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An indentation apparatus for evaluating discomfort and pain thresholds in conjunction with mechanical properties of foot tissue in vivo

Author(s): Shuping Xiong, PhD | Ravindra S. Goonetilleke, PhD | Channa P. Witana, PhD | W. D. Asanka S. Rodrigo, MSc

Author(s): Liljana KATIC | Jagoda GJORGJEVIC
Total Knee Arthroplasty in the Combined Contracture

Author(s): M.M Girkalo | М.А. Gavrilov | N.H. Bakteeva | O.J. Voskresensky | G.A. Korshunova | V.V. Kozlov
New method of measuring wrist joint position sense avoiding cutaneous and visual inputs

Author(s): Gay Andre | Harbst Kimberly | Kaufman Kenton | Hansen Diana | Laskowski Edward | Berger Richard
Sensing Pressure Distribution on a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Physical Human-Machine Interface

Author(s): Stefano Marco Maria De Rossi | Nicola Vitiello | Tommaso Lenzi | Renaud Ronsse | Bram Koopman | Alessandro Persichetti | Fabrizio Vecchi | Auke Jan Ijspeert | Herman van der Kooij | Maria Chiara Carrozza
The Armeo Spring as training tool to improve upper limb functionality in multiple sclerosis: a pilot study

Author(s): Gijbels Domien | Lamers Ilse | Kerkhofs Lore | Alders Geert | Knippenberg Els | Feys Peter
Acupuncture and rehabilitation of the painful shoulder: study protocol of an ongoing multicentre randomised controlled clinical trial [ISRCTN28687220]

Author(s): Vas Jorge | Perea-Milla Emilio | Mendez Camila | Galante Antonia | Madrazo Fernando | Medina Ivan | Ortega Caridad | Olmo Victoria | Fernandez Francisco | Hernandez Luz | Seminario Jose | Brioso Mauricio | Luna Francisco | Gordo Isabel | Godoy Ana | Jimenez Carmen | Ruiz Manuel | Montes Joaquin | Hidalgo Alonso | Gonzalez-Quevedo Rosa | Bosch Pablo | Vazquez Antonio | Lozano Juan Vicente
Considerations about the physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy on kinesiologic and functional alterations in a case of Endemic Pemphigus foliaceus

Author(s): Carlos Hermano da Justa Pinheiro | Wilson Martins de Sousa Filho | Denise Gonçalves Moura Pinheiro | Ana Cristhina de Oliveira Brasil
An instrumented cylinder measuring pinch force and orientation

Author(s): Bourbonnais Daniel | Frak Victor | Pilon Jean-François | Goyette Michel
Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation – rehabilitation models and shortcomings in outpatient aftercare

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
Determining of the effectiveness of loaded forward and lateral step up resistance exercises on Gross Motor Function in children with cerebral palsy of spastic diplegia

Author(s): Hossein Bagheri | Mehdi Abdolvahab | Leila Dehghan | Razieh Falah | Soghrat Faghih Zadeh | Moslem Dehghani Zadeh
The effects of progressive resistive exercises on strength and dexterity of the hand of persons with cerebral palsy

Author(s): hossein Bagheri | mahdi Abdolvahab | hamid Sadeghi | mahmod Jalili | soghrat Faghihzadeh
A study and comparison of massage and rest on the knee extensor muscles fatigue and isokinetic parameters

Author(s): Cobra Ghasemi | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Masoodeh Mostofi | Mohammad Reza Keihany
Implantable Prosthesis of Osseous Conduction (BAHA): Case Report

Author(s): Pedriali, Izabella Vince Garcia | Buschle, Maurico | Mendes, Rita de Cássia | Ataíde, André Luiz | Pereira, Rodrigo | Vassoler, Trissia Maria Farah | Polanski, José Fernando | Ribas, Angela | Stumpf, Claudia Mittelmann | Nobre, Raquel Alves | Daroit, Roberta
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