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Book Review of The Latehomecomer

Author(s): Lisa Dembouski
Questions from an analysis of ethnic distributions in the former Yugoslavia

Author(s): Hammel Eugene A. | Mason Carl | Stevanović Mirjana
Hope and recognition: A Music Project among Youth in a Palestinian Refugee Camp

Author(s): Vegard Storsve | Inger Anne Westbye | Even Ruud
Reproductive health services for refugees by refugees in Guinea I: family planning

Author(s): Howard Natasha | Kollie Sarah | Souare Yaya | von Roenne Anna | Blankhart David | Newey Claire | Chen Mark | Borchert Matthias
Medical and licit drug use in an urban/rural study population with a refugee background, 7-8 years into resettlement

Author(s): Johansson Blight, Karin | Persson, Jan-Olov | Ekblad, Solvig | Ekberg, Jan
Trauma, poverty and mental health among Somali and Rwandese refugees living in an African refugee settlement – an epidemiological study

Author(s): Onyut Lamaro | Neuner Frank | Ertl Verena | Schauer Elisabeth | Odenwald Michael | Elbert Thomas
The burden of acute respiratory infections in crisis-affected populations: a systematic review

Author(s): Bellos Anna | Mulholland Kim | O'Brien Katherine | Qazi Shamim | Gayer Michelle | Checchi Francesco
Outbreak of chickenpox in a refugee camp of northern Thailand

Author(s): Shimakawa Yusuke | Camélique Olivier | Ariyoshi Koya
Escape from Harm’s Way: The Experiences of Southeast Asian Elders and their Families

Author(s): Daniel F. Detzner | Aysem R. Senyurekli | Zha Blong Xiong
El exilio de la buena sierpe. Marí­a Zambrano

Author(s): Marí­a Rosa Palazón Mayoral
Origin of Citizens of Vrgada Island

Author(s): Tomislav Grgin
Seeking consent in the country of origin for transplantation from a brain-dead refugee in the host country

Author(s): Najafizadeh Katayoun | Ghorbani Fariba | Rostami Ameneh | Ghobadi Omid | Barbati Esmail | Rad Shahram | Assari Shervin
Book Review: No Dream Beyond My Reach by Sopheap Ly

Author(s): Rassamichanh Souryasack
Developing Culturally Sensitive Parent Education Programs for Immigrant Families: The Helping Youth Succeed Curriculum

Author(s): Zha Blong Xiong | Daniel F. Detzner | Zoe Hendrickson Keuster | Patricia A. Eliason | Rose Allen
Hmong Resettlement in French Guiana

Author(s): Patrick F. Clarkin
Hmong Refugee’s Death Fugue

Author(s): Sheng-mei Ma
Awareness on HIV/AIDS Among Women in A Refugee Community

Author(s): Bibi P | Panda P | Purty AJ | Bazroy J
Exile and demographic population growth in Serbia

Author(s): Stevanović Radoslav
The Dublin Procedure

Author(s): Ana – Maria Gurita | Paula Maria Dinu
Reporting on Music Therapy in Kenya

Author(s): David Otieno Akombo
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea II: sexually transmitted infections

Author(s): Chen Mark | von Roenne Anna | Souare Yaya | von Roenne Franz | Ekirapa Akaco | Howard Natasha | Borchert Matthias
Differences in HIV-related behaviors at Lugufu refugee camp and surrounding host villages, Tanzania

Author(s): Rowley Elizabeth | Spiegel Paul | Tunze Zawadi | Mbaruku Godfrey | Schilperoord Marian | Njogu Patterson
Representation of Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and Refugee Affairs In Hungarian Dailies

Author(s): Lilla VICSEK | Roland KESZI | Marcell MÁRKUS
Rahvatantsuharrastus paguluseestlaste hulgas ja selle roll eestluse säilimisel

Author(s): Iivi Zajedova | Eha Rüütel | Angela Arraste | Kalev Järvela
Sociodemographic correlates of food habits among school adolescents (12–15 year) in north Gaza Strip

Author(s): Abudayya Abdallah | Stigum Hein | Shi Zumin | Abed Yehia | Holmboe-Ottesen Gerd
Treating children traumatized by war and Tsunami: A comparison between exposure therapy and meditation-relaxation in North-East Sri Lanka

Author(s): Catani Claudia | Kohiladevy Mahendran | Ruf Martina | Schauer Elisabeth | Elbert Thomas | Neuner Frank
Migraciones forzosas, nuevos refugios y derechos humanos

Author(s): Gortázar Rotaeche, Cristina
Phryne: cnidian Venus to movie star

Author(s): Eleonora Cavallini
Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among Haitian immigrant students: implications for access to mental health services and educational programming

Author(s): Fawzi Mary | Betancourt Theresa | Marcelin Lilly | Klopner Michelle | Munir Kerim | Muriel Anna | Oswald Catherine | Mukherjee Joia
Reproductive health and quality of life of young Burmese refugees in Thailand

Author(s): Benner Marie | Townsend Joy | Kaloi Wiphan | Htwe Kyi | Naranichakul Nantarat | Hunnangkul Saowalak | Carrara Verena | Sondorp Egbert
Effect of a primary health-care-based controlled trial for cardiorespiratory fitness in refugee women

