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The role of selenium in critical illness: Basic science and clinical implications

Author(s): Salama Alaa | Sakr Yasser | Reinhart Konrad

Author(s): Mónica Cavia | Ana María López Muñoz | Blanca Hernando | Ana Sofía López | Carlos García-Girón | María Jesús Coma | Pilar Muñiz
The redox potential of sediment from the Middle Adriatic region

Author(s): Slavica MATIJEVIĆ | Grozdan KUŠPILIĆ | Zorana KLJAKOVIĆ-GAŠPIĆ
Glutathione redox status in some tissues and the intestinal parasite Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala) from barbel (Barbus barbus)(Pisces) from the Danube river

Author(s): Despotović Svetlana G. | Perendija Branka R. | Kovačević Tijana B. | Borković Slavica S. | Pavlović S.Z. | Milošević S.M. | Đikanović Vesna D. | Cakić P.D. | Pajović Snežana B. | Saičić Zorica S.
Effect of oxygen deficiency on soil dehydrogenase activity (pot experiment with barley)

Author(s): Brzezińska M. | Stępniewska Z. | Stępniewski W. | Włodarczyk T. | Przywara G. | Bennicelli R.
Effect of oxygen deficiency on soil dehydrogenase activity in a pot experiment with triticale cv. Jago vegetation

Author(s): Brzezińska M. | Stępniewski W. | Stępniewska Z. | Przywara G. | Włodarczyk T.
Characteristics of aeration properties of selected soil profiles from central europe

Author(s): Gliński J. | Stępniewski W. | Stępniewska Z. | Włodarczyk T. | Brzezińska M.
Soil aeration status of some austrian soils

Author(s): Stępniewska Z. | Gliński J. | Włodarczyk T. | Brzezińska M. | Blum W.E.H. | Rampazzo N. | Wimmer B.
Characteristics of aeration properties of orthic luvisol from poland under different land use

Author(s): Stępniewski W. | Stępniewska Z. | Przywara G. | Brzezińska M. | Włodarczyk T.
Aeration status of some slovakian soils

Author(s): Z. Stępniewska | Brzezińska M. | Gliński J. | Stępniewski W. | Włodarczyk T. | Čurlik J.
Dehydrogenase activity of some hungarian soils as related to their water and aeration status

Author(s): W. Stępniewski | Stępniewska Z. | Gliński J. | Brzezińska M. | Włodarczyk T. | Przywara G. | Varallyay G. | Rajkai K.
Nitrous oxide production and consumption in Calcaric Regosols as related to soil redox and texture

Author(s): T. Włodarczyk | W. Stępniewski | M. Brzezińska
Effect of oxygen deficiency on the macroelement content of the soil (pot experiment with barley cv. Aramir vegetation)

Author(s): Włodarczyk T. | Stępniewski W. | Stępniewska Z. | Brzezińska M. | Bennicelli R. | Przywara G.
Mitochondria and Energetic Depression in Cell Pathophysiology

Author(s): Enn Seppet | Marju Gruno | Ants Peetsalu | Zemfira Gizatullina | Huu Phuc Nguyen | Stefan Vielhaber | Manfred H.P. Wussling | Sonata Trumbeckaite | Odeta Arandarcikaite | Doreen Jerzembeck | Maria Sonnabend | Katharina Jegorov | Stephan Zierz | Frank Striggow | Frank N. Gellerich
The Phytoestrogen Quercetin Impairs Steroidogenesis and Angiogenesis in Swine Granulosa Cells In Vitro

Author(s): Sujen Eleonora Santini | Giuseppina Basini | Simona Bussolati | Francesca Grasselli
Influence of hydropedology on viticulture and oenology of Sangiovese vine in the Chianti area (Central Italy)

Author(s): E. A. C. Costantini | S. Pellegrini | P. Bucelli | P. Storchi | N. Vignozzi | R. Barbetti | S. Campagnolo
Relevance of the Lin's and Host hydropedological models to predict grape yield and wine quality

Author(s): E. A. C. Costantini | S. Pellegrini | P. Bucelli | P. Storchi | N. Vignozzi | R. Barbetti | S. Campagnolo
Effect of different housing conditions on several indices of blood redox status and on reproductive performance in buffalo cows

