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Neutron-capture cross sections from indirect measurements

Author(s): Escher J.E. | Burke J.T. | Dietrich F.S. | Ressler J.J. | Scielzo N.D. | Thompson I.J.
Neutron-induced cross sections of short-lived nuclei via the surrogate reaction method

Author(s): Boutoux G. | Jurado B. | Méot V. | Roig O. | Aïche M. | Mathieu L. | Barreau G. | Capellan N. | Companis I. | Czajkowski S. | Burke J.T. | Bauge E. | Daugas J.M. | Faul T. | Gaudefroy L. | Morel P. | Pillet N. | Romain P. | Taieb J. | Théroine C. | Derkx X. | Sérot O. | Matea I. | Tassan-Got L. | Gunsing F.
Level Densities in the actinide region and indirect n,y cross section measurements using the surrogate method

Author(s): Wilson J.N. | Gunsing F. | Bernstein L. | Bürger A. | Görgen A. | Thompson I.J. | Guttormssen M. | Larsen A-C. | Mansouri P. | Renstrøm T. | Rose S.J. | Siem S. | Wiedeking M. | Wiborg T.
Asymmetric Fission in the 78Kr+40Ca reactions at 5.5 MeV/nucleon

Author(s): Wieleczko J.P. | Ademard G. | Mazurek K. | Schmitt C. | Bonnet E. | Chbihi A. | Frankland J.D. | del Campo J. Gomez | Commara M. La | Vigilante M. | Rosato E. | Spadaccini G. | Beck C. | Barlini S. | Borderie B. | Bougault R. | Dayras R. | De Angelis G. | Sanctis J. De | Kravchuk V.L. | Lautesse P. | Neindre N. Le | D’Onofrio A. | Parlog M. | Pierroutsakou D. | Romoli M. | Roy R.
Study and comparison of the decay modes of the systems formed in the reactions 78Kr+40Ca and 86Kr+48Ca at 10 AMeV

Author(s): Politi G. | Pirrone S. | Commara M. La | Wieleczko J.P. | Ademard G. | Filippo E. De | Vigilante M. | Amorini F. | Auditore L. | Beck C. | Berceanu I. | Bonnet E. | Borderie B. | Cardella G. | Chbihi A. | Colonna M. | D'Onofrio A. | Frankland J.D. | Geraci E. | Henry E. | LaGuidara E. | Lanzalone G. | Lautesse P. | Lebhertz D. | LeNeindre N. | Lombardo I. | Loria D. | Mazurek K. | Pagano A. | Papa M. | Piasecki E. | Porto F. | Quinlann M. | Rizzo F. | Rosato E. | Russotto P. | Schroeder W.U. | Spadaccini G. | Trifirò A. | Verde G.
(n,α) reactions cross section research at IPPE

Author(s): Khryachkov V.A. | Bondarenko I.P. | Kuzminov B.D. | Semenova N.N. | Sergachev A.I. | Ivanova T.A. | Giorginis G.
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Decay of Compound Nucleus

Author(s): Kawano T. | Talou P. | Chadwick M.B.
Do light nuclei display a universal γ-ray strength function?

Author(s): Guttormsen M. | Larsen A.C. | Bürger A. | Görgen A. | Nyhus H.T. | Siem S. | Syed N.U.H. | Toft H.K. | Tveten G.M. | Harissopulos S. | Konstantinopoulos T. | Lagoyannis A. | Perdikakis G. | Spyrou A. | Kmiecik M. | Mazurek K. | Krtička T. | Lönnroth T. | Norrby M. | Schiller A. | Voinov A.
Recent experimental results on level densities for compound reaction calculations

Author(s): Voinov A.V. | Grimes S.M. | Brune C.R. | Massey T. | Schiller A.
Statistical Properties of Excited Nuclei in the Mass Range 47≤A≤59

Author(s): Zhuravlev B.V | Lychagin A.A | Titarenko N.N | Demenkov V.G | Trykova V.I.
Population of rotational bands in superheavy nuclei

Author(s): Zubov A.S. | Sargsyan V.V. | Adamian G.G. | Antonenko N.V.
Extending the Kawai-Kerman-McVoy Statistical Theory of Nuclear Reactions to Intermediate Structure via Doorways

Author(s): Arbanas G. | Bertulani C.A. | Dean D.J. | Kerman A.K. | Roche K.J.
Deuteron-induced reaction mechanisms at low energies

