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Prevalence of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts amongst University Students in Poznan, Poland, Preliminary Report

Author(s): Wlodzimierz Samborski | Katarzyna Warchol-Biederman | Ewa Mojs
Experimental antithrombotic effect of potatoes harvested in the autumn

Author(s): Kanae Hyodo | Masahiro Iwasaki | Junichiro Yamamoto | Megumi Masuda
Association between the Adherence to AHA Step 1 Nutrition Criteria and the Cardiometabolic Outcome in the General Population a Two Year Follow-Up Study

Author(s): Giuseppe Danilo Norata | Alberico Luigi Catapano | Liliana Grigore | Laura Redaelli | Katia Garlaschelli
Simulation Vacuum Preloading Method by Tri-Axial Apparatus

Author(s): Hiroyuki Tanaka | Wanchai Teparaksa | Ngo Trung Duong
A Comparison of VaR Estimation Procedures for Leptokurtic Equity Index Returns

Author(s): Siddarth Madhav R | Malay Bhattacharyya
On the Insignificant Cross-Sectional Risk-Return Relationship

Author(s): Michael Z. F. Li | Joseph C. S. Kang | Gerald H. L. Cheang
On Value Premium, Part II: The Explanations

Author(s): Simon G. M. Koo | Chi F. Ling
Risk of Pacemaker Patients by TASER X26 Contact Mode Application

Author(s): Robert Neubauer | Gerhard Loos | Norbert Leitgeb | Florian Niedermayr
Hormonal Treatments for Bipolar Disorder: A Review of the Literature

Author(s): Nancy C. P. Low | Tuong-Vi Nguyen
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter | Andrew C. Stanfield | Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee
Clinical and pharmacological properties of new oral anticoagulants for the prevention of cerebral thromboembolism: Factor Xa and thrombin inhibitors

Author(s): Martin Grond | Wolfgang H. Oertel | Tobias Back | Yaroslav Winter | Richard Dodel | Alexei Korchounov
Socio-Economic Characteristics of HIV in a South African Prison

Author(s): Jeff Gow | Bligh Grant | Mark Colvin
Do Turkish Companies and German Companies in Germany Differ in Terms of Financial Performance?

Author(s): Nurhan Aydin | Metin Coskun | Arda Surmeli | Gulsah Kulali
Characterization of Boar Rental Schemes for Reproduction Purposes in a Swine Center in the Chinampa Region of Xochimilco, Mexico

Author(s): S?nchez-Aparicio P | M. Gonz?lez-Lozano | D. Mota-Rojas | M. Alonso-Spilsbury | M.E. Trujillo-Ortega | R. Ram?rez-Necoechea | 2R.E. P?rez-Galv?n
Survival Time in Sheep Affected by Sheep Pox and Enterotoxaemia

Author(s): Senthilkumar, V. | M. Thirunavukkarasu | G. Kathiravan
Vitamin E Nutrition and Immune Response in Dairy Cows with Peripartum Health Problems

Author(s): Arma an Colak | Ozgur Kaynar | Yunusemre Ozkanlar | Fikrullah K sa | Armagan Hayirli
Variation in Stability of Endogenous Reference Genes in Fallopian Tubes and Endometrium from Healthy and Ectopic Pregnant Women

Author(s): Alpha K. Gebeh | Emma L. Marczylo | Akwasi A. Amoako | Jonathon M. Willets | Justin C. Konje
Frequency of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with hypertension in a second level hospital

Author(s): José W. Martinez | Julián A. Villa P | Ana M. Quintero B | Johana Jaramillo A | Viviana Calderón F | Ángela V. Copete M
Mortality and potential years of life lost in five zones of Medellin, 2004-2006

Author(s): Doris Cardona A | Ángela M. Segura C | Dedsy Y. Berbesí F
Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: misconceptions, myths, and facts

Author(s): Verster JC | Aufricht C | Alford C
The association between primary open-angle glaucoma and fall: an observational study

Author(s): Tanabe S | Yuki K | Ozeki N | Shiba D | Tsubota K

Author(s): Lucia PASCALE | Paul Ciprian PATIC | Adrian RUNCEANU
Characterization of school adolescent students with suicide risk in Medellin, 2006