Author(s): M.S. Spagnuolo | D. Vecchio | R. De Rosa | F. Polimeno | A. Balestrieri | G. Zicarelli | L. Ferrara | G. Campanile
Pre-radiotherapy plasma carotenoids and markers of oxidative stress are associated with survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients: a prospective study

Author(s): Sakhi Amrit | Russnes Kjell | Thoresen Magne | Bastani Nasser | Karlsen Anette | Smeland Sigbjørn | Blomhoff Rune
Role of Oxidative Stress in Stem, Cancer, and Cancer Stem Cells

Author(s): Ahmed Abdal Dayem | Hye-Yeon Choi | Jung-Hyun Kim | Ssang-Goo Cho
Effects of cisplatin on lipid peroxidation and the glutathione redox status in the liver of male rats: The protective role of selenium

Author(s): Trbojević Ivana S. | Ognjanović Branka I. | Đorđević Nataša Z. | Marković Snežana D. | Štajn A.Š. | Gavrić Jelena P. | Saičić Zorica S.
Glutathione status in the blood of rats after reticulocytosis induced by phenylhydrazine and bleeding

Author(s): Marković Snežana D. | Obradović Ana D. | Žižić Jovana B. | Ognjanović Branka I. | Štajn A.Š. | Saičić Zorica S. | Spasić M.B.
Glutathione as a suitable biomarker in hepatopancreas, gills and muscle of three freshwater crayfish species

Author(s): Kovačević Tijana B. | Borković Slavica S. | Pavlović S.Z. | Despotović Svetlana G. | Saičić Zorica S.
Antioxidant System in Adaptation to Intermittent Hypoxia

Author(s): O. Gonchar | I. Mankovska
Contribution of oxidative stress to pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Vincent G DeMarco | Adam T Whaley-Connell | James R Sowers | Javad Habibi | Kevin C Dellsperger
Aminoguanidine impedes human pancreatic tumor growth and metastasis development in nude mice

Author(s): Nora A Mohamad, Graciela P Cricco, Lorena A Sambuco, Máximo Croci, Vanina A Medina, Alicia S Gutiérrez, Rosa M Bergoc, Elena S Rivera, Gabriela A Martín
Antioxidants and Myocardial Ischemia: Reperfusion Injuries

Author(s): Jan-Kan Chen | Shu-Er Chow
Tomato Lycopene and Lung Cancer Prevention: From Experimental to Human Studies

Author(s): Paola Palozza | Rossella E. Simone | Assunta Catalano | Maria Cristina Mele
The responses of Ht22 cells to oxidative stress induced by buthionine sulfoximine (BSO)

Author(s): Chen Jun | Small-Howard Andrea | Yin Amy | Berry Marla
Protein Thiol Modifications Visualized In Vivo

Author(s): Leichert Lars I | Jakob Ursula
The crucial role of particle surface reactivity in respirable quartz-induced reactive oxygen/nitrogen species formation and APE/Ref-1 induction in rat lung

Author(s): Albrecht Catrin | Knaapen Ad | Becker Andrea | Höhr Doris | Haberzettl Petra | van Schooten Frederik | Borm Paul | Schins Roel
The chemical characteristics of soil which determine phosphorus partitioning in highly calcareous soils

Quantitation of Total And Reduced Glutathione In Erythrocytes By High Performance Liquid Chromatography]

Author(s): 1,3Zahide Çavdar, | Mehtap Yüksel Eğrilmez | Memduh Bülbül | Gül Güner | Semra Koçtürk

Author(s): Anastasios Theodorou | Giorgos Sakellariou | Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of Thessaly | Vasilis Paschalis | Ioannis Fatouros | Athanasios Z. Jamurtas
Differentially expressed genes in embryonic cardiac tissues of mice lacking Folr1 gene activity

Author(s): Zhu Huiping | Cabrera Robert | Wlodarczyk Bogdan | Bozinov Daniel | Wang Deli | Schwartz Robert | Finnell Richard
Plasma redox status is impaired in the portacaval shunted rat – the risk of the reduced antioxidant ability

Author(s): Aller Maria-Angeles | García-Fernández Maria-Inmaculada | Sánchez-Patán Fernando | Santín Luis | Rioja José | Anchuelo Raquel | Arias Jaime | Arias Jorge-Luis
Selenium compounds induce ROS in human high-metastatic large cell lung cancer cell line L9981

