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Determination of Total Serum Protein Levels Fed by Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Diets in Rats

Author(s): Suleyman Kaleli | Mustafa Unlusayin | Sengul Bilgin | Levent Izci | Ali Gunlu
The Effects of Nettle (Urtica diocia L.) on Chemical Properties of Rainbow Trout (Oncorynchus mykiss) Fillets

Author(s): Sukriye Arashisar | Olcay Hisar | Guzin Kaban | Mukerrem Kaya | Ilhami Gulcin | Telat Yanik
Animal welfare in brown trout farming: hematological results

Author(s): B. Sicuro | R. Odore | G. Forneris
The Effects of Different Salting Methods on Extract Loss from Rainbow Trout

Author(s): Mustafa Ünlüsayin*, Ruhan Erdilal, Bahar Gümüş and Hayri Gülyavuz
Use of Immunohistochemical and PCR Methods in Diagnosis of Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Disease in Some Rainbow Trout Hatcheries in Iran

Author(s): Adel Haghighi Khiabanian Asl | Mehdi Soltani | Bahram Kazemi | Iraj Sohrabi Haghdoust | Isa Sharifpour
Growth of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, W. 1792) in Net Cages in Almus Dam Lake (Tokat)

Author(s): Murathan Kayim | Menderes Suiçmez | Yusuf Güner | Tülay Suiçmez
The Effects of Nanosilver (Nanocid®) on Survival Percentage of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Delavar Shahbazzadeh | Hamed Ahar | Narges Mohammad Rahimi | Farhad Dastmalchi | Mahdi Soltani | Jafar Rahmannya | Neda Khorasani | Mansour Fotovat
Variation of muscular fiber diameter in trout, depending on species and age

Author(s): Anca Boaru | Ioan Bud | Cornel Cătoi | I. Valentin Petrescu-Mag | Cristina Hegedüş
The effect of feeding frequency on growth performance of rainbow trout fingerlings reared in recirculating system

Author(s): Lorena Dediu | Victor Cristea | Mirela Mocanu | Desimira Dicu | Angelica Docan | Iulia Grecu
A large new subset of TRIM genes highly diversified by duplication and positive selection in teleost fish

Author(s): van der Aa Lieke | Levraud Jean-Pierre | Yahmi Malika | Lauret Emilie | Briolat Valérie | Herbomel Philippe | Benmansour Abdenour | Boudinot Pierre
Genetic variability in residual feed intake in rainbow trout clones and testing of indirect selection criteria (Open Access publication)

Author(s): Grima Laure | Quillet Edwige | Boujard Thierry | Robert-Granié Christèle | Chatain Béatrice | Mambrini Muriel

Author(s): A. Becerril | E. Castaño | Helmer Acevedo | María Victoria Llorente
Replacement of Fish Meal by Different Sources of Plant Protein in the Diet of Rainbow Trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Nasrollah Mahboobi Soofiani | Fatemeh Shir-Mohammad | Javad Pour-Reza
Different Dietary Levels of Protein to Lipid Ratio Affected Digestive Efficiency, Skeletal Growth, and Muscle Protein in Rainbow Trout Families

Author(s): Krisna Rungruangsak-Torrissen | Lars H. Stien | Britt S. Daae | Tone Vågseth | Grethe B. Thorsheim | Declan Tobin | Ossi Ritola
Recording strategies and selection potential of feed intake measured using the X-ray method in rainbow trout

Author(s): Kause Antti | Tobin Declan | Dobly Alexandre | Houlihan Dominic | Martin Sam | Mäntysaari Esa | Ritola Ossi | Ruohonen Kari
Comparative genomics and evolution of conserved noncoding elements (CNE) in rainbow trout

Author(s): Moghadam Hooman | Ferguson Moira | Danzmann Roy
Assignment of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) linkage groups to specific chromosomes: Conservation of large syntenic blocks corresponding to whole chromosome arms in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Phillips Ruth | Keatley Kimberly | Morasch Matthew | Ventura Abigail | Lubieniecki Krzysztof | Koop Ben | Danzmann Roy | Davidson William
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) hemoglobin genes: multiplicity and polymorphism

Author(s): Borza Tudor | Stone Cynthia | Gamperl A Kurt | Bowman Sharen
A first generation BAC-based physical map of the rainbow trout genome

Author(s): Palti Yniv | Luo Ming-Cheng | Hu Yuqin | Genet Carine | You Frank | Vallejo Roger | Thorgaard Gary | Wheeler Paul | Rexroad Caird
Expression profiling of rainbow trout testis development identifies evolutionary conserved genes involved in spermatogenesis