Author(s): Sundquist Jan | Hagströmer Maria | Johansson Sven-Erik | Sundquist Kristina
Rapid Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability in Palestinian Refugee Camps

Author(s): Jalal N. Al-Dabbeek | Radwan J. El-Kelani
Refugees and Health

Author(s): Ozge Karadag | Kerim Hakan Altintas
Influence of migrations on population and functional changes in Srem municipalities

Author(s): Matijević Dragana | Tošić Branka | Lukić Vesna
Social cohesion through football: a quasi-experimental mixed methods design to evaluate a complex health promotion program

Author(s): Nathan Sally | Bunde-Birouste Anne | Evers Clifton | Kemp Lynn | MacKenzie Julie | Henley Robert
Young and vulnerable: Spatial-temporal trends and risk factors for infant mortality in rural South Africa (Agincourt), 1992-2007

Author(s): Sartorius Benn | Kahn Kathleen | Vounatsou Penelope | Collinson Mark | Tollman Stephen
Paternal predictors of the mental health of children of Vietnamese refugees

Author(s): Vaage Aina | Thomsen Per | Rousseau Cécile | Wentzel-Larsen Tore | Ta Thong | Hauff Edvard
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea III: maternal health

Author(s): Howard Natasha | Woodward Aniek | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | Blankhart David | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Sampling challenges in a study examining refugee resettlement

Author(s): Sulaiman-Hill Cheryl | Thompson Sandra
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. in Children with Diarrhea in the West Bank, Palestine

Author(s): Sameer M. Abu-Alrub,1 Gabi M. Abusada,1,2 Mohammad A. Farraj,1 Tamer A. Essawi.1
Mental health of returnees: refugees in Germany prior to their state-sponsored repatriation

Author(s): von Lersner Ulrike | Wiens Ulrike | Elbert Thomas | Neuner Frank
Child Acute Malnutrition and Mortality in Populations Affected by Displacement in the Horn of Africa, 1997–2009

Author(s): John B. Mason | Jessica M. White | Linda Heron | Jennifer Carter | Caroline Wilkinson | Paul Spiegel
The burden of malaria in post-emergency refugee sites: A retrospective study

Author(s): Anderson Jamie | Doocy Shannon | Haskew Christopher | Spiegel Paul | Moss William
Utilization of outpatient services in refugee settlement health facilities: a comparison by age, gender, and refugee versus host national status

Author(s): Weiss William | Vu Alexander | Tappis Hannah | Meyer Sarah | Haskew Christopher | Spiegel Paul
Resilience of refugees displaced in the developing world: a qualitative analysis of strengths and struggles of urban refugees in Nepal

Author(s): Thomas Fiona | Roberts Bayard | Luitel Nagendra | Upadhaya Nawaraj | Tol Wietse
Performance of UNHCR nutrition programs in post-emergency refugee camps

Author(s): Doocy Shannon | Tappis Hannah | Haskew Christopher | Wilkinson Caroline | Spiegel Paul
Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Afghan Refugees and War-Zone Adolescents

Author(s): Reza Rostami | Jalil Babapour-Kheiroddin | Behzad Shalchi | Farzaneh Badinloo | Fatemeh Hamzavi-Abedi
Phryne: cnidian Venus to movie star

Author(s): Eleonora Cavallini
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea IV: Peer education and HIV knowledge, attitudes, and reported practices

Author(s): Woodward Aniek | Howard Natasha | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Family planning in conflict: results of cross-sectional baseline surveys in three African countries

Author(s): McGinn Therese | Austin Judy | Anfinson Katherine | Amsalu Ribka | Casey Sara | Fadulalmula Shihab | Langston Anne | Lee-Jones Louise | Meyers Janet | Mubiru Frederick | Schlecht Jennifer | Sharer Melissa | Yetter Mary
“Refugeeism” and the Two-State Solution

Author(s): Pepijn van Houwelingen
Gone with the currents: lack of genetic differentiation at the circum-continental scale in the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba

Author(s): Bortolotto Erica | Bucklin Ann | Mezzavilla Massimo | Zane Lorenzo | Patarnello Tomaso
Public health equity in refugee situations

Author(s): Leaning Jennifer | Spiegel Paul | Crisp Jeff
Health related quality of life among Iraqi immigrants settled in Malaysia

Author(s): Daher Aqil | Ibrahim Hisham | Daher Thaaer | Anbori Ali
Malaria in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana, Kenya: facilitation of Anopheles arabiensis vector populations by installed water distribution and catchment systems

Author(s): Nabie Bayoh M | Akhwale Willis | Ombok Maurice | Sang David | Engoki Sammy | Koros Dan | Walker Edward | Williams Holly | Burke Heather | Armstrong Gregory | Cetron Martin | Weinberg Michelle | Breiman Robert | Hamel Mary
Clinical trial of extended-dose chloroquine for treatment of resistant falciparum malaria among Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Author(s): Howard Natasha | Durrani Naeem | Sanda Sanda | Beshir Khalid | Hallett Rachel | Rowland Mark
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