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Fungi Associated with Root Rot of Pinus wallichiana Seedlings in Kashmir

Author(s): M.A. Ahangar | G.H. Dar | Z.A. Bhat | N.R. Sofi
Coastal Waste Transport in Catbalogan City, Philippines and Nearby Towns

Author(s): Ronald L. Orale | Lady Ann Fabillar
TMV ( Sv) 7 – A high yielding cosmopolitan sesame variety

Author(s): V. Manoharan, M. Vaithiyalingan, M. Sudha, G. Rangaraju, R. Vishnupriya, P. Renugadevi and S. Jebaraj
Hysteresis properties of two-dimensional spin systems

Author(s): A.Yu. Polyakov | T.V. Lyutyy | A.V. Rot-Serov
Vegetative Compatibility Group of Fusarium species Associated with Root and Stem Rot of Orchid

Author(s): Latiffah, Z. | Nur Hayati, M. Z. | Baharuddin, S. | Maziah, Z.

Author(s): Sheila Andrade Botelho | Carlos Agustin Rava | Wilson Mozena Leandro | Jefferson Luis da Silva Costa
Utilization of Bagasse Cellulose for Ethanol Production through Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation by Xylanase

Author(s): M. Samsuri1, Mohammad Nasikin1; B. Prasetya2; A. Wijanarko1; H. Hermansyah1; & M. Gozan1
Plant protection products in organic grapevine growing

Author(s): Sivčev Branislava V. | Sivčev Ivan L. | Ranković-Vasić Zorica Z.
Production of Pyroligneous Acid from Lignocellulosic Biomass and their Effectiveness Against Biological Attacks

Author(s): S.H. Lee | P.S. H`ng | A.N. Lee | A.S. Sajap | B.T. Tey | U. Salmiah
Occurrence, Pathogenicity and Distribution of Fusarium spp. in Stored Wheat Seeds Kermanshah Province, Iran

Author(s): K. Chehri | B. Salleh | T. Yli-Mattila | M.J. Soleimani | A.R. Yousefi
Current Status of Post Harvest Soft Rot in Vegetables: A Review

Author(s): K.A. Bhat | S.D. Masood | N.A. Bhat | M. Ashraf Bhat | S.M. Razvi | M.R. Mir | Sabina Akhtar | N. Wani | M. Habib
Yield Traits and Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiencies of Bell Pepper Grown in Plastic-Greenhouse

Author(s): Vincenzo Candido | Vito Miccolis | Anna Rita Rivelli
Natural Occurrence of Fusarium Species Associated with Root and Stalk Rot of Maize in Kermanshah Province, Iran

Author(s): Khosrow Chehri | D. Zafari | M. Nurhazrati | B. Salleh | K.R.N. Reddy | E. Karami
Tail and Fin Rot Disease of Indian Major Carp and Climbing Perch in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | H. Ferdowsy | M.A. Kashem | M.J. Foysal
Bioconversion of maize husk into value added ruminant feed by using white-rot fungus

Author(s): Abayomi AKINFEMI | Olaniyi Jacob BABAYEMI | Segun Gbolagade JONATHAN
Yield Traits and Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiencies of Bell Pepper Grown in Plastic-Greenhouse

Author(s): Vincenzo Candido | Vito Miccolis | Anna Rita Rivelli
Global gene expression of Poncirus trifoliata, Citrus sunki and their hybrids under infection of Phytophthora parasitica

Author(s): Boava Leonardo | Cristofani-Yaly Mariângela | Mafra Valéria | Kubo Karen | Kishi Luciano | Takita Marco | Ribeiro-Alves Marcelo | Machado Marcos
Carbohydrate-active enzymes from the zygomycete fungus Rhizopus oryzae: a highly specialized approach to carbohydrate degradation depicted at genome level

Author(s): Battaglia Evy | Benoit Isabelle | van den Brink Joost | Wiebenga Ad | Coutinho Pedro | Henrissat Bernard | de Vries Ronald
Identification and analysis of the germin-like gene family in soybean

Author(s): Lu Mo | Han Ying-Peng | Gao Ji-Guo | Wang Xiang-Jing | Li Wen-Bin
HIF-1α inhibition by siRNA or chetomin in human malignant glioma cells: effects on hypoxic radioresistance and monitoring via CA9 expression