Author(s): Chengfei LIU | Jun CHEN | Zhihao WU | Ying LI | Yu ZHU | Yuanrong REN | Qinghua ZHOU
Landscape patterns of soil oxygen and atmospheric greenhouse gases in a northern hardwood forest landscape

Author(s): S. F. Werner | C. T. Driscoll | P. M. Groffman | J. B. Yavitt
Intracellular and Extracellular Redox Status and Free Radical Generation in Primary Immune Cells from Children with Autism

Author(s): Shannon Rose | Stepan Melnyk | Timothy A. Trusty | Oleksandra Pavliv | Lisa Seidel | Jingyun Li | Todd Nick | S. Jill James
Emodin Prevents Intrahepatic Fat Accumulation, Inflammation and Redox Status Imbalance During Diet-Induced Hepatosteatosis in Rats

Author(s): Anna Alisi | Anna Pastore | Sara Ceccarelli | Nadia Panera | Daniela Gnani | Giovannella Bruscalupi | Mara Massimi | Giulia Tozzi | Fiorella Piemonte | Valerio Nobili
Hepatic Oxidative Stress in Fructose-Induced Fatty Liver Is Not Caused by Sulfur Amino Acid Insufficiency

Author(s): Sachin S. Kunde | James R. Roede | Miriam B. Vos | Michael L. Orr | Young-Mi Go | Youngja Park | Thomas R. Ziegler | Dean P. Jones
Testing the importance of jasmonate signalling in induction of plant defences upon cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) attack

Author(s): Kuśnierczyk Anna | Tran Diem | Winge Per | Jørstad Tommy | Reese John | Troczyńska Joanna | Bones Atle
Oxidative stress and antioxidant status in primary bone and soft tissue sarcoma

Author(s): Nathan Fatima | Singh Vivek | Dhanoa Amreeta | Palanisamy Uma
Dietary total antioxidant capacity is inversely related to central adiposity as well as to metabolic and oxidative stress markers in healthy young adults

Author(s): Hermsdorff Helen Hermana | Puchau Blanca | Volp Ana Carolina | Barbosa Kiriaque | Bressan Josefina | Zulet M Ángeles | Martínez J Alfredo
Metabolic and oxidative stress indices in acute unilateral ureteral obstructive nephropathy in rat

Author(s): Ashtiyani SC | Moosavi SMS | Hosseinkhani S | Shirazi M
Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress and Plant Mitochondria

Author(s): Els Keunen | Tony Remans | Sacha Bohler | Jaco Vangronsveld | Ann Cuypers

Author(s): Dimitris Oikonomou | Anastasios Theodorou | Giorgos Sakellariou | Vasilis Paschalis | Michalis Nikolaidis | Vassilis Alexiou | Athanasios Z. Jamurtas

Author(s): Athanasios Kabasakalis | Vassilis Mougios
Relationship of oxidized low density lipoprotein with lipid profile and oxidative stress markers in healthy young adults: a translational study

Author(s): Barbosa Kiriaque | Volp Ana Carolina | Hermsdorff Helen Hermana | Navarro-Blasco Iñigo | Zulet M Ángeles | Martínez J Alfredo | Bressan Josefina
Regulation of hypoxia inducible factor-1α expression by the alteration of redox status in HepG2 cells

Author(s): Jin Wen-sen | Kong Zhao-lu | Shen Zhi-fen | Jin Yi-zun | Zhang Wu-kui | Chen Guang-fu
New approach to modulate retinal cellular toxic effects of high glucose using marine epa and dha

Author(s): Dutot Mélody | de la Tourrette Violaine | Fagon Roxane | Rat Patrice
Tocotrienol rich fraction supplementation improved lipid profile and oxidative status in healthy older adults: A randomized controlled study

Author(s): Chin Siok-Fong | Ibahim Johari | Makpol Suzana | Abdul Hamid Noor Aini | Abdul Latiff Azian | Zakaria Zaiton | Mazlan Musalmah | Mohd Yusof Yasmin Anum | Abdul Karim Aminuddin | Wan Ngah Wan Zurinah

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