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Delayed Duodenal Hematoma and Pancreatitis from a Seatbelt Injury

Author(s): DeAmbrosis, Katherine | Subramanya, Manjunath S | Memon, Breda | Memon, Muhammed A
Prenylated and geranylated chalcones and flavones from the aerial parts of Dorstenia ciliata

Author(s): Bonaventure T. Ngadjui | Bathelemy Ngameni | Etienne Dongo | Simeon F. Kouam | Berhanu M. Abegaz
Airglow observations over the equatorial ionization anomaly zone in Taiwan

Author(s): J. Y. Liu | P. K. Rajesh | I. T. Lee | T. C. Chow

Author(s): Elangovan.R , | V. Selladurai, | T.S.Ramamurthy, | B.Dattaguru
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Damsel Bug Alloeorhynchus bakeri (Hemiptera: Nabidae)

Author(s): Hu Li, Haiyu Liu, Liangming Cao, Aimin Shi, Hailin Yang, Wanzhi Cai
Chromone and Flavonoid Alkaloids: Occurrence and Bioactivity

Author(s): Shahriar Khadem | Robin J. Marles

Author(s): Balázs BENCSIK | Zsolt KOVÁCS | Levente DÉNES

Author(s): Prakul Rakesh | Harkesh B. Singh | Ray J. Butcher
Analysis of human collagen sequences

Author(s): Manisha Nassa | Pracheta Anand | Aditi Jain | Aastha Chhabra | Astha Jaiswal | Umang Malhotra | Vibha Rani*
Secondary Metabolites from an Algicolous Aspergillus versicolor Strain

Author(s): Feng-Ping Miao | Xiao-Dong Li | Xiang-Hong Liu | Robert H. Cichewicz | Nai-Yun Ji
Promoting coordination in Norwegian health care

Author(s): Tor I. Romøren | Dag Olaf Torjesen | Brynjar Landmark
Chiral Flavanones from Amygdalus lycioides Spach: Structural Elucidation and Identification of TNFalpha Inhibitors by Bioactivity-guided Fractionation

Author(s): Raffaella Gaggeri | Daniela Rossi | Michael S. Christodoulou | Daniele Passarella | Flavio Leoni | Ornella Azzolina | Simona Collina

Modeling Structures and Motions of Loops in Protein Molecules

Author(s): Amarda Shehu | Lydia E. Kavraki
Morphology, composition and mixing state of individual carbonaceous aerosol in urban Shanghai

Author(s): H. Fu | M. Zhang | W. Li | J. Chen | L. Wang | X. Quan | W. Wang
A Computational analysis on Lectin and Histone H1 protein of different pulse species as well as comparative study with rice for balanced diet

Author(s): Md Anayet Hasan | Adnan Mannan | Rashel Alam | Md Taohidul Islam | Mohammad Al Amin | Md Sarowar Jahan Khan | Md Ashraful Islam | Nazmul Hasan Muzahid
Morphological study of the respiratory system of the brown-nosed coati (Nasua nasua)

Author(s): Vanessa Cristina de Oliveira | Aline Fernanda Souza | Amilton César dos Santos | Bruno Machado Bertassoli | Ricardo Alexandre Rosa | Ana Flávia de Carvalho | João Flavio Panattoni Martins | Celina Almeida Furlanetto Mançanares

Author(s): Eva Tillová | Emília Ďuriníková | Mária Chalupová
Natural Product Chemistry of Gorgonian Corals of Genus Junceella—Part II

Author(s): Yang-Chang Wu | Jui-Hsin Su | Tai-Ting Chou | Yin-Pin Cheng | Ching-Feng Weng | Chia-Hung Lee | Lee-Shing Fang | Wei-Hsien Wang | Jan-Jung Li | Mei-Chin Lu | Jimmy Kuo | Jyh-Horng Sheu | Ping-Jyun Sung
Identifying and Resolving Higher Educational Problems using Data Mining Technique

Author(s): Tripti Arjariya | Vijay K Chaudhari | Dinesh Varshney

Author(s): Nicolae LUPU | Ana-Maria NICA
Learning Probabilistic Models of Hydrogen Bond Stability from Molecular Dynamics Simulation Trajectories

Author(s): Igor Chikalov | Peggy Yao | Mikhail Moshkov | Jean-Claude Latombe
A protein short motif search tool using amino acid sequence and their secondary structure assignment

Author(s): Arun Venkataraman | Teong Han Chew | Zeti Azura Mohamed Hussein | Mohd Shahir Shamsir
The mitochondrial genome of Sinentomon erythranum (Arthropoda: Hexapoda: Protura): an example of highly divergent evolution

