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Japanese Trade and Investment in the Philippines

Author(s): Edberto M. Villegas

Author(s): Senate President Jovito Salonga
Physical and mental health at third age - risk factors

Author(s): Manolescu Suzana | Rada Cornelia
Success of banking ombudsmen scheme: Myth or reality

Author(s): Malyadri, Pacha | Sirisha, S.
The Various Contexts of Filipino Labor Migration to Japan

Author(s): Ma. Rosario Piquero-Ballescas
The Growth of Philippine Environmentalism

Author(s): Francisco A. Magno

Author(s): Caba Stefan | Caus Vasile-Aurel
Analysis on descriptions of precautionary statements in package inserts of medicines

Author(s): Nabeta K | Kimura M | Ohkura M | Tsuchiya F
The effects of temperature on the dormancy and germination of Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. seeds

Author(s): Anna Bochenek | Janusz Gołaszewski | Agnieszka I. Piotrowicz-Cieślak | Ryszard J. Górecki
Application of Fuzzy Relations in Convalescing Link Structure

Author(s): Raj Gaurang Tiwari | Mohd. Husain | Raees Ahmad Khan
Consensus Building: Implications for Labour – Management Relations in Nigeria

Author(s): Samuel Emeka Mbah | Iwuji Innocent Ifeanyi
Appetite and falls: Old age and lived experiences

Author(s): Marianne Mahler | Anneli Sarvimäki
Conscious Consumption: a Study on Plastic Bags' Consumers in Brazil

Author(s): Isabela Valdetaro Avallone | Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi | Sonia Valle Walter Borges de Oliveira
VennMaker for Historians: Sources, Social Networks and Software

Author(s): Marten Düring | Matthias Bixler | Michael Kronenwett | Martin Stark
Possibilities of the semi-distributed and distributed models in forest hydrology on example of the Ostravice basin

Author(s): Jan Unucka | Milan Jařabáč | Veronika Říhová | Jozef Richnavský | Michaela Hořínková | Ondřej Malek | Peter Bobáľ | Michal Podhorányi | Martin Ďuricha | Petr Vavroš | Boris Šír | Martin Adamec | Dušan Židek
Goat and sheep meat: fatty acids composition and sensorial characteristics Carne caprina e ovina: composição lipídica e características sensoriais

Author(s): Roberto Germano Costa | Felipe Queiroga Cartaxo | Neube Michel dos Santos | Rita de Cássia Ramos do Egypto Queiroga
Co-relations among ultrasound measurements and on carcass of the steers finished on pasture Correlações entre medidas ultra-sônicas e na carcaça de bovinos terminados em pastagem

Author(s): Angelo Polizel Neto | André Mendes Jorge | Paulo Sérgio Andrade Moreira | Helen Fernanda Barros Gomes | Rafael Silvio Bonilha Pinheiro | Ernani Nery Andrade
Energetic food in rations for growing goats Alimentos energéticos em rações para caprinos em crescimento

Author(s): Tadeu Vinhas Voltolini | José Nilton Moreira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Daniel Maia Nogueira | Betina Raquel Cunha dos Santos
Metabolismo de compostos nitrogenados em ovinos alimentados com dietas contendo vagens de faveira Metabolism of nitrogenous compounds in sheep fed diets containing Parkia platycephala pods

Author(s): Arnaud Azevêdo Alves | Ronaldo de Oliveira Sales | José Neuman Miranda Neiva | Ariosvaldo Nunes Medeiros | Alexandre Paula Braga | Danielle Maria Machado Ribeiro Azevêdo | Lília Raquel Fé da Silva
Algae commensal community in Genlisea traps

Author(s): Konrad Wołowski | Bartosz Jan Płachno
Seasonal observations of OH and HO2 in the remote tropical marine boundary layer

Author(s): S. Vaughan | T. Ingham | L. K. Whalley | D. Stone | M. J. Evans | K. A. Read | J. D. Lee | S. J. Moller | L. J. Carpenter | A. C. Lewis | Z. L. Fleming | D. E. Heard
Os circuitos dos jovens urbanos

Author(s): José Guilherme Cantor Magnani
The Trinity and the Freedom of God

Author(s): Paul D. Molnar
Applied Anatomy of the Neurovascular Structures of the Base of the Skull

Author(s): Bakken, Sofía María | Dorman, Matías | Ferraro, Fernando Martin | Pappolla, Agustin | Pawluk, Gustavo | Rosso, María Victoria
Anatomical Bases of the Mechanical Complications during the Positioning of Subclavian Catheters

Author(s): Giannelli, Alberto | Gutierrez, Karina | Vega, Diana
Applying Social Network Analysis to Analyze a Web-Based Community

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Taie | Mohammed Al-Taie
Initial Thoughts on Building Harmonious Labor Relations

Author(s): Mingliang Zhang | Zhihong Zhang | Xiaowen Zhu
Industry Orientation, Exporting and Productivity

Author(s): Levent Erdoğan | Yılmaz Kılıçaslan
Applying Geographic Information System (GIS) for Maintenance Strategy Selection

Author(s): Dua’a Abd Al-Razzaq Falih | Asma Thamir Ibraheem
Changes in body composition of women at different age decades and its relation with to metabolic risks

