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Security Threats in Peer To Peer Networks

Author(s): Chander Diwakar
Power as a Management Device for Networks? Insights from Russia

Author(s): Vera Belaya | Jon Henrich Hanf
Predictive Data Mining for Medical Diagnosis: An Overview of Heart Disease Prediction

Author(s): Jyoti Soni | Ujma Ansari | Dipesh Sharma | Sunita Soni
The constancy of global regulation across a species: the concentrations of ppGpp and RpoS are strain-specific in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Ferenci Thomas | Galbiati Heloisa | Betteridge Thu | Phan Katherine | Spira Beny
Identification of microRNA-mRNA modules using microarray data

Author(s): Jayaswal Vivek | Lutherborrow Mark | Ma David | Yang Yee
Inferring causal phenotype networks using structural equation models

Author(s): Rosa Guilherme | Valente Bruno | de los Campos Gustavo | Wu Xiao-Lin | Gianola Daniel | Silva Martinho
Participación social y política: Estudios de liderazgos femeninos en Bogotá y Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Author(s): Dennys Andrea Cortés Ramírez | Gladys Parra Alfonso | María Elvia Domínguez Blanco
Impacts of nitrogen deposition on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks

Author(s): P. A. Henrys | C. J. Stevens | S. M. Smart | L. C. Maskell | K. J. Walker | C. D. Preston | A. Crowe | E. C. Rowe | D. J. Gowing | B. A. Emmett
Psycho-social impacts of virtual communication

Author(s): Macura Rajko | Vujović Slavoljub | Mikić Đuro
Systematics, conservation and morphology of the spider genus Tayshaneta (Araneae, Leptonetidae) in Central Texas Caves

Author(s): Joel Ledford | Pierre Paquin | James Cokendolpher | Josh Campbell | Charles Griswold
Impact of Training Patterns upon the Social Relations of Employees (A Meta Analysis)

Author(s): Shakeel Sarwar | Muhammad Salman Azhar | Nausheerwan Akhtar
Digital Jealousy: The Downside of Social Networking Services. An Empirical Study.

Author(s): Aretz, W. | Becher, L. | Casalino, A. L. | Bonorden, C.
Os circuitos dos jovens urbanos

Author(s): José Guilherme Cantor Magnani
Applying Social Network Analysis to Analyze a Web-Based Community

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Taie | Mohammed Al-Taie
Incorporation of Hyperbranched Supramolecules into Nafion Ionic Domains via Impregnation and In-Situ Photopolymerization

Author(s): Nadzrinahamin A. Nazir | Thein Kyu | Anna M. Reinsel | Matthew Espe | Mami Nosaka | Hiruto Kudo | Tadatomi Nishikubo
City vs mobility Città vs mobilità

Author(s): Giuseppe Mazzeo | Rosa Anna La Rocca
Extracting quantitative genetic interaction phenotypes from matrix combinatorial RNAi

Author(s): Axelsson Elin | Sandmann Thomas | Horn Thomas | Boutros Michael | Huber Wolfgang | Fischer Bernd
iCTNet: A Cytoscape plugin to produce and analyze integrative complex traits networks

Author(s): Wang Lili | Khankhanian Pouya | Baranzini Sergio | Mousavi Parvin
Digital Watermarks Enabling E-Commerce Strategies: Conditional and User Specific Access to Services and Resources

Author(s): Dittmann Jana | Steinebach Martin | Wohlmacher Petra | Ackermann Ralf
Audio Watermarking Based on HAS and Neural Networks in DCT Domain

Author(s): Tsai Hung-Hsu | Cheng Ji-Shiung | Yu Pao-Ta
An Analysis Framework for Mobility Metrics in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Xu Sanlin | Blackmore Kim L | Jones Haley M
Resilience of refugees displaced in the developing world: a qualitative analysis of strengths and struggles of urban refugees in Nepal

Author(s): Thomas Fiona | Roberts Bayard | Luitel Nagendra | Upadhaya Nawaraj | Tol Wietse
Constructing a robust protein-protein interaction network by integrating multiple public databases

