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Economic Modeling of Residual Generation for the Lingayen Gulf Watershed

Author(s): Douglas McGlone | Herminia Caringal
Saharan dust event impacts on cloud formation and radiation over Western Europe

Author(s): M. Bangert | A. Nenes | B. Vogel | H. Vogel | D. Barahona | V. A. Karydis | P. Kumar | C. Kottmeier | U. Blahak
Evaluating the influences of biomass burning during 2006 BASE-ASIA: a regional chemical transport modeling

Author(s): J. S. Fu | N. C. Hsu | Y. Gao | K. Huang | C. Li | N.-H. Lin | S.-C. Tsay
The impact of circulation patterns on regional transport pathways and air quality over Beijing and its surroundings

Author(s): J. P. Zhang | T. Zhu | Q. H. Zhang | C. C. Li | H. L. Shu | Y. Ying | Z. P. Dai | X. Y. Liu | A. M. Liang | H. X. Shen
Observation of atmospheric aerosols at Mt. Hua and Mt. Tai in Central and East China during spring 2009 – Part 2: Impact of dust storm on organic aerosol composition and size distribution

Author(s): G. H. Wang | J. J. Li | C. L. Cheng | B. H. Zhou | M. J. Xie | S. Y. Hu | J. J. Meng | T. Sun | Y. Q. Ren | J. J. Cao | S. X. Liu | T. Zhang | Z. Z. Zhao
Downscaling climate change scenarios for apple pest and disease modeling in Switzerland

Author(s): M. Hirschi | S. Stoeckli | M. Dubrovsky | C. Spirig | P. Calanca | M. W. Rotach | A. M. Fischer | B. Duffy | J. Samietz
A soil moisture and temperature network for SMOS validation in Western Denmark

Author(s): S. Bircher | N. Skou | K. H. Jensen | J. P. Walker | L. Rasmussen
Three-dimensional modelling of wave-induced current from the surf zone to the inner shelf

Author(s): H. Michaud | P. Marsaleix | Y. Leredde | C. Estournel | F. Bourrin | F. Lyard | C. Mayet | F. Ardhuin
Measurements of ozone and its precursors in Beijing during summertime: impact of urban plumes on ozone pollution in downwind rural areas

Author(s): J. Xu | J. Z. Ma | X. L. Zhang | X. B. Xu | X. F. Xu | W. L. Lin | Y. Wang | W. Meng | Z. Q. Ma
Upper ocean climate of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea during the Holocene Insolation Maximum – a model study

Author(s): F. Adloff | U. Mikolajewicz | M. Kučera | R. Grimm | E. Maier-Reimer | G. Schmiedl | K.-C. Emeis
Malignant Melanoma in the Elderly: Different Regional Disease and Poorer Prognosis

Author(s): James B. Macdonald, Amylou C. Dueck, Richard J. Gray, Nabil Wasif, David L. Swanson, Aleksandar Sekulic, Barbara A. Pockaj
Accumulation of aerosols over the Indo-Gangetic plains and southern slopes of the Himalayas: distribution, properties and radiative effects during the 2009 pre-monsoon season

Author(s): R. Gautam | N. C. Hsu | S. C. Tsay | K. M. Lau | B. Holben | S. Bell | A. Smirnov | C. Li | R. Hansell | Q. Ji | S. Payra | D. Aryal | R. Kayastha | K. M. Kim
The climate penalty for clean fossil fuel combustion

Author(s): W. Junkermann | B. Vogel | M. A. Sutton
Energy-Growth Causality: Asian Countries Revisited

Author(s): Evan Lau | Xiao-Hui Chye | Chee-Keong Choong
The influence of NMDA receptor 2B subunit (GRIN2B) on cortical electrical oscillation

Author(s): Tien-Wen Lee | Younger W-Y Yu | Chen-Jee Hong | Shih-Jen Tsai | Hung-Chi Wu | Tai-Jui Chen
Marine Vehicle Sensor Network Architecture and Protocol Designs for Ocean Observation

Author(s): Shaowei Zhang | Jiancheng Yu | Aiqun Zhang | Lei Yang | Yeqiang Shu
Climate Change may Reduce Annual Temperature-Dependent Mortality in Subarctic: A Case Study of Archangelsk, Russian Federation

Author(s): Dmitry Shaposhnikov | Boris Revich | Valentin Meleshko | Veronika Govorkova | Tatyana Pavlova
MRSA distribution and epidemiological procedures evaluation at two hospitals in Northern Poland

Author(s): Paszko, Krystyna | Michnowska, Ewa | Kurlenda, Julianna | Grinholc, Mariusz | Nakonieczna, Joanna | Bielawski, Krzysztof Piotr
Avoidable mortality in the Russian regions

Author(s): Sabgajda T.P. | Ivanova A.E. | Semenova V.G. | Evdokuškina G.N.
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Marketing Strategies in Container Terminal: A Case Study on Shahid Rajaee Port in Iran

Author(s): Hossein Cheraghi | Alireza Abdolhosseini Khaligh | Abbass Naderi | Alireza Miremadi