Author(s): Avrigeanu M. | Avrigeanu V. | Roman F.L.
Nuclear matter phase diagram from compound nucleus decay

Author(s): Moretto L.G. | Elliott J.B. | Lake P.T. | Phair L.
Effects of fissioning nuclei distributions on fragment mass distributions for high energy fission

Author(s): Andrade-II E | Menezes J C M | Duarte S B | Garcia F | Rossi P C R | Tavares O A P | Deppman A
Measurement of neutron capture and fission cross sections of 233U in the resonance region

Author(s): Companis I. | Aïche M. | Mathieu L. | Kessedjian G. | Schillebeeckx P. | Barreau G. | Boutoux G. | Czajkowski S. | Haas B. | Jurado B. | Plompen A.J.M. | Simutkin V. | Tsekhanovich I.
Modeling spallation reactions in tungsten and uranium targets with the Geant4 toolkit*

Author(s): Malyshkin Yury | Pshenichnov Igor | Mishustin Igor | Greiner Walter
Measurements of cross-sections of (n,xn) threshold reactions in various materials

Author(s): Vrzalová J. | Svoboda O. | Kugler A. | Suchopár M. | Wagner V.

Development Tool for Self-Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions of Statin

Author(s): Hadeer Akram AbdulRazzaq | Noorizan Abd Aziz | Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman | Yahaya Hassan | Omar Ismail
Morphology, composition and mixing state of individual carbonaceous aerosol in urban Shanghai

Author(s): H. Fu | M. Zhang | W. Li | J. Chen | L. Wang | X. Quan | W. Wang
Comparative study on the heterogeneous reaction between methylamine and ammonium salts

Author(s): Y. Liu | C. Han | C. Liu | J. Ma | Q. Ma | H. He
Importance of biogenic precursors to the budget of organic nitrates during BEARPEX 2009: observations of multifunctional organic nitrates by CIMS and TD-LIF

Author(s): M. R. Beaver | J. M. St. Clair | F. Paulot | K. M. Spencer | J. D. Crounse | B. W. LaFranchi | K. E. Min | S. E. Pusede | P. J. Woolridge | G. W. Schade | C. Park | R. C. Cohen | P. O. Wennberg
Impacts of the January 2005 solar particle event on noctilucent clouds and water at the polar summer mesopause

Author(s): H. Winkler | C. von Savigny | J. P. Burrows | J. M. Wissing | M. J. Schwartz | A. Lambert | M. García-Comas
Peroxy radical chemistry and OH radical production during the NO3-initiated oxidation of isoprene

Author(s): A. J. Kwan | A. W. H. Chan | N. L. Ng | H. G. Kjaergaard | J. H. Seinfeld | P. O. Wennberg
Halogenation processes of secondary organic aerosol and implications on halogen release mechanisms

Author(s): J. Ofner | N. Balzer | J. Buxmann | H. Grothe | P. Schmitt-Kopplin | U. Platt | C. Zetzsch

Neighborhoods and manageable proximity

Author(s): Stavros Stavrides
Influence of Diet and NSAIMs in Allergic Skin Reactions

Author(s): Dixon Thomas | Molly Mathew | C. Vijay Raghavan

Solid State NMR Characterization of Complex Metal Hydrides systems for Hydrogen Storage Applications

Author(s): Son-Jong Hwang | Robert C. Bowman, Jr. | Chul Kim | Jason A. Zan | Joseph W. Reiter2
MS Based Metabolomic Application for Fermentation Analysis

Author(s): Jiyoung Kim | Jung Nam Choi | Choong Hwan Lee
Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Aging

Author(s): Mona Malekmohammadi | Hossein Abdol Tehrani | Nasser Aghdami
Reaction Dynamics of Flavonoids and Carotenoids as Antioxidants

Author(s): Rui-Min Han | Jian-Ping Zhang | Leif H. Skibsted

Author(s): Istudor Nicolae | Pelau Corina
Bibliographic Drug Information: A Guide for the Public Consumer

Author(s): Bob Perdue | Chris Piotrowski
Photoactivity and hydrophilic property of SiO2 and SnO2 co-doped TiO2 nano-composite thin films

Author(s): Lek Sikong | Kalayanee Kooptarnond | Sutham Niyomwas
Highly Regio- and Stereoselective Diels-Alder Cycloadditions via Two-Step and Multicomponent Reactions Promoted by Infrared Irradiation under Solvent-Free Conditions