Author(s): Kessler Jacqueline | Hahnel Antje | Wichmann Henri | Rot Swetlana | Kappler Matthias | Bache Matthias | Vordermark Dirk
Analysis of stress state in DMTA and photoelasticity examinations

Author(s): A. Gnatowski | P. Palutkiewicz | K. Lubczyñska
Postharvest of yellow passion fruit: effect of chemicals and storage temperature/ Efeito de produtos químicos e temperaturas de armazenamento na pós-colheita de maracujá-amarelo

Author(s): Maria Cecília Arruda | Ivan Herman Fischer | Elisangela Marques Jeronimo | Michele Moraes Zanette | Bruna Lourenço da Silva
Basal Root Rot, a new Disease of Teak (Tectona grandis) in Malaysia caused by Phellinus noxius

Author(s): Mohd Farid, A. | Lee, S. S. | Maziah, Z. | Rosli, H. | Norwati, M.
Characterization of proteome alterations in Phanerochaete chrysosporium in response to lead exposure

Author(s): Yıldırım Volkan | Özcan Servet | Becher Dörte | Büttner Knut | Hecker Michael | Özcengiz Gülay
Population dynamics of caribou herds in southwestern Alaska

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Richard A. Sellers | Ronald C. Squibb | James D. Woolington | Andrew R. Aderman | Bruce W. Dale
Reduction of Soybean Root and Stalk Rots by Growth Substances Under Salt Stress Conditions

Author(s): K.M. Abd El-Hai | M.A. El-Metwally | S.M. El-Baz
Bioactive metabolites from Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma longibrachiatum

Author(s): P.K. Tarus | C.C. Lang’at-Thoruwa | A.W. Wanyonyi | S.C. Chhabra
Enzyme Production and Lignin Degradation by Four Basidiomycetous Fungi in Submerged Fermentation of Peat Containing Medium

Author(s): Yuanyuan Hong | Mehdi Dashtban | Sanfeng Chen | Ruiqing Song | Wensheng Qin

Author(s): Kei MAEDA | Masamitsu OHTA | Ikuno MOMOHARA
Effectiveness of Pyroligneous Acids from Vapour Released in Charcoal Industry Against Biodegradable Agent under Laboratory Condition

Author(s): S.H. Lee | P.S. H`ng | M.J. Chow | A.S. Sajap | B.T. Tey | U. Salmiah | Y.L. Sun
Diversity of the Pythium community infecting crown and roots apple in Tunisia

Author(s): Souli M | N. Boughalleb | P. Abad-Campos | L.A. Álvarez | A. Pérez-Sierra | J. Armengol | J. García-Jiménez | M.S. Romdhani
The influence of climatic conditions on the main vine diseases in terms of chemicals application

Author(s): Constantin Mihai-Oroian | Ioan Oroian | Liliana Tomoiagă | Maria Comşa | Cristian Iederan

Author(s): CrinaTiron | Crina Buhai | Teodor C. Sava | Gabriela Böhm | Costea Budulan
Quantization of total fumonisins produced by Fusarium verticillioides strains in some maize and sorghum genotypes by ELISA

Author(s): Rahdžu Vahid | Parčamijan Marjam | Feizbaš Tagi Mohamed | Zamani Majid

Author(s): Sheila Andrade Botelho | Carlos Agustin Rava | Wilson Mozena Leandro | Jefferson Luis da Silva Costa
Ligninolytic Enzymes of Lentinus polychrous Grown on Solid Substrates and its Application in Black Liquor Treatment

Author(s): Wipawadee Budda | Rakrudee Sarnthima | Saranyu Khammuang | Nipa Milintawisamai | Sawait Naknil
Host Plant Resistance to Phytophthora Pod Rot in Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.): The Role of Epicuticular Wax on Pod and Leaf Surfaces

Author(s): D. Nyadanu | R. Akromah | B. Adomako | C. Kwoseh | H. Dzahini-Obiatey | S.T. Lowor | A.Y. Akrofi | M.K. Assuah
The Influence of salinity and nitrogen on tomato fruit quality and micronutrients concentration in hydroponic culture

Author(s): S. Safarzadeh Shirazi | A. M Ronaghi | A. S. Gholami | M. Zahedifar
Factors promoting larch dominance in Eastern Siberia: fire versus growth performance and implications for carbon dynamics