Author(s): José G. Vargas-Hernández (MBA, PhD) | Mohammad Reza Noruzi (EMBA, PhD scholar)
Effect of primary organic sea spray emissions on cloud condensation nuclei concentrations

Author(s): D. M. Westervelt | R. H. Moore | A. Nenes | P. J. Adams
Have primary emission reduction measures reduced ozone across Europe? An analysis of European rural background ozone trends 1996–2005

Author(s): R. C. Wilson | Z. L. Fleming | P. S. Monks | G. Clain | S. Henne | I. B. Konovalov | S. Szopa | L. Menut
Link between local scale BC emissions in the Indo-Gangetic Plains and large scale atmospheric solar absorption

Author(s): P. S. Praveen | T. Ahmed | A. Kar | I. H. Rehman | V. Ramanathan
Intercontinental trans-boundary contributions to ozone-induced crop yield losses in the Northern Hemisphere

Author(s): M. J. Hollaway | S. R. Arnold | A. J. Challinor | L. D. Emberson
North American CO2 exchange: inter-comparison of modeled estimates with results from a fine-scale atmospheric inversion

Author(s): S. M. Gourdji | K. L. Mueller | V. Yadav | D. N. Huntzinger | A. E. Andrews | M. Trudeau | G. Petron | T. Nehrkorn | J. Eluszkiewicz | J. Henderson | D. Wen | J. Lin | M. Fischer | C. Sweeney | A. M. Michalak
Physically-based modelling of granular flows with Open Source GIS

Author(s): M. Mergili | K. Schratz | A. Ostermann | W. Fellin
Improving runoff estimates from regional climate models: a performance analysis in Spain

Author(s): D. González-Zeas | L. Garrote | A. Iglesias | A. Sordo-Ward
Potential effects of climate change on inundation patterns in the Amazon Basin

Author(s): F. Langerwisch | S. Rost | D. Gerten | B. Poulter | A. Rammig | W. Cramer
Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Global Hydropower

Author(s): Byman Hamududu | Aanund Killingtveit
Biogeochemical Processes at Hydrothermal Vents: Microbes and Minerals, Bioenergetics, and Carbon Fluxes

Author(s): James F. Holden | John A. Breier | Karyn L. Rogers | Mitchell D. Schulte | Brandy M. Toner
Climate change impact on thermal and oxygen regime of shallow lakes

Author(s): Sergey Golosov | Arkady Terzhevik | Ilia Zverev | Georgiy Kirillin | Cristof Engelhardt
Interactive lakes in the Canadian Regional Climate Model, version 5: the role of lakes in the regional climate of North America

Author(s): Andrey Martynov | Laxmi Sushama | René Laprise | Katja Winger | Bernard Dugas
Assimilating host model information into a limited area model

Author(s): Per Dahlgren | Nils Gustafsson
Atmospheric mercury dispersion modelling from two nearest hypothetical point sources

Author(s): Khandakar Md Habib Al Razi, Moritomi Hiroshi, Kambara Shinji
Possibilities of the semi-distributed and distributed models in forest hydrology on example of the Ostravice basin

Author(s): Jan Unucka | Milan Jařabáč | Veronika Říhová | Jozef Richnavský | Michaela Hořínková | Ondřej Malek | Peter Bobáľ | Michal Podhorányi | Martin Ďuricha | Petr Vavroš | Boris Šír | Martin Adamec | Dušan Židek
Impact of the isoprene photochemical cascade on tropical ozone

Author(s): F. Paulot | D. K. Henze | P. O. Wennberg
Temporal trend and sources of speciated atmospheric mercury at Waliguan GAW station, Northwestern China

Author(s): X. W. Fu | X. Feng | P. Liang | Deliger | H. Zhang | J. Ji | P. Liu
Reconstruction of southeast Tibetan Plateau summer climate using tree ring δ18O: moisture variability over the past two centuries

Author(s): C. Shi | V. Daux | Q.-B. Zhang | C. Risi | S.-G. Hou | M. Stievenard | M. Pierre | Z. Li | V. Masson-Delmotte
Simulating melt, runoff and refreezing on Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, using a coupled snow and energy balance model

Author(s): W. J. J. van Pelt | J. Oerlemans | C. H. Reijmer | V. A. Pohjola | R. Pettersson | J. H. van Angelen
Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric drivers

Author(s): J. E. Box | X. Fettweis | J. C. Stroeve | M. Tedesco | D. K. Hall | K. Steffen
A multi-model study of impacts of climate change on surface ozone in Europe

Author(s): J. Langner | M. Engardt | A. Baklanov | J. H. Christensen | M. Gauss | C. Geels | G. B. Hedegaard | R. Nuterman | D. Simpson | J. Soares | M. Sofiev | P. Wind | A. Zakey
OH reactivity measurements in a coastal location in Southwestern Spain during DOMINO

Author(s): V. Sinha | J. Williams | J. M. Diesch | F. Drewnick | M. Martinez | H. Harder | E. Regelin | D. Kubistin | H. Bozem | Z. Hosaynali-Beygi | H. Fischer | M. D. Andrés-Hernández | D. Kartal | J. A. Adame | J. Lelieveld
Public Capital and Regional Economic Growth: a SVAR Approach for the Spanish Regions

