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Semi-automated curation of protein subcellular localization: a text mining-based approach to Gene Ontology (GO) Cellular Component curation

Author(s): Van Auken Kimberly | Jaffery Joshua | Chan Juancarlos | Müller Hans-Michael | Sternberg Paul
A journey to Semantic Web query federation in the life sciences

Author(s): Cheung Kei-Hoi | Frost H Robert | Marshall M Scott | Prud'hommeaux Eric | Samwald Matthias | Zhao Jun | Paschke Adrian
Aplicación de nuevas tecnologías de la información en la enseñanza de la medicina / Aplications of information technology in medical education

Author(s): Saskia Agámez Luengas | María Aldana Bolaño | Vanessa Barreto Arcos | Adriana Santana Goenaga | Carlo V. Caballero-Uribe
De novo sequencing and analysis of the American ginseng root transcriptome using a GS FLX Titanium platform to discover putative genes involved in ginsenoside biosynthesis

Author(s): Sun Chao | Li Ying | Wu Qiong | Luo Hongmei | Sun Yongzhen | Song Jingyuan | Lui Edmund | Chen Shilin
The Effects of Firms Resources and Capabilities on its Performance of IC Design Industry in Taiwan

Author(s): Yuan-Yao Feng | Wei-Hwa Pan | Yueh-Chuen Huang | Yan-Kwang Chen
The nursing consultation focuses on the nurse's role in prenatal low risk: a practice of health education

Author(s): Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente, Maira Muniz Assis, Vera Maria Saboia; Adriana Passos Bento, Ademir do Canto; Joana Lídia Rodrigues Vilhena; Maria Inez de Oliveira Porto; Sheila Lopes da Silva
AGUIA: autonomous graphical user interface assembly for clinical trials semantic data services

Author(s): Correa Miria | Deus Helena | Vasconcelos Ana | Hayashi Yuki | Ajani Jaffer | Patnana Srikrishna | Almeida Jonas
Skidding Machines Allocation (SMA) Using Fuzzy Set Theory

Author(s): Ismael Ghajar | Akbar Najafi | Sattar Ezzati
An Expressed Sequence Tag collection from the male antennae of the Noctuid moth Spodoptera littoralis: a resource for olfactory and pheromone detection research

Author(s): Legeai Fabrice | Malpel Sébastien | Montagné Nicolas | Monsempes Christelle | Cousserans François | Merlin Christine | François Marie-Christine | Maïbèche-Coisné Martine | Gavory Frédérick | Poulain Julie | Jacquin-Joly Emmanuelle
El servei d'accés a recursos electrònics de la Red de Bibliotecas del Instituto Cervantes

Author(s): Iglesia Sánchez, Yolanda de la | Pérez Rodríguez, Laura
El servicio de acceso a recursos electrónicos en la Red de Bibliotecas del Instituto Cervantes

Author(s): Iglesia Sánchez, Yolanda de la | Pérez Rodríguez, Laura
Personalized access towards a mobile neuroscience

Author(s): Youssouf El Allioui | Omar El Beqqali
Processing SPARQL queries with regular expressions in RDF databases

Author(s): Lee Jinsoo | Pham Minh-Duc | Lee Jihwan | Han Wook-Shin | Cho Hune | Yu Hwanjo | Lee Jeong-Hoon
En busca de los resultados de la cooperación técnica

Author(s): Jourdan Hidalgo Lily | Manuel Sotelo Juan
Site Finder and Internet Governance

Author(s): Jonathan Weinberg
CGKB: an annotation knowledge base for cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) methylation filtered genomic genespace sequences

Author(s): Chen Xianfeng | Laudeman Thomas | Rushton Paul | Spraggins Thomas | Timko Michael

Author(s): Duane Knudson

Author(s): D. Markova | S. Platikanov | M. Konstantinoff | P. Tsankov
Human response and adaptation to drought in the arid zone: lessons from southern Africa

Author(s): P.J. O'Farrell | P. M.L. Anderson | S. J. Milton | W. R.J. Dean
Sequencing and characterization of the guppy (Poecilia reticulata) transcriptome

Author(s): Fraser Bonnie | Weadick Cameron | Janowitz Ilana | Rodd F Helen | Hughes Kimberly
A River about to Die: Yamuna

Author(s): Anil Kumar Misra
ParCop with New Capabilities and Efficient Scheduling Policies

Author(s): Nidal A. AL-DMOUR | Mohammad S. SARAIREH
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