Author(s): Rolland Antoine | Lareyre Jean-Jacques | Goupil Anne-Sophie | Montfort Jérôme | Ricordel Marie-Jo | Esquerré Diane | Hugot Karine | Houlgatte Rémi | Chalmel Fréderic | Le Gac Florence
Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in rainbow trout by deep sequencing of a reduced representation library

Author(s): Sánchez Cecilia | Smith Timothy | Wiedmann Ralph | Vallejo Roger | Salem Mohamed | Yao Jianbo | Rexroad Caird
Intracellular diffusion restrictions in isolated cardiomyocytes from rainbow trout

Author(s): Sokolova Niina | Vendelin Marko | Birkedal Rikke
Hazelnut meal in diets for seawater farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): effects on growth performance and body composition

Author(s): Musa Bulut | Ahmet Adem Tekinay | Derya Güroy | Sebahattin Ergün | Soner Bilen
Discrimination of origin of farmed trout by means of biometrical parameters, fillet composition and flavor volatile compounds

Author(s): Giovanni Mario Turchini | Ivan Giani | Fabio Caprino | Vittorio Maria Moretti | Franco Valfrè
Effects of rearing density on rainbow trout welfare, determined by plasmatic and tissue parameters

Author(s): Paolo Melotti | Alessandra Roncarati | Lucia Angellotti | Andrea Dees | Gian Enrico Magi | Claudio Mazzini | Carlo Bianchi | Rosanna Casciano
Comparative study on milt quality features of different finfish species

Author(s): Simona Rainis | Laura Gasco | Rodolfo Ballestrazzi
Effect of dietary Astaxanthin sources supplementation on muscle pigmentation and lipid peroxidation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Fabio Brambilla | Andrea Forchino | Micaela Antonini | Simona Rimoldi | Genciana Terova | Marco Saroglia
Use of rice protein concentrate in rainbow trout feeding: preliminary results

Author(s): L. Gasco | G.B. Palmegiano | F. Gai | F. Daprà | B. Sicuro | K. Guo | I. Zoccarato
Cell morphological and biochemical studies of the sperm on a rainbow trout brood stock, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum, 1972)

Author(s): Ioan N. Paşca | Liviu A. Mărghitaş | Ioan Groza | Dana L. Pusta | Roman Morar | Teofil E. Oroian | Dan Dezmirean | Liviu Bogdan | Adrian Macri | Rareş G. Oroian
Parasite-induced aggression and impaired contest ability in a fish host

Author(s): Mikheev V | Pasternak A | Taskinen J | Valtonen E
State of the art of Italian aquaculture

Author(s): A. Roncarati | P. Melotti
Effects of Supplemental Dietary L-Carnitine on Blood Biochemical Parameters and Growth of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): M Jalali Hajiabadi | A Sadeghi | N Mahbobi sofiani | M CHamani | GH Riazi
Growth-related quantitative trait loci in domestic and wild rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Wringe Brendan | Devlin Robert | Ferguson Moira | Moghadam Hooman | Sakhrani Dionne | Danzmann Roy
Characterization of the rainbow trout transcriptome using Sanger and 454-pyrosequencing approaches

Author(s): Salem Mohamed | Rexroad Caird | Wang Jiannan | Thorgaard Gary | Yao Jianbo
Citrobacter freundii as a cause of disease in fish

Author(s): Jeremić Svetlana | Jakić-Dimić Dobrila | Veljović Lj.
Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on growth factors, some hematological parameters and body compositions in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Amin Farahi | Milad Kasiri | Mohammad Sudagar | Mohsen S. Iraei | Morteza D. Shahkolaei
Genomic organisation analysis of novel immunoglobulin-like transcripts in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) reveals a tightly clustered and multigene family

Author(s): Østergaard Anders | Lubieniecki Krzysztof | Martin Samuel | Stet René | Davidson William | Secombes Christopher
Feeding tests on captive otters Lutra lutra

Author(s): Elena Ferrario | Claudio Prigioni | Renato Fumagalli
A first generation integrated map of the rainbow trout genome

