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Wireless Mesh Network Performance for Urban Search and Rescue Missions

Author(s): Cristina Ribeiro | Alexander Ferworn | Mieso Denko | Jimmy Tran
Cooperative Software Development and Usability Evaluation: A Web-based Work Management System for Construction Sites

Author(s): Yasunori Shiono | Zhongli Kuang | Yoshitaka Nakagawa | Takaaki Goto | Kensei Tsuchida
RNAi-mediated silencing of CD147 inhibits tumor cell proliferation, invasion and increases chemosensitivity to cisplatin in SGC7901 cells in vitro

Author(s): Wang Bo | Xu Yong-Fei | He Bang-Shun | Pan Yu-Qin | Zhang Li-Rong | Zhu Chan | Qu Li-Li | Wang Shu-Kui
Analysis, Design and Implementation of an Embedded Realtime Sound Source Localization System Based on Beamforming Theory

Author(s): Arko Djajadi | Rusman Rusyadi | Tommy Handoko | Maralo Sinaga | Jürgen Grueneberg
Ultrasonographic alterations of pancreas in diabetic patients

Author(s): Reza Basiratnia | Ali Hekmatnia | Mohammad Reza Kolahriz
Fractal Geometry in 2D Matrix Array for Realtime 3D Ultrasound Imaging

Author(s): Ezhilarasi.M | Rajaram.M | Sivanandham S.N
A New Slack Reclaiming Algorithm for Real-time Systems

Author(s): Wenzhi Chen | Qingsong Shi | Weifang Hu | Wei Hu | Sha Liu
Alorithm for Shadow Detection in Real Colour Images

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar, | Anupreet Kaur
Golden-step phase encoding for flexible realtime Cardiac MRI

Author(s): Derbyshire John | Saybasili Haris | Guo Liheng | Sayin Ozan | Kellman Peter | Lederman Robert | Herzka Daniel
Promoter hypermethylation of the SFRP2 gene is a high-frequent alteration and tumor-specific epigenetic marker in human breast cancer

Author(s): Veeck Jürgen | Noetzel Erik | Bektas Nuran | Jost Edgar | Hartmann Arndt | Knüchel Ruth | Dahl Edgar
Teledermatology: Clinical case profiles and practical issues

Author(s): Kaliyadan Feroze | Venkitakrishnan S
Detection of Activities by Wireless Sensors for Daily Life Surveillance: Eating and Drinking

Author(s): Sen Zhang | Marcelo H. Ang | Wendong Xiao | Chen Khong Tham
Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks

Author(s): T. Jungeblut | M. Grünewald | M. Porrmann | U. Rückert
Real-Time Multiview Recognition of Human Gestures by Distributed Image Processing

Author(s): Toshiyuki Kirishima | Yoshitsugu Manabe | Kosuke Sato | Kunihiro Chihara
hsa-miR-125a-5p Enhances Invasion Ability in Non-Small Lung Carcinoma Cell Lines

Author(s): Lili JIANG | Qingfu ZHANG | Jihong CHANG | Xueshan QIU | Enhua WANG
Isomer-specific effects of CLA on gene expression in human adipose tissue depending on PPARγ2 P12A polymorphism: a double blind, randomized, controlled cross-over study

Author(s): Herrmann J | Rubin D | Häsler R | Helwig U | Pfeuffer M | Auinger A | Laue C | Winkler P | Schreiber S | Bell D | Schrezenmeir J
Expression of the glioma-associated oncogene homolog (GLI) 1 in human breast cancer is associated with unfavourable overall survival

Author(s): ten Haaf Anette | Bektas Nuran | von Serenyi Sonja | Losen Inge | Arweiler Elfriede | Hartmann Arndt | Knüchel Ruth | Dahl Edgar
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Tero Arpinen | Erno Salminen | Timo D. Hämäläinen | Marko Hännikäinen
Expression of complement system components during aging and amyloid deposition in APP transgenic mice

Author(s): Reichwald Julia | Danner Simone | Wiederhold Karl-Heinz | Staufenbiel Matthias
Location accuracy of long distance VLF lightning locationnetwork

Author(s): C. J. Rodger | J. B. Brundell | R. L. Dowden | N. R. Thomson
A Fuzzy System for Detection of Interaction Demanding and Nodding Assent Based on Stereo Vision

Author(s): Eugenio Aguirre | Miguel Garcia-Silvente | Antonio Gonzalez | Rui Paul | Rafael Munyoz
Distributed Object Medical Imaging Model

Author(s): Ahmad Shukri Mohd Noor | Md Yazid Md Saman
Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected buffaloes