Author(s): Diana C. Toro G | Ramón E. Paniagua S | Carlos M. González P | Brígida Montoya G
Beneficial effect of sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium water on gallstone risk and weight control

Author(s): Stefano Ginanni Corradini | Flaminia Ferri | Michela Mordenti | Luigi Iuliano | Maria Siciliano | Maria Antonella Burza | Bruno Sordi | Barbara Caciotti | Maria Pacini | Edoardo Poli | Adriano De Santis | Aldo Roda | Carolina Colliva | Patrizia Simoni | Adolfo Francesco Attili
Synergistic effect of multiple predisposing risk factors on the development of bezoars

Author(s): Metin Kement | Nuraydin Ozlem | Elif Colak | Sadik Kesmer | Cem Gezen | Selahattin Vural
Genetic characteristics and pathogenicity of human hepatitis E virus in Nanjing, China

Author(s): Jia-Bao Geng | Mao-Rong Wang | Ling Wang | Jie Wang | Zhi-Guo Yang | Yan Cheng | Fei Qiao | Min Wang
Prophylaxis of chronic kidney disease after liver transplantation - experience from west China

Author(s): Zhen-Yong Shao | Lu-Nan Yan | Wen-Tao Wang | Bo Li | Tian-Fu Wen | Jia-Yin Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Ji-Chun Zhao | Yong-Gang Wei
State-of-the-art chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and management

Author(s): D. Jenkins | E. Mayer | N. Screaton | M. Madani
How to detect disease progression in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): J-L. Vachiéry | P. Yerly | S. Huez
The remaining challenges of pneumococcal disease in adults

Author(s): E. Ludwig | P. Bonanni | G. Rohde | A. Sayiner | A. Torres
Pharmacological Screening of Annona cherimola for Antihyperlipidemic Potential

Author(s): Adarsh Verma M | Ajay Kumar P | Raja Shekar K | Kranthi Kumar A | Chakrapani | Roja Rani A
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Management of Nutrition during Chemoradiotherapy in Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Beste M. ATASOY | Zerrin ÖZGEN | Özlem YÜKSEK KANTAŞ | Birsen DEMİREL | Atınç AKSU | Faysal DANE | M. Kemal KUŞÇU | İlknur ALSAN ÇETİN | Roman İBRAHİMOV | Ufuk ABACIOGLU
Plantar pitted keratolysis: a study from non-risk groups

Author(s): Asli Feride Kaptanoglu | Ozlem Yuksel | Selcuk Ozyurt
Relationship between skipping breakfast and impaired fasting glucose along with cardiovascular and pre-diabetes condition risk factors in apparently healthy subjects

Author(s): Yulan Li | Tohru Nemoto | Satoshi Tobimatsu | Masafumi Saito | Midori Ebata | Hiromi Munakata | Kei Nakajima
Benign familial polycythaemia in a young male

Author(s): Somanth Maitra | Sreejita Bhowmik
Splenic abscess due to Salmonella enteritidis

Author(s): Hatice Çabadak | Ayşe Erbay | Kerem Karaman | Süha Şen | Yasemin Tezer Tekçe
Fatal child abuse: a study of 13 cases of continuous abuse

Author(s): Anne Leena Marika Kauppi | Tuija Vanamo | Kari Karkola | Juhani Merikanto
Hydrological response of a small catchment burned by experimental fire

Author(s): C. R. Stoof | R. W. Vervoort | J. Iwema | E. van den Elsen | A. J. D. Ferreira | C. J. Ritsema
A radiological study of some ornamental stones: the bluish granites from Extremadura (Spain)

Author(s): D. Pereira | L. Neves | A. Pereira | M. Peinado | J. A. Blanco | J. J. Tejado
Spatial patterns of linear and nonparametric long-term trends in Baltic sea-level variability

Author(s): R. V. Donner | R. Ehrcke | S. M. Barbosa | J. Wagner | J. F. Donges | J. Kurths
Cornice dynamics and meteorological control at Gruvefjellet, Central Svalbard

Author(s): S. Vogel | M. Eckerstorfer | H. H. Christiansen
Sensitivity of the Single Particle Soot Photometer to different black carbon types

Author(s): M. Laborde | P. Mertes | P. Zieger | J. Dommen | U. Baltensperger | M. Gysel
The RAMNI airborne lidar for cloud and aerosol research

