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Sleep effects on breathing and respiratory diseases

Author(s): Choudhary Sumer | Choudhary Sanjiw
Difficult intubation in a case of ankylosing spondylitis: a case report.

Author(s): Kamarkar U | Chaudhari L | Hosalkar H | Budhi M | Venkataraghavan D
Successful whole lung lavage in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis secondary to lysinuric protein intolerance: a case report

Author(s): Ceruti Michele | Rodi Giuseppe | Stella Giulia | Adami Andrea | Bolongaro Antonia | Baritussio Aldo | Pozzi Ernesto | Luisetti Maurizio
Anesthetic management of spinal muscle atrophy type II in a parturient

Author(s): Bollag L | Kent CD | Richebé P | Landau R
Classification of voluntary cough sound and airflow patterns for detecting abnormal pulmonary function

Author(s): Abaza Ayman | Day Jeremy | Reynolds Jeffrey | Mahmoud Ahmed | Goldsmith W Travis | McKinney Walter | Petsonk E Lee | Frazer David
Pulmonary rehabilitation in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (TB MDR): a case report

Author(s): Esther Cecilia Wilches | Julián Andrés Rivera | Ricardo Mosquera | Liliana Loaiza | Lucely Obando
Lung Functions During Long Term Follow-Up After Pleural Empyema Treatment in Children

Author(s): Ayhan Kırkpınar | Yakup Canıtez | Solmaz Çelebi | Nihat Sapan | Mustafa K. Hacımustafaoğlu | Arif Gürpınar
Effect of smoking on lung function, respiratory symptoms and respiratory diseases amongst HIV-positive subjects: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Cui Qu | Carruthers Sue | McIvor Andrew | Smaill Fiona | Thabane Lehana | Smieja Marek
Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia : Experience at three hospitals in Riyadh

Author(s): Alsaghir Abdullah | Al-Mobeireek Abdullah | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Al-Eithan Abdulsalam | Al-Otair Hadil | Al-Dayel Fouad
Caregivers for people with end-stage lung disease: Characteristics and unmet needs in the whole population

Author(s): David C Currow | Alicia Ward | Katie Clark | Catherine M Burns | Amy P Abernethy
Spirometric testing on World COPD Day

Author(s): Tanja Grzetic-Romcevic | Boris Devcic | Silvana Sonc,
Dexamethasone pulse therapy in patients of systemic sclerosis: Is it a viable proposition? A study from kashmir

Author(s): Sameem Farah | Hassan Iffat | Ahmad Qazi | Khan Dilshad | Majeed Imran | Kamili M | Shah Parvaiz
Blood transfusion for the treatment of acute anaemia in inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive diseases

Author(s): José Antonio García-Erce, Fernando Gomollón, Manuel Muñoz
Functional, radiological and biological markers of alveolitis and infections of the lower respiratory tract in patients with systemic sclerosis

Author(s): De Santis Maria | Bosello Silvia | La Torre Giuseppe | Capuano Anna | Tolusso Barbara | Pagliari Gabriella | Pistelli Riccardo | Danza Francesco | Zoli Angelo | Ferraccioli Gianfranco
Health-related quality of life and long-term prognosis in chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure: a prospective survival analysis

Author(s): Budweiser Stephan | Hitzl Andre | Jörres Rudolf | Schmidbauer Kathrin | Heinemann Frank | Pfeifer Michael
Statistical Data Mining Approach for Spiro metric Data Classification: Review Paper

Author(s): Prachi D. Junwale | A. W. Bhade | Dr. P. N. Chatur
 Extent of Subclinical Pulmonary Involvement in Childhood Onset SystemicLupus Erythematosus in the Sultanate of Oman

Author(s): Eiman Abdulla | Reem Abdwani | Ibrahim Al-Zakwani | Sawsan Baddar
Analyzing occupational lung disease among turquoise miners

Author(s): M. Majdi | E. Rafeemanesh | SM. Ehteshamfa | M.J. Fahool | S. Masoodi
Mesalazine - Induced Lung Injury

Author(s): Emine Aysoy Kararmaz | Enver Yalnız | Emel Pala Özden | Arzu Güler | Serpil Tekgül
Beals Hecht Syndrome-Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita-Congenital Arachnodactyly: Case Report

Author(s): Nilüfer Kutay Ordu Gökkaya | Halil Uçan | Aslı Çalışkan UÇKUN | Yasemin ALANAY
Anaesthetic management of a patient with Eisenmenger syndrome and β-thalassemia major for splenectomy

Author(s): Gupta Nishkarsh | Kaur Sarbjot | Goila Ajay | Pawar Mridula
Pulmonary function in adults with sickle cell disease

Author(s): Sandip Meghnad Hulke | Avinash Eknath Thakare
The Correlation of Brody High Resolution Computed Tomography Scoring System with Clinical Status and Pulmonary Function Test in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Author(s): Soheila Khalilzadeh | Shahram Kahkouee | Maryam Hassanzad | Nazanin Parsanejad | Nooshin Baghaie | Mohammad Reza Bloorsaz
Detection of Respiratory Abnormalities Using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Mahdi J. Baemani | Amirhasan Monadjemi | Payman Moallem
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