Author(s): Palti Yniv | Genet Carine | Luo Ming-Cheng | Charlet Aurélie | Gao Guangtu | Hu Yuqin | Castaño-Sánchez Cecilia | Tabet-Canale Kamila | Krieg Francine | Yao Jianbo | Vallejo Roger | Rexroad Caird
Antibacterial activity of Iranian medicinal plants against Streptococcus iniae isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Pirbalouti Ghasemi Abdollah | Broujeni Nikobin Vahid | Momeni Manouchehr | Poor Malek Fatemeh | Hamedi Behzad
Experimental vaccine against lactococcosis in cultured rainbowtrout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Hosseini, M.H. | Akhlaghi, M. | Moazzeni Jula, Gh.
A survey on ectoparasite fauna of cold water fish farms in Mazandaran Province, Iran

Author(s): Sara Mehdizadeh Mood | Poulin Shohreh | Javad Sahandi
Estimation of Sperm Concentration of Young Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W., 1792) Using Spermatocrit Method

Author(s): Faruk Aral | Zafer Queue | ?mer Varisli | Erdin? Sahin?z | Mehmet Tas | ?mer Sait Kili
Using Salt-Enriched Diets to Reduce Stress in Trout

Author(s): Agnes M. Vanderpool | Richard J. Strange | Amanda E. Smith | Henry G. Kattesh
Alterations in Cholesterol, Glucose and Triglyceride Levels in Reproduction of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Esat Mahmut Kocaman | Telat Yan2k | Orhan Erdo?an | Abd?l Kadir ?ilta
Mapping as dreaming

Author(s): Andrea Mubi Brighenti
Elimination of copper in tissues and organs of rainbow trout

Author(s): Ayse Gundogdu | F. Burcu Harmantepe | Zafer Karsli | Gaye Dogan

Author(s): Irena Vardić | Damir Kapetanović | Damir Valić | Božidar Kurtović | Zlatica Teskeredžić | Emin Teskeredžić

Author(s): Damir Kapetanović | Emin Teskeredžić

Author(s): Zlatica Teskeredžić

Author(s): B Rønsholdt | H Nielsen | J Faergemand | Ewen McLean

Author(s): Torben V. Espersen | Anders Fonss | Bjarne D. Vestbo | Emin Teskeredžić | Ewen McLean | Zlatica Teskeredžić

Author(s): Sanja Vidaček | Tibor Janči | Nives Marušić | Tomislav Petrak | Tatjana Vnučec | Helga Medić
Tetrodotoxin Sensitivity of the Vertebrate Cardiac Na+ Current

Author(s): Matti Vornanen | Minna Hassinen | Jaakko Haverinen
The genetic basis of salinity tolerance traits in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Author(s): Norman Joseph | Danzmann Roy | Glebe Brian | Ferguson Moira
Design and Implementation of an Underwater Sound Recording Device

Author(s): Jayson J. Martinez | Josh R. Myers | Thomas J. Carlson | Z. Daniel Deng | John S. Rohrer | Kurt A. Caviggia | Christa M. Woodley | Mark A. Weiland
Detection of QTL with effects on osmoregulation capacities in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Le Bras Yvan | Dechamp Nicolas | Krieg Francine | Filangi Olivier | Guyomard René | Boussaha Mekki | Bovenhuis Henk | Pottinger Thomas | Prunet Patrick | Le Roy Pascale | Quillet Edwige
Analysis of BAC-end sequences in rainbow trout: Content characterization and assessment of synteny between trout and other fish genomes

Author(s): Genet Carine | Dehais Patrice | Palti Yniv | Gao Guangtu | Gavory Frederick | Wincker Patrick | Quillet Edwige | Boussaha Mekki
Antibody recognition of the glycoprotein g of viral haemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) purified in large amounts from insect larvae

Author(s): Encinas Paloma | Gomez-Sebastian Silvia | Nunez Maria | Gomez-Casado Eduardo | Escribano Jose | Estepa Amparo | Coll Julio
Effects of cooking methods on electrophoretic patterns of rainbow trout

Author(s): Makbule Baylan | Bahri D. Ozcan | Aygul Kucukgulmez | Yasemen Yanar
Water oxygenation and osmo-respiratory compromise in Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L.)

Author(s): G. Terova | G. Caricato | F. Frittella | M. de Eguileor | M. Saroglia
Effect of dietary plant proteins on flesh quality traits of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): G. Parisi | M. de Francesco | F. Médale | P. Lupi | G. Giorgi | S.J. Kaushik | B.M. Poli
Effects of dietary supplementation with krill meal on pigmentation and quality of flesh of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Alessandra Roncarati | Federico Sirri | Alberto A. Felici | Luca Stocchi | Paolo Melotti | Adele Meluzzi
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