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On One Approach to Scientific CAD/CAE Software Developing Process

Author(s): George Sergia | Alexander Demurov | George Petrosyan | Roman Jobava
Influence of Urea-Formaldehyde Resin Modification with Liquefied Wood on Particleboard Properties

Author(s): Alan Antonović | Vladimir Jambreković | Jaroslav Kljak | Nikola Španić | Sergej Medved
Trials within trials? Researcher, funder and ethical perspectives on the practicality and acceptability of nesting trials of recruitment methods in existing primary care trials

Author(s): Graffy Jonathan | Bower Peter | Ward Elaine | Wallace Paul | Delaney Brendan | Kinmonth Ann-Louise | Collier David | Miller Julia
Improving city transport with the objective to reduce CO2 emissions

Author(s): Marjan STERNAD | Matjaž KNEZ | Bojan ROSI
Colloidosomes an Advanced Vesicular System in Drug Delivery

Author(s): Swarnlata Saraf | Rahul Rathi | Chanchal Deep Kaur | Shailendra Saraf
Public health: disconnections between policy, practice and research

Author(s): Jansen Maria | van Oers Hans | Kok Gerjo | de Vries Nanne

Author(s): Gh. Mladin | Teodora Panea | A. Maier | I. Dragomir
A formalized description of the standard human variant nomenclature in Extended Backus-Naur Form

Author(s): Laros Jeroen | Blavier André | den Dunnen Johan | Taschner Peter
Investigation on anatomical and histological structure of graft union in plum

Author(s): Gică Grădinariu | Cristina Zlati | Mihai Istrate | Marius Dascălu
New fruit rain cracking resistant sweet cherry variety ‘Jing-ling

Author(s): Chen Qiufang | Wang Min | Wang Guoping | Tian Jianbao | Sergiu Budan
How to measure capabilities within corridors?

Author(s): Thomas MACOUN | Ulrich LETH

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