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Automated detection of proliferative retinopathy in clinical practice

Author(s): Audrey Karperien | Herbert F Jelinek | Jorge JG Leandro | João VB Soares | Roberto M Cesar Jr | Alan Luckie
Is the ‘driving test’ a robust quality indicator of colonoscopy performance?

Author(s): Nicholas M Kelly | John Moorehead | Tony Tham
Cell Migration and Invasion Assays as Tools for Drug Discovery

Author(s): Keren I. Hulkower | Renee L. Herber
Acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia, and elevated liver enzymes after concurrent abuse of alcohol and cocaine

Author(s): Alireza Hosseinnezhad | Rajakrishnan Vijayakrishnan | Mary Jo S. Farmer
A Case of Late-Diagnosed Homocystinuria Presenting with Epileptic Seizures

Author(s): Aycan Ünalp | Nur Aarslan | Nedret Uran
Original Fluorescent Ligand-Based Assays Open New Perspectives in G-Protein Coupled Receptor Drug Screening

Author(s): Martin Cottet | Orestis Faklaris | Jurriaan M. Zwier | Eric Trinquet | Jean-Philippe Pin | Thierry Durroux
Protein Based Drug Discovery

Author(s): Joshi B. | Gupta G. | Gupta N. | Gupta M. | Trivedi S. | Patil P. | Jhadav A. | Vamsi K.K. | Khairnar Y. | Boraste A. | Mujapara A.
Analyzing intra-abdominal pressures and outcomes in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy

Author(s): Khan Shehtaj | Verma Akshay | Ahmad Syed | Ahmad Reyaz
Rapid induction of autoantibodies during ARDS and septic shock

Author(s): Burbelo Peter | Seam Nitin | Groot Sandra | Ching Kathryn | Han Brian | Meduri G Umberto | Iadarola Michael | Suffredini Anthony

Author(s): Narimah Samat | Dina Jambi | Norul Shahira Musa | Aishah Knight Abd. Shatar | Azizah Ab Manan | Yasmin Sulaiman
The impact of stroke on emotional intelligence

Author(s): Hoffmann Michael | Cases Lourdes | Hoffmann Bronwyn | Chen Ren
A detailed genome-wide reconstruction of mouse metabolism based on human Recon 1

Author(s): Sigurdsson Martin | Jamshidi Neema | Steingrimsson Eirikur | Thiele Ines | Palsson Bernhard
Automated saccharification assay for determination of digestibility in plant materials

Author(s): Gomez Leonardo | Whitehead Caragh | Barakate Abdellah | Halpin Claire | McQueen-Mason Simon
A small scale cell culture system to analyze mechanobiology using reporter gene constructs and polyurethane dishes

Author(s): L Seefried | S Mueller-Deubert | T Schwarz | T Lind | B Mentrup | M Kober | D Docheva | A Liedert | M Kassem | A Ignatius | M Schieker | L Claes | W Wilke | F Jakob | R Ebert
Sensing-Applications of Surface-Based Single Vesicle Arrays

Author(s): Sune M. Christensen | Dimitrios G. Stamou
Colonic polyps: inheritance, susceptibility, risk evaluation, and diagnostic management

Author(s): Emanuele Neri | Lorenzo Faggioni | Lorenzo Cini | et al
The challenge of supporting care for dementia in primary care

Author(s): Malaz Boustani | Cathy Schubert | Youcef Sennour
Computer applications for prediction of protein–protein interactions and rational drug design

Author(s): Solène Grosdidier | Max Totrov | Juan Fernández-Recio
Target Identification : A Challenging Step in Forward Chemical Genetics

Author(s): Raj Kumar Das | Animesh Samanta | Krishnakanta Ghosh | Duanting Zhai | Wang Xu | Dongdong Su | Cheryl Leong | Young-Tae Chang
Continuous Membrane-Based Screening System for Biocatalysis

Author(s): Evgenij Lyagin | Anja Drews | Subhamoy Bhattacharya | Matthias Kraume
Robotic invasion of operation theatre and associated anaesthetic issues: A review

Author(s): Kakar Prem | Das Jyotirmoy | Roy Preeti | Pant Vijaya
Under-reporting of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders: an analysis of hospital episode statistics