Author(s): Chen Wan-Jun | Bu Yun | Carapelli Antonio | Dallai Romano | Li Sheng | Yin Wen-Ying | Luan Yun-Xia
A multicenter randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of small stitches on the incidence of incisional hernia in midline incisions

Author(s): Harlaar Joris | Deerenberg Eva | van Ramshorst Gabrielle | Lont Harold | van der Borst Ed | Schouten Willem | Heisterkamp Joos | van Doorn Helena | Cense Huib | Berends Frits | Stockmann Hein | Vrijland Wietske | Consten Esther | Ottow Reyer | Go Peter | Hermans John | Steyerberg Ewout | Lange Johan
DNA secondary structure is influenced by genetic variation and alters susceptibility to de novo translocation

Author(s): Kato Takema | Inagaki Hidehito | Tong Maoqing | Kogo Hiroshi | Ohye Tamae | Yamada Kouji | Tsutsumi Makiko | Emanuel Beverly | Kurahashi Hiroki
Sequence variability of Rhizobiales orthologs and relationship with physico-chemical characteristics of proteins

Author(s): Peralta Humberto | Guerrero Gabriela | Aguilar Alejandro | Mora Jaime
Systematic analysis of mitochondrial genes associated with hearing loss in the Japanese population: dHPLC reveals a new candidate mutation

Author(s): Mutai Hideki | Kouike Hiroko | Teruya Eiko | Takahashi-Kodomari Ikuko | Kakishima Hiroki | Taiji Hidenobu | Usami Shin-ichi | Okuyama Torayuki | Matsunaga Tatsuo
MASSP3: A System for Predicting Protein Secondary Structure

Author(s): Armano Giuliano | Orro Alessandro | Vargiu Eloisa
Nanorod Self-Assembly in High Jc YBa2Cu3O7−x Films with Ru-Based Double Perovskites

Author(s): Terry G. Holesinger | Matthew D. Feldmann | Boris Maiorov | Leonardo Civale | John A. Kennison | Yates J. Coulter | Paul D. Dowden | Javier F. Baca | Paul H. Tobash | Eric D. Bauer | Kenneth R. Marken
Constituents of erythrina sigmoidea

Author(s): Jean Claude Ndom | Kouam | Juliette Catherine Vardamides | Jean Duplex Wansi | Alain Waffo Kamdem | Joseph Tanyi Mbafor | Zacharias Tanee Fomum
New Polyether Triterpenoids from Laurencia viridis and Their Biological Evaluation

Author(s): Francisco Cen Pacheco | Janny A. Villa-Pulgarin | Faustino Mollinedo | Manuel Norte Martín | José Javier Fernández | Antonio Hernández Daranas
Biochemical Properties and Potential Applications of Recombinant Leucine Aminopeptidase from Bacillus kaustophilus CCRC 11223

Author(s): Yanfei Shen | Fanghua Wang | Dongming Lan | Yuanyuan Liu | Bo Yang | Yonghua Wang
Three-dimensional spatial structures of solar wind turbulence from 10 000-km to 100-km scales

Author(s): Y. Narita | K.-H. Glassmeier | M. L. Goldstein | U. Motschmann | F. Sahraoui
Modeling and structural analysis of evolutionarily diverse S8 family serine proteases

Author(s): Aparna Laskar | Euan James Rodger | Aniruddha Chatterjee* | Chhabinath Mandal
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

Author(s): Mahmoud Motamedi
Molecular Characterization and Tandem Mass Spectrometry of the Lectin Extracted from the Seeds of Dioclea sclerocarpa Ducke

Author(s): Jorge Luis Almeida Correia | Antônia Sâmia Fernandes do Nascimento | João Batista Cajazeiras | Ana Cláudia Silva Gondim | Ronniery Ilario Pereira | Bruno Lopes de Sousa | André Luiz Coelho da Silva | Wanius Garcia | Edson Holanda Teixeira | Kyria Santiago do Nascimento | Bruno Anderson Matias da Rocha | Celso Shiniti Nagano | Alexandre Holanda Sampaio | Benildo Sousa Cavada
Secondary metabolites and biological studies of seeds of Carum carvi Linn.

