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A sampling algorithm for segregation analysis

Author(s): Tier Bruce | Henshall John
Fuzzy Risk Graph Model for Determining Safety Integrity Level

Author(s): R. Nait-Said | F. Zidani | N. Ouzraoui
CASCADE: a novel quasi all paths-based network analysis algorithm for clustering biological interactions

Author(s): Hwang Woochang | Cho Young-Rae | Zhang Aidong | Ramanathan Murali
The Human EST Ontology Explorer: a tissue-oriented visualization system for ontologies distribution in human EST collections

Author(s): Merelli Ivan | Caprera Andrea | Stella Alessandra | Del Corvo Marcello | Milanesi Luciano | Lazzari Barbara
Odefy -- From discrete to continuous models

Author(s): Krumsiek Jan | Pölsterl Sebastian | Wittmann Dominik | Theis Fabian
A Network Model of Interpersonal Alignment in Dialog

Author(s): Alexander Mehler | Andy Lücking | Petra Weiß
Diallel analysis for seed yield and its component traits in Cuphea procumbens

Author(s): Singh S.P. | Singh Meenakshi | Yadav H.K.
Visual vs. quantitative electroencephalographic analysis in patients with and without posttraumatic epilepsy

Author(s): Lješević Biljana | Martinović Žarko | Popović Mirjana | Jović Stevan
Symmetry in Complex Networks

Author(s): Angel Garrido
GraphCrunch 2: Software tool for network modeling, alignment and clustering

Author(s): Kuchaiev Oleksii | Stevanović Aleksandar | Hayes Wayne | Pržulj Nataša
Statistical Viewer: a tool to upload and integrate linkage and association data as plots displayed within the Ensembl genome browser

Author(s): Stenger Judith | Xu Hong | Haynes Carol | Hauser Elizabeth | Pericak-Vance Margaret | Goldschmidt-Clermont Pascal | Vance Jeffery
A quantitative analysis of secondary RNA structure using domination based parameters on trees

Author(s): Haynes Teresa | Knisley Debra | Seier Edith | Zou Yue

Author(s): Gerard Van Dalen | Peter Nootenboom | Lucas J Van Vliet | Lennard Voortman | Erik Esveld
VennMaster: Area-proportional Euler diagrams for functional GO analysis of microarrays

Author(s): Kestler Hans | Müller André | Kraus Johann | Buchholz Malte | Gress Thomas | Liu Hongfang | Kane David | Zeeberg Barry | Weinstein John
Information Theory of Networks

Author(s): Matthias Dehmer
Quantitative metric profiles capture three-dimensional temporospatial architecture to discriminate cellular functional states

Author(s): McKeen-Polizzotti Lindsey | Henderson Kira | Oztan Basak | Bilgin C Cagatay | Yener Bülent | Plopper George
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