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Undifferentiated Carcinoma of Larynx of Nasopharyngeal Type

Author(s): Sandeep Bansal | Amit Shankar | Ashok K Gupta
Discriminating Gene Expression Signature of Radiation-Induced Thyroid Tumors after Either External Exposure or Internal Contamination

Author(s): Catherine Ory | Nicolas Ugolin | Martin Schlumberger | Paul Hofman | Sylvie Chevillard
Serum soluble Fas ligand (sFasL) in patients with primary squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.

Author(s): Miroslaw Kozlowski | Oksana Kowalczuk | Anetta Sulewska | Piotr Dziegielewski | Grzegorz Lapuc | Wojciech Laudanski | Wieslawa Niklinska | Lech Chyczewski | Jacek Niklinski | Jerzy Laudanski
Effect of infliximab on the levels of TNF-alpha and TGF-beta in the whole blood cultures of irradiated patients.

Author(s): Elzbieta Staroslawska | Krzysztof J Czarnocki | Maria Koziol-Montewka | Helena Donica | Agnieszka Magrys

Author(s): Ivan Stefanović | Aleksandar Kostić | Miša Radisavljević | Slađana Filipović | Petar Bošnjaković
Parathyroid Carcinoma: A Review with Three Illustrative Cases

Author(s): Antoine Digonnet, Adelaïde Carlier, Esther Willemse, Marie Quiriny, Cécile Dekeyser, Nicolas de Saint Aubain, Marc Lemort, Guy Andry
Cranium metastasis of a squamous cell carcinoma with extensive bone destruction

Author(s): Cahit Kural | İlker Solmaz | Serdar Kaya | Azer Ekberov | Serhat Pusat | Özkan Tehli | Ali Fuat Çiçek | Yusuf İzci
Clinical Results after High-Dose Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Valérie Fonteyne | Nicolaas Lumen | Geert Villeirs | Piet Ost | Gert De Meerleer
The Confluence of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy and Tumor Immunology

Author(s): Steven Eric Finkelstein | Robert Timmerman | William H. McBride | Dörthe Schaue | Sarah E. Hoffe | Constantine A. Mantz | George D. Wilson
Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma of the Salivary Gland: Is Radiotherapy Alone Adequate?

Author(s): Orit Kaidar-Person | Abraham Kuten | Salem Billan
The Sources of Inspiration and the Level of Hope among Cancer Patients

Author(s): T. Pourghaznein | P. Hoshmand | E. Talasaz Firouzi | H. Esmailli
Granulocytic Sarcoma in a Nonleukemic Patient: Place of Radiotherapy and Systemic Therapies

Author(s): C. Chargari | J. Jacob | O. Bauduceau | F. R. Ferrand | T. De Revel | L. Védrine
Gene Therapy For Oral Cancer - Journey To A New Horizon

Author(s): Arun Singh | Manjunath Badni | Anil Singh | Fahad M Samadi | Arpita Kabiraj
Review of the effect of biphosphonates on jaw osteonecrosis

Author(s): Farzaneh Ashrafi | Parichehr Ghalyani | Farimah Sardari | Zahra Saberi | Afshin Tahmasebi
Music therapy as part of the alternative-complementary therapy in cancer patients in hospital

Author(s): Efstratios Athanassakis | Savvato Karavassiliadou

Author(s): Teodor Oboroceanu | Veronica Mocanu | Raluca Haliga | Veronica Luca | Vlad Artenie
Evaluation of HER-2 expression in digestive system cancer

Author(s): Mihaela Tica | Liliana Dumitru | Adriana Dumitru | Mihaela Poparda | Crenguta Serboiu | Anca Florescu | Elena Ionica | Valeria Tica
Malignant Lymphoma of Lacrimal Apparatus in the 7 Year Old Girl

Author(s): Besharati MR | Taghipour Zahir S | Hashemi A | Eshaqhiyeh Z
Preventive Effect of Rebamipide Gargle on Chemoradiotherpy-Induced Oral Mucositis in Patients with Oral Cancer: a Pilot Study

Author(s): Takashi Yasuda | Hiroshige Chiba | Takafumi Satomi | Akira Matsuo | Tadayoshi Kaneko | Daichi Chikazu | Hironobu Miyamatsu
Optimal combination of radiofrequency ablation with chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Shinichi Ikuta | Ami Kurimoto | Hiroya Iida | Tsukasa Aihara | Makiko Takechi | Norihiko Kamikonya | Naoki Yamanaka
The Impact of Radiotherapy Dose on Local Control of Ewing's Sarcoma of Bone