Author(s): Maria Ines Flores-Conde | Leonor Reyes | Rafael Herrera | Hulme Rios | Miguel A. Vazquez | Rene Miranda | Joaquin Tamariz | Francisco Delgado
Photoresponsive Cellulose Nanocrystals

Author(s): Ilari Filpponen | Hasan Sadeghifar | Dimitris S Argyropoulos
Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles and Its Beneficial Role in Cementitious Materials

Author(s): L. P. Singh | S. K. Agarwal | S. K. Bhattacharyya | U. Sharma | S. Ahalawat
Globalism and Corporate Identity in the Post-crisis Economy

Author(s): Diana Andreia HRISTACHE | Silvia Elena IACOB
Oligonucleotide-Templated Reactions for Sensing Nucleic Acids

Author(s): Aya Shibata | Hiroshi Abe | Yoshihiro Ito
Kinetics of Model Reactions for Interfacial Polymerization

Author(s): Jeffrey Robertson | Trevor Centeno-Hall | Anne Padias | Robert Bates | Henry Hall
Drivers of Customers’ Reactions to Service Failures: The Israeli Experience

Author(s): Aviv Shoham | Yossi Gavish | Sigal Segev
Study from the Answer Immune humor the one antígenos from the side sores “Trypanosoma cruz”i well into dogs as of Area endêmica about to leishmaniose Resposta imune humoral aos antígenos de "Leishmania chagasi" e "Trypanosoma cruzi" em cães de área endêmica para leishmaniose

Author(s): Cristiane Silva Aguiar | Adriano Costa de Alcântara | Diana Velloso Viana Bittencourt | Cyro de Moraes Barbosa Gomes Neto | Carlos Roberto Franke | Paulo Henrique Palis Aguiar | Stella Maria Barrouin-Melo
Perdas econômicas resultantes de reações vacinais em carcaças de bovinos da raça Nelore Economic losses due vaccine reactions in carcasses of Nellore cattle

Author(s): Teresinha Inês Assumpção | Juliana Aparecida de Souza Pachemshy | Ednaldo Antônio de Andrade | Natascha Almeida Marques Silva
Bromine and iodine chemistry in a global chemistry-climate model: description and evaluation of very short-lived oceanic sources

Author(s): C. Ordóñez | J.-F. Lamarque | S. Tilmes | D. E. Kinnison | E. L. Atlas | D. R. Blake | G. Sousa Santos | G. Brasseur | A. Saiz-Lopez
Chemodiversity of a Scots pine stand and implications for terpene air concentrations

Author(s): J. Bäck | J. Aalto | M. Henriksson | H. Hakola | Q. He | M. Boy
Spectrophotometric Determination of Captopril and Penicillamine through the Use of Ligand Exchange Complexation Reactions

Author(s): Saied Belal | Abdel-Fattah El-Walily | Omayma Abdel-Razak | Rania Bakry
Therapeutic Efficacy of Doramectin Injectable Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Donkeys (Equus asinus) in Khartoum, Sudan

Author(s): H. I .Seri | T. Hassan | M.M. Salih | A.D. Abakar | A. A. Ismail | T. A. Tigani
Study of nerve fibers nature reinforcing duodenal contractions by electrical stimulation of sympathetic nerve

Author(s): Sveshnikov D.S. | Kirichuk V.F. | Smirnov V.M. | Myasnikov I. L | Kuchuk A.M. | Trofimova J.E. | Trubetskaya M.A.

Author(s): Om Prakash Rout | Rabinarayan Acharya | Sagar Kumar Mishra
Evaluation of Activation Energy and Thermodynamic Properties of Enzyme-Catalysed Transesterification Reactions

Author(s): Gujjula Ravikumar | Jegannathan Kenthorai Raman | Ravindra Pogaku
Degradation and Detoxification of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Soils by Plant Alkaloid Anabasine

Author(s): Barot A. Urakov | Efim S. Brodsky | Khusnutdin M. Shakhidoyatov | Mashrab M. Khakimov | Khamid U. Khodjaniyazov | Nuridin I. Mukarramov | Nazira K. Khidirova
The Protective and Recovery Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation on Cedar Pollen-Induced Allergic Reactions in Mice

