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Reading of different genres of school science texts: a cognitive procedural approach

Author(s): Rogério Gonçalves Nigro | Silvia L. F. Trivelato
Does Reading Literary Texts Have Any Impact on EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Retention?

Author(s): Shirin Rahimi Kazerooni | Masoud Saeedi | Vahid Parvaresh
How Does Text Cohesion Affect Reading Comprehension?

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Parvaz | Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
Learning English through short stories

Author(s): Ashraf Haji Maibodi
Predictores cognitivos de niveles de comprensión lectora mediante análisis discriminante

Author(s): Lorena Canet-Juric | Sebastián Urquijo | María Marta Richard’s | Débora Burin
The types and categories of inferences made during reading comprehension process

Author(s): Hümset Seçkin | Salih Özenici | Mustafa Kınsız

Author(s): CSS Vol. 6 No. 3
Inference making ability and the function of inferences in reading comprehension

Author(s): Salih Özenici | Mustafa Kınsız | Hümset Seçkin

Author(s): Chinmay Shah | Naisargi Joshi | H.B.Mehta | P.A.Gokhle

Author(s): KUČÍRKOVÁ, Lenka | VOGELTANZOVÁ, Tereza | JARKOVSKÁ, Martina
Teaching reading as a search activity

Author(s): Kiselyeva O. N.
Reading Comprehension of Different Genres: A Fuzzy Approach

Author(s): Amir Hossein Shahballa | Farshad Alamdar Youli
Blended Learning: A Ubiquitous Learning Environment for Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Fatemeh Behjat | Mortaza Yamini | Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri
Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

Author(s): Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah | Amin Nezarat
Effect of Bacopa monnieri on Cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Author(s): Shishir Goswami | Anand Saoji | Navneet Kumar | Vijay Thawani | Meenal Tiwari | Manasi Thawani
Pragmatic Meaning and EFL Learners’ Text-understanding Ability

Author(s): Sorayya Behroozizad | Hossein Bakhtiyarzadeh
Unique Screener of Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Adolescents and Adults

Author(s): Ralph Steve McCallum | Michael Hopkins | Sherry Mee Bell | Kelli Caldwell Miller

Author(s): Marília de Nazaré Ferreira-Silva | Adna Maely dos Santos Oliveira | Nandra Ribeiro Silva
Preparing for reading comprehension: Fostering text comprehension skills in preschool and early elementary school children

Author(s): Paul van den BROEK | Panayiota KENDEOU | Sandra LOUSBERG | Gootje VISSER
Improving middle and high school students' comprehension of science texts

Author(s): Brandi E. JOHNSON | Karen M. ZABRUCKY
Translating advances in reading comprehension research to educational practice

Author(s): Danielle S. McNAMARA | Panayiota KENDEOU
The effects of syntactic and lexical complexity on the comprehension of elementary science texts

Author(s): Diana J. ARYA | Elfrieda H. HIEBERT | P. David PEARSON
Eye-tracking as a tool in process-oriented reading test validation

Author(s): Oddny Judith SOLHEIM | Per Henning UPPSTAD
Children’s comprehension of informational text: Reading, engaging, and learning

Author(s): Linda BAKER | Mariam Jean DREHER | Angela Katenkamp SHIPLET | Lisa Carter BEALL | Anita N. VOELKER | Adia J. GARRETT | Heather R. SCHUGAR | Maria FINGER-ELAM
On the Relation of Locus of Control and L2 Reading and Writing Achievement

Author(s): Behzad Ghonsooly | Majid Elahi Shirvan
Using Subtitles to Enliven Reading

Author(s): Yanling Hwang | Peiwen Huang
Extended time improves reading comprehension test scores for adolescents with ADHD

Author(s): Thomas Edwards Brown | Philipp Christian Reichel | Donald Michael Quinlan
Comparison of some language characteristics between dyslexic children aged 7 & 8 years old and normal ones.

Author(s): Parvin Nemati | ahra Soleymani | Alireza Moradi | Shohreh Jalaei
Developing a Screening Inventory Reading Test (IRT) for the Isfahanian Students of the First to Fifth Grade

Author(s): Bijan Shafiei | Samira Tavakol | Leyla Alinia | Dr. Mohammad Reza Maracy | Leyla Sedaghati | Roghayah Foroughi
Using Mobile Devices and Gaming as a Means of Building Vocabulary

Author(s): Jennifer Betsy Redd | Denise Schmidt
Seeing the Past/Reading the Past

Author(s): Karen Bassi
The Relationship between Cognitive Processing and Reading

Author(s): Ooi Boon Keat | Khaidzir bin Hj. Ismail
The Reading Strategies Awareness among English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners in Malaysia’s University

Author(s): Nurazila Abdul Aziz | Suzana Ab Rahim | Etty Harniza Binti Harun | Nor Aslah Adzmi | Hasfazilah Ahmat | Samsiah Bidin | Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin
Readability Formulas and Cohesive Markers in Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Abbas Ali Rezaee | Mohammad Hussein Norouzi
Does Extensive Reading Improve EFL learners‟ Processing Ability?

Author(s): Abbas Ali Rezaee | Saeed Nourzadeh
The Relationship between the Arrangement of Constituents and Reading Speed

Author(s): Zahra Jokar | Seyyed Mohammad Ali Soozandehfar
Using Humorous Texts in Improving Reading Comprehension of EFL Learners

Author(s): A. Majid Hayati | Zohreh Gooniband Shooshtari | Nahid Shakeri
The Effect of Persian Polysemy on the Interpretation of English Sentences

Author(s): Sogol Samanianpour | Mahmood Hashemian
The Effect of Setting Reading Goals on the Vocabulary Retention of Iranian EFL Learners

Author(s): Akbar Hesabi | Saeed Ketabi | Abbas Eslami Rasekh | Shahnaz Kazemi
SMS: Tool for L2 Vocabulary Retention and Reading Comprehension Ability

Author(s): Khalil Motallebzadeh | Razyeh Ganjali
Deepening ESP Reading Comprehension through Visualization

Author(s): Seyyed Mahdi Erfani | Abutaleb Iranmehr | Hossein Davari
Children's ambiguous understanding of weak and strong quantifiers

Author(s): Erik-Jan Smits | Tom Roeper | Bart Hollebrandse
Comprehension of Discourse Markers and Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Mohamad Khatib | Mahmood Safari
Web Based Application for Reading Comprehension Skills

Author(s): Samir Zidat | Mahieddine Djoudi
Improving Web Page Readability by Plain Language

Author(s): Walayat Hussain | Osama Sohaib | Arif Ali
Effects of Teaching Literature on Culture Learning in the Language Classroom

Author(s): Chittra Muthusamy | Rasaya Marimuthu | Elangkeeran Sabapathy
The 8 th Grade Students’ Speeds Silent Reading and Levels of Reading Comprehension

Deaf Individuals’ Bilingual Abilities: American Sign Language Proficiency, Reading Skills, and Family Characteristics

Author(s): Brittany L. Freel | M. Diane Clark | Melissa L. Anderson | Gizelle L. Gilbert | Millicent M. Musyoka | Peter C. Hauser
Feedback Strategies in Foreign Language Reading Classes

Author(s): Omid Tabatabaei | Azade Banitalebi
QArabPro: A Rule Based Question Answering System for Reading Comprehension Tests in Arabic

Author(s): M. Akour | S. Abufardeh | K. Magel | Q. Al-Radaideh
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