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CONFIGEN: A tool for managing configuration options

Author(s): Emmanuel Ohayon | Matthieu Lemerre | Vincent David
Refactoring of a Database

Author(s): Ayeesha D’Sousa | Shalini Bhatia
How To Generate Distributed Software Components From Centralized Ones?

Author(s): Abdelhak Seriai | Gautier Bastide | Mourad Oussalah
Improve the Test Case Design of Object Oriented Software by Refactoring

Author(s): Divya Prakash Shrivastava | R.C. Jain
Refactoring-Way for Software Maintenance

Author(s): Madhulika Arora | S S Sarangdevot | Vikram Singh Rathore | Jitendra Deegwal | Sonia Arora
Detecting Renamings in Three-Way Merging

Author(s): László Angyal | László Lengyel | Hassan Charaf
An Agent-based Model for Agriculture E-commerce System

Author(s): O. Folorunso | Sushil K. Sharma | H.O.D Longe | K. Lasaki
Educational Approach of Refactoring in Facilitating Reverse Engineering

Author(s): Mazni Omar | Sharifah Lailee Syed-Abdullah | Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Azman Yasin | Haslina Mohd
An Empirical Evaluation of Refactoring

Author(s): Wilking Dirk | Kahn Umar Farooq | Kowalewski Stefan
Application of Program Slicing for Aspect Mining and Extraction A Discussion

Author(s): Amogh Katti | Vyankatesh Bingi | Vishwanath Chavan
Requirements Engineering in Agile Software Development

Author(s): Andrea De Lucia | Abdallah Qusef
EvolvingWeb-Based Test Automation into Agile Business Specifications

Author(s): Rick Mugridge | Mark Utting | David Streader
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