Author(s): G. Neglia | L. Zicarelli | R. Di Palo | E. Picillo | L. Attanasio | L. Boccia | B. Gasparrini | A. De Rosa | T. Pepe | A.E. Gravino | G. Iovane | C. Buonavoglia | L. Manna
A System for an Accurate 3D Reconstruction in Video Endoscopy Capsule

Author(s): Anthony Kolar | Olivier Romain | Jade Ayoub | David Faura | Sylvain Viateur | Bertrand Granado | Tarik Graba
Application of New 3-D Analytical Model for Directional Wellbore Friction

Author(s): Mohammad Fazaelizadeh | Geir Hareland | Bernt Aadnoy
On The Symbol Error Probability of Distributed-Alamouti Scheme

Author(s): Trung Q. Duong | Dac-Binh Ha | Hoai-An Tran | Nguyen-Son Vo | Ahsan Haroon
Enabling Component-Based Design for Embedded Real-Time Software

Author(s): Jimmie Wiklander | Jens Eliasson | Andrey Kruglyak | Per Lindgren | Johan Nordlander
Object Segmentation Using Background Modelling and Cascaded Change Detection

Author(s): Luís F. Teixeira | Jaime S. Cardoso | Luís Corte-Real
Supervised Learning Real-time Traffic Classifiers

Author(s): Yu Wang | Shun-Zheng Yu
Dynamic Scheduling of Skippable Periodic Tasks: Issues and Proposals

Author(s): Maryline Silly-Chetto | Audrey Marchand
Providing Data Items with Time Constraints in Multi-Channel Broadcasting Environments

Author(s): Ding-Jung Chiang | Hwei-Jen Lin | Timothy K. Shih
Analysis for Real-time Intransitive Information Flow Security Properties

Author(s): Yong Huang | Lingdi Ping | Shanping Li | Xuezeng Pan
Down-Regulation of Lipocalin 2 Expression in Mouse Testis after Exposure to Electromagnetic Field

Author(s): Amaneh Mohammadi Roushandeh | Raheleh Halabian | Parisa Mozafari | Jafar Soleimani Rad | Behnaz Sadeghzadeh Oskouei | Ali Samadi Kuchaksaraei | Mehryar Habibi Roudkenar
GFZ Wireless Seismic Array (GFZ-WISE), a Wireless Mesh Network of Seismic Sensors: New Perspectives for Seismic Noise Array Investigations and Site Monitoring

Author(s): Matteo Picozzi | Claus Milkereit | Stefano Parolai | Karl-Heinz Jaeckel | Ingo Veit | Joachim Fischer | Jochen Zschau
CCL20/CCR6 expression profile in pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Rubie Claudia | Frick Vilma | Ghadjar Pirus | Wagner Mathias | Grimm Henner | Vicinus Benjamin | Justinger Christoph | Graeber Stefan | Schilling Martin
Large impact of the apoplast on somatic embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum offers possibilities for improved developmental control in vitro

Author(s): Hoenemann Claudia | Richardt Sandra | Krüger Katja | Zimmer Andreas | Hohe Annette | Rensing Stefan
Gene expression analysis after receptor tyrosine kinase activation reveals new potential melanoma proteins

Author(s): Teutschbein Janka | Haydn Johannes | Samans Birgit | Krause Michael | Eilers Martin | Schartl Manfred | Meierjohann Svenja
A Model Vision of Sorting System Application Using Robotic Manipulator

Author(s): Arko Djajadi | Fiona Laoda | Rusman Rusyadi | Tutuko Prajogo | Maralo Sinaga
Geostatistical radar-raingauge combination with nonparametric correlograms: methodological considerations and application in Switzerland

Author(s): R. Schiemann | R. Erdin | M. Willi | C. Frei | M. Berenguer | D. Sempere-Torres
Harnessing Knowledge from Ad Hoc Queries by Creating a Zone of Standardization

Author(s): Jehad Alomari | Farrukh Mohammed | Kathleen Hayden
Antiproliferative Effects of Cucurbitacin B in Breast Cancer Cells: Down-Regulation of the c-Myc/hTERT/Telomerase Pathway and Obstruction of the Cell Cycle

Author(s): Suwit Duangmano | Sumana Dakeng | Weena Jiratchariyakul | Apichart Suksamrarn | Duncan R. Smith | Pimpicha Patmasiriwat
Open 3D Projects

Author(s): Felician ALECU
CIRS: A State-Conscious Concurrency Control Protocol for Replicated Real-Time Databases

Author(s): Vishal Pathak, | Ajay Pratap, | Rabin Kr. Singh | Abhishek Kr. Singh
Comparative evaluation of the performance of the Abbott RealTime HIV-1 assay for measurement of HIV-1 plasma viral load on genetically diverse samples from Greece

