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Enhancement of Gamma Radiation-induced Cytotoxicity of Breast Cancer Cells by Curcumin

Author(s): Swati Girdhani1 | Mansoor M. Ahmed | Kaushala P. Mishra1
Cancer Stem Cells and Pediatric Solid Tumors

Author(s): Gregory K. Friedman | G. Yancey Gillespie
Canine Mammary Cancer Stem Cells are Radio- and Chemo- Resistant and Exhibit an Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Phenotype

Author(s): Lisa Y. Pang | Alejandro Cervantes-Arias | Rod W. Else | David J. Argyle
Impacting tumor cell-fate by targeting the inhibitor of apoptosis protein survivin

Author(s): Kelly Ronan | Lopez-Chavez Ariel | Citrin Deborah | Janik John | Morris John
Cancer Immunotherapy

Author(s): Monica RP Rao | UR Adagale | Abhijeet Shetty | Prachi Namjoshi | Priyanka Gaitonde | Pritesh Jain
Deciphering peculiar protein-protein interacting modules in Deinococcus radiodurans

Author(s): Mezhoud Karim | Sghaier Haïtham | Barkallah Insaf
Characterization of material composite marble-polyester

Author(s): Corpas, F. A. | Iglesias, F. J. | Codina, S. | Ruiz Román, J. M. | Ruiz Prieto, J. M. | Alonso, C.
Role of 14-3-3σ in poor prognosis and in radiation and drug resistance of human pancreatic cancers

Author(s): Li Zhaomin | Dong Zizheng | Myer David | Yip-Schneider Michele | Liu Jianguo | Cui Ping | Schmidt C Max | Zhang Jian-Ting
Cancer Stem Cells in Head and Neck Cancer

Author(s): Doyel Mitra | Stephen P. Malkoski | Xiao-Jing Wang
Treatment Resistance Mechanisms of Malignant Glioma Tumor Stem Cells

Author(s): Philip G.R. Schmalz | Michael J. Shen | John K. Park
Brain Cancer Stem Cells: Current Status on Glioblastoma Multiforme

Author(s): Sabrina Facchino | Mohamed Abdouh | Gilbert Bernier
Structural and electrical properties of infinite-layer CaCuO2 under high pressure

Author(s): X.M. Qin, Q.Q. Liu, Y. Yu, Z.X. Bao, F.Y. Li, R.C Yu, J. Liu and C.Q. Jin
Novel Prodrugs for Targeting Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radionuclides to Solid Tumors

Author(s): Amin I. Kassis | Houari Korideck | Ketai Wang | Pavel Pospisil | S. James Adelstein
Two Improvements of an Operational Two-Layer Model for Terrestrial Surface Heat Flux Retrieval

Author(s): Renhua Zhang | Jing Tian | Hongbo Su | Xiaomin Sun | Shaohui Chen | Jun Xia
Analysis of the strength properties of pea stems

Author(s): G. Skubisz | T.I. Kravtsova | L.P. Velikanov
Genetic structure along an elevational gradient in Hawaiian honeycreepers reveals contrasting evolutionary responses to avian malaria

Author(s): Eggert Lori | Terwilliger Lauren | Woodworth Bethany | Hart Patrick | Palmer Danielle | Fleischer Robert
Ultraviolet Radiation Sensitivity in Cave Bacteria: Evidence of Adaptation to the Subsurface?

Author(s): Snider Jessica R. | Goin Caitlin | Miller Robert V. | Boston Penelope J. | Northup Diana E.
Temozolomide with Radiation Therapy in High Grade Brain Gliomas: Pharmaceuticals Considerations and Efficacy;A Review Article

Author(s): Georgios V. Koukourakis | Vassilios Kouloulias | Georgios Zacharias | Christos Papadimitriou | Panagiotis Pantelakos | George Maravelis | Andreas Fotineas | Ivelina Beli | Demetrios Chaldeopoulos | John Kouvaris
Comparative genomics of Toll-like receptor signalling in five species

Author(s): Jann Oliver | King Annemarie | Corrales Nestor | Anderson Susan | Jensen Kirsty | Ait-ali Tahar | Tang Haizhou | Wu Chunhua | Cockett Noelle | Archibald Alan | Glass Elizabeth
Severe hypoxia induces chemo-resistance in clinical cervical tumors through MVP over-expression

Author(s): Lara Pedro | Lloret Marta | Clavo Bernardino | Apolinario Rosa | Henríquez-Hernández Luis | Bordón Elisa | Fontes Fausto | Rey Agustín
The drug-resistance to gefitinib in PTEN low expression cancer cells is reversed by irradiation in vitro

Author(s): Zhuang Hong-Qing | Wang Jun | Yuan Zhi-Yong | Zhao Lu-Jun | Wang Ping | Wang Chang-Li
Diode laser gas nitriding of Ti6Al4V alloy

