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Bootstrap Universe from Self-Referential Noise

Author(s): Cahill R. T. | Klinger C. M.
Nature inspired algorithms and artificial intelligence

Author(s): Elisa Valentina Onet | Ecaterina Vladu
Improving adherence to medication in stroke survivors (IAMSS): a randomised controlled trial: study protocol

Author(s): O'Carroll Ronan | Dennis Martin | Johnston Marie | Sudlow Cathie
The Emergence of Autonomous Representations in Artificial Agents

Author(s): Argyris Arnellos | Spyros Vosinakis | Thomas Spyrou | John Darzentas
BeST - Belgian screening tools: making available decision-making tools in nursing

Author(s): Gobert M | Piron C | Filion N | Bulteel L | Daem M | Vanderwee K
Thoughts on regions

Author(s): Manca Plazar Mlakar
Self-Organisation and Emergence in MAS: An Overview

Author(s): Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo | Marie-Pierre Gleizes | Anthony Karageorgos
Self-Organising Mechanisms from Social and Business/Economics Approaches

Author(s): Salima Hassas | Giovanna Di Marzo-Serugendo | Anthony Karageorgos | Cristiano Castelfranchi
Applications of Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems: An Initial Framework for Comparison

Author(s): Carole Bernon | Vincent Chevrier | Vincent Hilaire | Paul Marrow
Sistemas de producción de laderas de altura

Author(s): Brunschwig, Gilles
Bio-inspired Mechanisms for Artificial Self-organised Systems

Author(s): Mano Jean-Pierre | Bourjot Christine | Lopardo Gabriel | Glize Pierre
The Image of Pharma

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Working conditions and Work-Family Conflict in German hospital physicians: psychosocial and organisational predictors and consequences

Author(s): Fuß Isabelle | Nübling Matthias | Hasselhorn Hans-Martin | Schwappach David | Rieger Monika
Differences in referral rates to specialised health care from four primary health care models in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Author(s): Zielinski Andrzej | Håkansson Anders | Jurgutis Arnoldas | Ovhed Ingvar | Halling Anders
Improving the delivery of care for patients with diabetes through understanding optimised team work and organisation in primary care

Author(s): Eccles Martin | Hawthorne Gillian | Johnston Marie | Hunter Margaret | Steen Nick | Francis Jill | Hrisos Susan | Elovainio Marko | Grimshaw Jeremy
Rahvatantsuharrastus paguluseestlaste hulgas ja selle roll eestluse säilimisel

Author(s): Iivi Zajedova | Eha Rüütel | Angela Arraste | Kalev Järvela
Assessing quality of life in a randomized clinical trial: Correcting for missing data

Author(s): Gunnes Nina | Seierstad Taral | Aamdal Steinar | Brunsvig Paal | Jacobsen Anne-Birgitte | Sundstrøm Stein | Aalen Odd
The Inventory of Personality Organisation: its psychometric properties among student and clinical populations in Japan

Author(s): Igarashi Hiromi | Kikuchi Hiroyoshi | Kano Rikihachiro | Mitoma Hiroshi | Shono Masahiro | Hasui Chieko | Kitamura Toshinori
Care for patients with severe mental illness: the general practitioner's role perspective

Author(s): Oud Marian | Schuling Jan | Slooff Cees | Groenier Klaas | Dekker Janny | Meyboom-de Jong Betty
The Super-cycle Mechanism and Model of Enterprise Expansion

Author(s): Hu-li YAO | Yun-xia YU | Jun-wen FENG
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Uwe Brinkschulte | Marcello Cinque | Tony Givargis | Stefano Russo
Development and testing of a measure designed to assess the quality of care transitions

Author(s): Eric A. Coleman | Jodi D. Smith | Janet C. Frank | Theresa B. Eilertsen | Jill N. Thiare | Andrew M. Kramer
The association between care co-ordination and emergency department use in older managed care enrollees

Author(s): Eric A. Coleman | Theresa B. Eilertsen | David J. Magid | Douglas A. Conner | Arne Beck | Andrew M. Kramer
Interface flow process audit: using the patient's career as a tracer of quality of care and of system organisation

Author(s): Jean-Pierre Unger | Bruno Marchal | Sylvie Dugas | Marie-Jeanne Wuidar | Daniel Burdet | Pierre Leemans | Jacques Unger
Visual assessment of sweet maize lines phenotype, according to UPOV descriptor, as indicator of heterosis

Author(s): Babić Vojka | Pajić Zorica | Prodanović Slaven | Babić Milosav | Filipović Milomir
International administration over territories

Author(s): Dimitrijević Duško
The effect of survey method on survey participation: Analysis of data from the Health Survey for England 2006 and the Boost Survey for London

Author(s): Mindell Jennifer | Tipping Sarah | Pickering Kevin | Hope Steven | Roth Marilyn | Erens Bob
Psychological empowerment, job insecurity and employee engagement