Author(s): Neil G. Burnet | Judith M. Bliss | Clive L. Harmer
Post-Operative Radiotherapy of the Rhabdomyosarcoma R1H of the Rat

Author(s): Ulrich M. Carl | Peter Sminia | Jens Bahnsen | Günter Fröschle | Maria Omniczynski | Lothar Wolf | Uwe Krüger | K. Axel Hartmann | Hans-Peter Beck-Bornholdt
Concurrent Hypofractionated Radiotherapy and 5-Fluorouracil for Advanced Sarcomas of the Bone

Author(s): Charalambos Zambatis | John Skarlatos | Michael Koukourakis | Lambrini Kosma | Alexandra Giatromanolaki | Kostantinos Beroukas | Dimitrios Yannakakis
Hypercalcemia Caused by Metastatic Adamantinoma: Response to Radiotherapy

Author(s): Janice A. Lyons | G. Thomas Budd | Richard L. Crownover
The Anatomy of Sartorius Muscle and its Implications for Sarcoma Radiotherapy

Author(s): Neil G. Burnet | Tom Bennett-Britton | Andrew C. F. Hoole | Sarah J. Jefferies | Ian G. Parkin
A Radiotherapy Technique to Improve Dose Homogeneity Around Bone Prostheses

Author(s): M. V. Williams | N. G. Burnet | E. Sherwin | R. Kestelman | A. R. Geater | S. J. Thomas | C. B. Wilson
Post-Operative Radiotherapy for Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Anterior Compartment of the Thigh: Should the Sartorius Muscle be Included?

Author(s): Gillian C. Barnett | Andrew C. F. Hoole | Nicola Twyman | Sarah J. Jefferies | Neil G. Burnet
Non Surgical Treatment of Sacral Osteosarcoma

Author(s): Aledavood S A | Amirabadi A | Memar B
Clinical utility of chromogranin A and octerotide in large cell neuro endocrine carcinoma of the uterine corpus

Author(s): Shohreh Shahabi | Ilenia Pellicciotta | June Hou | Sarah Graceffa | Gloria S. Huang | Robert N. Samuelson | Gary L. Goldberg
Radiotherapy in the treament of gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Author(s): Christin A. Knowlton | Luther W. Brady | Rebecca C. Heintzelman
Successful radiotherapy for local control of progressively increasing metastasis of gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Author(s): Cristian Lolli | Maria Abbondanza Pantaleo | Margherita Nannini | Maristella Saponara | Maria Caterina Pallotti | Valerio Di Scioscio | Anna Mandrioli | Guido Biasco
Pineocytoma with diffuse dissemination to the leptomeninges

Author(s): Caitlin Gomez | Jeffrey Wu | Whitney Pope | Harry Vinters | Antonio De Salles | Michael Selch
Radiotherapy for marginally resected, unresectable or recurrent giant cell tumor of the bone: a rare cancer network study

Author(s): Sumita Bhatia | Leszek Miszczyk | Martine Roelandts | Tat Dat Nguyen | Tom Boterberg | Phillip Poortmans | Laura Vallow | Fazilet O. Dincbas | Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad | Maikel Botros | Robert C. Miller
Breast cancer irradiation: 2011 update

Author(s): Professor Dr Wolfgang Wagner, MD, PhD
Incidence of Incomplete Excision in Surgically Treated Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Identification of the Related Risk Factors

Author(s): Mostafa Mirshams | Mahmood Razzaghi | Pedram Noormohammadpour | Zahra Naraghi | Kambiz Kamyab | Sara Sabouri Rad
Comparing Cystatin C Changes as a Measure of Renal Function Before and After Radiotherapy in Patients with Stomach Cancer

Author(s): Hooshang Amir Rasouli | Maryam Mirzaie Moghadam | Morteza Tabatabaiefar | Farnaz Taslimi | Khosro Mojir Sheybani | Asadollah Alidoosti | Ahmad Ameri | Pedram Fadavi | Shahrzad Aref
Postoperative Radiotherapy in Early and Operable Breast Cancer

Author(s): Jasmina Mladenovic | Nenad Borojevic | Dusan Mileusnic
Radiotherapy of early breast cancer in scleroderma patients: our experience with four cases and a short review of the literature