Author(s): A. Lisiecki | A. Klimpel
Polymorphisms within the Toll-Like Receptor (TLR)-2, -4, and -6 Genes in Cattle

Author(s): Marco Mariotti | John L. Williams | Susana Dunner | Alessio Valentini | Lorraine Pariset
AT-101, a small molecule inhibitor of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members, activates the SAPK/JNK pathway and enhances radiation-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Zerp Shuraila | Stoter Rianne | Kuipers Gitta | Yang Dajun | Lippman Marc | van Blitterswijk Wim | Bartelink Harry | Rooswinkel Rogier | Lafleur Vincent | Verheij Marcel
STAT1-dependent expression of energy metabolic pathways links tumour growth and radioresistance to the Warburg effect

Author(s): Pitroda Sean | Wakim Bassam | Sood Ravi | Beveridge Mara | Beckett Michael | MacDermed Dhara | Weichselbaum Ralph | Khodarev Nikolai
Amorphous carbon layers on polymeric substrates

Author(s): R.M. Nowak | S. Jonas | S. Zimowski | K. Tkacz-Śmiech
Hyperoxia increases the uptake of 5-fluorouracil in mammary tumors independently of changes in interstitial fluid pressure and tumor stroma

Author(s): Moen Ingrid | Tronstad Karl | Kolmannskog Odd | Salvesen Gerd | Reed Rolf | Stuhr Linda
Role of p53 mutation in the effect of boron neutron capture therapy on oral squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Fujita Yusei | Kato Itsuro | Iwai Soichi | Ono Koji | Suzuki Minoru | Sakurai Yoshinori | Ohnishi Ken | Ohnishi Takeo | Yura Yoshiaki
Seasonal change in CO2 and H2O exchange between grassland and atmosphere

Author(s): N. Saigusa | S. Liu | T. Oikawa | T. Watanabe
The Use of Ozone Gas for Medical Purposes

Author(s): Mehmet Ozler | Sukru Oter | Ahmet Korkmaz
Optical Fiber Distributed Sensing System Applied in Cement Concrete Commixture Research

Author(s): P. Koudelka | B. Petrujova | J. Latal | F. Hanacek | P. Siska | J. Skapa | V. Vasinek
Influencia del arenado de la aleación Ti6Al4V en la dureza subsuperficial y estado de tensiones residuales

Author(s): Multigner, M. | Fernández-Castrillo, P. | Ferreira-Barragans, S. | González-Doncel, G. | González-Carrasco, J. L.
Interference with Activator Protein-2 transcription factors leads to induction of apoptosis and an increase in chemo- and radiation-sensitivity in breast cancer cells

Author(s): Thewes Verena | Orso Francesca | Jäger Richard | Eckert Dawid | Schäfer Sabine | Kirfel Gregor | Garbe Stephan | Taverna Daniela | Schorle Hubert
Melanoma: A model for testing new agents in combination therapies

Author(s): Ascierto Paolo | Streicher Howard | Sznol Mario
Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines in Combination with Conventional Therapy

Author(s): Mads Hald Andersen | Niels Junker | Eva Ellebaek | Inge Marie Svane | Per thor Straten
Neoplastic transformation of breast epithelial cells by genotoxic stress

Author(s): Botlagunta Mahendran | Winnard Paul | Raman Venu
Prolactinomas, Cushing's disease and acromegaly: debating the role of medical therapy for secretory pituitary adenomas

Author(s): Biller Beverly | Colao Annamaria | Petersenn Stephan | Bonert Vivien | Boscaro Marco
Investigations on Radiosensitivity of Some Grape Varieties

Author(s): Harun �oban | Serdar Kara | Ertan Ilter
The influence of gamma and X-radiation on pre-breakdown currents and resistance of commercial gas filled surge arresters

Author(s): Lončar Boris B. | Stanković Srboljub J. | Vasić Aleksandra I. | Osmokrović Predrag
Electro chemical studies on stress corrosion cracking of Incoloy-800 in caustic solution, part I: As received samples

Author(s): Dinu Alice | Fulger Manuela | Ionescu Dragos | Velciu Lucian | Radulescu Maria
Simulated exposure of titanium dioxide memristors to ion beams

Author(s): Marjanović Nada S. | Vujisić Miloš Lj. | Stanković Koviljka Đ. | Despotović Dejan | Osmokrović Predrag V.
The influence of leaf photosynthetic efficiency and stomatal closure on canopy carbon uptake and evapotranspiration – a model study in wheat and sugar beet