Author(s): Gottumukkala Venkateswara Rao*, Tiruganasambandham Annamalai, Collins Sharlene, Triptikumar Mukhopadhyay, Machavolu S. L. Madhavi
Secondary Metabolites of Aspergillus sp. CM9a, an E ndophytic Fungus of Cephalotaxus mannii

Author(s): Heng Xue | Chunhua Lu | Lanying Liang | Yuemao Shen
Polyphenolic Constituents and Antioxidant Potential of Geranium stepporum Davis

Author(s): Didem Şöhretoğlu | Mahmut Koray Sakar | Suna Atasayar Sabuncuoğlu | Hilal Özgüneş | Olov Sterner
Helical Tomotherapy in Children and Adolescents: Dosimetric Comparisons, Opportunities and Issues

Author(s): Maurizio Mascarin | Francesca Maria Giugliano | Elisa Coassin | Annalisa Drigo | Paola Chiovati | Andrea Dassie | Giovanni Franchin | Emilio Minatel | Mauro Gaetano Trovò
Polyhydroxylated Steroids from the Bamboo Coral Isis hippuris

Author(s): Wei-Hua Chen | Shang-Kwei Wang | Chang-Yih Duh
A review on phytochemistry and medicinal properties of the genus Achillea

Author(s): S Saeidnia | AR Gohari | N Mokhber-Dezfuli | F Kiuchi
Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction - an Organisation/Activation Concept

Author(s): Kula K | Kula W | Slowikowska-Hilczer J
Functional RNA Elements in the Dengue Virus Genome

Author(s): Leopoldo G. Gebhard | Claudia V. Filomatori | Andrea V. Gamarnik
Combinatorial permutation based algorithm for representation of closed RNA secondary structures

Author(s): Athanasios T Alexiou* | Maria M Psiha | Panayiotis M Vlamos

Structator: fast index-based search for RNA sequence-structure patterns

Author(s): Meyer Fernando | Kurtz Stefan | Backofen Rolf | Will Sebastian | Beckstette Michael
Role of α-Helical Structure in Organic Solvent-Activated Homodimer of Elastase Strain K

Author(s): Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. Rahman | Abu Bakar Salleh | Mahiran Basri | Chee Fah Wong
Species Composition and Dispersion Pattern of Pitcher Plants Recorded from Rantau Abang in Marang District, Terengganu State of Malaysia

Author(s): Jumaat H. Adam | Hafiza A. Hamid | Mohd Afiq Aizat Juhari | Siti Norhafizah Ahmad Tarmizi | Wan Mohd Razi Idris
Homology modeling and structure prediction of thioredoxin (TRX) protein in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): M. Prabhavathi 1 , K. Ashokkumar 2* , N. Geetha 1 , K.M. Saradha Devi 3
Production of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites by Marine Vibrionaceae

Author(s): Maria Mansson | Lone Gram | Thomas O. Larsen
Antagomirbase- a putative antagomir database

Author(s): Sayak Ganguli* | Sanga Mitra | Abhijit Datta
ValFold: Program for the aptamer truncation process

Author(s): Joe Akitomi | Yoshihito Yoshida | Katsunori Horii | Makio Furuichi | Shintaro Kato | Iwao Waga*
Design and Evaluation of Three Pair Primers for Exon 1 Amplification of Hyaluroglucosaminidase-1 Gene

Author(s): Usman S. F. Tambunan | Sylvia Sugito | Arli A. Parikesit
Morphology, composition and mixing state of individual carbonaceous aerosol in urban Shanghai

Author(s): H. Fu | M. Zhang | W. Li | J. Chen | L. Wang | X. Quan | W. Wang
Laminar Sinusoidal and Pulsatile Flows in a Curved Pipe

Author(s): M. Jarrahi | C. Castelain | H. Peerhossaini
Multithreaded comparative RNA secondary structure prediction using stochastic context-free grammars

Author(s): Sükösd Zsuzsanna | Knudsen Bjarne | Værum Morten | Kjems Jørgen | Andersen Ebbe
KBWS: an EMBOSS associated package for accessing bioinformatics web services

Author(s): Oshita Kazuki | Arakawa Kazuharu | Tomita Masaru
Hydrophobic pulses predict transmembrane helix irregularities and channel transmembrane units

Author(s): Paulet Damien | Claustres Mireille | Béroud Christophe
Learning sparse models for a dynamic Bayesian network classifier of protein secondary structure

Author(s): Aydin Zafer | Singh Ajit | Bilmes Jeff | Noble William
RAG: An update to the RNA-As-Graphs resource

Author(s): Izzo Joseph | Kim Namhee | Elmetwaly Shereef | Schlick Tamar
A hepatitis A, B, C and HIV prevalence and risk factor study in ever injecting and non-injecting drug users in Luxembourg associated with HAV and HBV immunisations