Author(s): Marius W. Stander | Sebastiaan Rothmann
Knowledge Management in Vocational Training - A Case Study of the EU Project RELOAD

Author(s): Florian Welter | Thomas Thiele | Olivier Pfeiffer | Anja Richert | Sabina Jeschke
Deprivation, self-perceived health and anxiodepressive disorders: a study from 12 health examination centers

Author(s): Royer B | Gusto G | Vol S | D' Hour A | Arondel D | Tichet J | Lantieri O
Identifying potentially cost effective chronic care programs for people with COPD

Author(s): L M G Steuten | K M M Lemmens | A P Nieboer | H JM Vrijhoef
From the complex system leadership perspective: DNA leadership

Author(s): Hasan Basri Gündüz | Şenol Beşoluk | İsmail Önder
RCT of a client-centred, caseworker-delivered smoking cessation intervention for a socially disadvantaged population

Author(s): Bonevski Billie | Paul Christine | D'Este Catherine | Sanson-Fisher Robert | West Robert | Girgis Afaf | Siahpush Mohammad | Carter Robert
Self-reported tobacco smoking practices among medical students and their perceptions towards training about tobacco smoking in medical curricula: A cross-sectional, questionnaire survey in Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Author(s): Sreeramareddy Chandrashekhar | Suri Sushil | Menezes Ritesh | Kumar HN Harsha | Rahman Mahbubur | Islam Md | Pereira Xavier | Shah Mohsin | Sathian Brijesh | Shetty Ullasa | Vaswani Vina
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Author(s): Silva Novljan
Intimate partner violence in urban Pakistan: prevalence, frequency, and risk factors

Author(s): Tazeen S Ali | Nargis Asad | Ingrid Mogren | et al
Drug adherence and multidisciplinary care in patients with multiple sclerosis: Protocol of a prospective, web-based, patient-centred, nation-wide, Dutch cohort study in glatiramer acetate treated patients (CAIR study)

Author(s): Jongen Peter | Hengstman Gerald | Hupperts Raymond | Schrijver Hans | Gilhuis Job | Vliegen Joseph | Hoogervorst Erwin | van Huizen Marc | van Munster Eric | Samijn Johnny | de Schryver Els | Siepman Theodora | Tonk Martijn | Zandbergen Eveline | ten Holter Jacques | van der Kruijk Ruud | Borm George
Evaluation of stroke services in Anglia stroke clinical network to examine the variation in acute services and stroke outcomes

Author(s): Myint Phyo | Potter John | Price Gill | Barton Garry | Metcalf Anthony | Hale Rachel | Dalton Genevieve | Musgrave Stanley | George Abraham | Shekhar Raj | Owusu-Agyei Peter | Walsh Kevin | Ngeh Joseph | Nicholson Anne | Day Diana | Warburton Elizabeth | Bachmann Max
Study on Self-directed Innovation and Measurement of Self-directed Degree of Innovation

Author(s): Ji-ming YANG | Jun-wen FENG | Yong-zhong LI | Xiao-yan LI
Impact, regulation and health policy implications of physician migration in OECD countries

Author(s): Forcier Mélanie | Simoens Steven | Giuffrida Antonio
Student evaluation of an OSCE in paediatrics at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Author(s): Pierre Russell | Wierenga Andrea | Barton Michelle | Branday J Michael | Christie Celia
Social fragility: a key determinant in health inequalities

Author(s): Saas C | Moulin JJ | Labbe E | Chatain C | Gerbaud L
Zellulare Fördertechnik

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel

Author(s): Tandin Dorji
Preventive practices of general practitioners: information from a panel of GPs in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Author(s): Aulagnier M | Videau Y | Combes J-B | Sebbah R | Paraponaris A | Verger P | Ventelou B
The global distribution of fatal pesticide self-poisoning: Systematic review

Author(s): Gunnell David | Eddleston Michael | Phillips Michael | Konradsen Flemming
Anthropological approach of adherence factors for antihypertensive drugs

Author(s): Sarrandon-Eck A | Egrot M | Blanc M-A | Faure M
Why do GPs hesitate to refer diabetes patients to a self-management education program: a qualitative study

Author(s): Sunaert Patricia | Vandekerckhove Marie | Bastiaens Hilde | Feyen Luc | Vanden Bussche Piet | De Maeseneer Jan | De Sutter An | Willems Sara
A comparison of the workload of rural and urban primary care physicians in Germany: analysis of a questionnaire survey

Author(s): Steinhaeuser Jost | Joos Stefanie | Szecsenyi Joachim | Miksch Antje
The morphology of fractal nano-objects in crystals of A2VB3VI

Author(s): Aliyeva A. P. | Kahramanov K. Sh. | Kahramanov S. Sh.
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