Author(s): Kyrgias G | Theodorou K | Zygogianni A | Tsanadis K | Zervoudis S | Tzitzikas | Koukourakis M
ESR Perspective on Clinical Audit

Author(s): Maurizio Centonze
A new method for closure of total laryngectomy wound

Author(s): Bazyari Delavar H | Fatahi Bafghi A | Fathol Olomi M R | Peyvandi A A
Correlation between radioactivity and chemotherapeutics of the 111In-VNB-liposome in pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in rats

Author(s): Lee WC | Chang CH | Huang CM | Wu YT | Chen LC | Ho CL | Chang TJ | Lee TW | Tsai TH
Simultaneous intraductal papillary neoplasms of the bile duct and pancreas treated with chemoradiotherapy

Author(s): Roberto Valente | Gabriele Capurso | Paola Pierantognetti | Elsa Iannicelli | Matteo Piciucchi | Adriana Romiti | Paolo Mercantini | Alberto Larghi | Giulia Francesca Federici | Viola Barucca | Maria Falchetto Osti | Emilio Di Giulio | Vincenzo Ziparo | Gianfranco Delle Fave
Running in the family: MALT lymphoma and autoimmune disease in mother and daughter

Author(s): Barbara Kiesewetter | Marlene Troch | Leonhard Müllauer | Markus Raderer
Clinical Analysis of 45 Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Author(s): Jie CHEN | Wei ZHAO | Xingchen LIU | Qing TIAN | Zhen YANG | Liang'an CHEN
A rare case of paratesticular leiomyosarcoma

Author(s): James Moloney | John Drumm | Deirdre M. Fanning

Author(s): Melanie Joannides | Ashley N Mays | Anita R Mistry | Syed Khizer Hasan | Andreas Reiter | Joseph L Wiemels | Carolyn A Felix | Francesco Lo-Coco | Neil Osheroff | Ellen Solomon | David Grimwade

Author(s): Xenofon Papanikolaou | Bart Barlogie | Saad Usmani

Author(s): Alessia Bari | Luigi Marcheselli | Raffaella Marcheselli | Eliana Valentina Liardo | Samantha Pozzi | Stefano Sacchi

Author(s): Caterina Giovanna Valentini | Luana Fianchi | Maria Teresa Voso | Morena Caira | Giuseppe Leone | Livio Pagano
Therapeutic Potentials of Silver Nanoparticle Complex of α-Lipoic Acid

Author(s): Lakshmy Ramachandran | Cherupally Krishnan Krishnan Nair
Effects of Socioeconomic on Survival for Adult Glioblastoma Multiform Patients in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1999-2009

Author(s): Alessandra G. L. Pereira | Ricardo Andrade | Celestino Pereira | Jose Carlos Lynch | Leonardo Welling | Claudia Escosteguy
Malignant Myoepithelioma of the Parotid Gland: Literature Review on the Occasion of Our Report of a Case

Author(s): John Tzitzikas | Vassilios Kouloulias | George Kyrgias | Μaria-Aggeliki Kalogeridi
Organ Preservation in Bilharzial Bladder Cancer in Egypt: Single Institutional Experience

Author(s): Mohamed Ahmed Abo-Almagd | Ahmed Mokhtar | Ashraf Elyamany | Farouk Morad Amr | Mohamed Abdel Aboziada | Hamza Abbas | Mohamed Abdallah El-Gmal | Mostafa Elsayed Abdalwanis
Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma of Cervical Spine

Author(s): Cheng-Ta Hsieh | Wen-Chiuan Tsai | Foot-Juh Lian
Organ Preservation in Bilharzial Bladder Cancer in Egypt: Single Institutional Experience

Author(s): Mohamed Ahmed Abo-Almagd | Ahmed Mokhtar | Ashraf Elyamany | Farouk Morad Amr | Mohamed Abdel Aboziada | Hamza Abbas | Mohamed Abdallah El-Gmal | Mostafa Elsayed Abdalwanis
Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma of Cervical Spine

Author(s): Cheng-Ta Hsieh | Wen-Chiuan Tsai | Foot-Juh Lian
Cerebellar Extraventricular Neurocytoma with Spinal Seeding

Author(s): Aşkın ŞEKER | Bahattin TANRIKULU | Ulaş YENER | Zafer TOKTAŞ | Türker KILIÇ
L5 vertebrectomy for the surgical treatment of tumoral and traumatic lesions of L5 vertebra

