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Lumpability Abstractions of Rule-based Systems

Author(s): Jerome Feret | Thomas Henzinger | Heinz Koeppl | Tatjana Petrov
Auto-control of pumping operations in sewerage systems by rule-based fuzzy neural networks

Author(s): Y.-M. Chiang | L.-C. Chang | M.-J. Tsai | Y.-F. Wang | F.-J. Chang
Resource Allocation -WiMAX Systems

Author(s): P. Satish Kumar | R MURALI PRASAD
Intelligent Controller Design for a Chemical Process

Author(s): Mr. Glan Devadhas G | Dr.Pushpakumar S.
Auto-control of pumping operations in sewerage systems by rule-based fuzzy neural networks

Author(s): Y.-M. Chiang | L.-C. Chang | M.-J. Tsai | Y.-F. Wang | F.-J. Chang
Feasibility of incorporating genomic knowledge into electronic medical records for pharmacogenomic clinical decision support

Author(s): Overby Casey | Tarczy-Hornoch Peter | Hoath James | Kalet Ira | Veenstra David

Application of computer vision methods to estimate the coverage of peen formed plates

Author(s): L.C. Vieira | R.H.Z. de Almeida | LF.P.R. Martins | A.T. Fleury
Towards a new role for spatial planning

Author(s): Đorđević Dejan P. | Dabović Tijana
Self-replicating systems in spatial form generation: The concept of cellular automata

Author(s): Petruševski Ljiljana | Devetaković Mirjana | Mitrović Bojan
Mining multi-item drug adverse effect associations in spontaneous reporting systems

Author(s): Harpaz Rave | Chase Herbert | Friedman Carol
Management of the Reconfigurable Protocol Stack Based on SDL for Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Chen Hui | Zhou Chunjie | Huang Xiongfeng | Qing Yuanqing | Shi Yufeng
State Model Diagrams – A Universal Runtime Network Management Tool

Author(s): Stanislaw Paul Maj | Woratat Makasiranondh | D Veal
Design and Implementation an Autonomous Humanoid Robot Based on Fuzzy Rule-Based Motion Controller

Author(s): S. Hamidreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Alireza Mohades Kasaei | S. A. Monadjemi | Mohsen Taheri
Textual Entailment Using Lexical And Syntactic Similarity

Author(s): Partha Pakray | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay | Alexander Gelbukh
CDTOM: A Context-driven Task-oriented Middleware for Pervasive Homecare Environment

Author(s): Hongbo Ni | Bessam Abdulrazak | Daqing Zhang | Shu Wu
Extracting Membership Functions Using ACS Method via Multiple Minimum Supports

Author(s): Ehsan Vejdani Mahmoudi | Masood Niazi Torshiz | Mehrdad Jalali
Applications of Data Mining Techniques in Healthcare and Prediction of Heart Attacks

Author(s): K.Srinivas | B.Kavihta Rani | Dr. A.Govrdhan
Implementation of Web-Based Chilli Expert Advisory System Using ABC Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): D.V.P.R.Sridhar, | Prof.M.S.P. Babu | M. Parimala | N.Thirupathi Rao
Soil Classification by Generating Fuzzy rules

Author(s): P.Bhargavi | Dr. S. Jyothi
Hierarchical graphs for rule-based modeling of biochemical systems

Author(s): Lemons Nathan | Hu Bin | Hlavacek William
Ontology-based instance data validation for high-quality curated biological pathways

Author(s): Jeong Euna | Nagasaki Masao | Ueno Kazuko | Miyano Satoru
Membrane topology analysis of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp41

Author(s): Liu Shujun | Kondo Naoyuki | Long Yufei | Xiao Dan | Iwamoto Aikichi | Matsuda Zene
Algorithms and semantic infrastructure for mutation impact extraction and grounding

Author(s): Laurila Jonas | Naderi Nona | Witte René | Riazanov Alexandre | Kouznetsov Alexandre | Baker Christopher
Design And Efficient Deployment Of Honeypot And Dynamic Rule Based Live Network Intrusion Collaborative System