Author(s): Martha Venkata-Swamy | Liu Zhichao | Guo Li | Su Zhenqiang | Ye Yanbin | Fang Hong | Ding Don | Tong Weida | Xu Xiaowei
Biblio-MetReS: A bibliometric network reconstruction application and server

Author(s): Usié Anabel | Karathia Hiren | Teixidó Ivan | Valls Joan | Faus Xavier | Alves Rui | Solsona Francesc
Predicting complex quantitative traits with Bayesian neural networks: a case study with Jersey cows and wheat

Author(s): Gianola Daniel | Okut Hayrettin | Weigel Kent | Rosa Guilherme
Functional Genomics Assistant (FUGA): a toolbox for the analysis of complex biological networks

Author(s): Drozdov Ignat | Ouzounis Christos | Shah Ajay | Tsoka Sophia
Real-Time Measurements for Adaptive and Cognitive Radio Systems

Author(s): Arslan Hüseyin | Yarkan Serhan
Serempathy: A New Approach To Innovation. An Application To Forty-Six Regions Of Atlantic Arc Countries

Author(s): Pablo COTO-­‐MILLÁN | Miguel Ángel PESQUERA | Pedro CASARES-­‐HONTAÑÓN | Pablo DE CASTRO
Computer-aided diagnosis of pancreatic and lung cancer

Author(s): A. Álvaro Núñez Díaz | B. Luis Lancho Tofé
Cooperation and Development: a study of case in network cooperation Cooperação e desenvolvimento: estudo de caso em uma rede de cooperação

Author(s): June Alisson Westarb Cruz | Carlos Olavo Quandt | Tomás Sparano Martins | Julio Adriano dos Reis | Amir El-Kouba
DiseaseComps: a metric that discovers similar diseases based upon common toxicogenomic profiles at CTD

Author(s): Allan Peter Davis* | Michael C. Rosenstein | Thomas Conrad Wiegers | Carolyn J. Mattingly
An Empirical Study on Online Social Networks Sites Usage: Online Dating Sites Perspective

Author(s): Syed Shah Alam | Paul Heng Ping Yeow | Huck Soo Loo
Systems Biology: To Meet Challenges for Biology in the Twenty-first Century

Author(s): Sundaramurthy Pandurangan | Sunita Gakkhar
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guangxue Yue | Naiping Hu
Correlative Peak Interval Prediction and Analysis of Chaotic Sequences

Author(s): Qun Ding | Lu Wang | Guanrong Chen
Belief Reasoning Recommendation --Mashing up Web Information Fusion and FOAF

Author(s): Shijun Li | Yunlu Zhang | Ming Xie | Hao Sun
Comunicação ambiental: estratégias de mobilização socioparticipativa para educação, informação e integração da rede socioambiental APA SUL RMBH

Author(s): Miguel Ângelo Andrade | André Rocha Franco | Rodrigo Gomes Tinoco | Denise de Castro Pereira | Ricardo Ferreira Ribeiro
Dynamic versus static neural network model for rainfall forecasting at Klang River Basin, Malaysia

Author(s): A. El-Shafie | A. Noureldin | M. R. Taha | A. Hussain
Nitrogen impacts on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks

Author(s): P. A. Henrys | C. J. Stevens | S. M. Smart | L. C. Maskell | K. J. Walker | C. D. Preston | A. Crowe | E. Rowe | D. J. Gowing | B. A. Emmett
Physicians' propensity to collaborate and their attitude towards EBM: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Mascia Daniele | Cicchetti Americo | Fantini Maria | Damiani Gianfranco | Ricciardi Walter
Construction of a computable cell proliferation network focused on non-diseased lung cells