Author(s): Tuncay Kaner | Tunc Oktenoglu | Mehdi Sasani | Ali Fahir Ozer
Rare non-Wilms' tumors in children

Author(s): Maria Kourti | Emmanouel Hatzipantelis | Thomas Zaramboukas | Athanassios Tragiannides | Georgios Petrakis | Fani Athanassiadou-Piperopoulou
A Combined DNA-Affinic Molecule and N-Mustard Alkylating Agent Has an Anti-Cancer Effect and Induces Autophagy in Oral Cancer Cells

Author(s): Wen-Liang Lo | Pen-Yuan Chu | Tsung-Heng Lee | Tsann-Long Su | Yueh Chien | Yi-Wei Chen | Pin-I Huang | Ling-Ming Tseng | Pang-Hsien Tu | Shou-Yen Kao | Jeng-Fan Lo
Concurrent chemoradiation with weekly Gemcitabine and Cisplatin in locally advanced cervical cancer

Author(s): Amouzegar Hashemi F | Hamed Akbari E | Kalaghchi B | Esmati E
A phase II study of oxaliplatin with 5-FU/folinic acid and concomitant radiotherapy as a preoperative treatment in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer

Author(s): I Chitapanarux | T Chitapanarux | E Tharavichitkul | S Mayurasakorn | P Siriwittayakorn | S Yamada | V Lorvidhaya
Micronucleus as Potential Biomarker of Oral Carcinogenesis

Author(s): Harshvardhan S. Jois | Alka D. Kale | Mohan Kumar K.P

Author(s): Jisha M. Lucca | Nathani Minaz | Nazeer Ahamed
Use of electrosurgery in the treatment of rhinophyma Zastosowanie elektrochirurgii w leczeniu guzowatości nosa

Author(s): Adam Cichewicz | Paweł Skory | Jolanta Maciejewska | Katarzyna Kocińska | Joanna Zaremba
Armored cancer – skin metastases of breast cancer. Case report Rak opancerzony – przerzuty raka piersi do skóry. Opis przypadku

Author(s): Joanna Maj | Iwona Chlebicka | Michał Kaniowski | Alina Jankowska-Konsur | Tomasz Kołodziej
The Prevalence of Oral Complications in Head and Neck Radiotherapy

Author(s): M Hashemipour | SH Kakoei | M Bahador | M Arab Solghar
Locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Current and emerging treatment strategies

Author(s): Francesco Perri | Davide Bosso | Carlo Buonerba | Giuseppe Di Lorenzo | Giuseppina Della Vittoria Scarpati
Malignant lymphoma associated with Behçet’s disease: A report of 2 cases

Author(s): Ahmet Deniz Meydan | Bilge Gürsel | Nilgün Özbek | Bilge Can | Bilge Can

Author(s): Krikeli M | Ekonomopoulou MT | Tzitzikas J | Goutzioulis A | Mystakidou K | Pistevou-Gompaki K
Przyczyny niepowodzeń leczenia chorych na raka trzonu macicy poddanych pooperacyjnej radioterapii

Author(s): Michał Spych | Leszek Gottwald | Emilia Jesień-Lewandowicz | Justyna Chałubińska | Janusz Sobotkowski | Jacek Fijuth
Laparoscopic repair of vesicovaginal fistula

Author(s): Miłosz Wilczyński | Beata Antosiak | Andrzej Malinowski
High grade leiomyosarcoma of the testes

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Kishor R. Wankhede | Mukund B. Tayade | Sachin S. Shenoy | Shankar T. Mundhe | Chintan Patel
Primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus: A case report

Author(s): Joana Machado | Paula Ministro | Ricardo Araújo | Eugénia Cancela | António Castanheira | Américo Silva
MicroRNA expression profiling in recurrent anaplastic oligodendroglioma treated with postoperative radiotherapy

Author(s): Giwon Kim | Edmond Changkyun Park | Chung Heon Ryu | Sin-Soo Jeon | Seung Il Kim | Hong-Seok Jang | Gun-Hwa Kim | Byung-Ock Choi
Pregnancy associated breast cancer and pregnancy after breast cancer treatment

Author(s): Emek Doğer | Eray Çalışkan | Peter Mallmann
Ewing’s Sarcoma in Scapular Region

Author(s): S H Waqar | M A Zahid
Endoscopic management of chronic radiation proctitis

Author(s): Tarun Rustagi | Hiroshi Mashimo
Extraosseous Ewing's sarcoma arising from the pterygomandibular space