Author(s): Morleo Michela | Woolfall Kerry | Dedman Dan | Mukherjee Raja | Bellis Mark | Cook Penny
A New Microsphere-Based Immunoassay for Measuring the Activity of Transcription Factors

Author(s): Lin Yu-Ling | Lai Yun-Ju | Tsai Nu-Man | Peng Tai-Chu | Liu Yen-Ku | Lee Ru-Ping | Tsai Chueh-Jen | Liao Kuang-Wen
Plasma neuropeptide Y: a biomarker for symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome

Author(s): Fletcher Mary | Rosenthal Martin | Antoni Michael | Ironson Gail | Zeng Xiao | Barnes Zachary | Harvey Jeanna | Hurwitz Barry | Levis Silvina | Broderick Gordon | Klimas Nancy
Clinical and genetic characterization of chanarin-dorfman syndrome patients: first report of large deletions in the ABHD5 gene

Author(s): Redaelli Chiara | Coleman Rosalind | Moro Laura | Dacou-Voutetakis Catherine | Elsayed Solaf | Prati Daniele | Colli Agostino | Mela Donatella | Colombo Roberto | Tavian Daniela
Confidence from uncertainty - A multi-target drug screening method from robust control theory

Author(s): Luni Camilla | Shoemaker Jason | Sanft Kevin | Petzold Linda | Doyle Francis
Cervical cancer screening in Australia: modelled evaluation of the impact of changing the recommended interval from two to three years

Author(s): Creighton Prudence | Lew Jie-Bin | Clements Mark | Smith Megan | Howard Kirsten | Dyer Suzanne | Lord Sarah | Canfell Karen
Germline transformation of the stalk-eyed fly, Teleopsis dalmanni

Author(s): Warren Ian | Fowler Kevin | Smith Hazel
Embryoid body formation from embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells: Benefits of bioreactors

Author(s): Sasitorn Rungarunlert | Mongkol Techakumphu | Melinda K Pirity | Andras Dinnyes
Microfluidics: Emerging prospects for anti-cancer drug screening

Author(s): Donald Wlodkowic, Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz
Sexual Health

Author(s): Dr. Christine Boyce | Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell
Live Cell in Vitro and in Vivo Imaging Applications: Accelerating Drug Discovery

Author(s): Beverley Isherwood | Paul Timpson | Ewan J McGhee | Kurt I Anderson | Marta Canel | Alan Serrels | Valerie G Brunton | Neil O Carragher
Osteogenic efficiency of in situ gelling poloxamine systems with and without bone morphogenetic protein-2

Author(s): A Rey-Rico | M Silva | J Couceiro | A Concheiro | C Alvarez-Lorenzo
Thiazolidinone motif in anticancer drug discovery. Experience of DH LNMU medicinal chemistry scientific group

Author(s): Lesyk R. B. | Zimenkovsky B. S. | Kaminskyy D. V. | Kryshchyshyn A. P. | Havryluk D. Ya. | Atamanyuk D. V. | Subtel’na I. Yu. | Khyluk D. V.
Public health policies and management strategies for genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Author(s): Shaw K | Coleman D | O'Sullivan M | Stephens N
Analysis of the intratesticular control of spermatogenesis by ex-vivo approaching.

Author(s): Marie-HĂŠlene Perrard | Nadia Prisant | Cendrine Geoffroy-Siraudin | Dominique Segretain | Georges Pointis | Marie-Roberte Guichaoua | Philippe Durand
Procoagulants and anticoagulants in fetal blood. A literature survey.