Author(s): A. Schickling | A. Graf | R. Pieruschka | C. Plückers | H. Geiß | I.-L. Lai | J. H. Schween | K. Erentok | M. Schmidt | A. Wahner | S. Crewell | U. Rascher
Imaging body composition in obesity and weight loss: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): Heidi J Silver | E Brian Welch | Malcolm J Avison | et al
Caffeine-suppressed ATM pathway leads to decreased p53 phosphorylation and increased programmed cell death in gamma-irradiated leukaemic molt-4 cells

Author(s): Ales Tichy | Darina Muthna | Jirina Vavrova | Jaroslav Pejchal | Jirina Sinkorova | Lenka Zarybnicka | Martina Rezacova
Enhancement of radiosensitivity in human glioblastoma cells by the DNA N-mustard alkylating agent BO-1051 through augmented and sustained DNA damage response

Author(s): Chu Pei-Ming | Chiou Shih-Hwa | Su Tsann-Long | Lee Yi-Jang | Chen Li-Hsin | Chen Yi-Wei | Yen Sang-Hue | Chen Ming-Teh | Chen Ming-Hsiung | Shih Yang-Hsin | Tu Pang-Hsien | Ma Hsin-I
Identification and evaluation of the role of the manganese efflux protein in Deinococcus radiodurans

Author(s): Sun Hongxing | Xu Guangzhi | Zhan Hongdan | Chen Huan | Sun Zongtao | Tian Bing | Hua Yuejin
The Akt-inhibitor Erufosine induces apoptotic cell death in prostate cancer cells and increases the short term effects of ionizing radiation

Author(s): Rudner Justine | Ruiner Carola-Ellen | Handrick René | Eibl Hans-Jörg | Belka Claus | Jendrossek Verena
Glacial debris cover and melt water production for glaciers in the Altay, Russia

Author(s): C. Mayer | A. Lambrecht | W. Hagg | Y. Narozhny
Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bcl-2 Family Proteins for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ashiq Masood | Asfar S. Azmi | Ramzi M. Mohammad
Non-invasive means of measuring hepatic fat content

Author(s): Sanjeev R Mehta, E Louise Thomas, Jimmy D Bell, Desmond G Johnston, Simon D Taylor-Robinson
Investigation of tumor hypoxia using a two-enzyme system for in vitro generation of oxygen deficiency

Author(s): Askoxylakis Vasileios | Millonig Gunda | Wirkner Ute | Schwager Christian | Rana Shoaib | Altmann Annette | Haberkorn Uwe | Debus Jürgen | Mueller Sebastian | Huber Peter
The antiapoptotic gene survivin is highly expressed in human chondrosarcoma and promotes drug resistance in chondrosarcoma cells in vitro

Author(s): Lechler Philipp | Renkawitz Tobias | Campean Valentina | Balakrishnan Sanjeevi | Tingart Markus | Grifka Joachim | Schaumburger Jens
Basal DNA repair machinery is subject to positive selection in ionizing-radiation-resistant bacteria

Author(s): Sghaier Haïtham | Ghedira Kaïs | Benkahla Alia | Barkallah Insaf
Metabolitos secundarios de líquenes de la zona nival de la Sierra Nevada de Mérida-Venezuela y su papel en la absorción de la radiación ultravioleta

Author(s): Palacios-Prü, Ernesto | Mendoza-Briceño, Rosa Virginia | Peña-Contreras, Zulma | Dávila-Vera, Delsy | Rojas, Paula Andrea | Marcano, Vicente | Balza-Quintero, Alirio | Rojas-Fernández, José Alberto
Role of nitric oxide synthase in insect cell radioresistance: an in-silico analysis

Author(s): Shubhankar Suman | Rakesh Kumar Seth | Sudhir Chandna
Development of a multiwire position sensitive proportional counter

Author(s): Kakavand Tayeb | Nasseri Mohammad M. | Sharifi Bahador | Razavi Rohallah
Simulated radiation effects in the superinsulating phase of titanium nitride films

Author(s): Vujisić Miloš Lj. | Matijašević Dušan S. | Dolićanin Edin Ć. | Osmokrović Predrag V.
Growth of trees and microclimates in a gap dependent forest in Central Amazônia

Author(s): Akio Tsuchiya | Akira Tanaka | Niro Higuchi | Pedro Braga Lisboa
Caffeine-suppressed ATM pathway leads to decreased p53 phosphorylation and increased programmed cell death in gamma-irradiated leukaemic molt-4 cells

Author(s): Ales Tichy | Darina Muthna | Jirina Vavrova | Jaroslav Pejchal | Jirina Sinkorova | Lenka Zarybnicka | Martina Rezacova
Produção e caracterização de espumas macrocelulares de alumina para aplicação em queimadores radiantes

Author(s): Verônica Moreno | Jairo Arturo Escobar | Oscar A. Alvarez | Carlos Renato Rambo | Antônio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira | Dachamir Hotza
Alterations of protein and DNA profiles of Zea mays L. under UV- B radiation

