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A Typology of internal migration

Author(s): Beaman, Jay | D'Arcy, Carl
Population genetic divergence and migration pattern of the Saunders's gull Larus saundersi

Author(s): JIANG Hong-Xing | HOU Yun-Qiu | QIAN Fa-Wen | CHU Guo-Zhong | LI Yu-Xiang | WANG Hui | Shan Kai | ZHENG Guang-Mei
The imprint of exile through the plot of the narratives

Author(s): Silvia Dutrénit Bielous
Extraordinary movements of the Denali caribou herd following the perfect storm

Author(s): Layne G. Adams | Bruce W. Dale | Gretchen H. Roffler
International service trade and its implications for human resources for health: a case study of Thailand

Author(s): Wibulpolprasert Suwit | Pachanee Cha-aim | Pitayarangsarit Siriwan | Hempisut Pintusorn
Crisis, ingresos y mercado de trabajo en Ecuador

Author(s): Contreras, Dante | Granda, María Luisa
The financial losses from the migration of nurses from Malawi

Author(s): Muula Adamson | Panulo Ben | Maseko Fresier
The Link between immigration and emigration in Canada, 1945-1986

Author(s): Beaujot, Roderic | Rappak, J. Peter
Study on the Workover Fluid Formula and Performance of the Prevention Reservoir

Author(s): Fengying Zhang | Jienian Yan | Zhiyong Li
The Global Crisis’ Impact upon China’s Rural Migrants

Author(s): Sara Hsu | Shiyin Jiang | Halcott Heyward
The Ageing Scottish Population: Trends, Consequences, Responses

Author(s): Raeside, Robert | Khan, Hafiz T.A.
The interrelationship of fertility, family maintenance and Mexico-U.S. Migration

Author(s): David P. Lindstrom | Silvia Giorguli Saucedo
Mental health of refugees following state-sponsored repatriation from Germany

Author(s): von Lersner Ulrike | Elbert Thomas | Neuner Frank
"One country, two systems": Sociopolitical implications for female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong

Author(s): Wong William | Holroyd Eleanor | Chan Emily | Griffiths Sian | Bingham Amie
A new method for 2D gel spot alignment: application to the analysis of large sample sets in clinical proteomics

Author(s): Pérès Sabine | Molina Laurence | Salvetat Nicolas | Granier Claude | Molina Franck
El retorno de las migraciones circulares: la regulación de las migraciones profesionales (The return of circular migration: regulation of professional migration)

Author(s): Alaminos Chica, Antonio Francisco | López Fernández, Cristina | López Monsalve, Begoña | Perea Crespo, Ignacia | Santacreu Fernández, Óscar Antonio
The Influence of Religion on the Creation of National Identity in Serbia

Trust and Wellbeing

Author(s): John F. Helliwell | Shun Wang
Alcohol consumption and binge drinking in adolescents: comparison of different migration backgrounds and rural vs. urban residence - a representative study

Author(s): Donath Carolin | Gräßel Elmar | Baier Dirk | Pfeiffer Christian | Karagülle Deniz | Bleich Stefan | Hillemacher Thomas
Dispersal and migration

Author(s): Schwarz, C. J. | Bairlein, F.
Spatial distribution of breeding Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca in respect to their natal sites

Author(s): Sokolov, L. | Chernetsov, N. | Kosarev, V. | Leoke, D. | Markovets, M. | Tsvey, A. | Shapoval, A.
Skilled migration: a theoretical framework and the case of foreign researchers in Italy

Author(s): Todisco, Enrico | Brandi, Maria Carolina | Tattolo, Giovanna
Post-graduation migration intentions of students of Lebanese medical schools: a survey study

Author(s): Akl Elie | Maroun Nancy | Major Stella | Afif Claude | Abdo Abir | Choucair Jacques | Sakr Mazen | Li Carl | Grant Brydon | Schünemann Holger
Mental health of returnees: refugees in Germany prior to their state-sponsored repatriation

Author(s): von Lersner Ulrike | Wiens Ulrike | Elbert Thomas | Neuner Frank
Social consequences of Tūhoe migration: Voices from home in Te Urewera

Author(s): Linda Waimarie Nikora | Mohi Rua | Ngahuia Te Awekotuku | Bernard Guerin | Jane McCaughey

Author(s): Emma Zapata-Martelo | Blanca Suárez-San Román
Social Mobility of Migrant Peasant Workers in China

Author(s): Ke-Qing Han | Chien-Chung Huang | Wen-Jui Han
Extraordinary movements of the Denali caribou herd following the perfect storm

Author(s): Layne G. Adams | Bruce W. Dale | Gretchen H. Roffler
Women in post-trafficking services in moldova: diagnostic interviews over two time periods to assess returning women's mental health

Author(s): Ostrovschi Nicolae | Prince Martin | Zimmerman Cathy | Hotineanu Mihai | Gorceag Lilia | Gorceag Viorel | Flach Clare | Abas Melanie
"Hospital utilization by Mexican migrants returning to Mexico due to health needs"

Author(s): González-Block Miguel | de la Sierra-de la Vega Luz
Respondent-driven sampling on the Thailand-Cambodia border. I. Can malaria cases be contained in mobile migrant workers?

Author(s): Khamsiriwatchara Amnat | Wangroongsarb Piyaporn | Thwing Julie | Eliades James | Satimai Wichai | Delacollette Charles | Kaewkungwal Jaranit

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