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Explorando los impactos de la RFID en los procesos de negocios de una cadena de suministro.

Author(s): Bendavid, Ygal | Castro, Linda | Lefebvre, Louis A. | Lefebvre, Élisabeth
How Intellectual Capital and Learning Organization Can Foster Organizational Competitiveness?

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Noruzi | José G. Vargas-Hernández
The Tandem Culture – Organizational Bureaucracy in Public Sector

Author(s): Ion Gh. ROŞCA | George MOLDOVEANU
A Study of the Impact of Business Process on the ERP System Effectiveness

Author(s): Wen-Hsien Tsai | Shu-Ping Chen | Elliott T.Y. Hwang | Jui-Ling Hsu
A Novel Approach for Replacing Legacy Systems

Author(s): Y. Moghaddas | H. Rashidi
Measuring the Function Points for Migration Project: A Case Study

Author(s): K. Mustafa | K. Gowthaman | R. A. Khan
Reengineering Vital Registration and Statistics Systems

Author(s): Kiumarss Nasseri, DVM, PhD, MPH

Author(s): M.Atilla ARICIOĞLU
Informatics Security Metrics Comparative Analysis

Author(s): Ion IVAN | Luckacs BREDA
IT & C Projects Duration Assessment Based on Audit and Software Reengineering

Author(s): Cosmin TOMOZEI | Marius VETRICI | Cristian AMANCEI
Innovations in Trade Financing Process of Commercial Bank

Author(s): Yijun Yuan | Xiaowei Dong | Xiaoqing Lv
Revised P3IEI Methodology for Organizational Process Reengineering in Complex Environment

Author(s): Mohsen Akbarpour Shirazi | Mehdi Parsaiyan | Ahmad Reza Tahsiri
New Trends in Sports Management – Reengineering

Author(s): Claudiu MEREUŢĂ | Elena MEREUŢĂ
The Influence of the Conjunctural Factors Toward the Reengineering of Organization

Author(s): Gheorghe Basanu | Florin Ionita | Daniel Savin
Metabolic engineering of a reduced-genome strain of Escherichia coli for L-threonine production

Author(s): Lee Jun | Sung Bong | Kim Mi | Blattner Frederick | Yoon Byoung | Kim Jung | Kim Sun

Author(s): Josip Brumec | Željko Dobrović | Martina Tomičić
Impacts of the Implementation of ERP Systems on Cash Management: The Redesign of Treasury Processes

Author(s): Bernabé Escobar | John Cullen | José María González
Distributed Object Medical Imaging Model

Author(s): Ahmad Shukri Mohd Noor | Md Yazid Md Saman
The Audit of Business Intelligence Solutions

Author(s): Bogdan GHILIC-MICU | Marinela MIRCEA | Marian STOICA
Innovative health service delivery models in low and middle income countries - what can we learn from the private sector?

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Onil | Khor Sara | McGahan Anita | Dunne David | Daar Abdallah | Singer Peter
Implementation Difficulties of Hospital Information Systems

Author(s): Ozge Sagiroglu | Meltem Ozturan
Empowerment Improvement of the Scavenger`s Identity in Thailand

Author(s): Somkid Tubtim | Somsak Srisantisuk | Pisit Chareonsudjai | Sakurai Yoshihide
Determining an optimal retail location by using GIS

Author(s): Trubint Nikola | Ostojić Ljubomir | Bojović Nebojša
Towards real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonance-guided transarterial aortic valve implantation: In vitro evaluation and modification of existing devices

Author(s): Kahlert Philipp | Eggebrecht Holger | Plicht Björn | Kraff Oliver | McDougall Ian | Decker Brad | Erbel Raimund | Ladd Mark | Quick Harald
DSpace Hibernate-Prototype

Author(s): Andrea Bollini | Daniele Ninfo

Author(s): Daniela Ciotină | Cristina-Ionela Fădur
Organizational improvement using Organizational paradigms with the support of people paradigms