Author(s): A. John De Britto | M. Jeevitha | T. Leon Stephan Raj
Nonlinear controls on evapotranspiration in arctic coastal wetlands

Author(s): A. K. Liljedahl | L. D. Hinzman | Y. Harazono | D. Zona | C. E. Tweedie | R. D. Hollister | R. Engstrom | W. C. Oechel
MVP and vaults: a role in the radiation response

Author(s): Lara Pedro | Pruschy Martin | Zimmermann Martina | Henríquez-Hernández Luis
Resveratrol enhances prostate cancer cell response to ionizing radiation. Modulation of the AMPK, Akt and mTOR pathways

Author(s): Rashid Ayesha | Liu Caiqiong | Sanli Toran | Tsiani Evangelia | Singh Gurmit | Bristow Robert | Dayes Ian | Lukka Himu | Wright James | Tsakiridis Theodoros
Regional lymphadenectomy strongly recommended in T1b gallbladder cancer

Author(s): Ulrich Klaus Fetzner | Arnulf H Hölscher | Dirk L Stippel
The study of influence of some physicochemical agents in resistance pattern of Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Author(s): Rouha Kasra Kermanshahi | Mohammad Kazemi | Ebrahim Heshmat Dehkordi, | Fereidun Payami
Analysis of Performance Parameters of Amorphous Photovoltaic Modules under Different Environmental Conditions

Author(s): A.A. Ghoneim | K.M. Kandil | A.Y. Al-Hasan | M. S. Altouq | A.M. Al-asaad | L. M. Alshamari | A. A. Shamsaldein
Nonlinear controls on evapotranspiration in Arctic coastal wetlands

Author(s): A. K. Liljedahl | L. D. Hinzman | Y. Harazono | D. Zona | C. E. Tweedie | R. D. Hollister | R. Engstrom | W. C. Oechel
Doxorubicin-loaded PEG-PCL copolymer micelles enhance cytotoxicity and intracellular accumulation of doxorubicin in adriamycin-resistant tumor cells

Author(s): Diao YY | Li HY | Fu YH | Han M | Hu YL | Jiang HL | Tsutsumi Y | Wei QC | Chen DW | Gao JQ
Hyperactivation of NF-κB via the MEK signaling is indispensable for the inhibitory effect of cAMP on DNA damage-induced cell death

Author(s): Kloster Martine | Naderi Elin | Carlsen Harald | Blomhoff Heidi | Naderi Soheil
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in the Midas cichlid fish pharyngeal jaw and its relevance in adaptive radiation

Author(s): Muschick Moritz | Barluenga Marta | Salzburger Walter | Meyer Axel
Combined low initial DNA damage and high radiation-induced apoptosis confers clinical resistance to long-term toxicity in breast cancer patients treated with high-dose radiotherapy

Author(s): Henríquez-Hernández Luis | Carmona-Vigo Ruth | Pinar Beatriz | Bordón Elisa | Lloret Marta | Núñez María | Rodríguez-Gallego Carlos | Lara Pedro
Delayed cell death associated with mitotic catastrophe in γ-irradiated stem-like glioma cells

Author(s): Firat Elke | Gaedicke Simone | Tsurumi Chizuko | Esser Norbert | Weyerbrock Astrid | Niedermann Gabriele
Transport processes of radiopharmaceuticals and -modulators

Author(s): Efferth Thomas | Langguth Peter
Predictive role of mitochondrial genome in the stress resistance of insects and nematodes

Author(s): Akshay Pandey, , | Shubhankar Suman | Sudhir Chandna
Trends in climatic variables and future reference evapotranspiration in Duero Valley (Spain)

Author(s): R. Moratiel | R. L. Snyder | J. M. Durán | A. M. Tarquis
Electrical Performance Study of a Large Area Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Using a Current Shunt and a Micropotentiometer

Author(s): Hala Mohamed Abdel Mageed | Ahmed Faheem Zobaa | Ahmed Ghitas | Mohamed Helmy Abdel Raouf | Mohamed Sabry | Abla Hosni Abd El-Rahman | Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Aziz
Effects of electron radiation on properties of PLA

Author(s): R. Malinowski | P. Rytlewski | M. Żenkiewicz
The corrosion resistance of zinc-nickel composite coatings

Author(s): J. Panek | Bierska-Piech | M. Karolus
Photodegradation of two tropical wood species: jatobá (Hymenaea courbaril) and tauari (Couratari oblongifolia) submitted to ultraviolet radiation

Author(s): Julia de Almeida Costa | Joaquim Carlos Gonçalez | José Arlete Alves Camargos | Igor Alberto Silva Gomes
Analytical Analysis of Roof Top Solar Chimney for Power Generation

Author(s): K.V. Sreejaya | Hussain H. Al-Kayiem | Syed Ihtsham Ul-Haq Gilani
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