Author(s): Katsoulidou Antigoni | Rokka Chrysoula | Issaris Catherine | Haida Catherine | Tzannis Kimon | Sypsa Vana | Detsika Maria | Paraskevis Dimitrios | Hatzakis Angelos
Wildfire Detection and Tracking over Greece Using MSG‑SEVIRI Satellite Data

Author(s): Nicolaos I. Sifakis | Christos Iossifidis | Charalabos Kontoes | Iphigenia Keramitsoglou
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Design of RFID Cloud Services in a Low Bandwidth Network Environment

Author(s): John P.T. Mo | William Lorchirachoonkul
A Model for Web Service Discovery with QoS Constraint

Author(s): HOU Qing | ZHANG Guang-quan

Author(s): Tatjana Babić | Branislava Kocić | Biljana Miljković-Selimović | Predrag Stojanović
Preliminary Effect of Cyberknife Radiosurgery in the Treatment of 31 Patients with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Yanling LV | Zhen WANG | Xixu ZHU | Zetian SHEN | Dongmei YUAN | Xiaohui MIAO | Yi SHI | Yong SONG
Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection increases Foxp3, IL-10 and IL-2 in CXCL-10 deficient C57BL/6 mice

Author(s): Sarfo Bismark | Wilson Nana | Bond Vincent | Stiles Jonathan
A Pragmatic Note on Knopflerfishbased Ambient Assisted Living 'AAI' Systems Engineering

Author(s): Veeramuthu Venkatesh | Pethuru Raj | V.Vaithayanathan | M.Prashanth Kumar
A Pragmatic Note on Knopflerfishbased Ambient Assisted Living 'AAI' Systems Engineering

Author(s): Veeramuthu Venkatesh | Pethuru Raj | V.Vaithayanathan | M.Prashanth Kumar

Author(s): VISHNU SWAROOP, | Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, | UDAI SHANKER
Novel role for SLPI in MOG-induced EAE revealed by spinal cord expression analysis

Author(s): Mueller Andre | Pedré Xiomara | Stempfl Thomas | Kleiter Ingo | Couillard-Despres Sebastien | Aigner Ludwig | Giegerich Gerhard | Steinbrecher Andreas
Gene expression in periodontal tissues following treatment

Author(s): Beikler Thomas | Peters Ulrike | Prior Karola | Eisenacher Martin | Flemmig Thomas
Związek ekspresji genu chemokiny CCL3 w komórkach nowotworowych z przebiegiem klinicznym ostrej białaczki limfoblastycznej u dzieci

Author(s): Filip Pierlejewski | Monika Bulas | Agnieszka Sokół | Bernarda Kazanowska | Maciej Borowiec | Wojciech Młynarski
Multimedia Data Navigation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Rakesh Poonia | Dharm Singh | Alok Kumar
On Road Vehicle Detection using Association Approach

Author(s): Zebbara Khalid | Mazoul Abdenbi | El Ansari Mohamed | Lhoussaine Masmoudi
A Tool for Visualizing ARTIS Agents Specification

Author(s): Toufik MARIR | Farid MOKHATI | Zina MECIBAH
Speech Recognition: Increasing Efficiency of Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Aamir Khan | Muhammad Farhan | Asar Ali
The Latest Exploration of Wiimote-Based Control

Author(s): Hongyin MAO | Hu HUO
Assessment of Aspergillus fumigatus in Guinea Pig Bronchoalveolar Lavages and Pulmonary Tissue by Culture and Realtime Polymerase Chain Reaction Studies

Author(s): Dennis G. Hooper | Vincent E. Bolton | John S. Sutton | Frederick T. Guilford | David C. Straus | Laura K. Najvar | Nathan P. Wiederhold | William R. Kirkpatrick | Thomas F. Patterson
Effect Of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks

Author(s): Md. Tariq Aziz | Mohammad Saiful Islam | Adrian Popescu | Md. Nazmul Islam khan
Perceived Gender Classification from Face Images

Author(s): Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin
Visfatin polymorphism may increase tendency to diabetic nephropathy

Author(s): Serap Demir | Asuman Özgöz | Fadime Mutlu İçduygu | Kuyaş Hekimler | Tülay Köken | Necat İmirzalıoğlu
Concept Adapting Real-Time Data Stream Mining for Health Care Applications

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Jyoti G. Mudkanna | Dnyaneshwar Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Implementation of Clustering Algorithm for Vital Signals in WMRHM Framework

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Dnyaneshwar A.Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
A System for an Accurate 3D Reconstruction in Video Endoscopy Capsule

Author(s): Kolar Anthony | Romain Olivier | Ayoub Jade | Faura David | Viateur Sylvain | Granado Bertrand | Graba Tarik
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Arpinen Tero | Salminen Erno | Hämäläinen TimoD | Hännikäinen Marko
The HIV-1 gp120/V3 modifies the response of uninfected CD4 T cells to antigen presentation: mapping of the specific transcriptional signature