Author(s): Md. Shariful Alam | Md. Rashedul Islam | Md. Rofiqul Islam
Re-thinking Enrolment in Identity Card Schemes

Author(s): Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri
Distributed Java Based Medical Imaging Informatics Model

Author(s): Ahmad Shukri S Mohd Noor | Md Yazid Md Saman
Reengineering Of Education Institute And Coupling Measurement

Author(s): Ashok Kumar | Anil Kumar | Kulvinder Singh
Reengineering the clinical research enterprise to involve more community clinicians

Author(s): Ryan Gery | Berrebi Claude | Beckett Megan | Taylor Stephanie | Quiter Elaine | Cho Michelle | Pincus Harold | Kahn Katherine
ODP-RM : Reengineering Framework for Systems in Education

Author(s): Alain CORBIERE | Christophe CHOQUET
Modelo para identificação de ações de melhoria de desempenho aliadas à Estratégia

Author(s): Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo | Kleber Francisco Esposto | Luiz C. R. Carpinetti
Implementation of Collaborative Design in a Small Company: A Case Study

Author(s): JrJung Lyu | Jyh-Hong Ding | Tung-Liang Chen
Effects of Reengineering in Banks on Employees Perception of Job Security

Author(s): Ademola B. Owolabi | Benjamin O. Omolayo
Innovation Models and Business Process Redesign

Author(s): Nariman Abdi | Behrouz Zarei | Jamshid Vaisy | Badieahe Parvin

Author(s): Robu Nicoleta Raluca | SAVLOVSCHI Ludovica Ioana
Employees Adoption of E-Procurement System: An Empirical Study

Author(s): Inder Singh | Devendra Kumar Punia
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with VIATRA2

Author(s): Ábel Hegedus | Zoltán Ujhelyi | Gábor Bergmann
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with Edapt

Author(s): Markus Herrmannsdoerfer
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with MOLA and Higher-Order Transformations

Author(s): Agris Sostaks | Elina Kalnina | Audris Kalnins | Edgars Celms | Janis Iraids
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with GrGen.NET

Author(s): Edgar Jakumeit | Sebastian Buchwald
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with Henshin

Author(s): Stefan Jurack | Johannes Tietje
Relational grounding facilitates development of scientifically useful multiscale models

Author(s): Hunt C Anthony | Ropella Glen | Lam Tai | Gewitz Andrew
Reengineering Aircraft Structural Life Prediction Using a Digital Twin

Author(s): Eric J. Tuegel | Anthony R. Ingraffea | Thomas G. Eason | S. Michael Spottswood
Business Process Re-engineering in Saudi Arabia: A Survey of Understanding and Attitudes

Author(s): Essam Rahali | Zenon Chaczko | Johnson Agbinya | Christopher Chiu
A Study on Fraud Detection Based on Data Mining Using Decision Tree

Author(s): A. N. Pathak | Manu Sehgal | Divya Christopher
Social Software and Semantics for Business Process Management - Alternative or Synergy?

Author(s): Agata Filipowska | Monika Kaczmarek | Agnes Koschmider | Sebastian Stein | Krzysztof Wecel | Witold Abramowicz
Assessing Health System Responsiveness: A Household Survey in 17th District of Tehran

Author(s): A Rashidian | Z Kavosi | R Majdzadeh | A Pourreza | F Pourmalek | M Arab | K Mohammad
The BP-M* Methodology for Process Analysis in the Health Sector

Author(s): Antonio Di Leva | Salvatore Femiano
Designing a mathematical model of management techniques (TQM, BPR) in Zahedan , weave fishing net industries

Author(s): Dr.Baqer Kord, Dr. Habibollah Salarzehi, Hamed Aramesh, Somayeh Mousavi
ERP Software Selection Processes: A Case Study inthe Metal Transformation Sector

Author(s): Antonio Hidalgo | José Albors | Luis Gómez
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