Author(s): Wei Li | Jian Tao Huang | Xiao Qing Chen | Rong Hua Shi | Lei Jiang | Yun Fu Zhao
Quality of Life in Men Treated for Early Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Patient Preference Cohort Study

Author(s): Carmel Nirupa Anandadas | Susan Elizabeth Davidson | Noel William Clarke | Stephen Charles William Brown | John Paul Logue | Lynne Gilmore | Richard Swindell | Gerald Nicholas Collins | Patrick Henry O’Reilly | Guy David Wemyss-Holden | Maurice Waiming Lau | Pradip Madhukar Javle | Vijay Alini Chandi Ramani | Richard James Brough | James Pinson Wylie | Richard Andrew Cowan
Par-4 Sensitizes Human Colon Cancer Cells to Chemoradiotherapy

Author(s): Daniel Contract | Heath Mackley | Rosalyn Bryson Irby
Cognitive and Psychological Outcomes in Younger vs. Older Children with Subtentorial/Supratentorial Ependymoma after Radiation Therapy

Author(s): Geraldina Poggi | Annarita Adduci | Lorenza Gandola | Susanna Galbiati | Alessandro Degrate | Elena Sironi | Sandra Strazzer | Maura Massimino
Primary breast leiomyosarcoma: case report and literature review

Author(s): Fatima Zahra EL M’rabet | Hanane El kacemi | Omar El Mesbahi | Khalid El Hassouni | Brahim khalil El Gueddari
Elderly and Prostate Cancer Screening

Author(s): Konstantinos N Stamatiou
Rak z komórek Merkla u chorych po przeszczepieniu nerki – opis przypadków i przegląd piśmiennictwa

Author(s): Dorota Jaśkiewicz | Beata Imko-Walczuk | Janusz Jaśkiewicz | Sławomir Lizakowski | Alicja Dębska-Ślizień | Bolesław Rutkowski

Author(s): Giovanni Naldi | Barbara Avuzzi | Simona Fantini | Mauro Carrara | Ester Orlandi | Elisa Massafra | Stefano Tomatis
Advances of Precise Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer

Author(s): Xin WANG | Feng XU | Yuquan WEI
Solitary plasmacytoma of the thumb: Arare case report

Author(s): Dawood Jafari | Hamid Taheri | Hooman Shariatzadeh | Farid Najd Mazhar | Alireza Pahlevansabagh
Meningeal melanomas associated with transforming Ota nevus to malignant melanoma: a case report

Author(s): Maziar Azar | Farid Kazemi | Eshagh Bahrami | Ebrahim Hejazian | Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad | Ali Ahmadi | Masih Yasari
Upfront systemic chemotherapy and preoperative short-course radiotherapy with delayed surgery for locally advanced rectal cancer with distant metastases

Author(s): Shin Sang | Yoon Hong | Kim Nam | Lee Kang | Min Byung | Ahn Joong | Keum Ki | Koom Woong
Rib fracture after stereotactic radiotherapy on follow-up thin-section computed tomography in 177 primary lung cancer patients

Author(s): Nambu Atsushi | Onishi Hiroshi | Aoki Shinichi | Koshiishi Tsuyota | Kuriyama Kengo | Komiyama Takafumi | Marino Kan | Araya Masayuki | Saito Ryo | Tominaga Lichto | Maehata Yoshiyasu | Sawada Eiichi | Araki Tsutomu
Acute toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with and without image-guided radiotherapy

Author(s): Gill Suki | Thomas Jessica | Fox Chris | Kron Tomas | Rolfo Aldo | Leahy Mary | Chander Sarat | Williams Scott | Tai Keen Hun | Duchesne Gillian | Foroudi Farshad
Mucocutaneous pemphigus vulgaris in a patient with oral squamous cell carcinoma treated with radiotherapy Przypadek śluzówkowo-skórnej odmiany pęcherzycy zwykłej w przebiegu raka płaskonabłonkowego w obrębie jamy ustnej leczonego radioterapią

Author(s): Artur Chruśliński | Izabela Niśkiewicz | Agnieszka Puchała | Magdalena Zajkowska | Aleksandra Budzińska | Monika Bowszyc-Dmochowska | Grażyna Stryczyńska | Ewa Adamiak | Tomasz Bajon | Jan Bręborowicz | Justyna Gornowicz | Marian Dmochowski
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