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Bovine chromosome 20: milk production QTL and candidate gene analysis in the Italian Holstein-Friesian breed

Author(s): L. Fontanesi | E. Scotti | M. Dolezal | E. Lipkin | S. Dall'Olio | P. Zambonelli | D. Bigi | R. Davoli | M. Soller | V. Russo
Mapping QTL affecting resistance to Marek's disease in an F6 advanced intercross population of commercial layer chickens

Author(s): Heifetz Eliyahu | Fulton Janet | O'Sullivan Neil | Arthur James | Cheng Hans | Wang Jing | Soller Morris | Dekkers Jack
Interval mapping of quantitative trait loci with selective DNA pooling data

Author(s): Wang Jing | Koehler Kenneth | Dekkers Jack
Power analysis of QTL detection in half-sib families using selective DNA pooling

Author(s): Baro Jesús | Carleos Carlos | Corral Norberto | López Teresa | Cañón Javier
Mapping QTL affecting milk somatic Cell count in the Italian Brown Swiss dairy Cattle – the QuaLAT Project

Author(s): A. Bagnato | F. Schiavini | V. La Mattina | E. Santus | M. Soller | E. Lipkin

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