Author(s): Morou Antigone | Porichis Filippos | Krambovitis Elias | Sourvinos George | Spandidos Demetrios | Zafiropoulos Alexandros
Real-Time Multiview Recognition of Human Gestures by Distributed Image Processing

Author(s): Kirishima Toshiyuki | Manabe Yoshitsugu | Sato Kosuke | Chihara Kunihiro
A Two-Layered Mobility Architecture Using Fast Mobile IPv6 and Session Initiation Protocol

Author(s): Nursimloo DeeyaS | Kalebaila GeorgeK | Chan HAnthony
Assessment of GM-CSF receptors by real-time RT-PCR on cell lines expressing high and low affinity receptors and their relation to cytotoxic effect of chimeric protein (StxA1-GM-CSF)

Author(s): Habibi Roudkenar M. | Bouzari S. | Oolomi M. | Kuwahara y. | Mohammadi Roushandeh A. | Baba T. | Fukumoto M.
Wavelet and Blend maps for texture synthesis

Author(s): Du Jin-Lian | Wang Song | Meng Xianhai
GPU Accelerated 2-D Staggered-grid Finite Difference Seismic Modelling

Author(s): Zhangang Wang | Suping Peng | Tao Liu
Realtime Encrypted Traffic Identification using Machine Learning

Author(s): Chengjie Gu | Shunyi Zhang | Yanfei Sun
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Realtime & Embedded System Testing for Biomedical Applications

Author(s): Jinhe Wang | Jing Zhao | Bing Yan
A CORBA-Based Control Architecture for Real-Time Teleoperation Tasks in a Developmental Humanoid Robot

Author(s): Hanafiah Yussof | Genci Capi | Yasuo Nasu | Mitsuhiro Yamano | Masahiro Ohka
Estrogens regulate neuroinflammatory genes via estrogen receptors α and β in the frontal cortex of middle-aged female rats

Author(s): Sárvári Miklós | Hrabovszky Erik | Kalló Imre | Solymosi Norbert | Tóth Kinga | Likó István | Széles János | Mahó Sándor | Molnár Béla | Liposits Zsolt
A new vehicle detection method

Author(s): Zebbara Khalid | Mohamed El Ansari | Abdenbi Mazoul
Fuzzy Logic for QoS Control in IMS network

Author(s): Errais Mohammed | Raouyane Brahim | Bellafkih Mostafa
Nonmuscle myosin II regulates migration but not contraction in rat hepatic stellate cells

Author(s): Cathy C Moore | Ashley M Lakner | Christopher M Yengo | Laura W Schrum
Co-cultivation of murine BMDCs with 67NR mouse mammary carcinoma cells give rise to highly drug resistant cells

Author(s): Nagler Christa | Hardt Cornelia | Zänker Kurt | Dittmar Thomas
Tracking Indian Tigers using Adhoc Networks and GIS

Author(s): Yesu Babu Adimulam | G.Charles Babu | B Sankara Babu | Ramana Banothu | Srinivas Jagirdar
Realtime Traffic Performance for WiFi Handovers over MIPv4 versus MIPv6

Author(s): Ahmad H. Talaat | Nael A. Hussein | Hussein A. Elsayed | Hadia Elhennawy
A Secured Bluetooth Based Social Network

Author(s): Nateq Be-Nazir Ibn Minar | Mohammed Tarique

Author(s): K. Susheel Kumar | Shitala Prasad | Vijay Bhaskar Semwal | R C Tripathi
MATLAB Design and Simulation of Series Controller for Damping of Energy System Oscillations

Author(s): Neetu Mittal | Abhijit Kulshreshtha | Rachana Gupta | Vijay Kumar Tayal | J.S. Lather
Geostatistical radar-raingauge combination with nonparametric correlograms: methodological considerations and application in Switzerland

Author(s): R. Schiemann | R. Erdin | M. Willi | C. Frei | M. Berenguer | D. Sempere-Torres
Proffering Task oriented Grid Resource Discovery based on Learning Automata

Author(s): Ali Sarhadi | Hosein Zohrevand | Ebad Zohrevandi | Rasoul Rostaei
A Feature Comparative Study of RealTime Traffic Simulation Over OBS Network

Author(s): Mohammed. A. Al-Shargabi | Abdul Samad Ismail | Sevia M.Idrus
Shockwaves Enhance the Osteogenetic Gene Expression in Marrow Stromal Cells from Hips with Osteonecrosis

Author(s): Tsung-Cheng Yin | Ching-Jen Wang | Kunder D. Yang | Feng-Sheng Wang | Yi-Chih Sun
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