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Affirming Universal Human Rights

Author(s): Richard Falk

Author(s): Zimmerman, Aaron Z.
Questioning the Universality of Human Rights

Author(s): Paul J. Magnarella
Relativismo y posmodernidad

Author(s): José López Arellano
From relativism in physics education to objectivism in physics

Author(s): Carlos Eduardo Laburu | Marcos Rodrigues da Silva
On Translating the Poetic Images from Chinese into English

Author(s): Mingquan Zhang | Weiqiang Mao
Thoughts on Cultural Crisis and National Identity

Author(s): Liping Sun | Jiasheng Shi
Relativism and anthropology

Author(s): Radović Srđan
A realistic evaluation: the case of protocol-based care

Author(s): Rycroft-Malone Jo | Fontenla Marina | Bick Debra | Seers Kate
Moral education through literature

Author(s): Pantić Nataša
Relativism: A demon roaming through science

Author(s): Stojnov Dušan B.
O julgamento de Sócrates

Author(s): Arnaldo Sampaio de Moraes Godoy
"The ideal ethnographer"

Author(s): Milenković Miloš
Philosophical and Didactic Perspectives on Problematization

Author(s): Nicoleta Martian, Assist. Prof. PhD | Livia Suciu, Assist. Prof. PhD
Culturalism: From idea to unconscious presupposition

Author(s): Eriksen Jens-Martin | Stjernfelt Frederik
On Comparing Cultural Forms

Author(s): Andrei Cornea
Autonomía y heteronomía

Author(s): González Marín, Carmen
Ética y política en la sociedad democrática

Author(s): Yannuzzi, María de los Ángeles
Scholarly design as a paradigm for practice-based research

Author(s): Marshall, Tim | Newton, Sid
Factorial complexity and Morally Debatable Behaviors

Author(s): Merino, Cesar | Grimaldo Muchotrigo, Mirian P.
Subjetividade e Relativismo na História

Author(s): José D'Assunção Barros
The Pragmatics of Insensitive Assessments

Author(s): Gunnar Björnsson | Alexander Almér
Two Types of Belief Report

Author(s): Michael Hegarty
Universal and Relative Rationality

Author(s): Nathaniel Goldberg
Common Principles and Multiculturalism

Author(s): Farzaneh Zahedi | Bagher Larijani
Book Reviews

Author(s): Melville J. Herskovits | Helmut Schoeck | E. Postel-Coster | H. Jans | H. Th. Fischer | Rodney Needham | R.E. Downs | Maurice Freedman | Carl A. Schmitz | Raymond Firth | J. van Baal | Carl A. Schmitz | Jacob Vredenbregt

Author(s): Andreea-Daniela GANGONE
Cultural Relativism: Some Comments

Author(s): Nkeonye Otakpor
Relativism: A conceptual analysis.

Author(s): Vittorio Villa
Las tensiones internas del pluralismo moral

Author(s): Lariguet, Guillermo
Postmodern Anthropology: Reflections from Andean Ethnohistory

Author(s): Villarías-Robles, Juan J. R.
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