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BibGlimpse: The case for a light-weight reprint manager in distributed literature research

Author(s): Tüchler Thomas | Velez Golda | Graf Alexandra | Kreil David
Download PDF (205.84 KB) Request Reprints Docetaxel as Salvage Therapy in Highly Pretreated and Drug Resistant Gastrointestinal Carcinomas

Author(s): Martin F. Sprinzl | Sonia M. Wytopil | Anja Dahmen | Stephan Kanzler | Peter R. Galle | Markus Moehler
Journal publications by Australian chiropractic academics: are they enough?

Author(s): Hoskins Wayne | Pollard Henry | Reggars John | Vitiello Andrew | Bonello Rod
Prophylaxis of an acute vomiting reflex using orthopedic methods

Author(s): Salnikova S.N. | Konnov V.V. | Salnikov V.N. | Dmitrieva N.V.
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Author(s): W. M. Wheeler

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