Author(s): Miguel A. Márquez | Julián Ramajo | Geoffrey J. D. Hewings
RECCAP uncertainty

Author(s): I. G. Enting | P. J. Rayner | P. Ciais

Author(s): Mirela ȘOFINEŢI | Cristina DOBROTĂ

Author(s): SUSANU Irina Olimpia | CRISTACHE Nicoleta | MICU Angela - Eliza | MICU Adrian | NEDELEA Alexandru
Temporal trend and sources of speciated atmospheric mercury at Waliguan GAW station, northwestern China

Author(s): X. W. Fu | X. Feng | P. Liang | Deli-Geer | H. Zhang | J. Ji | P. Liu
Using a mobile laboratory to characterize the distribution and transport of sulfur dioxide in and around Beijing

Author(s): M. Wang | T. Zhu | J. P. Zhang | Q. H. Zhang | W. W. Lin | Y. Li | Z. F. Wang
Air quality trends in Europe over the past decade: a first multi-model assessment

Author(s): A. Colette | C. Granier | Ø. Hodnebrog | H. Jakobs | A. Maurizi | A. Nyiri | B. Bessagnet | A. D'Angiola | M. D'Isidoro | M. Gauss | F. Meleux | M. Memmesheimer | A. Mieville | L. Rouïl | F. Russo | S. Solberg | F. Stordal | F. Tampieri
Biomass burning contribution to black carbon in the Western United States Mountain Ranges

Author(s): Y. H. Mao | Q. B. Li | L. Zhang | Y. Chen | J. T. Randerson | D. Chen | K. N. Liou
The role of intangible assets in the regional economic growth

Author(s): Jordi Suriñach | Rosina Moreno
Do Spatial Price Indices Reshuffle the Italian Income Distribution?

Author(s): Maria Grazia Pittau | Roberto Zelli | Riccardo Massari
Genetic structure and seed-mediated dispersal rates of an endangered shrub in a fragmented landscape: a case study for Juniperus communis in northwestern Europe

Author(s): Vanden-Broeck An | Gruwez Robert | Cox Karen | Adriaenssens Sandy | Michalczyk Inga | Verheyen Kris
The Big Drink Debate: perceptions of the impact of price on alcohol consumption from a large scale cross-sectional convenience survey in north west England

Author(s): Cook Penny | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Morleo Michela | Harkins Corinne | Briant Linford | Bellis Mark
Impact of routine PCV7 (Prevenar) vaccination of infants on the clinical and economic burden of pneumococcal disease in Malaysia

Author(s): Aljunid Syed | Abuduxike Gulifeiya | Ahmed Zafar | Sulong Saperi | Nur Amrizal | Goh Adrian
Traffic-related air toxics and preterm birth: a population-based case-control study in Los Angeles county, California

Author(s): Wilhelm Michelle | Ghosh Jo Kay | Su Jason | Cockburn Myles | Jerrett Michael | Ritz Beate
Modality of wound closure after total knee replacement: are staples as safe as sutures? A retrospective study of 181 patients

Author(s): Newman Justin | Morgan Steven | Resende Gustavo | Williams Allison | Hammerberg E Mark | Dayton Michael
MAX-DOAS tropospheric nitrogen dioxide column measurements compared with the Lotos-Euros air quality model

Author(s): T. Vlemmix | H. J. Eskes | A. J. M. Piters | H. Kelder | P. F. Levelt
Error characterization of CO2 vertical mixing in the atmospheric transport model WRF-VPRM

Author(s): R. Kretschmer | C. Gerbig | U. Karstens | F.-T. Koch
Aircraft study of the impact of lake-breeze circulations on trace gases and particles during BAQS-Met 2007

Author(s): K. L. Hayden | D. M. L. Sills | J. R. Brook | S.-M. Li | P. A. Makar | M. Z. Markovic | P. Liu | K. G. Anlauf | J. M. O'Brien | Q. Li | R. McLaren
Effect of isoprene emissions from major forests on ozone formation in the city of Shanghai, China

Author(s): F. Geng | X. Tie | A. Guenther | G. Li | J. Cao | P. Harley
Black carbon aerosol mixing state, organic aerosols and aerosol optical properties over the United Kingdom

Author(s): G. R. McMeeking | W. T. Morgan | M. Flynn | E. J. Highwood | K. Turnbull | J. Haywood | H. Coe
The impact of China's vehicle emissions on regional air quality in 2000 and 2020: a scenario analysis

Author(s): E. Saikawa | J. Kurokawa | M. Takigawa | J. Borken-Kleefeld | D. L. Mauzerall | L. W. Horowitz | T. Ohara
Correlation of black carbon aerosol and carbon monoxide in the high-altitude environment of Mt. Huang in Eastern China

Author(s): X. L. Pan | Y. Kanaya | Z. F. Wang | Y. Liu | P. Pochanart | H. Akimoto | Y. L. Sun | H. B. Dong | J. Li | H. Irie | M. Takigawa
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