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Wave packet evolution of damped oscillator with a time dependent linear potential

Author(s): Akpan N. Ikot | Edet J. Uwah | Louis E. Akpabio | and Ita O. Akpan
Symplectic structures and dynamical symmetry groups

Author(s): Torres del Castillo, G. F. | Velázquez Quesada, M.P.
Quantum Deformations and Superintegrable Motions on Spaces with Variable Curvature

Author(s): Orlando Ragnisco | Ángel Ballesteros | Francisco J. Herranz | Fabio Musso
A Super-Integrable Two-Dimensional Non-Linear Oscillator with an Exactly Solvable Quantum Analog

Author(s): José F. Cariñena | Manuel F. Rañada | Mariano Santander
The Einstein model and the heat capacity of solids under high pressures

Author(s): N. Aquino | V. Granados | H. Yee-Madeira
Nonlinear (Anharmonic) Casimir Oscillator

Author(s): Habibollah Razmi | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mahnaz Abdollahi | Seyed Mahdi Fazeli
Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics and Painlevé IV Equation

Author(s): David Bermúdez | David J. Fernández C.
Models of damped oscillators in quantum mechanics

Author(s): Ricardo Cordero-Soto | Erwin Suazo | Sergei K. Suslov
Multi-Well Potentials in Quantum Mechanics and Stochastic Processes

Author(s): Victor P. Berezovoj | Glib I. Ivashkevych | Mikhail I. Konchatnij
Thermodynamic Properties of the Harmonic Oscillator and a Four Level System

Author(s): Oladunjoye Aina Awoga | Akpan N. Ikot | Aniesua A Essiett | Louis Ete Akpabio
Superintegrable Oscillator and Kepler Systems on Spaces of Nonconstant Curvature via the Stäckel Transform

Author(s): Ángel Ballesteros | Alberto Enciso | Francisco J. Herranz | Orlando Ragnisco | Danilo Riglioni
Electron Monopole Duality in Quantum Hall Effect

Author(s): Pawan Ku. Joshi | Praveen Singh Bisht | Om Prakash Singh Negi
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