Author(s): Misa Itokawa | Shigenobu Shibata | Hiroki Nagahama | Akiko Hirao | Naoki Furutani
Reduced Detailed Mechanism for Methane Combustion

Author(s): Elhoussin Aaffad | M’hamed Mouqallid | Mustapha Mahdaoui | Abdelouahad Ait Msaad | Abdeltif Belcadi
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Thermo sensitive TRPM8 channel and its role in cold induced airway symptoms

Author(s): Silvia Gavliakova | Zuzana Biringerova | Jana Plevkova
Clay Modification by the Use of Organic Cations

Author(s): Siddh Nath Upadhyay | Rajeev Mehta | Pankil Singla
Are There Sex Differences in Reaction to Different Types of Sexual Infidelity?

Author(s): Dominique Church | Ryan Kelley | T. Joel Wade
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Thermo sensitive TRPM8 channel and its role in cold induced airway symptoms

Author(s): Silvia Gavliakova | Zuzana Biringerova | Jana Plevkova
Clay Modification by the Use of Organic Cations

Author(s): Siddh Nath Upadhyay | Rajeev Mehta | Pankil Singla
Are There Sex Differences in Reaction to Different Types of Sexual Infidelity?

Author(s): Dominique Church | Ryan Kelley | T. Joel Wade
Organizational Determinants of Workplace Deviant Behaviours: An Empirical Analysis in Nigeria

Author(s): Bamikole. O. Fagbohungbe | Gabriel A. Akinbode | Folusho Ayodeji
Tandem Three-Component Reactions of Aldehyde, Alkyl Acrylate, and Dialkylmalonate Catalyzed by Ethyl Diphenylphosphine

Author(s): Yeong-Jiunn Jang | Siang-En Syu | Yi-Wun Jhang | Yu-Ting Lee | Chia-Jui Lee | Ko-Wei Chen | Utpal Das | Wenwei Lin
Transient small bowel angioedema due to intravenous iodinated contrast media

Author(s): Xiu-Hua Hu | Xiang-Yang Gong | Peng Hu
Cellular and Transcriptional Responses of Crassostrea gigas Hemocytes Exposed in Vitro to Brevetoxin (PbTx-2)

Author(s): Danielle F. Mello | Eliza S. de Oliveira | Renato C. Vieira | Erik Simoes | Rafael Trevisan | Alcir Luiz Dafre | Margherita Anna Barracco
Summertime photochemistry during CAREBeijing-2007: RO x budgets and O3 formation

Author(s): Z. Liu | Y. Wang | D. Gu | C. Zhao | L. G. Huey | R. Stickel | J. Liao | M. Shao | T. Zhu | L. Zeng | A. Amoroso | F. Costabile | C.-C. Chang | S.-C. Liu
Modeling chemistry in and above snow at Summit, Greenland − Part 2: Impact of snowpack chemistry on the oxidation capacity of the boundary layer

Author(s): J. L. Thomas | J. E. Dibb | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | D. Tanner | B. Lefer | R. von Glasow | J. Stutz
Temperature dependent halogen activation by N2O5 reactions on halide-doped ice surfaces

Author(s): F. D. Lopez-Hilfiker | K. Constantin | J. P. Kercher | J. A. Thornton
The Catalytic Properties of HTAB-Alkanol-Hydrocarbon-Water Microemulsion System for Esterification

Author(s): Siti Zarina bt Ahmad Puat , Mariam Taib ,Hamdan Suhaimi
1H and 13C-NMR Data of the Simplest Plumeran Indole Alkaloids Isolated from Aspidosperma Species

Author(s): Heloisa Alves Guimarães | Raimundo Braz-Filho | Ivo José Curcino Vieira
Flux Balance Analysis of Melanogenesis Pathway

Author(s): Prashana Balaji V. | Anvita Gupta Malhotra | Khushhali Menaria
Assay of Zonisamide by Redox and Complex Reactions

Author(s): P. B. Sudha Lakshmi and C. Rambabu*
Spectrophotometric determination of oxcarbazepine by condensation reactions using 2-chlorophenylhydrazine and anthranilicacid

Author(s): Ch.Murali Krishna, S.V. Venkata Rao , N.V.S.Malleswara Rao and C.Rambabu*
A study of adverse drug reaction on drugs used in the management of type 2 diabetic mellitus

Author(s): K. Saravanan*, Dr. P.K. Manna, Dr. G.P. Mohanta, Dr. R. Manavalan
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