Author(s): Renuka Prasad.B | Annamma Abraham | Abhas Abhinav | Sunil.V.Gurlahosur | Srinivasa Y

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar, | Prince Rana

Analysis and Usage of Fuzzy Logic for Optimized Evaluation of Database Queries

Author(s): Sardar Sathpal Singh | Rishi Sayal | P. Venkat Rao
Accuracy Analysis of Neural Networks in Removal of Unsolicited e-mails

Author(s): P.Mohan Kumar | P. Kumaresan | S.Yokesh Babu
Recognition of Distorted CAD Objects using Neural Networks

Author(s): Navdeep Kumar | Pankaj Garg
Rule Based Selection of 2D Urban Area Map Objects

Author(s): Jagdish Lal Raheja | Umesh Kumar
Classification rules for Indian Rice diseases

Author(s): A. Nithya | V. Sundaram
Named Entity Recognition for Punjabi Language Text Summarization

Author(s): Vishal Gupta | Gurpreet Singh Lehal
Design of Adaptive pH Controller Using ANFIS

Author(s): S R Navghare | Dr. G L Bodhe | Shruti
An Interface Complexity Measure for Componentbased Software Systems

Author(s): Usha Kumari | Shuchita Upadhyaya
Genetic Algorithm: An Application to Technical Trading System Design

Author(s): V. Kapoor | S. Dey | A. P. Khurana
Comparative Study on DFD to UML Diagrams Transformation

Author(s): Atif A. A. Jilani | Muhammad Usma | Aamer Nadeem | Zafar I. Malik | Zahid Halim
A Petri Net Based Multi-Agent System Behavioral Testing

Author(s): Belkacem Athamena | Zina Houhamdi
Improving Recommender Systems in E-Commerce Using Similar Goods

Author(s): S. Javad Mirabedini | Keramat Mansouri | Majid Khalaji
Improving Recommender Systems in E-Commerce Using Similar Goods

Author(s): S. Javad Mirabedini | Keramat Mansouri | Majid Khalaji
Application of Knowledge Based System for Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis

Author(s): T.F. Blessia | S. Singh | A. Kumar | J.J. Vennila
A New Improved Algorithm for Distributed Databases

Author(s): K. Karpagam | R. Balasubramanian
A Rule Management System for Knowledge Based Data Cleaning

Author(s): Louardi BRADJI | Mahmoud BOUFAIDA
An Antilock-Braking Systems (ABS) Control: A Technical Review

Author(s): Ayman A. Aly | El-Shafei Zeidan | Ahmed Hamed | Farhan Salem
An Application Expert System for Evaluating Effective Factors on Trust in B2C WebsitesTrust, Security, ANFIS, Fuzzy Logic, Rule Based Systems, Electronic Commerce

Author(s): Mehrbakhsh Nilashi | Karamollah Bagherifard | Othman Ibrahim | Nasim Janahmadi | Mousa Barisami
Association and Sequence Mining in Web Usage

Author(s): Claudia Elena DINUCA
Implementing a genomic data management system using iRODS in the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Author(s): Chiang Gen-Tao | Clapham Peter | Qi Guoying | Sale Kevin | Coates Guy
Parameterized Facial Expression Synthesis Based on MPEG-4

Author(s): Raouzaiou Amaryllis | Tsapatsoulis Nicolas | Karpouzis Kostas | Kollias Stefanos
Prioritizing cancer-related genes with aberrant methylation based on a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Author(s): Liu Hui | Su Jianzhong | Li Junhua | Liu Hongbo | Lv Jie | Li Boyan | Qiao Hong | Zhang Yan
Removing bias against membrane proteins in interaction networks

Author(s): Brito Glauber | Andrews David
Learning limits of an artificial neural network

Author(s): J.J. Vega | R. Reynoso | H. Carrillo Calvet
Semi-Automatic Labeling of Training Data Sets in Text Classification

Author(s): Nayereh Ghahreman | Ahmad Baraani Dastjerdi
Trend Following Algorithms for Technical Trading in Stock Market