Author(s): Günay Can | Alper Tokay | Aliye Özenoğlu | Serdal Uğurlu
Attenuation of P, S and Coda Waves in the NW-Himalayas, India

Author(s): K. Nagaraj | Preeti Yadav | Imtiyaz A. Parvez
Research on User Permission Isolation for Multi-Users Service-Oriented Program

Author(s): Liang Peng | Yingxu Lai | Shupo Bu | Zhan Jing | Li Yu | Jiang Wei | Lin Li
Changes in body composition of women at different age decades and its relation with to metabolic risks

Author(s): Günay Can | Alper Tokay | Aliye Özenoğlu | Serdal Uğurlu
Attenuation of P, S and Coda Waves in the NW-Himalayas, India

Author(s): K. Nagaraj | Preeti Yadav | Imtiyaz A. Parvez
Research on User Permission Isolation for Multi-Users Service-Oriented Program

Author(s): Liang Peng | Yingxu Lai | Shupo Bu | Zhan Jing | Li Yu | Jiang Wei | Lin Li

Author(s): Liliana LUCA | Iulian POPESCU
Characterization of school adolescent students with suicide risk in Medellin, 2006

Author(s): Diana C. Toro G | Ramón E. Paniagua S | Carlos M. González P | Brígida Montoya G
Relations between cognitive status and medication adherence in patients treated for memory disorders

Author(s): Raymond L. Ownby | Christopher Hertzog | Sara J. Czaja
Relações de Gênero e Subjetividade na Mineração: um Estudo a partir da Fenomenologia Social

Author(s): Fernanda Maria Felicio Macedo | Diego Luiz Teixeira Boava | Mônica Carvalho Alves Cappelle | Maria de Lourdes Souza Oliveira
Effect of hydraulic parameters on sediment transport capacity in overland flow over erodible beds

Author(s): M. Ali | G. Sterk | M. Seeger | M. Boersema | P. Peters
Remote sensing of sea ice: advances during the DAMOCLES project

Author(s): G. Heygster | V. Alexandrov | G. Dybkjær | F. Girard-Ardhuin | W. von Hoyningen-Huene | I. L. Katsev | A. Kokhanovsky | T. Lavergne | A. V. Malinka | C. Melsheimer | L. Toudal Pedersen | A. S. Prikhach | R. Saldo | R. Tonboe | H. Wiebe | E. P. Zege
Trends in the social and interpersonal relations of young people and digital natives in the Web 2.0

Author(s): Patricia Núñez-Gómez | María-Luisa García-Guardia | Lourdes-Ainhoa Hermida-Ayala
Predicting decadal trends and transient responses of radiocarbon storage and fluxes in a temperate forest soil

Author(s): C. A. Sierra | S. E. Trumbore | E. A. Davidson | S. D. Frey | K. E. Savage | F. M. Hopkins
A revisited gravity equation in trade flow analysis: an application to the case of Tunisian olive oil exports

Author(s): A. M. Angulo | N. Mtimet | B. Dhehibi | M. Atwi | O. Ben Youssef | J. M. Gil | M. B. Sai
A moradia protegida no contexto da reforma psiquiátrica: interlocuções com a família e o campo social

Author(s): Poty Colaço Fonseca | Cláudia Maria Generoso | Maria Silvana Maia | Magnus Luiz Emmendoerfer
Normas, Representações Sociais e Práticas Corporais

Author(s): Brigido Vizeu Camargo | Ana Maria Justo | Denise Jodelet
Consideração Empática e Tomada de Perspectiva para o Perdão Interpessoal

Author(s): Júlio Rique | Cleonice Camino | Nilton Formiga | Felipe Medeiros | Verônica Luna
The Cops and Robber game on graphs with forbidden (induced) subgraphs

Author(s): Gwenaël Joret | Marcin Kamiński | Dirk Oliver Theis

Author(s): Valentin GOEV | Venelin BOSHNAKOV | Ekaterina TOSHEVA
A Particularly Difficult Person

Author(s): Elisavet Grigoriadou
Inconsistent Physics

Author(s): F. G. Asenjo
Hare and Others on the Proposition

Author(s): John Corcoran
Una mirada al sur: las relaciones económicas entre España y el norte de África (1995-2007)

Author(s): Moral Pajares, Encarnación | Muñoz Guarasa, Marta
Features Extraction of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Author(s): P.D.Khandait | N.G. Bawane | S.S.Limaye
A Review On Green Supply Chain Management

Author(s): Anil S. Dube | R.R.Gawande

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU | Parascheva NISIOI
Indications of energetic consequences of decoherence at short times for scattering from open quantum systems

Author(s): C. A. Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann | E. MacA. Gray | T. P. Blach
An optical-coding method to measure particle distribution in microfluidic devices

Author(s): Tsung-Feng Wu | Zhe Mei | Luca Pion-Tonachini | Chao Zhao | Wen Qiao | Ashkan Arianpour | Yu-Hwa Lo
Social Impact of Internet Access: A Survey

Author(s): Poonam Dhaka | Sandeep Upadhyay | Drashti Dave
Intencionalidade: mecanismo e interacção

Author(s): Porfírio Silva
(Wittgenstein & Paraconsistência)

Author(s): João Marcos
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