Author(s): E.-D. Schulze | C. Wirth | D. Mollicone | N. von Lüpke | W. Ziegler | F. Achard | M. Mund | A. Prokushkin | S. Scherbina
Breeding Maize for Resistance to Ear Rot Caused by Fusarium moniliforme

Author(s): M. Hefny | S. Attaa | T. Bayoumi | Sh. Ammar | M. El- Bramawy
In Vitro Control of Post-Harvest Fruit Rot Fungi by Some Plant Essential Oil Components

Author(s): Ippolito Camele | Luciana Altieri | Laura De Martino | Vincenzo De Feo | Emilia Mancini | Gian Luigi Rana
Biodeterioration of products made from australian cedar (Toona ciliata M. Roem. var. australis)

Author(s): Natália Amarante Almeida | Lourival Marin Mendes | Esmeralda Yoshico Arakaki Okino | Alencar Garlet | Fábio Akira Mori | Rafael Farinassi Mendes
Identification and Pathogenicity of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Associated with Soft Rot Disease of Girasole Tuber

Author(s): Mamdoh Ewis ISMAIL | Montaser Fawzy ABDEL-MONAIM | Yasser Mahmoud MOSTAFA
Parametric Sensitivity Studies in a Commercial FCC Unit

Author(s): Sawaran Chopra | Ajay Dalai | Deoki Saraf | Prabha K Dasila | Indranil Choudhury
Robotic Foregut Surgery: One Surgeon’s Experience with Nissen Fundoplication, Esophagomyotomy, and Hiatal Hernia Repair

Author(s): Michael J. Ryan | Danuta I. Dynda | David L. Crawford | Franziska Huettner | Robin A. Alley | Jamie L. Doubet

Integrated Management of Causal Agents of Postharvest Fruit Rot of Apple

Author(s): Mila Grahovac | Dušanka Inđić | Brankica Tanović | Sanja Lazić | Slavica Vuković | Jovana Hrustić | Sonja Gvozdenac
In vitro and In vivo Antifungal Activities of Organic and Inorganic Salts Against Citrus Sour Rot Agent Geotrichum candidum

Author(s): Idriss Talibi | Latifa Askarne | Hassan Boubaker | El Hassane Boudyach | Abdellah Ait Ben Aoumar
Fungal phoenix rising from the ashes?

Author(s): M.J. Wingfield | M.P.A. Coetzee | P.W. Crous | D. Six | B.D. Wingfield
Diaporthaceae associated with root and crown rot of maize

Author(s): S.C. Lamprecht | P.W. Crous | J.Z. Groenewald | Y.T. Tewoldemedhin | W.F.O. Marasas
Editorial: Forschung mit rot-weiß-rotem Anstrich

Author(s): Der Vorstand der ÖGR
Integrated pest management of potatoes

Author(s): Yasar Alptekin
Proteomics study of changes in soybean lines resistant and sensitive to Phytophthora sojae

Author(s): Zhang YuMei | Zhao JinMing | Xiang Yang | Bian XiaoChun | Zuo QiaoMei | Shen Qi | Gai JunYi | Xing Han
Development of an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay applied to the Botrytis cinerea quantification in tissues of postharvest fruits

Author(s): Fernández-Baldo Martín | Fernández Jorge | Pereira Sirley | Messina Germán | Salinas Eloy | Raba Julio | Sanz Ferramola María
A novel splice variant of the stem cell marker LGR5/GPR49 is correlated with the risk of tumor-related death in soft-tissue sarcoma patients

Author(s): Rot Swetlana | Taubert Helge | Bache Matthias | Greither Thomas | Würl Peter | Eckert Alexander | Schubert Johannes | Vordermark Dirk | Kappler Matthias
Antimicrobial Activity of Ficus Leaf Extracts on Some Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens of Dioscorea rotundata from Southwest Nigeria

Author(s): O.A. Oyelana | E.U. Durugbo | O.D. Olukanni | E.A. Ayodele | Z.O. Aikulola | A.I. Adewole
Antifungal activity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons against Ligninolytic fungi

Author(s): Memić Mustafa | Selović Alisa | Sulejmanović Jasmina
Which factors affect on Estimation of absorbed dose and effective dose?