Author(s): Simon Fong | Jackie Tai | Yain Whar Si
A Two-stage Information Filtering Based on Rough Decision Rule and Pattern Mining

Author(s): Xujuan Zhou | Yuefeng Li | Peter Bruza | Yue Xu | Raymond Lau
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Tokuro Matsuo | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
An Item Selection Strategy Based on Association Rules and Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Ming-Hsiung Ying | Shao-Hsuan Huang | Luen-Ruei Wu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Min-bo Li | Zhongjun Li
An Architecture for Performance Optimization in a Collaborative Knowledge-Based Approach for  Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Manuel Angel Gadeo-Martos | Jose Angel Fernandez-Prieto | Joaquin Canada-Bago | Juan Ramon Velasco
Intelligent query by humming system based on score level fusion of multiple classifiers

Author(s): Nam Gi Pyo | Luong Thi Thu Trang | Nam Hyun Ha | Park Kang Ryoung | Park Sung-Joo
Impacts of Coastal Inundation Due to Climate Change in a CLUSTER of Urban Coastal Communities in Ghana, West Africa

Author(s): Kwasi Appeaning Addo | Lloyd Larbi | Barnabas Amisigo | Patrick Kwabena Ofori-Danson

Author(s): Venkatesan.M | Arunkumar.Thangavelu | Prabhavathy.P
A rule-based Afan Oromo Grammar Checker

Author(s): Debela Tesfaye
Chunkbased Grammar Checker for Detection Translated English Sentences

Author(s): Nay Yee Lin | Khin Mar Soe | Ni Lar Thein
Mining Concepts Relationship Based on Numeric Grades

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Sarem | Mostafa Bellafkih | Mohammed Ramdani
Rule based Part of speech Tagger for Homoeopathy Clinical realm

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi | Pramod P Sukhadeve
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi
Multi-equilibrium property of metabolic networks: SSI module

Author(s): Lei Hong-Bo | Zhang Ji-Feng | Chen Luonan
Design of Hybrid Fuzzy Neural Network for Function Approximation

Author(s): Amit Mishra | Zaheeruddin Zaheeruddin
Context Aware health Care Application

Author(s): Shankari Bhattacharyya
Identification of Rules for a Rule-Based Control of Walking

Author(s): Slavica Jonić | Dejan Popović
Optimization on Water Resource System Operation Policy during Drought

Author(s): Hongyuan Fang | Yi Cheng | Songkai Yan
Ad Hoc Network Hybrid Management Protocol Based on Genetic Classifiers

Author(s): Fabio Garzia | Cristina Perna | Roberto Cusani
A Robust Fuzzy Tracking Control Scheme for Robotic Manipulators with Experimental Verification

Author(s): Abdel Badie Sharkawy | Mahmoud M. Othman | Abouel Makarem A. Khalil
A Hybrid Scheme for Knowledge Representation

Author(s): Hussein H. Owaied | Mahmoud Malek Abu-A`ra | Monzer Moh`d Qasem
A Conceptual Methodology for Transportation Projects Selection

Author(s): I. Nosoohi | Sayed-Nader Shetab-Boushehri,
Intelligent and Effective Heart Disease Prediction System using Weighted Associative Classifiers

Author(s): Jyoti soni, | Ujma Ansari, | Dipesh Sharma, | Sunita Soni
EFM++ An Efficient Coding Format for DVD

Author(s): Bane Vasić | Goran Lj. Đorđević | Milorad Tošić
Named Entity Recognition in Telugu language using Language Dependent Features and Rule based Approach

Author(s): B. Sasidhar | P. M. Yohan | A. Vinaya Babu | A. Govardhan
A Philosophical Treatise of Universal Induction

Author(s): Samuel Rathmanner | Marcus Hutter
QArabPro: A Rule Based Question Answering System for Reading Comprehension Tests in Arabic

Author(s): M. Akour | S. Abufardeh | K. Magel | Q. Al-Radaideh
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