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Evaluation of a 3-D rockfall module within a forest patch model

Author(s): W. Rammer | M. Brauner | L. K. A. Dorren | F. Berger | M. J. Lexer
Different Profile of Propranolol and Amitriptyline Effects on Migraine Prophylaxis

Author(s): M. Rafieian-Kopaei | J. Mehvari | H. Shirzadeh
Mechanical Properties of Industrial Tyre Rubber Compounds

Author(s): Mohd Bijarimi | H. Zulkafli | M. D.H. Beg
Acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia, and elevated liver enzymes after concurrent abuse of alcohol and cocaine

Author(s): Alireza Hosseinnezhad | Rajakrishnan Vijayakrishnan | Mary Jo S. Farmer
Why the 18.6 year tide cannot explain the change of sign observed in j2

Author(s): F. Deleflie | P. Exertier | G. Metris | P. Berio | O. Laurain | J.-M. Lemoine | R. Biancale
Acute lead intoxication in a female battery worker: Diagnosis and management

Author(s): Dounias George | Rachiotis George | Hadjichristodoulou Christos
The effect of fasting on the glycogen metabolism in heat-acclimated rats

Author(s): Miova Biljana | Dinevska-Kjovkarevska Suzana | Mitev S. | Dervišević Mirsada
Activation of the kinin system in the ovary during ovulation: Role of endogenous progesterone

Author(s): Brann Darrell | Greenbaum Lowell | Mahesh Virendra | Gao XiaoXing
A role of melanin-concentrating hormone producing neurons in the central regulation of paradoxical sleep

Author(s): Verret Laure | Goutagny Romain | Fort Patrice | Cagnon Laurène | Salvert Denise | Léger Lucienne | Boissard Romuald | Salin Paul | Peyron Christelle | Luppi Pierre-Hervé
The Effect of PPARα, PPARδ, PPARγ, and PPARpan Agonists on Body Weight, Body Mass, and Serum Lipid Profiles in Diet-Induced Obese AKR/J Mice

Author(s): W. Wallace Harrington | Christy S. Britt | Joan G. Wilson | Naphtali O. Milliken | Jane G. Binz | David C. Lobe | William R. Oliver | Michael C. Lewis | Diane M. Ignar
Impact of intermittent preventive treatment with sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine targeting the transmission season on the incidence of clinical malaria in children in Mali

Author(s): Dicko Alassane | Sagara Issaka | Sissoko Mahamadou | Guindo Ousmane | Diallo Abdoulbaki | Kone Mamady | Toure Ousmane | Sacko Massambou | Doumbo Ogobara
Earth's energy imbalance and implications

Author(s): J. Hansen | M. Sato | P. Kharecha | K. von Schuckmann
Small Bowel Obstruction by a Terminal Ileum Carcinoid Tumor: a Case Report

Author(s): Seyed Hamid Moosavy | Yasir Andrabi | Sepehr Esmaeeli | Abdolrahim Amini
Cases of Brainstem Infarcts after Cessation of Heparin Treatment: Is It a Rebound Effect?

Author(s): Caner Feyzi Demir | Fidan Surgun | Hasan Ozdemir | Oktay Kapan
Earth's energy imbalance and implications

Author(s): J. Hansen | M. Sato | P. Kharecha | K. von Schuckmann
Appraisal of The Effect of The Global Financial Meltdown on The Nigerian Money Market

Author(s): Mayowa Gabriel AJAO | Babatunde Oshobuye FESTUS
Rebound of residual plasma viremia after initial decrease following addition of intravenous immunoglobulin to effective antiretroviral treatment of HIV

Author(s): Mellberg Tomas | Gonzalez Veronica | Lindkvist Annica | Edén Arvid | Sönnerborg Anders | Sandberg Johan | Svennerholm Bo | Gisslén Magnus
Annealing of radiation-induced defects in burn-in stressed power VDMOSFETs

Author(s): Đorić-Veljković Snežana M. | Manić Ivica Đ. | Davidović Vojkan S. | Danković Danijel M. | Golubović Snežana M. | Stojadinović Ninoslav D.
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