Author(s): Keyhandokht Karimi Shahri | Hashem Miri Hakimabad | Lale Rafat Motavalli
High dilution of Belladonna affect the mycelial growth of Corynespora cassiicola in vitro

Author(s): Romulo Vinícios Fagan | Bruno Reis | Kátia Regina Freitas Schawan-Estrada | Carlos Moacir Bonato
Plants: a unique model for research on high diluted substances

Author(s): Tatiana Vladimirovna Novasadyuk
Immunmodulatorische Wirkung von Wein und Traubensaft

Author(s): Schroecksnadel K | Fuchs D | Neurauter G | Wirleitner B
Evolutionary history of Serpulaceae (Basidiomycota): molecular phylogeny, historical biogeography and evidence for a single transition of nutritional mode

Author(s): Skrede Inger | Engh Ingeborg | Binder Manfred | Carlsen Tor | Kauserud Håvard | Bendiksby Mika
Population dynamics of caribou herds in southwestern Alaska

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Richard A. Sellers | Ronald C. Squibb | James D. Woolington | Andrew R. Aderman | Bruce W. Dale
Multilocus Phylogenetics Show High Intraspecific Variability within Fusarium avenaceum

Author(s): Tomasz Kulik | Agnieszka Pszczółkowska | Maciej Łojko
Isolation of Bacteria with Antifungal Activity against the Phytopathogenic Fungi Stenocarpella maydis and Stenocarpella macrospora

Author(s): Iván Petatán-Sagahón | Miguel Angel Anducho-Reyes | Hilda Victoria Silva-Rojas | Ainhoa Arana-Cuenca | Alejandro Tellez-Jurado | Isabel Oyuki Cárdenas-Álvarez | Yuridia Mercado-Flores
Sequence analysis and homology modeling of laccase from Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

Author(s): Rohan J Meshram | A J Gavhane | T S Bansode | A K Gupta | S K Sohni | A U Maskar | M A Patidar | R B Gaikar | T R Pandey | S N Jangle
Preliminary results regarding the effect of vegetal extracts on storage diseases

Author(s): Georgeta Teodorescu | Florin Marin Cristian | Mihaela Sumedrea | Fanica Murariu
Trichoderma sp Native from Chili Region of Poanas, Durango, Mexico Antagonist against Phytopathogen Fungi

Author(s): Gabriela B.  Valencia | Vicente H. Vargas | Jose N.U. Soto | Nestor N. Jimenez | Jesús H. Corral
Morphological Variability and Races of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceris Associated with Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Crops

Author(s): Rosa M. Arvayo-Ortiz | Martin Esqueda | Evelia Acedo-Felix | Alfonso Sanchez | Aldo Gutierrez
Sustainable Discoloration of Textile Chromo-Baths by Spent Mushroom Substrate from the Industrial Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus

Author(s): Simona Di Gregorio | Francesco Balestri | Maria Basile | Valentina Matteini | Francesco Gini | Stefania Giansanti | Maria Grazia Tozzi | Riccardo Basosi | Roberto Lorenzi
Application of Selected Plant Extracts to Inhibit Growth of Penicillium expansum on Apple Fruits

Author(s): Hiromi Ikeura | Natthamon Somsak | Fumiyuki Kobayashi | Sirichai Kanlayanarat | Yasuyoshi Hayata
Botrytis cinerea Control and the Problem of Fungicide Resistance

Author(s): Brankica Tanović | Jovana Hrustić | Milica Mihajlović | Mila Grahovac | Goran Delibašić | Petar Vukša
Dynamics of ligninolytic enzyme production in Ganoderma applanatum depending on cultivation type

Author(s): Ćilerdžić Jasmina Lj. | Vukojević Jelena B. | Stajić Mirjana M.
Mycoflora of commercial maize seed in 2010

Author(s): Medić-Pap Slađana S. | Maširević Stevan N. | Šofhauzer Ivana P.
Actividad antifúngica del quitosano y aceites esenciales sobre Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.:Fr.) Vuill., agente causal de la pudrición blanda del tomate

Author(s): Alvarado Hernández Alejandra María | Barrera Necha Laura Leticia | Hernández Lauzardo Ana Niurka | Velázquez del Valle Miguel Gerardo
Efecto depresivo de los agentes causales de las pudriciones secas en plantas producidas in vitro de malanga (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)

Author(s): Espinosa Cuellar Ernesto | Herrera Isla Lidcay | Folgueras Montiel Maryluz | Cabrera Jova Manuel | Espinosa Cuéllar Alberto | Fandiño Cachemaille Yosbel
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