Author(s): F. Cairo | G. Di Donfrancesco | L. Di Liberto | M. Viterbini
Livestock Helminths in a Changing Climate: Approaches and Restrictions to Meaningful Predictions

Author(s): Naomi J. Fox | Glenn Marion | Ross S. Davidson | Piran C. L. White | Michael R. Hutchings
Condiciones de trabajo y evaluación de los factores de riesgo presentes en la población rural

Author(s): Agustín Vega Torres | Luz Andrea Rodríguez Rojas | Leonardo Emiro Contreras Bravo
Modelo para la protección de conexiones en redes IP

Author(s): Danilo López | Nancy Yaneth Gelvez García | Luis F. Pedraza
An Information Strategy for Combating Hooliganism Een informatiestrategie voor de bestrijding van voetbalvandalisme

Author(s): J.J. Dijkman | J.H.A.M. Grijpink | M.G.A. Plomp | P. Seignette | T. Visser
Spatial Causality. An application to the Deforestation Process in Bolivia

Author(s): Javier Aliaga | Marcos Herrera | Daniel Leguía | Jesús Mur | Manuel Ruiz | Horacio Villegas

Author(s): Caroline Le Goff | Terry Laurent | Jean-François Kaux | Jean-Paul Chapelle
Os filhos da Ciência: sobre a maternidade na reprodução assistida

Author(s): Melina Lólia de Angelo | Maria Lívia Tourinho Moretto | Mara Cristina Souza de Lucia
Intervenções Cognitivo-Comportamentais no Transtorno de Humor Bipolar

Author(s): Adriana da Matta | Denise Balem Yates | Paula Grazziotin Silveira | Lisiane Bizarro | Clarissa Marceli Trentini
Health Risk Assessment for Cyanobacterial Toxins in Seafood

Author(s): Vanora Mulvenna | Katie Dale | Brian Priestly | Utz Mueller | Andrew Humpage | Glen Shaw | Graeme Allinson | Ian Falconer
Botulinum toxin for chronic anal fissure after biliopancreatic diversion for morbid obesity

Author(s): Serafino Vanella | Giuseppe Brisinda | Gaia Marniga | Anna Crocco | Giuseppe Bianco | Giorgio Maria
Association between gastric cancer and -1993 polymorphism of TBX21 gene

Author(s): Le-Hui Zhang | Qin Li | Peng Li | Sheng-Tao Zhu | Jing Wang | Hong-Li Yang | Chang-Qing Xu | Xiu-Hua Guo

Author(s): Vladimír GAZDA | Matúš KUBÁK | Marek GRÓF | Karolína BARINKOVÁ | Michaela ŽECOVÁ
Obstructive sleep apnea

Author(s): Matthew L. Ho | Steven D. Brass
Post-transplant glomerulonephritis

Author(s): Gopal Basu | Anjali Mohapatra | Chakko K. Jacob | Veerasamy Tamilarasi | George T. John
Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in HIV positive patients in Lagos, south-west Nigeria

Author(s): Theophilus Umeizudike | Monica Mabayoje | Charles Okany | Fatima Abdulkareem | Adekunle Adeyomoye | Njideka Okubadejo | Ikechi Okpechi
Visfatin polymorphism may increase tendency to diabetic nephropathy

Author(s): Serap Demir | Asuman Özgöz | Fadime Mutlu İçduygu | Kuyaş Hekimler | Tülay Köken | Necat İmirzalıoğlu
The correlation between the sagittal lumbopelvic alignments in standing position and the risk factors influencing low back pain

Author(s): Pongsthorn Chanplakorn | Paphon Sa-ngasoongsong | Siwadol Wongsak | Patarawan Woratanarat | Wiwat Wajanavisit | Wichien Laohacharoensombat
Impact of obesity on childhood kidney

Author(s): Kauznari Kaneko | Takahisha Kimata | Shoji Tsuji | Kazumi Shiraishi | Kuniaki Yamauchi | Mutsumi Murakami | Teruo Kitagawa
Carotenoids intake and asthma prevalence in Thai children

Author(s): Sanguansak Rerksuppaphol | Lakkana Rerksuppaphol
Radiation-associated sarcoma of the skull base after irradiation for pituitary adenoma