Author(s): Removille Nathalie | Origer Alain | Couffignal Sophie | Vaillant Michel | Schmit Jean-Claude | Lair Marie-Lise
Stereochemical errors and their implications for molecular dynamics simulations

Author(s): Schreiner Eduard | Trabuco Leonardo | Freddolino Peter | Schulten Klaus
Balancing selection is common in the extended MHC region but most alleles with opposite risk profile for autoimmune diseases are neutrally evolving

Author(s): Cagliani Rachele | Riva Stefania | Pozzoli Uberto | Fumagalli Matteo | Comi Giacomo | Bresolin Nereo | Clerici Mario | Sironi Manuela
Effect of spinal manipulation on sensorimotor functions in back pain patients: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Wilder David | Vining Robert | Pohlman Katherine | Meeker William | Xia Ting | DeVocht James | Gudavalli R Maruti | Long Cynthia | Owens Edward | Goertz Christine
A rapid protein structure alignment algorithm based on a text modeling technique

Author(s): Jafar Razmara1*, | Safaai Deris1, | Sepideh Parvizpour2
Structure prediction and functional characterization of secondary metabolite proteins of Ocimum

Author(s): Sudeep Roy | Nidhi Maheshwari | Rashi Chauhan | Naresh Kumar Sen | Ashok Sharma
A new Motzkin class for joint RNA secondary structures

Author(s): Athanasios Alexiou | Panayiotis Vlamos
Molecular modelling of urease accessory interaction proteins of Helicobacter Pylori J 99 and predicting an interruption in interaction by Vigna radiata Defensins

Author(s): Manivannan Paramasivan | Ganesan Sankaran | Naveenkumar Sethuraman | Daniel Selvakumar Devadoss | Sathiamoorthi Thangavelu | Muralitharan Gangatharan
ExSer: A standalone tool to mine protein data bank (PDB) for secondary structural elements

Author(s): Vignesh Dhandapani | Paul Daniel | Raja Natarajan | Balasubramanian Ponnusamy | Arul Loganathan
Sequence and structural analysis of 4SNc-Tudor domain protein from Takifugu Rubripes

Author(s): Jianzhou Zheng | Haijun Liu | Jian Lu | Keping Chen | Jun Li
Predicted RNA secondary structures for the conserved regions in dengue virus

Author(s): Pallavi Somvanshi | Prahlad Kishore Seth
Comparative characterization of commercially important xylanase enzymes

Author(s): Neelima Arora | Amit Kumar Banerjee | Srilaxmi Mutyala | U. S. N Murty
Analysis of protein chameleon sequence characteristics

Author(s): Amine Ghozlane | Agnel Praveen Joseph | Aurelie Bornot | Alexandre G. de Brevern
A putative nuclear growth factor-like globular nematode specific protein

Author(s): Ranil Samantha Dassanayake | Naduviladath Vishvanath Chandrasekharan | Witharanage Wasana Prasadini Rodrigo | Eric Hamilton Karunanayake | Ovitigala Vithanage Don Sisira Jagathpriya Weerasena
Candidates for multiple impact craters: popigai and chicxulub as seen by EGM08, a global 5'×5' gravitational model

Author(s): J. Klokočník | J. Kostelecký | I. Pešek | P. Novák | C. A. Wagner | J. Sebera
Bioinformatics analysis and characteristics of envelop glycoprotein E epitopes of dengue virus

Author(s): Hua Zhong | Wei Zhao | Liang Peng | Shan-Feng Li | Hong Cao
Efficient Power Loading in MIMO-OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Hamid Shahrokh Shahraki | Kamal Mohamed-Pour
Performance Effects of Stakeholder Interaction in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Brazil

Author(s): Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello | Rosilene Marcon | Anete Alberton
Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices and secondary instabilities in super-magnetosonic regimes

Author(s): F. Palermo | M. Faganello | F. Califano | F. Pegoraro
Portable and Airborne Small Footprint LiDAR: Forest Canopy Structure Estimation of Fire Managed Plots

Author(s): Claudia M.C.S. Listopad | Jason B. Drake | Ron. E. Masters | John F. Weishampel
Contrastive Study of “Time” in Iranian-Indian Mythology

Preparation and Characterization of Hair Keratin/Gelatin Blend Films

Author(s): Srihanam Prasong | Tessanan Wasan
Characterization And Structural Annotation Of Renin And Angiotensin Converting Enzymes.

Author(s): Zenith Khashim 1 | Sampoornam Balakrishnan 2 | Shila Samuel*3
Optimal Designs of Staggered Dean Vortex Micromixers

Author(s): Jyh Jian Chen | Chun Huei Chen | Shian Ruei Shie
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