Author(s): Westra Jurjen | Schlage Walter | Frushour Brian | Gebel Stephan | Catlett Natalie | Han Wanjiang | Eddy Sean | Hengstermann Arnd | Matthews Andrea | Mathis Carole | Lichtner Rosemarie | Poussin Carine | Talikka Marja | Veljkovic Emilija | Van Hooser Aaron | Wong Benjamin | Maria Michael | Peitsch Manuel | Deehan Renee | Hoeng Julia
Identification of Candidate Genes related to Bovine Marbling using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Author(s): Dajeong Lim, Nam-Kuk Kim, Hye-Sun Park, Seung-Hwan Lee, Yong-Min Cho, Sung Jong Oh, Tae-Hun Kim, Heebal Kim
Evaluación de redes tecnocientíficas: la red española sobre Áreas Protegidas, según la Web of Science

Author(s): Pino-Díaz, José | Jiménez-Contreras, Evaristo | Ruíz-Baños, Rosario | Bailón-Moreno, Rafael
"Hospital utilization by Mexican migrants returning to Mexico due to health needs"

Author(s): González-Block Miguel | de la Sierra-de la Vega Luz
Discovering time-lagged rules from microarray data using gene profile classifiers

Author(s): Gallo Cristian | Carballido Jessica | Ponzoni Ignacio
Using research to influence sexual and reproductive health practice and implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa: a case-study analysis

Author(s): Tulloch Olivia | Mayaud Philippe | Adu-Sarkodie Yaw | Opoku Baafuor | Lithur Nana | Sickle Eugene | Delany-Moretlwe Sinead | Wambura Mwita | Changalucha John | Theobald Sally
Assessing the functional coherence of modules found in multiple-evidence networks from Arabidopsis

Author(s): Lysenko Artem | Defoin-Platel Michael | Hassani-Pak Keywan | Taubert Jan | Hodgman Charlie | Rawlings Christopher | Saqi Mansoor
Network screening of Goto-Kakizaki rat liver microarray data during diabetic progression

Author(s): Zhou Huarong | Saito Shigeru | Piao Guanying | Liu Zhi-Ping | Wang Jiguang | Horimoto Katsuhisa | Chen Luonan
A Network of SCOP Hidden Markov Models and Its Analysis

Author(s): Zhang Liqing | Watson Layne | Heath Lenwood
Information-Theoretic Inference of Large Transcriptional Regulatory Networks

Author(s): Meyer Patrick | Kontos Kevin | Lafitte Frederic | Bontempi Gianluca
Using a State-Space Model and Location Analysis to Infer Time-Delayed Regulatory Networks

Author(s): Koh Chushin | Wu Fang-Xiang | Selvaraj Gopalan | Kusalik Anthony
Semantic inference using chemogenomics data for drug discovery

Author(s): Zhu Qian | Sun Yuyin | Challa Sashikiran | Ding Ying | Lajiness Michael | Wild David
Inferring signalling networks from longitudinal data using sampling based approaches in the R-package 'ddepn'

Author(s): Bender Christian | Heyde Silvia | Henjes Frauke | Wiemann Stefan | Korf Ulrike | Beißbarth Tim
GeneComps and ChemComps: a new CTD metric to identify genes and chemicals with shared toxicogenomic profiles

Author(s): Allan Peter Davis | Cynthia G. Murphy | Cynthia A. Saraceni-Richards | Michael C. Rosenstein | Thomas C. Wiegers | Carolyn J. Mattingly | Thomas H. Hampton

Author(s): Omar BENCHAREF | Mohamed FAKIR | Brahim MINAOUI | B.BOUIKHALEN
Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity in Underground Layers Using SASW and Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Andisheh Alimoradi | Hashem Shahsavani | Abolghasem Kamkar Rouhani
Identity: Globalization, culture and psychological functioning

Author(s): Paul Narh Doku | Kwaku Oppong Asante
Power as a Management Device for Networks? Insights from Russia

Author(s): Vera Belaya | Jon Henrich Hanf
Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, in the social network Facebook

Author(s): Francisco-Javier Herrero-Gutiérrez | Alejandro Álvarez-Nobell | Maricela López-Ornelas
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