Author(s): Mieczysław Uszyński | Waldemar Uszyński | Marek Szymański
Adaptation of High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery—Toxicological Screening Tests

Author(s): Paweł Szymański | Magdalena Markowicz | Elżbieta Mikiciuk-Olasik

Author(s): Cosmin Mihai | Pincu rotinberg | Elena Truta | Ion Neacsu | Vlad Artenie | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): K Prabhu | P K Karar | S Hemalatha | K Ponnudurai

Author(s): Cosmin Mihai | Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Gabriela Capraru | Truta Elena | Surdu Stefania | Olteanu Zenovia | Hellen Rotinberg
Cell proliferation and viability of HELA and HEP-2P neoplastic cultures in vitro treated with new polyphenolic or polysaccharidic biopreparations of vegetable and fungal origin

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Cosmin Mihai | Daniela Gherghel | Elena Truta | Gabriela Capraru | Ruxandra Cretu | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): Sahoo Rashmibala | Swain Pramod Kumar | Acharya Rabinarayana
New potential antitumoral agents of polyphenolic nature obtained from Helleborus purpurascens by membranary micro- and ultrafiltration techniques

Author(s): Gabriela Vochita | Cosmin T. Mihai | Daniela Gherghel | Dorina Iurea | Gabriela Roman | Gabriel Lucian Radu | Pincu Rotinberg
New potential antitumoral agents of polyphenolic nature obtained from Helleborus purpurascens by membranary micro- and ultrafiltration techniques

Author(s): Gabriela Vochita | Cosmin T. Mihai | Daniela Gherghel | Dorina Iurea | Gabriela Roman | Gabriel Lucian Radu | Pincu Rotinberg

Author(s): Lala Rita | Thorat Amit | Gargote Chandrashekhar
The Evolution of the Bacterial Luciferase Gene Cassette (lux) as a Real-Time Bioreporter

Author(s): Dan Close | Tingting Xu | Abby Smartt | Alexandra Rogers | Robert Crossley | Sarah Price | Steven Ripp | Gary Sayler
HIC@RE … and its relevance for a company like RIEMSER

Author(s): Müller, Berno | Becker, Jürgen
Methods for Detecting and Measuring Adverse Hospital Events

Author(s): A Baba-Akbari Sari | TA Sheldon
Biomarker Genes for Detecting Estrogenic Activity of Endocrine Disruptors via Estrogen Receptors

Author(s): Eui-Man Jung | Beum-Soo An | Hyun Yang | Kyung-Chul Choi | Eui-Bae Jeung
Concept of the pathogenesis and treatment of cholelithiasis

Author(s): Vasiliy Ivanovich Reshetnyak
Extraction and characterization of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) coir dust

Author(s): A. U. Israel1, | R. E. Ogali2, | I.B. Obot1*
BDMC33, A Curcumin Derivative Suppresses Inflammatory Responses in Macrophage-Like Cellular System: Role of Inhibition in NF-κB and MAPK Signaling Pathways

Author(s): Ka-Heng Lee | Yuh-Lit Chow | Vidyadaran Sharmili | Faridah Abas | Noorjahan Banu Mohamed Alitheen | Khozirah Shaari | Daud Ahmad Israf | Nordin Haji Lajis | Ahmad Syahida
Chemical Food Contaminants, Carcinogenicity and Carcinogenicity Testing: in-vitro Alternatives

Author(s): Raju.S.*1, Uma Maheshwara rao.V2, Sreeramulu Reddy.K3, Ramya.G3, Vasanth Kumar. G4
Phytochemical screening of traditional medicinal plants

Author(s): N. Savithramma, M. Linga Rao* and S. Ankanna
Clinical Study of 'Triphala' - A Well Known Phytomedicine from India

Author(s): Pulok K. Mukherjee | Sujay Rai | Sauvik Bhattacharyya | Pratip Kumar Debnath | Tuhin Kanti Biswas | Utpalendu Jana | Srikanta Pandit | Bishnu Pada Saha | Pradip K. Paul
ew potential antitumoral agents of polyphenolic nature obtained from Helleborus purpurascens by membranary micro- and ultrafiltration techniques

Author(s): Gabriela Vochita | Cosmin Mihai | Daniela Gherghel | Dorina Iurea | Gabriela Roman | Gabriel Lucian Radu | Pincu Rorinberg
Knowledge and awareness among Iranian women regarding the pap smear

Author(s): Forough Javanmanesh | Farideh Dadkhah | Nasrin Zarepour
Computerized clinical decision support systems for primary preventive care: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review of effects on process of care and patient outcomes

Author(s): Souza Nathan | Sebaldt Rolf | Mackay Jean | Prorok Jeanette | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Haynes R Brian
rapmad: Robust analysis of peptide microarray data

