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Complex-network description of seismicity

Author(s): S. Abe | N. Suzuki
Current State of the Art for Existing Critical Systems in Urban Seismic Area

Author(s): Ana-Diana Ancaş | Cornel Doniga | Gabriela Atanasiu
Small world in a seismic network: the California case

Author(s): A. Jiménez | K. F. Tiampo | A. M. Posadas
Strain rate patterns from dense GPS networks

Author(s): M. Hackl | R. Malservisi | S. Wdowinski
A Theoretical Approach to Applicability of Artificial Neural Networks for Seismic Velocity Analysis

Author(s): Christine Baronian | Mohammad Ali Riahi | Caro Lucas | Mohammad Mokhtari
Real-time earthquake monitoring for tsunami warning in the Indian Ocean and beyond

Author(s): W. Hanka | J. Saul | B. Weber | J. Becker | P. Harjadi | Fauzi | GITEWS Seismology Group
Preliminary calibration of candidate alpha stations in the GSETT-3 network

Author(s): H. P. Harjes | M. Jost | J. Schweitzer
Main shock and aftershocks of the December 13, 1990, Eastern Sicily earthquake

Author(s): A. Amato | R. Azzara | A. Basili | C. Chiarabba | M. Cocco | M. Di Bona | G. Selvaggi
Shear-wave polarization alignment on the eastern flank of Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy)

Author(s): F. Bianco | M. Castellano | G. Milano | G. Vilardo
Compilation of a recent seismicity data base of the greater Alpine region from several seismological networks and preliminary 3D tomographic results

Author(s): S. Solarino | E. Kissling | S. Sellami | G. Smriglio | F. Thouvenot | M. Granet | K. P. Bonjer | D. Slejko
Real-time monitoring of seismic data using satellite telemetry

Author(s): G. Calderoni | B. De Simoni | F. M. De Simoni | L. Merucci
The geodynamics of Mt. Etna volcano during and after the 1984 eruption

Author(s): S. La Delfa | G. Patanè | C. Centamore
Coseismic displacement of the 27th September 1997 Umbria - Marche (Italy) earthquakes detected by GPS: campaigns and data

Author(s): M. Anzidei | P. Baldi | A. Galvani | A. Pesci | I. Hunstad | E. Boschi
Discrimination of quarry blasts from tectonic microearthquakes in the Hyblean Plateau (Southeastern Sicily)

Author(s): A. Ursino | H. Langer | L. Scarfì | G. Di Grazia | S. Gresta
Deep-sea borehole seismological observatories in the western Pacific: temporal variation of seismic noise level and event detection

Author(s): M. Shinohara | E. Araki | T. Kanazawa | K. Suyehiro | M. Mochizuki | T. Yamada | K. Nakahigashi | Y. Kaiho | Y. Fukao
Seismic location improvements from an OBS/H temporary network in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Author(s): G. Barberi | L. Beranzoli | P. Favali | G. Neri | T. Sgroi
Design and Optimization of the VideoWeb Wireless Camera Network

Author(s): Nguyen HoangThanh | Bhanu Bir | Patel Ankit | Diaz Ramiro
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