adner Mikael | Sundman Lilli | Pulkkinen Ville | Alenius Harri | D'Amato Mauro | Söderhäll Cilla | Kere Juha
A DNA vaccine against an H1N1 avian influenza virus induced humoral and cell-mediated immunity in SPF chickens

Author(s): Hongzhuan Wu | Karyn Scissum-Gunn | Shree R Singh | Narendra K Singh | Shan-Chia Ou | Joseph J Giambrone
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