Author(s): Renard Bernhard | Löwer Martin | Kühne Yvonne | Reimer Ulf | Rothermel Andrée | Türeci Özlem | Castle John | Sahin Ugur
Cost-effectiveness of a mailed educational reminder to increase colorectal cancer screening

Author(s): Lee Jeffrey | Groessl Erik | Ganiats Theodore | Ho Samuel
Hospital deaths and adverse events in Brazil

Author(s): Martins Mônica | Travassos Claudia | Mendes Walter | Pavão Ana Luiza
The integration of the treatment for common mental disorders in primary care: experiences of health care providers in the MANAS trial in Goa, India

Author(s): Pereira Bernadette | Andrew Gracy | Pednekar Sulochana | Kirkwood Betty | Patel Vikram
Arabidopsis seedling flood-inoculation technique: a rapid and reliable assay for studying plant-bacterial interactions

Author(s): Ishiga Yasuhiro | Ishiga Takako | Uppalapati Srinivasa | Mysore Kirankumar
Removing bias against membrane proteins in interaction networks

Author(s): Brito Glauber | Andrews David
Time-resolved in silico modeling of fine-tuned cAMP signaling in platelets: feedback loops, titrated phosphorylations and pharmacological modulation

Author(s): Wangorsch Gaby | Butt Elke | Mark Regina | Hubertus Katharina | Geiger Jörg | Dandekar Thomas | Dittrich Marcus
Feasibility and willingness-to-pay for integrated community-based tuberculosis testing

Author(s): Goswami Neela | Hecker Emily | Holland David | Naggie Susanna | Cox Gary | Mosher Ann | Turner Debbie | Torres Yvonne | Vickery Carter | Ahearn Marshall | Blain Michela | Rasmussen Petra | Stout Jason
Application of lipophilicity parameters in QSRR analysis of newly synthesized s-triazine derivatives: Prediction of the retention behavior

Author(s): Jevrić Lidija R. | Jovanović Bratislav Ž. | Velimirović Sonja D. | Tepić Aleksandra N. | Koprivica Gordana B. | Mišljenović Nevena M.
Opinions of Clinicians towards Use of Computer Applications for Detecting Drug-Food Interactions

Author(s): AS Gharamaleki | A Ahmadi | F Faraji Khiavi | SH Arpanahi | K Jafarian
Phytochemical screening,antifungal and antioxidant activity of Euryale ferox- SALISB. a threatened aquatic plant of Kashmir Himalaya.

Author(s): Javid Ahmad Parray1, Azra N. Kamili1, Rehana Hamid2, Bashir A Ganai3, Khalid Ghazanfar Mustafa3 and Raies A. Qadri 4
A Supramolecular Sensing Platform for Phosphate Anions and an Anthrax Biomarker in a Microfluidic Device

Author(s): Bilge Eker | Mahmut Deniz Yilmaz | Stefan Schlautmann | Johannes G. E. Gardeniers | Jurriaan Huskens
Antioxidant potential of Clerodendrum paniculatum

Author(s): Arun. P. V, Sachin. S, P.Suganyadevi*
Standardization of a Polyherbal Ayurveda Formulation, Nisamalaki Churna Tablet

Author(s): P. Satheesh Kumar*, V.Kishor Kumar, Menta Lokesh, Kannedhara Gopal Rao, Musab Mohamed Elsheikh Musad, Mohamed Elnour Koko Mohamed
A Web-based Computer-Aided Material-Selection System for Aircraft Design

Author(s): Yuanpei Lan | Zhidong Guan | Qixiang Jiao | Guangxing Xu

Author(s): Atef Boujelben | Hedi Tmar | Jameleddine Mnif | Mohamed Abid
BICEPP: an example-based statistical text mining method for predicting the binary characteristics of drugs

Author(s): Lin Frank | Anthony Stephen | Polasek Thomas | Tsafnat Guy | Doogue Matthew
A protein network-guided screen for cell cycle regulators in Drosophila

Author(s): Guest Stephen | Yu Jingkai | Liu Dongmei | Hines Julie | Kashat Maria | Finley Russell
HTPheno: An image analysis pipeline for high-throughput plant phenotyping