Author(s): Cara L. Sedney | Jonathan M. Morris | Caterina Giannini | Michael J. Link | Keith M. Swetz
Desarrollo de un procedimiento constructivo más seguro para invernaderos multitúnel

Author(s): Carreño, A. | Pérez, J. | Vázquez, J. | Callejón, A. J.
A noninvasive multi-analyte diagnostic assay: combining protein and DNA markers to stratify bladder cancer patients

Author(s): Fernandez CA | Millholl | JM | Zwarthoff EC | Feldman AS | Karnes RJ | Shuber AP
Insight into 144 patients with ocular vascular events during VEGF antagonist injections

Author(s): Mansour AM | Shahin M | Kofoed PK | Parodi MB | Shami M | Schwartz SG
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
Prevalence, disease description and epidemiological factors of a novel skin disease in Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Author(s): Epaphras Alex Muse, | Karimuribo Esron Daniel, | Mpanduji Donald Gregory | Meing’ataki Godwell Elias
First field investigation report on the prevalence of trypanosomosis in camels in northern Tanzania

Author(s): E. S. Swai, | W. Moshy, | E. Mbise, | J. Kaaya | S. Bwanga

Author(s): Isabel NOVO-CORTI | María RAMIL | María BARREIRO-GEN
Security issues in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Kalyani D. Kadam | Sonia K. Gajre | R. L. Paikrao
Nondiagonal Estimation Techniques for Noise Reduction in Audio Signal

Author(s): A.B.Deshmukh | C.S.Khandelwal | M. T. Kolate
Implementation of Clustering Algorithm for Vital Signals in WMRHM Framework

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Dnyaneshwar A.Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Enhanced Novel Security Scheme for Wireless Adhoc Networks: ENSS

Author(s): Prasad Patil | Rinku Shah | Kajal Jewani
Odds ratio of dystocia in Holstein cows in Iraq

Author(s): Al-Samarai Firas Rashad
Contribution of environmental conditions in dental offices of Antioquia to the risk of mercury contamination

Author(s): Jairo A. Ruiz C | Gabriel J. Gómez M | Carlos J. Durán | Víctor M. Villa | Luis A. Zapata | Carlos M. Parra | Jorge I. Pérez R | Rosaura Carmona C
Biological risk factors in informal recyclers of Medellin city, 2005

Author(s): Viviana L. Ballesteros | Yicenia Cuadros Urrego | Silvana Botero Botero | Yolanda López Arango
Trends of tuberculosis in cohorts of positives HIV patients before and after the HAART era in health institutions of Medellin (1996-2005)

Author(s): Alexánder Arbeláez | María P. Arbeláez | Rubén D. Gómez A | Carlos A.Rojas | Sonia L. Arias | Bibiana Castro | Ángela M. Segura C | Gloria Velásquez
Web based Farmers Bulletin for agricultural development using PAP Approach

Author(s): N.Manikandan | M.Sakthiganesh | P.J.Kumar | M.SenthilKumar
Chemical Food Contaminants, Carcinogenicity and Carcinogenicity Testing: in-vitro Alternatives

Author(s): Raju.S.*1, Uma Maheshwara rao.V2, Sreeramulu Reddy.K3, Ramya.G3, Vasanth Kumar. G4
Assessment of toxicity of chemicals in workers of rubber industry

Author(s): Ram Singh, Sachin Kumar and Sunita Sharma*
Prevalence and risk factors of caseous lymphadenitis in sheep and goats of Batna area (Algeria)

Author(s): Mohamed Nabil Alloui, | Jaroslaw Kaba | Nadir Alloui
Nicotine therapy: whether a good or bad move in Parkinsonism in concert with HSPs?

Author(s): Pravir Kumar1, 3, *, Shalini Pal1, R. Karunya1 and Rashmi Ambasta2
Functional Food: A Review

Author(s): Shiwani sharma*a, Anshul dutt sharma a, Bhupendra chauhan a
Aspirin: A Wonder Drug

Author(s): Abhay Kumar Choubey
O processo de amamentação e suas implicações para a mãe e seu bebê

Author(s): Paulo José da Costa | Bárbara Moreira do Espírito Santo Locatelli
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