Author(s): Hartmann Anja | Czauderna Tobias | Hoffmann Roberto | Stein Nils | Schreiber Falk
Challenges of controlling sleeping sickness in areas of violent conflict: experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author(s): Tong Jacqueline | Valverde Olaf | Mahoudeau Claude | Yun Oliver | Chappuis François
Using research to influence sexual and reproductive health practice and implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa: a case-study analysis

Author(s): Tulloch Olivia | Mayaud Philippe | Adu-Sarkodie Yaw | Opoku Baafuor | Lithur Nana | Sickle Eugene | Delany-Moretlwe Sinead | Wambura Mwita | Changalucha John | Theobald Sally
Protein attributes contribute to halo-stability, bioinformatics approach

Author(s): Ebrahimie Esmaeil | Ebrahimi Mansour | Sarvestani Narjes | Ebrahimi Mahdi
International challenges without borders: a descriptive study of family physicians' educational needs in the field of diabetes

Author(s): Murray Suzanne | Lazure Patrice | Schroter Sara | Leuschner Philipp | Posel Peter | Kellner Thomas | Jenkins Richard
Network screening of Goto-Kakizaki rat liver microarray data during diabetic progression

Author(s): Zhou Huarong | Saito Shigeru | Piao Guanying | Liu Zhi-Ping | Wang Jiguang | Horimoto Katsuhisa | Chen Luonan
Possible linkages between the inner and outer cellular states of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Author(s): Saito Shigeru | Onuma Yasuko | Ito Yuzuru | Tateno Hiroaki | Toyoda Masashi | Hidenori Akutsu | Nishino Koichiro | Chikazawa Emi | Fukawatase Yoshihiro | Miyagawa Yoshitaka | Okita Hajime | Kiyokawa Nobutaka | Shimma Yohichi | Umezawa Akihiro | Hirabayashi Jun | Horimoto Katsuhisa | Asashima Makoto
Integrating multiple types of data to predict novel cell cycle-related genes

Author(s): Wang Lin | Hou Lin | Qian Minping | Li Fangting | Deng Minghua
454 sequencing of pooled BAC clones on chromosome 3H of barley

Author(s): Sato Kazuhiro | Motoi Yuka | Yamaji Nami | Yoshida Hideya
Brunn: An open source laboratory information system for microplates with a graphical plate layout design process

Author(s): Alvarsson Jonathan | Andersson Claes | Spjuth Ola | Larsson Rolf | Wikberg Jarl
Opportunistic screening for skin cancer using a mobile unit in Brazil

Author(s): Mauad Edmundo | Silva Thiago | Latorre Maria | Vieira René | Haikel Raphael | Vazquez Vinicius | Longatto-Filho Adhemar
Patterns of multimorbidity in working Australians

Author(s): Holden Libby | Scuffham Paul | Hilton Michael | Muspratt Alexander | Ng Shu-Kay | Whiteford Harvey
Patient safety education for undergraduate medical students: a systematic review

Author(s): Nie Yanli | Li Lin | Duan Yurong | Chen Peixian | Barraclough Bruce | Zhang Mingming | Li Jing
Modern concepts of preoperative preparation of patients with thyroid gland disease

Author(s): Sabljak Vera | Kalezić Nevena | Ivanović Branislava | Živaljević Vladan | Diklić Aleksandar | Paunović Ivan
A Monolithically-Integrated μGC Chemical Sensor System

Author(s): Ronald P. Manginell | Joseph M. Bauer | Matthew W. Moorman | Lawrence J. Sanchez | John M. Anderson | Joshua J. Whiting | Daniel A. Porter | Davor Copic | Komandoor E. Achyuthan
Phenotypical studies of raw and nanosystem embedded Eugenia carryophyllata buds essential oil antibacterial activity on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus strains

Author(s): Crina Saviuc | Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Alina Holban | Coralia Bleotu | Carmen Chifiriuc | Paul Balaure | Veronica Lazar
New Trends in Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Author(s): D. Dimitroulopoulos, D. Xinopoulos, K. Tsamakidis, E. Paraskevas
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